Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I'd like to emphasise that this award is in no way meant to encourage you to be overly generous with material gifts in your parcels. In fact this award is a 'one-off' to reward people who were fab pals in ISE4 for any one of a few different reasons. I'd also like to reinforce that award is a special button for your blog and a mention on the ISE4 blog. ISE doesn't have the resources to give out physical things.

So remember that you can also nominate your pal if you saw that they spent a lot of TIME on their scarf or if they spent a lot of energy maintaining contact with you. They needn't have sent you a huge parcel of goodies to be eligible. I'd also like to invite you to nominate someone else's pal if you thought that there was someone who deserves a mention. Please feel free to nominate yourself if you put in a lot of effort and you're uncertain if your pal really appreciated you. Also, if you haven't received your parcel yet, you can nominate your pal whenever it arrives if you want to.

The overwhelming feeling that I get from participants is that the things they enjoy the most about this exchange are forming a connection with their pals through great communication and receiving a scarf that was thoughtfully knit for them. It should be all about generosity of spirit not $$.

The only things that would exclude a Pal from getting the FIVE STAR PAL award are: not having thanked their pal for their gift or not having played by the rules and posted to the group blog as required.

So having said all that, I'd like to give everyone who posted to the group blog, sent their scarves off to their pals on time, thanked their pal for their scarf and generally played nice, a beaming smile, a pat on the back and a GOLD STAR.

This is not the FIVE STAR PAL Award but it is the GOLD STAR Award that you all deserve for making this so much fun, making the blog such good reading and such a good resource for scarf knitters.

It's self policing. Don't give it to yourself if you know deep down that you don't deserve it. And you know the drill: save it to your own server and put it on your blog if you like.

Happy Knitting :-) Sharon aka the stripey tiger


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