Saturday, September 16, 2006

A frogging they will go.

Here are the 20 or so rows of my scarf I have completed but they will not last long. I finished the last ten at work but I was rushing, so a frogging they will go. I hope my Scarf partner is patient. It will be completed and hopefully to a reasonable standard.

I am using the Gazebo Lace pattern from Nicky Epstein's "Knitting on the Edge" with a small cable border to reduce edge roll. I am still being distracted by other yarns and other scarves but too much time and energy has been invested in this pattern so I will persevere

It seems the yarn of the exchange this time is Alpaca/Silk and derivations of. And as for the Seasilk - luxury, sheer luxury.

Not yet decided.....

Look at this - would this be suited for a pal? As a scarf?
It is merino lace yarn and my own design.
Where can i find the time I need to finish this in time??????????
I should think about another solution, a quicker one in case I will not finish the shawl in time.

Wow I think I found the combo

I have swatched 3 different patterns and looked at numerous books...I FINALLY think I found THE combo...I am going to use the SWTC bamboo in a nice blue and do the triangle scarf from knitting nature. Something a touch different but not too much. I have NOT swatched this one yet so this could change ;)
This is so much fun but also so scary I guess I just want my pal to love the scarf.

Introducing "The Liz" aka Lilacs in the Snow

It's done! A design of my own I call it The Liz in honor of my secret pal.
Yarn: Hand spun Hand dyed Canandian Wool purchased at the Sheep and Wool Fest through Yarns by design. Needle size 8 and 6
At first I had a terrible time coming up with what scarf to make my exchange pal. I finally found a yarn that I loved and decided to "give it it's head". I got to know Liz through her wonderful blog. So together, the yarn and I came up with the scarf you see above this posting. Pal, I hope you enjoy your personal design. I think of it as Earth Mother with a tad of funky. The woman who sold the yarn said she thought it looked like the Aurora Borealis but as the scarf evolved I was reminded of my purple, blue and burgundy lilacs dusted with a fresh spring snow. If any of you get the chance, take a look at Liz's blog. It is full of web sites and beautiful things that she has made.

on the needles

scarf on the way

I have begun my pal's scarf, finally, using Schaeffer Yarns Lola, a worsted-weight 100% merino wool, and the My So-Called Scarf pattern, knit on US7 bamboo straights. The pattern's multi-directional stitches are a nice way for a piece to show off a variegated yarn without falling victim to the evils of pooling and flashing. The colors of the yarn are a bit warmer than what you may see in the photo; they are quite autumnal. Very fitting for a fall scarf exchange! I could only get one skein so I hope the yardage will be enough to make a decently sized scarf. I have weighed what I already have knitted, and compared it with the total weight of the skein, and it looks like I could get forty-some inches of total scarfage!

Almost there

I am so excited, I am about 3/4 of the way finished the scarf for my buddy. They asked for a long one, so it is about 5 feet long now. I am a slight set back with the yarn. I bought some and started knitting it up and realized it wasn't what I wanted. So back to the drawing board. But went to a different yarn store and found some yarn that is working well. I am looking forward to being finished and mailing it off.

Finally have started!

I have finally decided upon yarn and pattern! What a relief!
Beginning of the Midwest Moonlight here!


I consider getting my Pal's name and info as Step 1. Step 2 has been getting the wool and pattern. Had a wonderful time at a yarn show on Saturday so spent the next day or so on choosing the pattern. Wanted it reversible, something different and something new for me to try. Since I recently took a course for Orenburg shawls, I decided to use that sort of pattern to put the border on and another stitch pattern for the center. I have about 2" done and it is looking very nice. Think it could be a bit more open but I like the drape of the fabric and I haven't tried blocking it yet. It will be much more open when blocked - or so I keep telling myself.

Not at my own computer nor with my camera so pictures will have to wait.

Hope everyone else is enjoying their project as much as I am.

Yarn...decisions, decisions.

I think I have the pattern picked out. Think! I'm not sure though. I just cannot decide!! I am between two of them. One of them is from KATHY ZIMMERMAN -- yes, the Kathy Zimmerman! She lives about 2 hours away from here, and I've been to her shop...I love it! What a talented woman. I wish I lived closer! (Of course, if I did, that would also mean I'd live closer to my best friend Cheryl...but that's another story.)

The dilemma is the yarn choice. I'm looking for something that will reflect the pattern in the scarf. One pattern would look lovely in a hand-dyed multi-colored or even heathery yarn...the other needs a solid so that the pattern actually stands out and doesn't get lost in the colors! I have some malabrigo that's dying to be used, but I'm not sure if my scarf pal would like that or not. So many things to decide!!!

I'm amazed at the progress that people are making on here. It's just beautiful, seeing so much love -- and so much handiwork. We ought to start a photo album of finished products... really!

Wish me luck in my decision...I really need to get knitting!!!

Almost Finished!!

Here's a pic of my pal's scarf. I used Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk and it feels wonderful! I really hope my pal likes it. I have about a half a ball left and then I'll be blocking it. Happy Knitting!!


Hee hee!

I ordered my partner's yarn yesterday, and may I just say I think I did a pretty good job. ;)

I really think that my partner will like both the texture and color of the yarn. I'm down to two possible patterns that both call for a yarn similar to the one I ordered (but not as nice!).

I just love making stuff for other people, and it's even more fun knowing someone's making something for me! I've been in touch with my partners on each end, and I'm so excited about the exchange.

I'm one of those who didn't realize that my @#$%^ email program automatically put my name in when I sent to my partner, and since I'm relatively certain my partner is pretty darn brilliant, I don't want to post any details of the yarn ordered, or pictures of the pattern here, just to be on the safe side!

Friday, September 15, 2006

A Good Start!

Here she be! The scarf is begun. This is the pattern I was planning to use originally but thought would be too warm for my pal. When the Interweave pattern didn't work, I decided to try this pattern with the fingering weight yarn. And wouldn't you know it, the scarf is lovely. There will be contrast color later! This picture makes the yarn look much redder than it is, however, I was too impatient to wait for the sun... There is a truer picture of the yarn color here. Happy stitching!

Rough start!

I had trouble pin pointing the perfect yarn and pattern... I ended up with this!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I am doing the Child's Scarf from Last minute Knitted Gifts... i know what you're thinking, "wow thats really bright yarn".... She said she was partial to crazy bright colors , sooooo can't get crazier than this right ;) i am 8 inches into it so I should have it finished and mailed by end of next week:) my pal has contacted me and I have contacted mine... So all is well!

what will you be doing today

Well you can see what I started last night while hubby was out for drinks - I didn't make much progress and this will take a while but at least I don't need all of it for a scarf - this is zephyr in mahogany - its just lovely!!! I ordered it from the US for my lace swap but it arrived too late and is the perfect colour for my partner. I also just ordered a lovely heartstrings pattern and can't wait till it arrives.
Can I also say how motivating everyone has been with their progress!!

It's growing

I'm making slow but steady progress on my scarf. Yesterday it went with me to Kid 1's gymnastics class, and tomorrow it will go to Kid 2's soccer game, so it may be a sporty scarf when it's done. I love what this pattern does with the short color changes in this yarn.

... started! ...

Some lucky person out there is going to get a Short Row Ribs Scarf in this ...

... yummy ... malabrigo ... yummy ... :)

I think I've got it...

I think I've got my pal's scarf figured out. I also am being quite the stalker and looking at her blog to figure out what to make. Seems like she likes reds and blues, so I've decided to hand-dye some laceweight yarn (most likely with blues) and make her a simple lace scarf. She is quite the pro with lace so I am hoping my attempts at lace will be good enough for her.
Holly of HollYarns

Non-wool Yarn/Scarf Suggestions

I've been looking online for a while for scarf patterns that don't use wool (as my partner is allergic) and I'm not having much luck. I figured it would be better to ask my knitting pals. Do any of you have suggestions for scarf patterns (or yarns) that do not use wool? Thank you! Suzanne

Lets Get Scarfin'

International Scarf Exchange Here is the yarn that I chose for my pal... Debbie Bliss Soho. I have seven balls which I think will be more than enough. I'm going to do a mistake rib scarf... simple but effective.... let the yarn do the talking. We're heading north for the weekend. I'm hoping to see lots of fall foliage (or at least the beginnings of some) and will thoroughly enjoy the company of my family not to mention some country peace and quiet. All perfect for Knitting which will be accompanying my every move this weekend. I hope you all have a delightful weekend as well. :) Happy Scarfing!

- Liz
Hi Everyone!
I've contacted my giftee and heard from my lovely gifter. Everything finally became so real after receiving the e-mail from my giftee. The thought that someone is actually making a scarf just for me was such a rush!
Hoping to provide my giftee with an equal rush in October, I seriously began my hunt to make just the right scarf. I read her blog and gleaned hints to add to the information from her questionaire (yes, I feel like a stalker).
After several trips to several LYS, picking patterns, swatching, frogging and hair pulling, I've finally settled down to knit the scarf.
Thank you, one and all for the encouragment!

Time to come out of hiding!

I wanted to wait until I had both yarn and pattern before I posted anything...but one is taking longer than the other....and I certainly don't want to be put on "the banned list" for next year.

I've heard from both pals and have the yarn picked out for my recipient (Debbie Bliss aspaca silk dk), but am still toying with the stitch pattern to use.

Cables or lace? Cables and lace? flora or pretzels... Should I make what I would like?
oh so many choices!

Finally picked out yarn!

I finally made it to the LYS last night and picked out my yarn. It's Noro Big Kureyon and has swatched up amazingly soft, even before washing. I'm still going to look for a back up yarn this weekend, just in case it doesn't come out as soft as it seems! I originally chose a colorway that was so "me" and then remembered that this wasn't about me. So I put it back and picked this one instead.
I've had a very difficult time finding the right needle size, although it has given me the opportunity to try out all of my larger KnitPicks Options needles! I'm planning on making the Wavy Scarf from Scarves: A Knitter's Dozen. The short rows will really showcase the color changes. Or I might do a simple lace pattern...I have until October, right? :)

Scarf almost finished!

I'm glad to say I have made very quick progress on my pal's scarf. I wrote a bit about it on my blog at this entry, so feel free to check out my thoughts about this scarf and how the color is really growing on me! I think I need to be more daring with my color choices, b/c I'm really liking the results. I can't wait to gift it to my pal and see what she thinks.

Swatching was does the progress

Started swatching last night and the pattern and yarn worked nicely together, so I went on knitting! The pattern was modified, the starting border is 6 rows of garter stich and the edge 3 garter stitches. And I grew to like the color, too! Here's a close up...


Hey All!

Thanks to the organizers for putting this together! I'm having a great time so far. I've picked out the yarn and the pattern for my pal. She'll be receiving the Midwest Moonlight from Scarf Style. Looking through scarf patterns has reminded me of all the scarves I want to knit! Plus, having the excuse to go buy yarn is always welcomed :)

I Finally found a pattern and yarn!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

It's Liesel (refer to link on sidebar) in SWTC Bamboo yarn. The colour is Drake and it is a combination of green, blue ad brown. I hope my pal likes it. the pattern is not as easy as I had anticipated, but I'll keep going, just because I like how the scarf looks in the picture on the pattern!

Edited 16th September: I have more pictures on my blog. The new pictures show more realistic colour.

Fits and starts...

Okay, I thought I had my pattern... A simple lace pattern from Barbara Walker's third compilation. (Won't name it now, but it has a bit of a symbolic meaning that I think might speak to my knittee, besides looking pretty.) But I've swatched it in several yarns from my stash and I'm not sure I like it off the page. Hmm.

And I did find the "perfect" yarn -- except, as I noted elsewhere -- it's only available from a shop in Canada and won't arrive for 2-4 weeks. (I have a real talent for finding the impossible.) I ordered it anyway just because it's so luscious. But I think I'd better try to find a back-up "perfect" yarn. Also, it's really hard to say something is perfect until you've cuddled it in your very own little hands. And I'm itchin' to knit.

So I visited a couple of lys's today, but no go. There are a couple more that I've never been to... I'd really love to buy locally, but this is harder than I expected. I think I "know" what I'm looking for but won't really know until I've seen/held it.

Blathering on to say the knit fits continue, and I'm having so much fun dithering. Can't imagine being done with this so quickly. But wow! I'm amazed (and a bit covetous) at the pix posted so far.

On my way!

After reading my pal's blog a bit, I decided on this lovely Country Alpaca. Its really lush to work with and flows. I started with a pattern I have been wanting to make for a while, but it was wrong for the yarn. The colors are very soft yet, they can be wild, so i switched patterns.It is a simple reverse stockinet over 10 rows.
Rows 1,3,5,6,8,10 Knit (yes, you switch at row 6, knit again)
Rows 2,4,7,9 Purl
always knit TBL the first stitch of every row and always slip PW, the last stitch of every row. I cast on many many stitches. I think 450, it is knit the long way. So I finished my first skein- but all the progress I have to show for it is this:One full skein (@Approximately 300 yards per skein)=40 rows=3" unstretched.
(double when stretched)
I am much faster on the knit rows, so I am glad there are more of them...
I have had a mess of a time choosing a pattern. I got my yarn in & I love it, I was planning on just doubling it, but have decided to triple it which makes it about worsted weight (it's sock yarn). So tragically, the yarn doesn't come in balls so I've been being crazy with it. This is one evening worth of work. The pattern is the double cable from One Skein book.
Then, I had the revelation that if I used the single cable pattern (yes, I took a picture of the book), I could just knit happily along until I ran out of yarn. So I am now planning on winding the yarn myself with something somehow to make my knitting easier & knitting the single cable pattern so my pal can have as long as a scarf as the yarn permits (220 yards compared to the 150 yards in the pattern but my gauge is a little off of course).

So any suggestions on how to wind the yarn myself? (Without buying one of the winders because no one around me carries them & I'm too impatient for shipping)

Happy knitting to you all! Kate

Help me decide...

which scarf to send my pal - I have these two possibilities. The one on the left is Bamboo in a pale shell pink; the pattern is from an old Rowan magazine called Daisy Scarf. The one on the right is a burnt orange Alpaca/Wool in the Inner Truth pattern from Mag knits. I just can't decide..... At least I've narrowed it down to two - you should see how many scarves I've swatched and started!

Add me to the pile..

..of knitters who can't make up their minds! I selected a beautiful supermerino yarn from Artyarns and have so far only started two different scarves. I think I am going to stick with the second one. Maybe.... :)

Slightly Nervous

I'm a little nervous, I have only been knitting for about 18 months. I'm not super good or super fast. I'm picking out my yarn this weekend at my LYS and will start on my scarf. I have a drop stitch pattern I'm going to attempt. Again, I can cast on/off, knit, purl and sometimes reading patterns frightens me . . . I hope I'm not a disappointment :) You will get the love and care! Happy Knitting

P.s. I'm glad I just checked I have till Nov. 1st! FEW! I was nervous over nothing, I'm going to attempt my pattern and work it!

Linen scarf finished

The scarf is finished and will be mailed Friday. It is knit from Euroflax Original 100% linen, an original pattern, reversible & 60" long. The linen is a bit hard on the hands while knitting but after a hot machine wash & tumble dry, the fabric has terrific drape. Hope my pal likes it.

and the problems start...

so i had been happily knitting my interlocking balloons scarf when i came to the end of the first ball of yarn and realised, to my horror, that 1 ball of yarn had only yielded me 10" of scarf. i had only bought 3 balls of yarn as that was all that was available at the lys, so this puts me in a really tight spot.

the pattern calls for 2 skeins of yarn (350 yards), so if i had bought 375 yards of yarn, i shouldn't be having this problem...should i? i'm using 100% merino dk yarn instead of sportweight yarn recommended, could that be why the amount of yarn is insufficient? would it help if i go up one needle size? please help :(

Softest Yarn Ever?

I got the yarn for my pal's scarf... and I have to say, I am tempted to keep it myself! It is so beautiful! It is Malabrigo kettle-dyed merino wool from Uruguay, in the "Forest" colorway.

It is not quite what I was expecting, however... the color is off from the photo on Kaleidoscope Yarns, but it is still my pal's favorite color, so I think it will work nicely.

Do you think she will like it? :)

International Scarf Exchange

I'm Glad Im not Alone...
Hearing everyones stories makes me feel better. I am still somewhat undecided of my scarf. I have started and ripped out a few trys and hope something 'talks' to me soon. The latest version is a wool blend that I really like. Just hope my pal likes it to.

See ya,

Ultramerino Swatch

I just finished my 7th swatch, and finally am happy with the pattern and yarn I chose: Artyarns Ultramerino with a textured twist in dark and light reds. The pattern is zig-zag lace with seed stitch borders. I can see I need to adjust the number of border stitches on the side and bottom--too wide on the sides, too narrow on the bottom.

I'm always glad when I've taken the time to swatch, look closely, then adjust the design as needed. Plus, it keeps me from going nuts waiting for my yarn order to arrive!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Finally it starts to come together

Wow, my scarf is finally coming together. Did anyone else out there have a terrible time coming up with what they were going to do? I started at least four times and just could not get the look I wanted. I was starting to regret that I ever signed up. Finally I decided to make my own pattern. Everything I found was for the pattern and not the yarn and in my case I wanted the yarn showcased. Now things are going along much better. That is not to mention the people that have finished their scarves and already have them in their pal's hands. I have always been considered a "fast" knitter but you guys are like greased lightening.

International Scarf Exchange

International Scarf Exchange

Well, I finished my scarf and was all set to send it out, and you guessed it... decided it needed something.. not sure what... but something... sooooo, off to the pond it went.....

"Rip it" "Rip it" "Rip it"!!!! said the little frog. I am starting over...

Yarny Goodness has arrived!

My order came a few minutes ago. What a beautiful yarn! It is soft, luxurious and a delicious shade of green. I shall be casting on and making headway this evening. Pictures will soon as I shanghai someone with a digital camera to document my progress. ;D

let's try this again

Ok, I got in touch with both my pals (my scarf giver & recipient) and purchased the yarn. I decided originally to do a "Branching Out" lace scarf and started it last weekend. I know it will look better when it is blocked, but I really dislike the way it looks right now. So, I changed gears and ordered some Debbie Bliss cashmerino superchunky instead. Once it arrives (should be here next week) I will probably do a very simple pattern so that the yarn is not overwhelemd by pattern. So, the ISE3 scarf is on hold until the new yarn arrives but the other knitted goodies are still on th needles. Hooray for working multiple projects at once!

Pattern chosen (I think)

Ok, after a little anonymous consultation with my downstream pal, I think I've picked out the pattern AND gotten the yarn. Now to swatch, to see if the pattern and the yarn work together. I'm kinda loving the yarn, which is a koigu 100% merino ppm in greens with bits of purple, teal, and maroon. So if the pattern doesn't work with it, I'll probably change the pattern rather than the yarn. Pics to come.
In the meantime, hope everyone's having as much fun as I am with this, and happy knitting!



Just got the information I need for my Pal,
can't wait to start it.
Just move to UK a week ago and still finding my way around here,
did not find a yarn shop yet but since we are going to Scotland this weekend, I hope I can fine some really good yarns for my Pal ...and myself !

We will see
Hope you all have a wonderful day !

Got a pattern

So I have picked out the pattern, ordered the yarn and sent an email to my exchange person, so she knows that I'm alive. Can't wait for the yarn to get here so I can get started. Someone needs to figure out how we can order an item and them it comes out of the printer so we can have it immediately. If I could figure this out then I could be rich and have all of my time for knitting instead of the lost knitting time due to work. Wanda

International Scarf Exchange

I FINALLY got around to finding a pattern and fell into the perfect yarn to fit my pal's likes. I am excited to try something new and hope it turns out as well as I picture it.

Back to the drawing board!

Back to the drawing board! The pattern I picked out, which was published in one of Interweave's magazines, turned out to be terribly inaccurate. It doesn't work! I liked the pattern so much that I even went to the trouble to diagram the three pattern rows to make sure I wasn't just making an error. Turns out each row was yielding a different number of stitches. :-( What a disappointment!

I was so excited to find this pattern which was perfect for my pal's climate. The lovely yarn I picked out is staring at me begging to be worked, but now it will have to wait a bit longer while I search out another pattern. Sigh...

Getting started...finally: got the yarn!

I've finally visited my LYS and pick out the color for my pal's scarf. I've always wanted to try this yarn - Grignasco Bambi - since I started to knit almost two years ago. It's a 4 ply fine merino yarn which I think is very good for lacey projects.

It's a pink/salmon color. Was going to choose purple but the two purples available were either too yellowish or too dark. And the only orange was way too loud. So I picked this nice dark pink.

As to the pattern, I have decided to knit a modified version of the Kimono Shawl from Folk Shawl, that is, narrower in width. I will have to swatch it first to see how it works with this yarn, if not, there's a backup pattern.

The sweet Kristy who commented on my last post said I was going to be just fine. And I think I am now. Thanks a lot Kristy, I really needed that :D

New scarf pattern links on the sidebar

I guess the subject line says it all. I was meant to have updated teh links before the matches went out - ooops. Anyway, I have added soem links to the sidebar. I hope it's useful for those of you who, like me, are still looking for the perfect pattern and yarn..

For those in my group, please send us an email if you have not heard from the person from whom you will be receiving a scarf. Don't leave it till the last minute to tell us you have not heard from your palas that makes it very difficult for us to make sure you receive a scarf at the end of the exchange.

contacted but not been contacted

I have contacted my pal and heard back from her, but have not been contacted by the person whose pal I am ... maybe it went into the spam mail file which is automatically wipe?

I have ran into a sort of "problem": I decided to make a classic felted scarf with a twist because my pal says she prefers sort of conservative, but it is coming out so nicely I can't bear to felt it. Inspired by my recent acquisition of a pair of rosewood straight needles to knit the Irish Hiking scarf in preparation for this exchange (the scarf came out nice but the colors are more suitable for a guy), I decided to knit 2 row stripes of a hand dyed "rosewood" merino angora lace and a silvery light gray alpaca lace, so it looks like wooden and metal straight knitting needles ... it's come out exactly as I wanted, problem is, it's all in stockinette and if I don't felt it it curls, although it still falls and drapes very nicely. Should I send the scarf unfelted so my recipient has the option of felting it, or should I go ahead and felt it when I finish knitting in the next few days?

Scarf in Progress

Well after much trial and tribulation I have begun my scarf and completed 2 and 1/2 repeats of the Matthew scarf (listed in the sidebar below). Many thanks to Cynthia and Bonnie for their help and support in reading charts! I am making it in Koigu Painters Palette doubled. I have never used Koigu before but I really like the colors. I sure hope that my pal will like it even though it isn't a super soft yarn. I'm really excited about how the pattern is starting to show up.

I started :-)

I started my scarf today :-) It is a beautiful color....I hope my partner likes it :-) It is a wool and silk blend yarn. I cant say too much because I dont want to give anything away, but I have started and I cant wait to finish it and send it to her. :-)

I got started

After hearing back from my partner I could get started. So I picked out my yarn alpaca/silk blend very soft warm yarn in lovely colors. I'll post a picture when I am farther along. I am doing my so called scarf I really like how it is coming out so far. I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am!!

We have the technology

G'day all!

I've contacted my knittee pal and heard from my knitter pal. Excellent (rubs hands Mr Burns style).

I have the pattern all ready. Now for the yarn. We have the technology to both spin and dye the yarn. Is this going to be the six million dollar scarf? I'd best start cracking the whip and spinning!


Pattern Chosen

I've selected a pattern and am not-so-patiently waiting for the yarn I've chosen to arrive. I hope my pal will like the pattern I've chosen. It's a little bit different. I can't remember its name at the moment and I'm a little afraid to reveal it here in case she's trying to figure out who I am. So, know for now that I've chosen a pattern and am waiting on the yarn to arrive so I can start knitting.

Hello knitter, are you out there?

I have contacted my wonderful knittee and we have enjoyed emailing and getting to know each other a bit. Her scarf is well on the way and I think she will enjoy it. The colors are beautiful and it's very soft and cozy.

I cannot give out too many details yet as she may figure out who I am. I was one of those who forgot to change my sender name on my "anonymous" gmail account. Ooops! It has been corrected now and I can just hope my pal didn't figure it out.

On a sad note, though, I'm feeling a bit bereft because I have not yet heard from my knitter pal. Are you out there secret pal???? If you have already emailed me and I haven't responded, it's because I didn't receive it. Please email again. I'll definitely reply.


Almost ready

Last week I heard from the person knitting for me, and made contact with the person I'm knitting for. Today I purchased this yarn. It's Lang Pearl which is yummy and soft and I think will make a lovely scarf. All that's left now is to pick a pattern, and then the knitting will begin.

Well on the way.

Although I am getting through this scarf quite easily now I did have some trials and tribulations on the way. In fact, I have no less than three scarves on the needles!! The first one was so-so. I loved the pattern and I loved the yarn but I didn't like them that much together. The second one was with a different yarn and I REALLY didn't like them together so that got frogged. Next I used the second yarn with a different pattern. I really like the pattern and yarn together but the pattern made for quite a narrow scarf and given the information I got from my pals questionnaire I wasn't sure she/he would like it terribly.

So now I am barrelling along nicely with the second yarn and a new pattern. We are making wonderful progress and given that I am going away for a girls weekend with a girlfriend of mine I should probably have it finished by the end of the weekend (as long as I don't have TOO many wines and attempt to knit tipsy......that may prove disastrous). I will post a pic of my progress when I get home from work today and hopefully post the finished scarf on Monday.

Hello to my Secret Knitter *waving*. Hope you are enjoying your knit.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Checking In

Just wanted to pop in and post quickly - I have heard from my Secret Scarf Pal and contacted mine. I have narrowed my choice down to 2 scarves and 2 patterns. I need to finish the test pattern I am working on, then I will swatch these out and see which I like best.

A bad picture of a lovely scarf

I just posted a bad picture of a lovely scarf that I have started for my pal on my blog. It's growing quickly and I think it's lovely. Of course, I'm always worried whether it will be the right thing and please the recipient as much as it's pleasing me. I'll post it here as well but feel free to pop over for a visit to see what else I'm working on these days.

A centering moment

Hi Everyone.

I just had the perfect scarf exchange moment a couple of nights ago. I was having a really horrible day-- nothing could go right, and absolutely everything was hopeless and meaningless from my point of view-- and then I managed to sit down in the evening and start the scarf for my recipient. The beautiful, rich colors I chose, the feel of the wool and my new bamboo needles just all came together; I got a hang of the pattern really quickly, and I found myself thinking about how happy my scarf buddy will be when she finally sees the scarf that was custom-knit just for her, by me. That really cheered me up, so thank you all for being sort of "there" for me and for each other, even if the identities are sort of a secret.

PS: I'm also trying a pattern that's a little more complicated and extravagant than I usually choose, and I'm getting all these "that's so pretty" and "knit something like that for me!" comments from friends and family-- the same people whom I know secretly dread birthdays and Christmases because they know I always knit something for them. I guess I should take the hint that I can (and should) be more daring with my knitting!

Ready to go!

I've finally made my choices after looking through what feels like a hundred pattern and yarn combos! I'll be using Anne by Schaeffer yarn in a beautiful blue/purple colorway and the pattern Japanese Feather which I downloaded from the Knitting Zone. I've heard from my pal and contacted my recipient so I guess it's time to get started. I'm so impressed that so many people are well on their way!

Here a scarf there a scarf...

I'm seeing them all around and can't make up my mind! Eek.
I've been in contact with my knitter and knittee. How much fun?!
I was a little worried that I might have to knit with my second choice in colour because my LYS didn't have my first choice. Then I called another one and she said they didn't have it either. But on a hunch I drove down there and am I ever glad I did! Yay - they had my colour! It turns out the LYS owner thought I was looking for something more fire engine red. Nope, just the best shade of red ever in Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Wool. I can't wait to knit this up. Pattern is still pending. I've loads of ideas but I'm waiting til the yarn speaks to me. And if that doesn't work I've got heaps of Koigu that would make a lovely lacey scarf. I'll be back later with pics. I'm so happy to see all the works in progress, they are beautiful!

Calling my Knitter

Hello everyone

I have contacted my knittee and we have decided on the yarn I will be using (I'm going handspun) although I haven't decided the pattern yet. I'm a long way from finishing - I have to spin the yarn first - phew!

I still haven't heard from the lovely person knitting for me. If you have sent me an email it appears to have gone astray - could you please email me again (I will reply, I promise!).


All's Well

I have heard from my knitter and replied so everything is in balance. Since I am between jobs I am making excellent progress on my scarf. Euroflax Original 100% linen - hard on the hands but a wonderful hand and drape when washed. My receiving pal is in a fairly warm climate and I thought linen might get more wear than wool.


Well, I've heard from my pal(!), talked to my pal, gotten the pattern picked out and ordered the yarn. All I need now is extra time outside of work . . . :)

I promise pics next time.

I've Chosen the Pattern...

...but now, I need to get the yarn! I am going to knit the Aran Print Eyelet Scarf. I have to hit the LYS this weekend.

I'm amazed at how many people are finished already, or well on their way! As a working mom of 2 growing boys, it is sometimes challenging to find the time to knit for more than a few minutes here and there!

Everybody's stuff looks lovely. I especially love that hand dyed purple yarn down below...WOW!

Can't wait to see everybody's final products....perhaps we should start a photo account of just finished products over at flickr or Photobucket or something...!

Hey, Ho, Let's Go!

I've been in contact with my knitter, as well as with my knittee, and everything is going well.
Picked out my pattern for my buddy. I'm going to be knitting the cabled scarf from Crystal Palace Yarns, to keep my buddy nice and warm.
I hope I can use the suggested Taos yarn, but I may substitute something else for it. I love that my buddy has such radically different colour tastes then I do, because I get to use colours I normally wouldn't choose.
Hopefully, I can get a ride into the city to visit Make One Yarn Studios, and find the perfect yarn.
Till then!

My scarf is now an honorary chemist

She has been going with me to the ACS meeting this week, and we knit a few rows between seminars and on the train to and from the city.
Ms. Alpaca Scarf
She has reversible cables and ribbed tails. More on the rocky start to our relationship and our current happy and committed relationship is here.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Hallelujah! It Worked!

Whew! New to's a rush!

Just checking in to say I have been busy making preparations. I have contacted my Exchange Pal and been contacted by the lovely person making my scarf as well. All decisions have been made. I am just waiting on the postman to deliver my yarn. My knitting fingers are twitching to get started.

This broadcast has been interrupted due to technical difficulties...

Big apologies to my secret pals - Due to the amount of rain here in sydney the past couple of days my phoneline / adsl has decided to take a bit of a holiday... I have a technician coming over today to give it a swift kick up the A*** - so if you are waiting for a reply to an email from me, or your secret pal please be patient, hopefully my communications will be up and running later today.

Att: Celia's group

Hello everyone

I'd just like to remind you to contact the pal to whom you are sending. Please do this as soon as possible. If you have received an email from the pal who is sending to you, it would be great if you can reply, if only to say that you have received her/his email.

Anyone who has not received any emails from their pal, please let me know as soon as possible (email the isehostesses email address and put my name in the subject line). I'll check out what's happening. We've had a couple of people whose email accounts have been bouncing emails. So if you have not received any communication from your pal, this may be why. Let me know and I will check with your pal.

Thanks everyone!

patten choosen

I've been contacted by my pal, who seems to be a pretty funny lady, and i've emailed my pal but have'nt heard back yet. I'm going to make the Irish Hiking Scarf I hope she'll like it :)

Ok Here We Go!

After much searching I have found pattern and yarn to suit my recipient, I think. This is a 70% wool, 30% soy yarn whose colors are awesome. Earth tones as specified. I'm loving it... (I'm also loving the way the colors are falling into squares!! Didja see that??? Everyone at work is asking me how I'm doing it.)

At first you would think this is the pattern out of the ScarfStyle book, Lady Eleanor. Tis not! It's her cousin, Contessa Garter du lac. I.E. a VERY long Garterlac dishcloth!! Dave (the knitting genius) and his amazing pattern that has no right or wrong side! You see, I'm not fond of having to make sure if my scarf's right side is showing. For as with most? It will always be the wrong side!!

I am in awe. People are finished with their scarves already!! In between jobs and at lunch is the only time I get to knit! But I'm loving it! Can't wait to get this finished so I can send it off... It's going somewhere cold and high!

Knitting ...

I've contacted my pal, and they emailed me back *yeah!* I've been knitting along on the scarf for my pal, and I'm really liking it so far. The yarn is so soft! The pattern is easy too, once I finally figured it out.

Unfortunately, I haven't heard from the person who has me as their pal to make a scarf for. So if you've been assigned to me, and you've already sent me a HELLO message then it might have gone to my bulk mail folder, but I've been checking that folder too, so PLEASE send another email or comment on my blog! I'm NOT ignoring you. Not on purpose anyway.

If you're my pal, I'd love to hear from you!


Just started

I received my match and have heard from mine, so all is good there. I dove into the stash last night and found some lovely yarn hand-dyed from Persimmon Tree Farm. This will be perfect for my pal who prefers rich, autumn colors. I have two concerns with my start and that is that the scarf is only about 4" wide, and this stitch pattern is eating up the yarn as it compresses. I may rip this out and cast on for a lacier scarf tonight. You can see a photo and read more about my adventure on my blog.

Almost done!

Got the pal, got the yarn, got the pattern-- I'm almost done!!! Bev Watts

Still stuck here...

I've heard from my sweet SP and we've been emailing each other. She's picked out the pattern and yarn for me. Already I feel so warm!

But I still haven't heard from my receiving I've notified Iris. I've asked my pal a question regarding the scarf and without her answer I'm stuck with both pattern and yarn. Of course I can just go ahead and decide, but since this is my first time in joining ISE, I'm really excited and also nervous. Really don't want to disappoint my pal...*sigh*...I'm having horrible dreams about picking out patterns and yarns!!

Halfway point

I passed the halfway point on the scarf yesterday. I am knitting like mad because I am also a Sock Warrior and want to be finished by September 22.
I still haven't heard from my pal so emailed Iris to let her know. Pal, if you are reading this, please contact me so I won't feel left out.

I've chosen a pattern and yarn!

Yay! I'm excited to get started. I've found the perfect pattern. I will be knitting Pieknits Grape Hyacinth pattern. I'm using the suggested yarn, Noro Silk Garden. The colorway I've chosen has lovely purples, pink, and greens in it. I think the finished scarf will be lovely and hope that my pal will love it too.

Not enough information!

I've started several scarves in anticipation of deciding what the right one is for my pal, yet she has not answered all my questions - I'm anxious to get going, but need more information! So, this is a message to all - answer the emails from your secret pal, or you may be disappointed in what you receive.

It is obvious from everyone's posting that we aim to please - we all seem to be obsessing over yarn and patterns (which by the way is so much fun!) At least I have many ideas - and project started - for Christmas presents now.


hi, i think i've got it! will cast on tonight and....see how it goes. 1st attempt at lace & tho pattern "reads" simply enough, i really want this to turn out perfectly!! any advice from experienced lacers??


Yesterday the postman arrived with the goodies for making my scarf. I'd waited to order until I got my pal assignment so I could be sure she'd like what I had in mind. I'm glad I did that as I've gone for something totally different that what I'd planned. I've knit with this yarn before and really enjoyed it. I know most folks like the Kid Silk Haze but next to this that stuff feels hard and course and the Karabella Lace Mohair is just like knitting a cloud.

Since the pacakages arrived early enough in the day I was able to run out to my LYS and pick up the appropriate needles and cast on right away. My lace skills must be improving as I have made it through chart A with absolutely no ripping out. I chose multi-colored beads that remind me of the sea and so far I really like them.

My pal has mailed.... yippeee!

I have heard from my pal, so the circle is complete. I can't wait to find out more about her.

In the meantime, I am still waiting for my yarn to arrive so that I can get started. However, I am knitting happily away on UFO's until then, that way I won't feel guilty when I put all of them aside so that I can get the scarf finished in time.

Since I am also a member of sockwars, it might be that the scarf will have to pause for a day or two in the middle somewhere so that I can get my socks done and sent off to eliminate my target! LOL.

Until then, I'll keep perusing the posts on the board. I am awed by the artistry and attention to detail all of you are exhibiting here, both in the choice of yarn and the pattern. The results are truly wonderful and I only hope that my effort will please my pal in the end. Oh.. a propos "pal". Naturally, I was so inept when setting up my "anonymous" gmail address that my full name ended up as sender together with the addy.. go figure! I only hope that my pal was nice enough to forget about it immediately, so that the mystery remains - at least for a little while.

I'd be a baaaaad hostess if

I made evryone else post and I didn't! So here's my post.

It's amazing seeing all the scarf progress that's been made. I can't believe some of you have finished already - how amazing is that!?

I, on the other hand, have sadly not even picked out a pattern or yarn yet. Yes, sad, but true. BUT, nonetheless, my pal shall have a scarf by the end of this. I just have to remind myself that this is not a race or a competition, but I must say that I feel overwhelmed and in awe of some of the patterns and yarns chosen. Oh wow!

My scarf pal who is sending tome has contacted me and I have contacted the pal to whom I am sending a scarf, so aside from no knitting being done, all is well. I will post again when I have made more progress. In the mean time, knit on!

Ready, Set, Cast-On!!!!

I have purchased my yarn and picked out a pattern. YAY!!!! It just so happens that I picked out a cable pattern and the model looked familiar. Me and the designer/model, Diana, used to go to the same knitting group. I even remember her working on this pattern. Funny how small this world is.

Scarf Begun

I finally settled on a scarf. The pattern is My So Called Scarf, and the yarn is some Interlacements Carolina I had in my stash. I've been waiting for the perfect project for that yarn, and I think this is it. I'm pleased with how it's looking so far.

Scarfing underway

Contact has been made both ways, yarn and pattern have been introduced, and knittage has begun. I've really enjoyed reading about and seeing the choices everyone has made -- what a varied and interesting bunch of scarfing!


Houston, We have lift off!!!

Hello everyone! I have found the pattern AND the yarn for my scarf for my pal. I have found the most lusciously decadent Baby Alpaca Twist - oh it is amazing. I am going to knit the ruffle scarf for her from Pam Allen's "Scarf Style".

I am casting on tonight!!

:-) Have a great week everyone!

You all have made me nervous

I am so in love with all the scarves that have been posted, the gorgeous yarns chosen, and the intricate pattern choices. I am starting to feel sorry for my pal. This is my first exchange ever and I feel like I may have not thought enough about it.

But, I'm gonna keep my head up and remember some things I read on Criminy Jickets blog, "it's not a competition" and "it's about participating". So with that in mind, I really like the pattern I picked out. It's got texture but it's not difficult so I know I can finish on time. I tweaked the pattern to make it wider and it's going to be longer. My pal lives in a cold climate and I want her to be very warm.

I'm having fun talking about the exchange and what I'm learning about my pal and the person who has me. It's all about the experience and it's a great one. Thanks everyone for all your inspiration.

You guys are so inspiring!

I am so torn on what to do for my pal. I'd like to do Lady Eleanor from Scarf Style, but I also think she might really like the Melody scarf from Morehouse Merino. Decisions, decisions...

It might just come down to what I think I can actually finish by the deadline.

Have yarn, have pattern, will knit

I have decided to make the Tiger Eye Lace Scarf with Inspirations Yarn Latte in poppy - hope my pal likes it!


Mmm...wet dog smell

Well tonight I decided to dye my yarn. I had all the supplies already, though now I have to buy a new stew pot, since I don't think you're supposed to reuse it after acid dye have been in it. I used Deka Batik & Textile Dye. I found it at a local art supply store. I followed various online tutorials (here, here, and here), but there are lots of other tutorials online. The package also had specific directions. This was 225g of wool. I used about 4 litres of water and the whole package of dye.

Here are a few pictures:

I imagine it will take a few days to dry. I put a plastic bag under the towel to protect my hardwood floor. Unfortunately I live in a bachelor apartment so I get to smell wet wool while I sleep.

Monday, September 11, 2006

just an idea...

hey everyone,

Just a quick idea - save a ballband / tag from each different yarn you use to send to your pal so they know how to look after their scarf. It would also be handy if they really like the yarn you used and want to find it for another project.


You are FINISHED, already???

I can't believe it - some of you are finished with your scarf for the exchange. Geez, I just picked out my pattern today and have placed an order for the yarn with While I was at it I ordered more yarn for scarves for Christmas gifts, too. I will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of the yarn and I am ready to go once it arrives. My pal loves pinks and lavenders, so that is what she shall have.


After two trips to the LYS and pouring through books and mags and some amazing patterns online, I think I've finally decided on both a pattern and yarn. I'm going to make (I think) Evelyn Clark's Swallowtail Shawl (from the current IK) with Elspeth Lavold's Silky Wool. The shawl is the smaller type meant to be worn over a coat or draped around the shoulders. I think that my pal will like this sort of scarf, and I'm hoping it will be a versatile indoor/outdoor item. I'm making it out of heavier yarn than is called for, and will be knitting it a tighter guage than most lace so that it will, hopefully, be a warmer scarf.

My pal doesn't have many color dislikes, but did ask for fall colors. I'm hoping this shade of purple is rich enough to qualify for her. It reminds me of plums and eggplant and the shade certain leaves will turn. (don't ask me which head for trees other than wow! that's gorgeous!!!) I tried several different areas of the house and even took the yarn outside for a photo shoot (totally confusing ny neighbors), but couldn't capture the tone properly. I also looked around on the internet, and it looks like I'm not the only one who can't photograph this shade of purple properly. The depth of the color in the phot is close, but it's more of a slightly violet plum shade.

I hope she likes it!

Here is the finished scarf. It is quite long, as much of it is hanging over the back. It is knitted with Blizzard yarn, an alpaca blend. I did a double seed stich with a crochet edging on each end. It is very soft and should be warm. My pal lives in a cooler climate. I hope she likes it!

Halfway home

Yes, I am. It's one of the joys of choosing a pattern done in two halves that works from the outside in, so you don't have to do nearly as many rows. This is Maureen Mason Jamieson's Dipsy Doodle U-turn Scarf. I'm using Lorna's Laces Fisherman's Wool in Chocolate and Rowan's RYC Lux in cream.

I hope my pal likes it but if she doesn't, she can feel free to send it right on back to me.


Thanks to those of you who are posting pictures of your progress. I'm a huge procrastinator, and you're reminding me to get going on this! I'm excited about my pal, and want to make something she'll love! Wish me luck.

Scarf Finished

My Pal's scarf is done and in the mail! ( with a few other surprises)

Omg, I am in a tailspin

I am really struggling to find that scarf for my dear pal. I have started Liesel in Elspleth Silky Wool - so much finer than the dk it calls for. I've also modified with a seed stitch border to help it lay nicely. I have worked 4 repeats and the pattern may be lost in the color - but it could just need to be blocked. I want it to be just right - but from reading posts it seems I am not alone - selfishly, there's reassurance for me in that! Sorry pals!

Woo Hoo!

I've emailed and heard from my scarf pal and I've heard from the pal making a scarf for me.
This looks like it will be a fun time. I read that someone has their scarf in the MAIL already!!
I did buy the yarn and pattern to do mine, but it's not started yet!! First time Scarf Pal for me!!
Some folks are using some beautiful patterns and yarn! It's like being in a candy shop!!!

Scarf Progess

I've made some progress on my scarf, though I've nearly given up trying to capture an accurate depiction of the color. It's a little deeper blue than in the photo, a colorway called "Mountain Bluebird," and I'd say that's precisely the color (the male of course, the female has mostly grey plumage. Hey, I'm not LoriBird for nothing.) The yarn is knitting up beautifully, soft and just a tiny bit fuzzy...

I'll be aiming for a 60-62" scarf, so I've got, let's see... 54 more inches to go! I've got the pattern memorized by now, so it makes for good carry-along knitting. (The little pink thing on the side is my "knitting fish" - a doubled piece of yarn with 8 knots tied in; every time I get to it I move it up a knot on the needle, and I never miscount a row!)

The beginning

Okay, I have already started one scarf design using some yarn that I had in my stash but I think it will be too warm for my victim, rephrase, my person. So Sunday afternoon, I spent an a bit of time at my LYS looking through the scarf patterns there. And I found a pattern that I already owned that I think will be a better fit. So I found some yarn for this pattern and I brought home one skein of it with me to try out the pattern. Since the yarn I am thinking of using is a hand-dyed, I want to make sure that it will not knit out in some really weird pattern. Since it is rainy today, it is hard to get a decent photo of what I have on my needles so far but I played around a little bit with PhotoShop to try and adjust the light levels so that it is fairly accurate. I think the when I go back in the my LYS this weekend to pick up the other 4 skiens that I will need for this scarf, I may be picking up more of this yarn in the tangerine colorway for myself. (edited to note that the photo with this post is not the adjusted photo. Blogger doesn't seem to be liking my edited version so this is the best of the 3 that I took unedited.)

So, it's started...

Emails have been exchanged in both directions with my pals, and I am very excited to get started. I am fondling two different yarns, and trying to decide between them. One is the the clear-cut winner in the tactile sense - utterly, meltingly soft. But the color is also soft, and I'm afraid that it may be a bit too much so for my giftee. Yarn #2 is a bolder, stronger color that I'm more confident about for this particular person, but while it's very soft to the touch, it can't compare to Yarn #1. I shall ProcrastiKnit by swatching and fondling and staring.

Picked Pattern FINALLY

I am so excited to have finally narrowed my pattern selection down. It only took me 10 books, 6 magazines and countless web pages to do so. I have decided on the Lacy Kerchief Scarf from Interweave Knits, Summer 2005. The pattern in the mag is knit in cotton but I ordered some 100% alpaca from Elann in a gorgeous red color since my exchangee is in a cold climate. Now I just have to wait for the yarn to get here so I can get started. Tease, tease...could it be for you?

Finally getting started

Finally after too many yarn options and way too many pattern choices, I have settled on a basic yarn over cable pattern, which I love and Trendsetters Yarn, Tonalita. I love the colorway, I sure hope my pal does as well!


so here is my progress, Im about half way done !!! Im really surprised cuz I was busy all weekend long, but i figured out how to pump (breast milk) and knitt at the same time lol now thats multi tasking LOL

Bright Yarn, But What Pattern?

Well, I think I have decided on yarn for my pal. I'm happy that she has different tastes than I do, so I get to knit something that I would be to scared to knit for myself. I'm too much of a chicken to wear bright colors, and since my pal is not, I have chosen Interlacement's Toasty Toes in the color 206- Las Vegas Brights. Perfect, I think. But I reserve the right to change my mind!
I have found lots of great free patterns at but am affraid (again, I'm chicken) to do a very intricate pattern with a colorway that might distract from the beautifully handpainted yarn.
So, for all you who like bright colors, what do you think of this one? What kind of pattern do you suggest?