Saturday, November 26, 2005

My First Scarf Post

Hi! I forgot we had to post here now (1st exchange = no posting ;) ) so I'm glad we were emailed and reminded to do so lol.

I emailed my pal to ask some questions and am on my way on the scarf! This exchange I avoided some of my "new knitter" mistakes and planned WAY ahead so I could start early. I was very excited and picked a pattern I'll probably use to make a scarf for myself and my friends/family at some point I love it so much. And I even went to my local yarn store and got REAL yarn - no Jo-Ann or Michael's yarn for me! I was so excited and the ladies wound it up in real center pull balls for me. I was in love with the project just from that! Working with the yarn has been great and the pattern is showing up nicely.

December is a REALLY busy time for me. I have one more week of classes in my first semester of law school! Then two weeks of finals (nicely split up - I have 4 finals and only one a day on tues/fri of the 2 weeks) and a month off! I plan to get knitting done on the scarf during study breaks, and then really plug away and finish it during my winter break and be able to get the mittens done and started too. I'm must happier with the pattern and yarn(s) I've chosen this time and so am super excited everytime I work on it! I will post pictures here and to my site sometime this up coming week once I am done running around for the holidays and finally take everything off my camera!

Hope everyone is having a great exchange too! I see some are done already - sheesh! I wish I was that fast lol.

P.S. - I see we have two Rebeccas so to keep things straight I'm going to post my website at the bottom of my posts ;)

Ripening Pepper - Rebecca's Site

I Got My Yarn!

The yarn that I ordered for my pal's scarf finally came in the mail last night. It's Cascade 220 Tweed in a deep purple color. I ordered it from They have such friendly and speedy service. I'm about 95% decided on which pattern I'm going to use. I'm planning on knitting the Vintage Velvet scarf from Scarf Style, but since I've got a few more holiday knits I have to finish before I can begin on my pal's scarf, I might change my mind. I can't wait to begin working with this yarn. It will be my first time using any of the Cascade yarns.

Yarn Shopping

Now that all the Thanksgiving cooking and baking is over, I finally was able to sit down and search for the perfect yarn for my secret pal. I ordered it last night online at and I can't wait to get my yarn. I haven't decided on a pattern yet because I want to see and feel the yarn first.
I went out shopping on Black Friday yesterday to a craft store, and I found some great yarn to use for my pal! Plus it was on sale--yay! It is quite soft, and I think the picture doesn't even do it justice. But one picture is better than no picture!

I've never heard of this brand before, but then again I haven't been at this too long! I hope it knits up wonderfully. I can't wait to start--I think I might get at it right after this post. :)

Have started!!!


My 10 year old and I dyed the fleece for my scarf today. We had a ball - didn't think it would work and end up with mud. But no - the fleece ended up the colours we wanted. Yee Hah. Absolutely beautiful. Just have to wait for it to dry and then I will start spinning. We're well on the way now. I need to spin it to see how it turns out.


P.S. - I hope you're all having as much fun as I am!!!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Scarf creation has begun

I cannot give too many details about the scarf project for my pal for fear it will spoil her surprise. I've begun knitting a beautiful, snuggly, soft scarf out of some yummy fibers in a color I think she will enjoy. It should be perfect for those blustery cold days.

So far, I've completed about 1/3 of the project and hope to be finished before January.

Having a lot of fun with this Exchange and hope to do more in the future. It's so nice to read the posts and see what everyone is working on.


I found a pattern

so I kinda let it slip who I am to my partner...bolocks I i wont post pics of ANYTHING of the scarf since she knows who i am...but lets just say I found som ereally nice yarn and a pattern...I'm making 2 of them actaully one for her and one for my grandma...LoL

This is harder than I had expected!

I am about to make yet another start on my exchange scarf tonight. When I signed up for this I had in mind to make another original design, like I did last time, and had it all planned out, with only final colour decisions to make. But my lade, who lives in the US and sounds really lovely, had requirements that contradicted almost everything I had decided on! I was going to use a variety of different yarns, and she only wanted soft natural fibres - fair enough, but some of what I had intended to use would have come under her heading of no-nos. And she had chosen solid over variegated. I, who only knit with variegated!

I really, really tried to suit all those requirements, plus colour. But after ripping out three starts with some lovely soft wool I had in my stash I have decided that I hate the pattern I was trying to knit, and I really don't like knitting with just one coloured yarn. Pathetic, I know!

To cut a long story short, I hope she won;t hate me that the scarf has a few colours in it - they are all colours she should like. But I think she will like the feel of the yarn. I think it is going to be more of spring scarf than a mid winter one, but if I post it in February from Australia it will be almost early spring by the time she gets it in America.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Hi, everyone, from up on the West Coast of Canada. I've never participated in a scarf exchange before, so this is great fun! I'm FINISHED the scarf and hat for my pal, and just need to tuck away the ends and get it sent away - I'm hoping she'll have it for Christmas. (I've had no contact with her, so my pal might be seeing this post, but not know that this scarf is for her!) The picture sort of shows the pattern I made up, but it doesn't show how rich the purple really is...

I found the perfect

Hat and scarf pattern for my ISE pal. They come from two different sources, and they will look beautiful together. Now since I'm not crazy about Pom-poms and fringe, and reading her blog I don't think she cares for pom-poms or fringe either, I need a tasteful embelishment for the set. Any ideas? hint; there will be cables in this set.

Hard Time choosing!

Like many of you, i'm having a very hard time choosing what scarf to make for my pal. I found this pattern in the 1-2-3 Scarves book and am considering it. It's so gorgeous! I don't know if you can tell in this picture but it has little tiny "jewels" on the fringe and on each of the Butterflies. Click on the photo to enlarge.

A Pattern

Has anyone seen this scarf pattern? The crossover scarf. I am thinking about knitting it for my pal. I am knitting one right now for my sister in law and I just love the pattern I think that it would be great with the berry colored Mohair I have! What do you think?

Help needed - sort of

I checked with my Scarf Pal which colours she liked and seeing as she liked a few I have spun her up some Thick Slub with Merino, Kid Mohair, Silk, Cotton and a little iity bit of spandangle in it.....It's very lush.

Sadly I can't publish a picture or she might work out who I am and I am not very good at keeping secrets at the best of times.

My question is - I am wanting to make this scarf in a method that is not knitted and is not crocheted - can't say too much.

"Do you think my Pal will care if I neither knit nor crochet my scarf for her? It will still look lush - but didn't know if this will break the rules (it has been specially blended and spun with her in mind)?"

(I think I am trying to convince you all) What do you think?

I offer you all a link for helpful answers - which you may have seen before - Berroco Scarf Central with lots of cool and different patterns.... Hope it comes in handy.

I haven't yet heard from my Scarf Pal that I am matched to - but I've checked with the girls who assure me that it is all in hand... It is kind of fun to realize that all these posts are being read by your match who is planning something nice for you? It feels different to Secret Pal - much smaller and more personal in a way.

Don't you think? Please tell! :)

Ohhh, Yeah!!!

I got home from work and Mr. Studly UPS-Guy had left a package of yarn for my pal. Woohoo! After I pet it awhile I realized this is the PERFECT yarn for my pal. It's Karabella Piuma Gold and it knocks out 4 of the wishes of my pal! I've got four days off from work and I've already started swatching it. I'm pretty sure my pattern is going to be the Opera Scarf although I'll have to swatch more to see how I like it.

I'm so excited about this exchange! This is my first one and I really think my pal is going to like her scarf. I have not contacted her nor has the person who got me contacted me, but I'm ok with that because I think the surprise will be great! Another thing is I just taught myself to knit in April so even though I'm a newbie I'm learning fast and this gives me an opportunity to try not only a new pattern but to try new yarn. I'd never heard or seen this yarn before and it's probably not something I would have bought for myself but in just working with it awhile, it's really great.

Thanks so much ladies for organizing this! Back to the knitting!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A Scarf in Rhyme

I've got my pal
I've got my thread
But I don't have a pattern
In this stuffing-filled head.

I'll keep on dreaming
And try to devise
The perfect design
To delight all eyes.

But until that time
You all will just have to wait
'Cuz Thanksgiving comes first
A turkey and me have a date.

I'll continue to ponder
And to think and to stew.
Say a prayer for me
Because my swap buddy might be you!

Knit and Purl Grrl

I've knitted a scarf...

...but it's not for my pal - it's one I've knitted for my goddaughter (aged 4) - it's pink, it's sparkly - that should cover the basic necessities.

But I still need to finish umpteen other Christmas bits and pieces before I start my exchange scarf - and the yarn is sitting there begging to be used. I will be strong, I will be strong...

Got My Yarn

Okay, I picked up the yarn last night for my scarf and the mittens. I am using two different colors - one for the scarf and one for the mittens. Don't worry, they go together. It is just that I picked a lighter color for the scarf and it would show dirt really easily on mittens. So I went witth another color for the mittens. I will use the scarf color for the ribbing on the mittens.

Now I just need to finish up another scarf that is a gift first before starting this one. I am still figuring out which mitten pattern I want to use. Plus I need to make up the embbellishments that will be added to the scarf. I am planning on making them detachable so they can be worn on their own.

First post

Hi everyone,

This is my first post to this group. As a newbie, I look forward to hearing about everyone's progress with their project. I'm a my secret scarf pal will be getting a crocheted scarf. My pal, luckily, loves the same colors I do so it will be so easy and fun to come up with a beautiful scarf. Right now am trying to finish a shrug, felted bag, hat and maybe scarf by the end of the month. So my SE scarf will be conceptualizing in my head till then.

To those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving...have a relaxing one. To those of you who don't...have a great week!!!

Thanks for the help, Cynthia...I have now officially posted!!!

update: still deciding

Just wanted to post an update (and thanks very much Cynthia for your help in figuring out how to post ;-), though I don't have a lot to say just yet. I'm still pouring over my many (and I do mean MANY) pattern books and magazines to decide what I'm going to do. I'm making both a scarf and hat, and although they will match in colorway (I'm not going to mention what colors, to preserve secrecy with my fellow exchangers), I'm not sure they're going to be a set (as in really matchy-matchy). Hopefully my scarf pal will be ok with that.

But there are so many styles and techniques to choose from. I'm almost too excited about this. Have I mentioned that decision-making has never been a strength of mine? I'm determined, though. My goal is to have the decision made, the yarn chosen and bought, and the scarf at least cast on by the end of the long Thanksgiving (here in the US) weekend.

Wish me luck!

Best regards,
Kim in NJ

Picked One - Just gotta knit it...

I spent a fun evening with my pals looking through pattern books trying to pick just the right thing for my secret scarf exchange pal. I picked out something I think she'll like, since it's something I like she's got to like it too, right?? ;D If I were more prepared today I'd be able to tell you the name of the lovely pattern I chose. Sigh. But I can tell you that it will be made from these two very lovely yarns held together.

We have Knit Picks Shadow (very yummy) lace weight wool and some Cherry Tree Hill Supersock yarn in the Earth colorway. I'm really enjoying knitting with these. Hope my pal like it, but who can really resist the Cherry Tree Hill.

I really do want to get started...

but there are so many holiday gifts that I need to finish first. My secret pal likes many of the things that I do. So I've got a million ideas running around my brain. I haven't picked the pattern or the yarn yet, so many options. The only problem I see ahead of me is giving away the scarf when I'm done with it. I might just have to make two.

Quick Question

I am trying to pick a pattern and I am thinking about knitting the edgar scarf form Knitty and I was wondering if anyone was thinking the same thing?
I have knitted it before and I love how quickly it knitted up.
Here it is a picture of the one I knitted up for my niece and I still have enought yarn on this color way to knit another one, but I wish I could ask my pal. could you all let me know what you think and I will see it my pal responds.

looking for input from Aussies

I am torn between two yarns for my scarf pal, and I'd like to keep it a secret until she gets it, so I'm looking for input from anyone in Australia or someone who's been there and gets their weather.

She wants something lightweight, in blues. I have some absolutely gorgeous silk/mohair blend in a sapphire blue that I would love to knit into a lace scarf, and it is really soft - not like the scratchy mohairs ala Classic Elite Le Gran, but she lists in her list of likes and dislikes, that she dislikes mohair; and I have some Koigu that would probably work up really pretty in a lightweight open rib or twisted rib pattern.

The answer is probably to go with the Koigu, but for some reason I'm feeling compelled to make lace with that sapphire blue silk/mohair.

Would lacey mohair be too warm for the weather in Australia? Should I just make up the Koigu and save the lace for another time?

Meanwhile, I've just finished up my second cabled scarf for Christmas giving. Two or three more gifts to go before casting on for this project. It's a challenging wait let me tell you. I want to just cast on and make this. Funny how the inspiration bug bites isnt' it?

Dilemma... dilemma

I am so excited about participating in this exchange. I was hoping to get some insight from all of you... I plan on spending a bit of time on this project and I want my secret pal to really LOVE this scarf. I know what I like... but what about you?

My secret pal lives in the southern US. So... you are only speaking of a "winter" of about 2 months, and probably will be just about over when February 15th rolls around.

First dilemma... Fiber
She lists her favorite fibers as wool (cashmere - didn't we all, merino, etc). But, if I knit something out of wool, aren't I limiting the usage of the scarf to just 2 or 3 months out of the year.

Second dilemma.... Pattern
I am hoping to really spend a bit of time doing this. I love doing cables, and just finished my first Aran with a matching scarf ala Nicky Epstein "Knitting On the Edge" cover. It's not a "BRRR... bundle-up" scarf, but would something similar be appropriate for the geographic area? I'm a fairly new knitter, but I am very comfortable with cables. Or lace? I have never done lace, but as my first project? I don't want something that I can't be proud of. I was thinking of a superwash merino, at least it's not a lace weight yarn, and more comfortable for a newbie. Would this be appropriate?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated....

Not scarfing yet...

Well, that's not exactly true. I *am* scarfing but not for the exchange just yet. There are a couple birthdays and Christmas gifts to get out of the way first. This is some of my own wobbly handspun, it's llama and for a December birthday. I'm still on the fence as to whether or not I like it.

A) Cables, B) Lace - I answer "C"

Hey, I've already casted on for a scarf, but I am not quite sure if my scarf pen-pal would like it. See, on the questionnaire, it says Cables or Lace? So, of course, someone is going to write in "Cables" or "Lace." Me, since I'm kind of an odd ball, I type something like: "Whatever. Any pattern" (paraphrased). But, for my pal, she had chosen an either/or answer (true answer not given to protect secrecy - hehe) The scarf I casted on though uses the short row - multidirectional method. Which means, it's actually a flat piece of fabric, garter stitch mostly, but multidrectional in triangles. It's really a fun pattern, easy for me to do as a newbie, and the yarn I'm knitting with is beautiful and very colorful. However, I don't want to disappoint my pal if she put Cables/Lace in her answer and instead she receives neither, but a multidirectional scarf. What do you think?

Hey folks

I've got my yarn, but I'm not going to show y'all cos then my pal (and everyone else) will know who I'm knitting for hahahahaha. I think I've found a pattern to knit, but I'm not too sure yet.
I get bored if I have to knit the same thing over and over, so I'm thinking of making a sampler scarf, but I'll have to see :)

Huggers y'all


Greetings, fellow ISE-ers!

This is my second round with the Scarf Exchange – I had so much fun the first time that I'm back, as are my gifter and giftee (hi, Jena and Fiona!). I'm located in the U.S., specifically New Jersey roundabout Exit 151.

In the U.S., today is a get-away day, the start of Thanksgiving, our most important national holiday weekend. For those who have never experienced it, some key images include Pilgrims and Indians in Massachusetts sharing a peace feast of New World treats (including popcorn), giving thanks for one's blessings, freedom from religious persecution, turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, both regular mashed potatoes and mashed sweet potatoes with marshmallows, pumpkin pie, the Macy's parade, (American) football, snow, holiday shopping, and holiday travel.

Back to knitting! I've corresponded with the pal I'm gifting using an anonymous email address Malabrigo Pagoda(alas, I haven't heard from the pal gifting me) and have moved on to pondering patterns and yarn.

The yarn I plan to use is some lovely Malabrigo in colorway Pagoda. Malabrigo is fabulously soft 100% wool, hand-dyed, itch-free, from a women's cooperative in Uruguay.

As for patterns, I've been wanting to try Debbie New's dazzling Scribble Lace technique from Unexpected Knitting, which is used in the Loopy and Luscious scarf by Natalie Wilson. Then again, I hear chunky cable scarves are The Next Big Thing, so perhaps Vintage Velvet from Scarf Style or Grumperina's Sharfik would be a fashion forward choice. Or yet again, if you have a suggestion, please do feel free to leave a comment.

The next time I post, I should have a progress photo. In the meantime, have a happy and safe (Thanksgiving) weekend!

- Ina

Just checking in!

Hi all. I just found out that we are moving...and it's happening really fast. Dh got a promotion so it's a good thing.....but you know how it is, moving id never really fun.

I doubt I will be able to post 3 times between now and Dec 15 but I will try my best.

Right now I am reading my pals blog and deciding what to make. She makes such beautiful things I hope she likes what I make her!


Well I have been shopping 5 times since I got my pal, and have purchased yarn for my pal the last 3 times. NOW I have to stay away from the stores and sit down and knit. But what do I knit, yes I know a scarf, but man, I am a novice knitter.

I dont want to dissappoint my pal, but I am giving this my all. So dear partner I want you to know my heart is all in this, giving it my all!!!

I was contacted by my pal, but annomously (spelling?) I dont know if I should contact who I have. I did look at her blog and I am jealous, but keep telling myself, yes someday I will knit like that too.

Well dear knitters, although I am filled with hope I do well for my partner, I know I will love what is sent to me. I will end here and wish you all fun!


Counting down the stitches

I can't tell you how much I want to cast on for my scarf.

I can't, though... gift knitting due sooner is standing in my way. I have 5 gifts I need to do (ACK! and send) by Christmas, and 4 that are overdue.

But the scarf is really, REALLY calling to me, though (of course, I have a horrendous case of startitis... I already have 21 knit and crochet projects in progress... and some of the Christmas gifts aren't started yet).


- Leisel

Slight Technical Hitch

As this is my first KAL/SP/SE of any kind I am unsure of the protocols involved so it's a total learning experience for me. Not only have I had the fun of finding the right yarn and pattern for my SE partner I have also faced the challenge of blog posting for the first time. Not such a big deal for a computer savvy knitter such as myself, you might think - especially one who has an obsession with Knitting forums. No, the problem is remembering all the passwords to those lists I have signed myself up to as well as the various identities used. A bit of housekeeping is required I think. I've fixed up my Blog ID so it's not such an anonymous void - the next step I suppose would be to actually get a blog - one day maybe.

Now I have got this far I must ask is this a surprise exchange or is it better to contact one's Scarf Pals and get more details than those listed? Would it be rude if you wanted to keep it a surprise?

Re my progress, I was inspired by a previous poster's choice of Karaoke soy/wool yarn from - I've always wanted to try this brand out and I am not disappointed. It's a lovely smooth yarn and it has great definition for the lace pattern I have chosen. (thank you Barbara Walker Vol 2.)
So, after the inspiration I have to get onto the application - the hard part!

Is this just me...?

So, I was just wondering how everyone is going about contacting their ISE pal? I have emailed mine, and everything is going great so far! We like the same kinds of things, which makes it very easy on me.

On the other hand, I haven't heard anything from the person who got me as their pal. I wonder if this is something I should be writing about on the blog, or if I should just wait??? Or maybe just email the hostesses? Hmmm.

Any feedback would be appreciated. I don't want to be too impaitent, but it seems like lots of people are contacting eachother back and forth...just not me, haha!


Lovin' the Process

How great to get matched up with two fabulous knitters, both of whom enjoy the same things I enjoy making and wearing--even down to the colors and yarns!

The secret pal I'm making a scarf for has me so excited about working on this project. She's so full of positivity and exhuberance, and each stitch has been satisfying, because I know she's going to appreciate that scarf. It's so much more fun to make something for someone on this list, as opposed to family/friends who aren't knitters, and have no clue as to how much time and effort goes into creating something special.

I have purchased several hanks of different yarns in trying to find the exact one I wanted to work with, and worked my laace pattern in large swatches with each yarn. Amazing how different each yarn looks when knitted up, and how different it looks from when it arrives in a hank!

Because I've never done lacework before, this has been a terrific learning experience for me. I've knitted and frogged with each yarn a few dozen times, until I'm finally at the point where I can now keep count and not frog in frustration because I missed a stitch. Now each stitch on the scarf in the yummy yarn is such a treat. I likely would not have taken the time to practice 30 hours before starting the actual scarf if the scarf was intended for family members, who wouldn't be looking at all the stitches.

I love stretching myself, learning something new, and having the fun of knowing the finished piece will go to someone who will really appreciate the time and effort put into making something especially for her!

What fun this is! I probably won't be finished by Christmas, since I have other obligatory projects I am forced to finish first (it's so hard when all I want to do is work on the lace scarf!), but it will get out on time, and I'm sure enjoying the process of knitting it.

--Debi in Las Vegas

Just checking in

It's a good thing the hostesses sent out an email because I would've forgotten to post. I do have a scarf pattern in mind and I just received a yarn that I'm sure she would like but the two don't really go together and I don't have enough of the yarn anyway. So I either need to find more of this yarn and/or find a different pattern. I think I'll look around for yarn.

My recipient probably won't be getting her scarf until after the holidays (I hope she doesn't mind) since I have a few things on the go for the next month or so. I will do my best to plug away at this though. I do have a few minutes tonight (the kiddo is in bed though not asleep)... I think I'll grab a shower and then peruse the online yarn selection. If I DO go with the cables that I'm thinking of, does anyone have a wool yarn that they absolutely love with good stitch definition that they can recommend?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Scarf Exhibithion, anyone?

I don't know how many of you have seen Prudence mapstone's exhibitions. Go take a look if you haven't. There are three that I am aware of - handbags, hats and scarves. Pretty cool, huh?

The next scarf and exhibitiona are open for submissions. You can send your pictures and descriptions to prudence AT knotjustknitting DOT com. She needs them in by the end of the month (sorry for the short notice) for the next exhibition. I guess you could always wait for the following one and send yours in then.

I'd also like to encourage everyone to start posting on this blog, even if it's just a post about yarn or pattern selection and not actual knitting. We need everyone to comply with the one post a month rule, and you have till 15th December to post your first post. Thank you so much. Oh, and comments don't count. We want to see what YOU are doing.

Need help picking yarn

I nee some help picking yarn for my pal. She wants a light weight scarf. So I have some really pretty mohair and I have this lovely Manous.... not light weight but pretty... any suggestions?

In the Planning Stages

ACCCKKK! I'm stuck in the planning stages. There are so many patterns and yarn types out there that I'm having a hard time narrowing down my choices for my Scarf Pal. I think I'll have to impose some decision deadlines on myself so I can get out of planning and into actual making. I know she'll appreciate the finished scarf more than my planning!

Is anyone else stuck in planning?

Descisions descisions....

So the yarn is on it's way after much shopping and comparing loveliness. Luckily my pal has similar likes to my own which made shopping so much fun and easier to boot. Now I didn't have a pattern to go with the yarn yumminess that's coming so I was forced (c'mon twist my arm) to order some new pattern books. Now all I can do is stalk the mailman and try to get some of this Christmas knitting done in the meantime because I know the minute the yarn gets here I'm not going to be able to resist.

Waiting for my yarn.

There is nothing to report really. I am waiting for the yarn I ordered to arrive and I honestly won't get it started until December 25. On Christmas Day I can finally knit for myself. Or in this case my secret pal. I need to get a bunch of Christmas presents done.

But, I did pick out a pattern that I have never done before and am excited about that. I am currently in love with lace. So I am looking forward to starting my scarf.

Update on the secret scarf and hat!

Well, my yarn has been purchased but not yet received. ;) I have a plan for my scarf and hat too, as soon as the yarn gets here I'll implement the plan.

Getting My Yarn Tonight

I am swinging by my LYS tonight to pick up the yarn for my scarf and hopefully my mittens. I need to figure out a pattern to use for the mittens. Plus I need to decide if I want the mittens and scarf to match exactly or complement each other. I have picked a gray alpaca for the scarf and I am planning on adding some embellishments to the scarf using another color . So I need to decide if I want to use the color from the embellishment for the mittens. I will let you know.

in limbo

I'm still trying to gather enough info about my recipient before I dive into this... reading her blog, browsing the LYSes, pondering patterns... so I guess I don't really have much to share here. Oh well. I posted. I guess I should post again when I've made some concrete decisions! :)


Off to a good start

I have received my exchange recipient's information and am happy to be starting a scarf just for her. Though initially disappointed not to have an international destination for my scarf, I am grateful now for the connection I will make. You see, a very dear-to-me uncle was murdered in the state I am assigned to and I have held the most irrational dislike of the entire state as result. I realize now that I am the real gift recipient, as I will lose the burden of negativity I have carried so long by sending a loving and positive exchange there. Ain't the universe a funny place? su

Progress update

Hi everyone!

I'm very excited to be joining in my very first scarf exchange. Thanks to Cynthia and Celia for organising it and sorting our my access to this blog.

Well, since I was so excited about this exchange, and had something scrummy in my stash, I cast on about a week before I even got my pal. Luckily (thanks to Cynthia), my yarn was suitable for my pal. Wwwweelllll.....the yarn is a bit chunky sooo......I've actually FINISHED my scarf!!!!

Is it too early to send (considering I have to allow for Christmas postage delays)...wonder if my pal celebrates Christmas...would be nice for her to receive it as a Christmas present.

Littlemaze (Maisie)
I've never knit a hat before, and I'm really nervous about it. Does anyone have any recommendations for a beginner hat? Maybe felted?

I'm looking forward to this...:D

Scarf only: KatR (Katherine)

my deepest apologies to Kat for overlooking this TWICE now.
Please don't worry... I will email your 'pal' and let them know your questionnaire has finally been posted.

1. Name & blogger handle Kat rosenbaum, kckellner

2. scarf only/ scarf&hat/ scarf&mittens??- scarf only
4. blog URL

6. Colours you like
fall, rich colors

7. colours you hate
any pastels

8. fibres you like
soft, furry, silky

9 . fibres you hate/allergies
anything scratchy

10. prefered scarf length
long (~ 6 feet)

13. solid or variegated?

14. cables or lace?
both!!??If a choice, lace.

15. miscellaneous info (including if you would like
the chance to have a crocheted scarf)
I wish I could crochet, but I can't figure out how you
do it with only one needle.??This would be my second
exchange, and sounds right up my alley and a lot of

Monday, November 21, 2005

Patiently waiting...

for my yarn to arrive! I've won some great cashmere off ebay, and it looks like a beautiful color. I can't wait for it to arrive in the mail so I can cast on. I think I've found a cable pattern for my pal. Now it's time to see if I can get this cabling thing! This is so much fun!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Tough Choices

I went on a yarn crawl yesterday (I have 6 LYS stores within 20 minutes of my house - I am soooo blessed!!!!) for the perfect scarf yarn. I narrowed it down to Manos Multi #111 and Noro Silk Garden #205. I also didn't resist some sock yarn, but this is about necks not feet. So, fellow scarf exchangers which yarn should I cast on? I think I know, but it never hurts to get a second opinion. :)