Saturday, November 04, 2006

Generosity at it's finest.

Thank you so much Margaret for the wonderful package that arrived on my doorstep this week. The arrowhead shawl is so gorgeous, I wore it to school yesterday- plenty of compliments were received. Everyone should also note from the picture that extra goodies abounded:
1. 2 skeins of handspun kid mohair from Margarets hands! (Bright orange, and absolutely perfect! I think my first shawl is calling my name!)
2. Floating candles so cute, that I initially thought they were handpainted chocolates.
3. A lipstick and nail polish, both very nice colors.
4. The absolute picture of thoughtfulness, Margaret sent some little Mickey Mouse washclothes for my two boys- what an angel!

A closeup of the shawl:

I was having a really crappy week when I found this at my door, and I couldn't have been more excited. You really have made my month Margaret, thank you again.


Oh, sorry... Was just enjoying this heavenly soft yummy warm gorgeous scarf from Pennie. Great huge sighs of bliss and relief!

I'll post a pic tomorrow when I'm more presentable, but I'll probably wear this thing all night long while I'm working at my bench for tomorrow's holiday bazaar, and I know I'll wear it to the bazaar. This is the first time I've been warm all day long.


And no less scrumptious, Pennie included a huge ball of gorgeous sunshiny hand-dyed laceweight yarn in cheery shades of tangerine and kumquat and apricot... 880 yards! Can't wait to work with it. Did you dye it, Pennie? It will brighten my day every time I look at it, no matter how dark it is here.

Plus some yummy brownie mix... Mmmmm.

Okay, back to hammering the silver. But I wanted everyone to know how happy I am, and actually, it couldn't have come at a better time, as I was just getting really tired and discouraged.

So glad you're my Pal, Pennie.


So, she was saying that she hoped I liked it? I love it!


And she sent me chocolate and yarn too!


Thank you so much, Mia, you could not have chosen a better project and colors for me. I am going to make matching fingerless mitts with the yarn you sent me.

How did it get to be Friday???

Seriously... it feels like Tuesday. I can't imagine what happened to the rest of the week. Other than being particularly awful (I'm having issues with the kids' school), I honestly don't know where all those days disappeared to. I told my pal I thought I'd be able to post about my package by Monday (it came last Wednesday), and I've let her down. I'm so sorry Nickie!

Take a look at this:

I don't know what's going on with my camera, but it's making the yarn look more saturated than it is. It's a little more pastel in real life. The colors remind me of a watercolor painting :)

And isn't the model adorable?

Did you notice the scarf pin that came with it? Nickie... I really want to know how you made it - it's so cute!

She also sent along a couple of goodies:

Homemade soap and a sachet. And they're purple! Another question, Nickie... what fragrance(s) are they? Is it the same scent for both? I can't place it/them.

Thanks so much Nickie!

Thank You Babette!!!

Babette was my wonderful spoiler and I receive her package two days ago and let me tell you, it is one of the best and biggest package I have ever received!! It has so many goodies in it and I was practically dancing around and laughing too as I was over the moon!!! There's a Irish Hiking Scarf knitted in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran and also 3 balls of that yarn for me, so that I can knit a matching hat (how thoughtful is that?), another lovely everyday scarf (I received not one but TWO SCARVES), 5 balls of Knit Picks Shine Worsted (Knit Picks doesn't shipped to Aussie so these are definitely very precious to me) and lastly, yummy treats for my furry babies too!!!

Isn't she wonder?? I'll post a few pics here but for more info, read more here >>

Friday, November 03, 2006



No, I didn't receive a notice that my scarf is here... I've been waiting (mostly) patiently.

Unfortunately, I live sort of in the middle of nowhere, and the post office is a tiny little thing where mistakes are made. To top it off, they actually moved into a different building on the night of October 31, so I'm sure it was chaos.

I will call them at 2 p.m. when they open (if they have the same phone number) and will send my husband down there on his way home from work to help look if he has to...

I want my scarf!

I'm so sorry, but I'm sure all will be well.

I emailed you, too, but wanted to post here just in case you saw this first.

Many hugs, K

Thanks Jen (Knitting for Sanity)

Here is a photo of me, right after I tore into the package, and just heading out to show off my new scarf!
The yarn is so lovely and the scarf so me. You did a fantastic knitting job and thank you for the sweet smelling goodies and the cool notepads.

8 is the charm.

Finally after trying and trying and trying I have managed to get pictures of the beautiful scarf that Lolly made just for me. It's the My So-Called Scarf pattern in Malabrigo and it is fabulous. I took it to my LYS and they loved it. I think they were, well, green with envy. She made me a pretty little origami crane and sent me the rest of the Malabrigo to play with too.

It couldn't have come at a better time. It is so warm and I've worn it nearly everyday since I got it.

Thank you so much to the hostesses for all the hard work you have put into this exchange. It was a blast. Now, I just hope my pal gets her package soon. Anyday now.

Calling Morgan H

Hello! Are you out there? Please let me know if you have rec'd the scarf I knit for you. I mailed it out three weeks ago. I am very worried that you either don't like it, dont' care or it somehow didn't make it to you.

My Branching Out Scarf arrived!

My package actually arrived on time - Wednesday afternoon, unfortunately I have not had time to post.

Thank you Jewell for the lovely Branching Out scarf! see my blog for pics...

I'll be showing it off today - it turned a bit cooler and it's my birthday today!

I am looking forward to next year's ISE and thanks again to the hostess.

Package Arrived???

I sent my package off to my pal priority mail 10-25-06. I don't think she received it yet. I have delivery confirmation and the following came up: Label/Receipt Number: 0305 0830 0004 0462 8034 Status: Notice LeftWe attempted to deliver your item at 1:06 pm on October 30, 2006 in TWO RIVERS, AK 99716 and a notice was left. It can be redelivered or picked up at the Post Office. If the item is unclaimed, it will be returned to the sender. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.

What is horrible is the following: 1. zip is 99719 and USPS has 99716. So, I'm hoping its in Two Rivers Alaska and that my pal has picked it up. Please, please let me know ASAP. Pennie

sorry its taken so long to show off!!!!!

Elaine, my lovely secret pal I am so sorry its taken me a week to post!!! its not that I don't love it (I do) I've just had my lovely keira full time while hubby has been working 24/7! finally the big audit is over and he's all mine again.
Wow here is the gorgeous scarf in my favourite...debbie bliss... how did you know!!!!!!! then there is the bib (love it), cinnamon for my cooking (how did you get that through customs!), soap (mmm love natural organic things), notepad ( I need it for my busy life) and some sugar n cream that I love and can't buy here!
woweeeeeeee I'm so lucky!!!!!!!!!! I was thinking this scarf swap was too hard and I wouldn't do it again but after receiving this lovely gift I'm signing up for the next one!
Corrie :)

Happy Dance, Happy Dance.. I'm doing the Happy Dance!

My husband feels sooooo left out! I got the best package today. It contained a very soft & lovely scarf in shades of red, 5, count them... 5 skeins of yummy yarn to use, body/bath products from LUSH , yummy chocolates, a lavender sachets, a sheep tape measure, knitting accessories and 3 books! I have to say that mypal is the best! I can certainly understand why her previous pal felt so strongly about doing that spectacular wrap for her. Debi.... I love you! If I'm ever in Las Vegas, I'm coming by to give you a great big hug!

My cats had just as great a time opening the box as I did! You'll see them, or parts of them in the pictures!

Dogs are happy & so am I

My pal sent some dog treats that sent my hounds into a frenzy. I had to get out of the house to take a picture of the scarf.

I love it. It is silk and cotton and just warm enough.
Thanks Barb!

Message to the ISE world

I'm sorry and repent mightily. I do not think I posted in October. I was going to on the 31st, to get it in under the wire, but I was knocked down and out by a migraine. Today is my first day of resurfacing.

Prior to that, every spare moment was spent working on the actual scarf. In fact, I barely scraped by on the deadline (but I did warn my partner in advance that it was going to be close). Somehow, though, I did manage to pull it off and get the scarf to Susan of I'm Knitting As Fast As I Can on time. You can see her scarf and goodies below. Susan says the absolute sweetest things about my work on the scarf. :)

I know that I still have some learning to do, but I'm mighty proud of how the scarf turned out (you can scroll down or click here to see it). I also had a lot of fun making the magnets and stitch markers so that she would get a nice little combo of handmade and storebought items.

Now I can't wait to see mine!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

My scarves came! Yes scarves! Marie-France knit me two beautiful scarves and scarves for my two toddlers as well! They are all gorgeous. I don't think I can thank her enough for the thoughtfulness, the beautifully knit scarves & the extra goodies!

I had plans to make myself the My So Called Scarf (the blue one) one of these days, so its perfect! The colors rock, the blues and browns are gorgeous. I would have never picked out that pink yarn for myself but I tell ya, with the pattern and the lightness of it (it's thin) and the softness (I think it has some silk in it?), I just love it, bright pinks and all!

Marie-France also made scarves for my kids (A is 18 months and E is 2 1/2)! Wasn't that sweet?! The pink one is so freaking cute with the pom-poms! Sadly my flash washed out the colors and the kids weren't being very cooperative models.
There are a few more pictures up on my Flickr site-

I had awonderful time with this swap, I hope the next one is sooner rather than later! :D Thank you Hostesses!

~ Sarah

Is it there yet?

I got my son to post my scarf to my ISE3 pal on Monday, and it should have arrived by today. Jenny ?

Its here!!

My scarf has arrived today! Thanks Gina!! It has a wonderful drape and is very soft. lovely colors that work perfect with my coat! And the little wrist warmers are just delicious!! I love alpaca and now I can have them on my wrists, kind of like a pet.
I am off to do my shopping, and the scarf arrived not a moment to soon- temperature dropping as we speak in NYC! Its so great to get a wonderful scarf from a fellow knitter's hands!

Lovely lovely scarf!

I received my scarf the other day, but have yet to take pictures...I thanked my pal over email, but wanted to publicly say that it's beautiful! I love the color, the length, the feel, the pattern - it's just perfect. And the chocolates are a great surprise, too! Thanks, Jean!


My scarves (yes I mean pural) are here!

I came home yesterday to a lovely package tucked into my screen door, all the way from Australia, and opened it to find not one but 2 (count 'em, 2!) lovely scarves. The first is a beautiful lavender and pink lacey mohair feather and fan pattern and the second is open-lace pattern in a deep magenta (one of my absolute favorite colors) with beads! So, so pretty. And to make it even more special, Deborah included a huge skein of her beautiful purple and blue hand-spun yarn, which is both beautiful and really soft. I'm just thrilled.
I've taken lots of pictures, but probably won't get them posted until Monday, since I'm off this afternoon to Stitches East and will be away from the computer all weekend. But I will get them up!
I'm also happy to say that I've finished my scarf for my pal (just one, sorry, pal :-( and once it's finished blocking, I should have it out in no time (or by Monday at the latest). Course, there's no way that I can match my beautiful package, but I do have some extra goodies to make up, a little, for the delay, and I hope that my pal likes it even half as well as I like mine.

Package is on it's way.....

It is a couple days late but will officially leave the building at 12pm today....... :-) I hope it has a safe trip all the way to New York.....I wish I could go too I have wanted to visit NY for sooooo long. Well maybe someday. I hope you enjoy the package.... Happy Knitting!

My scarf...scarves...arrived!!

Hi all,

My doorbell rang today and on my porch was a wonderful box from my scarf exchange pal, Victoria Smith.

I got not just one scarf but two or is it three? Let me explain. First, there's the wonderful white alpaca scarf with darling ruffled edges. Second, there's the purple and black skinny, long scarf with fringed edges using alpaca, silk and angora yarns. Third, there's the white scarf sweater...yes a sweater for my scarf just in case I happen to be wearing a scarf that's not warm enough, I can slip it into the scarf sweater and be fashionable and warm! And if that's not all...wait there's more. I also received two darling knitted scarf holders to keep my scarf from blowing off in the wind, a beautiful blue flower painted bead, and a tin of 'heavenly cocoa'.

There's a photo of all my goodies including the pretty tissue wrappers which I have saved for use by my art students!

Thank you so much, Victoria. I wore the white scarf earlier today and am now wearing the purple and black one. They are so cozy!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you,
Susan Gallacher-Turner
Susan GT/susancrochets

My Scarf is here :-)

Well I got my scarf today, I walked up to my door to see a package with my name on it :-) Read more about it on my blog....There are also pictures there.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My Scarf Arrived!

I arrived home today and found a large box sitting on my porch. It was from Stephanie, who revealed herself in the enclosed note as my pal in the International Scarf Exchange.

First, the scarf:

Picture 302

It's a gorgeous lace scarf knit from the perfect color of KidSilk Haze. Stephanie says my scarf was her first attempt at lace but I'm having a hard time believing that. Really, look how wonderful it is:

Picture 303

And if the fantastic scarf wasn't enough, the box was packed full of goodies.

Picture 306

Stephanie, thanks so much for a beyond-wonderful package! I'm wearing the scarf right now!

My Scarf Package Arrived!

I was the recipient of a lovely scarf made of Touch Me yarn from Cheryl of Pittsburgh. She used the Single Cable pattern from the One Skein Book and it is so lovely! I am on the hunt for a brooch to secure it. She also included some candy and a beautiful notepad and some chai tea that sounds delicious .

Cheryl, I really love the scarf and can't thank you enough for creating it for me!!!


At Last!

At long last I got my scarf in the post to my pal. It went from here a few days ago and should be with you in a few more days. It's got quite a long journey across the pond, but I hope you like it when it arrives.

I've still not got mine - that too was posted a while back, so I'm hoping it's not got itself lost.

noonie's scarves

SO I finished the scarf finally, blocked it and finally packed it in a box today with some other goodies... and then hours after I had handed it over to the post office... I remembered I was supposed to take a picture of it. Fingers crossed it makes it.

I also recieved my scarf today... it's beautiful, will hunt out the camera tomorrow, hopefully it will be as cold and sunny tomorrow. Am hoping to wear it when I do my tandem skydive for Cancerbackup, tell you more with the photo... my beautiful pink scarf is perfect for the day.

Since my Pal didn't know where the link was for the scarf, I thought I would post it for all of you!! And some pictures she took, since they are far better than the pictures I took!!

Here is the link to the amazing Fiberbrunette who wrote this FREE pattern!!!

Here is also some progress on my blog if you care.

I got my scarf!!!

I got my scarf today! Jenimae of made my beautiful scarf and sent it to me from Rhinebeck! (GRRR..i'm JEALOUS!)

my jaw just dropped to the floor when i opened my package.
OK i would post a picture here, but blogger is giving me hell about posting pictures. please go to my blog and see the photos there....sorry for the inconvenience.

Absolutely Thrilled with My Scarf!

I got my package from Jenny. The scarf is 100% baby alpaca and extremely yummy. It's a modified parenthetical rib pattern. The scarf will go awesomely with my chocolate winter coat...too bad it's 70 degrees here today. But look at all the other treats she included that I can enjoy now! Tea, a vanilla candle, Kieh'ls lip balm, chocolate thins from Max Brenner (the box is empty, btw) and even a treat for my doggie.

Thanks so much Jenny!

More Excuses

I am still working away on my scarf and expect to be done in the next few days but I thought I would offer up the attached picture as yet another excuse as to why this darn scarf is taking so long. My puppies have to be right in the middle of everything and as you can see, they like to lay on the yarn.

Yippee Yappee and Yahooie

I got my scarf! Not that I'm in a position to take a picture of it or anything, but if you do a search on "Allegra" you'll see the beauteous scarf that she made that's now all mine mine mine.

I'll have my husband take a pic tonight of me wearing it and I'll get it posted, but I just could not wait to let everyone know that I just received an absolutely perfectly wonderful scarf.

Heading to a land downunder

My scarf is finished and heading off to it's intended giftee! Here is a pick of the finished product

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Pattern: Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style
Yarn: Fingering Wt Zephyr color Jasper

This was such a fun project to knit and really lovely when finished - I hope my pal loves it!

Leaving Alaska...

My scarf is finally headed to the Lower 48. Hope my Pal likes it... and that she'll model it for a better snapshot.

It isn't perfect, but my weaving teacher told me many years ago that perfection is for the gods alone, and that I should always include a small mistake in my cloth. Luckily, I've never had to worry much about the wrath of the weaving or knitting goddesses, as the mistakes overtake me pretty quickly.

My version doesn't really resemble the original, as I decided to block the heck out of it so the stitches lie flat. I dunno, I just like it that way.

So, here are the stats:
  • Dewdrop pattern
  • Knit on size 6 aluminum straights
  • One strand Apple Pie yarn (50% wool, 20% mohair, 20% silk, 10% nylon) in the Carnival colorway
  • One strand of JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk, Plum
  • Finished size: 55" x 5" (serendipity, as 5 is my favorite number)
  • Knit in a frenzy over 2 1/2 days... after two months of knitting, frogging, cussing, knitting, dithering...

It should be in your hands, dear Pal, by the end of next week at the very latest. Thanks for being patient with me.

To my other Pal: I haven't received my scarf yet, but I'm being (mostly) patient because things can take forever to get to Alaska, let alone to Two Rivers. And they're moving our little community post office tonight, so confusion will reign for a few days. Don't worry. I'll let you know when it's here.

My scarf plus goodies arrived!!!!

Because I have some days off I was at home when the postman came and brought me this wonderful parcel from the U.S.
I receieved a scarf which is perfect in my eyes: pure design, soft, nice colour and perfect length:

But look at all the goodies I received on top of this: BlueMoon sock yarn in incredible red tones and dark green lambswool.... (soft like alpaca). My pal was JoAnne and I thank her so much.
Thanks to the organizers of this ISE3 as well - it was a fantastic thing!
We have another knitting competition on it's way - it is international as well. If you want to have a look.... click (scroll down for English). Such exchange projects are so much fun - and it is soooo nice to get this experience of "knitting friends all over the world".
Should we look forward to an ISE4?!

Thank you, Felicia

Thank you, Felicia. I received the scarf today, and it's so lovely. And thank you for the yarn and needles... THANK YOU!! ^_^


Thank you to our wonderful hostesses for this wonderful exchange. I have had so much fun reading the blog and seeing all the beautiful scarves that have been made. What a wonderful and talented group of knitters we have here.

The scarf that I made was received by my great exchange pal Lynda, aka Knitty_Prof, a few weeks ago as she so kindly posted about at the time.

I have heard from my dear scarf knitter pal and she's working hard on the scarf she's knitting to send to me. It will be in the mail as soon as it's completed, has its bath, and is blocked.

Thanks so much for the update dear pal. I will try to contain my anticipation and try not to watch the mailbox so closely. ;0)


Scarf on its way...

ISE3 Outgoing Scarf- October 2006b
Originally uploaded by fuzzy_giraffe.

...and I'm finally done! Actually, I was done awhile ago on the knitting (I loved doing this pattern), but I was procrastinating on getting it sent. It's "Danica" from knitty, but I didn't like the wrong-side aspect of it, so I made it into a skinny scarf. I think it looks really neat, the way the entrelac pieces sort of match up on the sides (but it's only a crocheted seam, so it could easily be taken out). Hope my pal likes it-- and the Santa Cruz-style goodies that go with it!

(Oh, and I'm actually posting this on Oct 31 at 7:35pm despite what the blog date says!)

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!!

I've got to scat, no time to chat, I'm late I'm late I'm late!!

Or something like that.

I am working away on my scarf for my pal. It is my first ever attempt at working from a chart...and while it was slow going in the beginning, it has really picked up! However, the problem seems to be that -- well, I don't have enough hours in the day! I'm planning on having the scarf in the mail by Friday. Yes, yes, I did send her an email to let her know that I'm running behind... and I sent an email to Celia, to let her know also! I'd hate to be blacklisted!!

I'm amazed at the gorgeous scarves I've seen. I know that my scarf is on its way, and I cannot wait!!!

THANKS to those who organized this, and who crack the whip to keep us in shape!!

Thank You Uli!

ISE3 Incoming Scarf- October 2006g
Originally uploaded by fuzzy_giraffe.

I actually got this on my birthday (26 October-- I'm 21 now)! It looks great on me, and it's absolutely beautiful. It's so neat that it's reversible, and I loooove cables.
Uli also included yummy chocolates (that are gone already!), burt's bees lip stuff, and a candle-- and packed everything in cute giraffe tissue paper. I had a great birthday, and finding this on my doorstep was icing on the cake!

Woohoo! I love this exchange!

I thought I had posted earlier, but apparently my post disappeared - hmmmm.... Anyway, I received the most amazing green scarf and star stitch markers from Maisie in Australia. Thank you so much - I love them! See my blog for pics...

Stitch Markers

Here is a picture of the stitch markers I got from my pal...they are sooo pretty and my camera is doing them no justice. I took like 10 pictures and they all came out fuzzy like this. They are blue and I LOVE them.....Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bettina is the greatest!

I have seen some great packages and beautiful scarves. I thought I had done a pretty good job with the extras, but my pal Bettina sent me teh most wonderful package from Spain! First of all, the scarf is beautiful. I will post pictures soon (tomorrow hopefully, as it is too dark here already - boo end of daylight savings time) but to whet your appetites, it is green, merino and lacy. Pictures to follow...

I got soap, and postcards, and a bag and sachets! It brightened up my day (not to mention has my bedroom smelling reat) considerably.

Thank you Bettina!

patiently waiting

i have been informed tha tmy scarf will soon be on it's way. my pal lost my address oops. but she's been really sweet about it with everything else going on i'm sure it's hard to make deadlines :) thanks for the heads up. i've been having fun seeing everyones scarves. what lucky pals :) my scarf went out and has been received by may pal. thanks for the fun everyone :)

Late Post

I did receive my tweedy red Branching Out scarf from Amy. I love it so much. I also got the pattern for The Sheep Shawl which I will be starting next week. I wear my scarf all the time even when just hanging around the house....since that is most of the time with all my children.

I did send my scarf out last week and haven't heard anything yet. I did pay the extra postage to get it to my pal since I procrastinated so long. I hope she gets it soon.


Here is a pic...

of the scarf I received... finally :) Jyll made me this gorgeous scarf. I think the color in the picture's pretty close too. Now I just need to wait for the temps to drop a bit more before I can start wearing it :) It is made with Cascade 220 (although I don't know if it is the superwash version or not). In the package was also some chocolate (LONG gone) and 2 skeins of KP's Shadow in Vineyard... my favorite color.

Cheers Eva

Photos of the Finished Scarf

I was going to mail out my scarf yesterday but due to a few things, it didn't get out. It will finally be mailed out tomorrow. I was supposed to take it to my LYS where I purchased the yarn on Sunday but I never made it there. The owner wanted to see the finished scarf so I figured that I could do that. But I had a nasty headache on Sunday and never made it. Last night was beginning knit group at the local library. I first went because a friend wanted to go with her so that I could help her. And I have somehow ended up being one of the teachers. So I didn't get to the yarn store last night. I will be going over there this evening though. I want to get my scarf mailed out.

And I actually didn't knit a scarf, I knitted a shawl. Given where the receiptant lives, I figured that she would get more use out of it. I picked out a yarn from Mango Moon that I had never used before. I have used the Mango Moon silk but this was the first time that I had used their recycled wool yarn. Well I use it again? Yes. There is a nice bright tangerine colorway that I really like.

The photos that I am posting show the shawl soaking in the washer and spread out over my bed. (I only use the washer as a giant tub basin for washing larger items.) Okay, I would add the photos except that Blogger keeps gettting hung up with the photo upload. So I will try the photos tomorrow.

Edited to add - I was able to post photos over on Flickr so check out this addy to see a photo of the shawl -

Scarf updates!

I sent my scarf yesterday. Can't wait to see if Courtney likes it. I also got an email from my pal and she says my scarf will be a bit delayed. At first I was sad, but then I realized that if it is late it will show up right around my birthday and that horrible week of midterms right before thanksgiving. So all in all I think it might actually be better this way. Can't Wait!

I would also like to thank the hostesses for their amazing organization. This was my first exchange and it could not have gone any smoother. Thank you again for all of your time, effort and energy and I look forward to trying more exchanges soon (especially another ISE as I can never have enough scarves here in Boston)
OK! Yeah! Hooray!
After unravelling as much as I knot on this one, I am FINALLY done!

I hope my pal likes it. I tried SO HARD to match her likes.

It was very interesting to see a pic on the blog with the same scarf in a different yarn. Wow, that gal really knew how to knit. her stuff was SO PERFECT!

I've had such a grea time!

My scarf package was received and I am very impatiently waiting for my scarf to get here. I know it was mailed last friday and the suspense is nearly killing me! With the high quality beautiful scarves that I've seen posted here, I know I'm in for a wonderful treat! Many thanks to our Hostesses for getting this exchange together! I'm looking forward to the next one!


International Scarf Exchange

International Scarf Exchange

I guess I should add that Suzie is "Irish Clover" on the ISE3.

Again Thanks Suzie, I just love my scarf and all the other goodies you sent

Picture to follow soo

International Scarf Exchange

International Scarf Exchange

OH MY SUZIE, do I feel special. When I got home from work Friday, what to my surprise!!!! A package for me!!!! What was in the package is so wonderful I'm not sure I have the words to describe it!! The most beautiful blue scarf. It is knit in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. To touch it is heaven!!!! The workmanship in the scarf is beyond compare. The pattern is Moonlight from Scarf Style. What a wonderful job!!! AND it looks fabulous on my winter coat. My DH camera is broken, so Spellbound (also an ISE3 member) offered to photograph it for me. As soon as she sends me the pictures I will post them but didn't want to keep Suzie guessing whether the package arrived or not. Suzie also sent me some wonderful yarn (KnitPicks Memories sock yarn (color "Fly Fishing")) boy did I ever smile at that!!! Made me want to go get my pole and head out to the nearest trout stream!!!!!! She also sent me a flash book of Elvis. What memories that brought back. My sister and I went to his concert and cried through the whole darn thing. Boy were we ever in love with Elvis!!!! She also sent candy. Some lovely chocolates with pictures of Suzie's area on them. I hope I not forgetting anything. The pictures should show up soon. What fun this has been! Again THANK YOU SUZIE, THANK YOU. Getting to know you has been a wonderful experience and I hope we can continue to e-mail one another.

I want to be Jodi when I grow up. She made me the best scarf ever! I really nearly swooned when I opened my box, the scarf is so gorgeous. It is very very perfect for me. The other things she sent in the box are very nice too! Especially the calender book because I really needed one and it's full of fairy goodness. :) So thank you, Jodi! You rule.

Dear exchangee,

I have emailed you regarding the slow going. Lace is new to me, so it's not going as fast as I'd like. Thank you for being so understanding.

Here is a sneak peak, Zigzag lace with Olive malabrigo merino:

My scarf is still being created...

My secret pal has contacted me letting me know that life has got in the way of scarf least the weather is getting hotter in Australia so a scarf is not critical.

I'm sure glad that she contacted me - at least I can't stop rushing to the mialbox every day in anticipation.

I'll post again when I get some more news.


Thank you, Holly

My ISE3 goodies from HollyI'm traveling, but want to take the time to thank my wonderful pal Holly for the beautiful scarf and other (color-coordinated!) goodies she sent me. I'm going to get good use from her gorgeous Multi-Directional scarf knit in Noro Silk Garden!

For more, see my blog.

Scarf Going Mile High

ISE3 scarf, curledThis So-Called Scarf, knit in Malabrigo Merino, is on its way to my pal in the Mile High City! I hope you like it. The Post Office assured me it will arrive by tomorrow, so if you think it's yours, keep a lookout for it.

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Winging it's way to Indiana

My pal's scarf is flying somewhere overhead about now. Hope the weather co-operates and doesn't get too scarf worthy until she gets it. I'm still waiting on my scarf, and I can't wait. The wind is howling tonight, and a new scarf will do just the trick to keep my neck warm this year.

Thanks to the Hostesses

I would like to thank the hostesses for all of their hard work with this exchange. It was my first exchange and I have enjoyed it very much. My pal was excited about the scarf I made her and that made me feel good. It was the first item anyone handknit especially for her. The scarf I receive will be the first for me. My knittee has let me know my scarf may be late and I let her know that was fine. Thanks again hostesses and I look forward to the next exchange. There's no such thing as too many scarves.

My Scarf has a new home.

I was so happy to hear my pal loved her scarf. It was alot of fun to knit it. Can't wait to get mine.

I Have the BEST SSP in the World!!!!!

My beautiful scarf arrived early last week with some wonderful goodies! I can't believe how perfect my scarf is and how it fits into my is made with Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran yarn in a rich dusty purple color and the pattern is Backyard Leaves. My very first lace scarf!!!! I've been wearing it every chance that I have and have been receiving tons of compliments each time.

I also recevied my three favorite things....a candle made of beeswax, handmade mint scented soap and homemade fig jam!

I really wanted to send pictures of my wonderful gifts, but my PC is acting up tonight and I can't get my pictures posted to the blog!!!

But I wanted to make sure I Thanked Carrie for all of perfect gifts!!! I would also like to thank all of the hostesses who take the time to pull all of this together. I have enjoyed the whole experience and enjoy reading and seeing all of the beautiful scarves that everyone has posted. I hate to see all of the fun come to an end!!!

Thank You!!!!!

perfect color!

i've had my lovely scarf a few days, but not able to take a good picture. camera battery issues, argh. Hopefully tomorrow i will be able to show off the BEAUTIFUL deep tealy green Noro scarf knit by my pal SUSAN Teague Rector. Susan also included yummy chocolate, lavender incense and bees wax lip balm.

I have also finally sent my package on it's merry way. blocking issues, argh, again ;)

Thank you!

Thank you Kelly, I received the wonderful package you sent today! I love the scarf!

Still waiting

Brrr. It's getting cold here and I'm still waiting for my scarf, but Bee received the scarf I made for her and posted about it a couple of days ago.

Last day of October...

The exchnage is coming to an end. I'd liketo remind everyone of the rules of this exchange. You must post once in September and once in October. Please don't forget to post before the end of October (tonight!). If you are in my group, and I can't find your October post, you would have received an email from me. If you have posted already, just send me an email letting me know when that was and what name you used.

Also, I have seen a lot of posts about scarves that have been sent and the sender soes not know whether they have been received. If you have received your scarf and not posted about it, please do so immediately. Also, please make sure you email your scarf knitter to let them know you have received your scarf.

If you have not sent off your scarf, please let your recipient know it will be late. Please let us know as well so that we can mark it on our list. Non-communication can end up with you being on the banned list, and we wouldn't want that.

Thank you, everyone, for participating in this exchange. Hope all of you had fun.. I sure did!

Thank you Vikki!

I don't have the camera plugged in tonight (no batteries), but will post the awesome gift I received the other day from my pal! Vikki sent me a really cool scarf along with an asian tote bag and candle! It was a really thoughtful gift and I was super surprised. Thank you again Vikki!!

Not yet.

Still no sign of my scarf. should I email my pal?

Almost there

My pal's scarf is blocking, and will be winging its way east on Wednesday, along with some other goodies. It's about 9 inches wide by 60 inches long. I was going to post a picture, but Blogger is not cooperating. I hope my pal likes it!

Thank You Michelle!!

From the "Windy City" of Chicago came this GORGEOUSleaf lace pattern scarf made by Michelle!


It is perfect perfect perfect for where I live...made out of the yummiest alpaca/silk yarn....and...she thought of my being a gardener when she decided what pattern to make the scarf...and it is one of my favorite colors.

Michelle, I am just THRILLED to be the recipient of this scarf and I thank you from the bottom of my gardening heart for such a magnificent piece of artwork. I will wear it with great joy and think of you, my secret scarf new friend. Posted by Picasa

Pardon my flash!

ISE Scarf Received
Originally uploaded by jennybunny.
This is a terrible picture of a lovely scarf made for me by Jennifer from Texas (and of -- but I couldn't wait around for a better picture. I wanted to post my thanks right away. This scarf is a combination of two great greens that remind me a lot of the color I used in the scarf I knit for my swap recipient, and it's very dense and warm, which I love in a scarf. Thank you, Jennifer! It's also a pattern I've never seen before and am amazed by.

Jennifer also included some fragrant lavender soap, which I could smell (and which improved my after-work mood) as soon as I opened the box, some Burt's Bees products (of which I am a big fan) and a sweet washcloth I assume she made (which I forgot to thank her for in my email. Oops!).

What a great experience my first swap has been. Jennifer, your generosity is so sincerely appreciated.