Saturday, September 30, 2006

sneaking in a post

Because I'm a slacker and didn't get a Sept. update in during the actual month of September.

In the midst of battling some back-to-school bug sharing induced pneumonia, I did manage to select yarn. Actually, that was easy, since my recipient seems to have the same taste as I do. When I read her questionnaire responses, my first thought was of the stashed Manos del Uruguay (color 103) I picked up on vacation a couple summers ago. I intended the three hanks for something for myself but hadn't yet decided what that might be. Did I really want to part with MY Manos? When I came across another single hank in the same color way, I thought it must be a sign I was to use that yarn.

I also made it to the pattern choice. I wanted to try something challenging, something new...maybe lace? Of course, I'm not much of a lace person. And neither, it turns out, is my recipient. OK, no lace. And yarn this gorgeous really doesn't need a complicated stitch pattern. Just something simple to let it shine. Since I've been into short rows, entrelac and mitered things of late, the Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf seemed to fit right in.

And I ALSO made it through the knitting. I was a little disappointed in it being such an easy knit. Not much to show off my "mad knitting skills." I think I made up for the lack of intricacy with length--it's about 7 1/2 feet long!

I took progress pics but the color is so off I won't bother posting. It needs fringe, a wash and for me to find a large enough surface for a light blocking. I'll get another pic before it goes out.

*sniffle, sneeze, wheeze, ACHOO!*

Don't worry, Recipient...I'll have someone else wash your scarf so I don't pass along my buggy friends.

My ISE Scarf and Civ 4

September 2006- My ISE Scarf and Civ 4
Originally uploaded by fuzzy_giraffe.

Here's a picture of my scarf progress way back at the beginning of September (I finally figured out how to post my flickr pictures; and the lighting isn't the best, but I thought it was funny). My scarf is the "Danica" pattern from Knitty in purples and nice, soft, warm wool for my cold-weather pal. I've been playing a lot of Civ 4 whilst knitting; there are big waits and pauses when playing in multiplayer mode, because the game is turn-based. (Also, I just got a special "Great Person" unit-- I didn't even know I took a picture of that until I uploaded to flickr!).


Well, I am finally posting to the group blog. I have been having some serious computer problems lately, in which mine DIED. So now I finally have a new one and can post. YEA!!!!!

I have actually ordered 2 different kinds of yarn. This is the Manos that I am doing a My So Called Scarf with, but have since ripped it out to go up 2 needle sizes. With the recommended US 11 the scarf felt kind of like a mat. I went to some yarn review boards and someone suggested that it was very nice in a US 13 so I am going to try that and whip through this thing, cause it goes FAST!!! The other yarn I ordered I still haven't received and it's been like almost 3 weeks, so I don't think that I am going to be ordering from that particular online venue anymore. Anyway, I am off to go knit up my scarf for my pal. Everyone else's stuff looks great!!

How long is long?

and no, this isn't suggestive spam. A progress check on the scarf, which is now at two skeins and is brighter in real life than on this pic. I haven't worked out yet how to sort the lighting with my camera.

It's 80cm long (32"). My recipient has indicated a preference for longer scarves, but I'm not sure what counts as long. I only have one more skein, which will get me to 120cm. I think that's skimpy at best. Would 160cm be enough or do I need to go for the whole two metres? I'd be interested to know what you think.

It's here!

Just a quick note to say that my scarf has arrived, and it's beautiful! I'll try to get pix taken and posted tomorrow. Thanks so much, Mia!

Good Progress

I'm very pleased to say that good progress has been made on my scarf as Bou here is displaying on this balmy Spring afternoon. I had a real mental block with the first twenty or so rows and had to redo them at least 5 times. I am now starting the Gazebo lace pattern from the other end having finished one ball of 4ply baby Alpaca/silk. I hope to graft the ends together when the length is right. It needs blocking of course but I am mildly satisfied with it so far - despite the odd mistake for which I hope my ISE partner will forgive me.

Despite this progress I still wonder if another pattern is more suitable and if I have time I may try it in some stash yarn I have. This seems to be a common trait amongst fellow knitters - when is good enough, good enough?


I finished my scarf!
For lack of another model, Tenar has kindly offered her services.

As you can see, I still have to weave the ends in, and I'm making a little something to go with it, but it should be in the mail next week!

Yarn Finally Found!

I found an abso-smurfly gorgeous navy cashmere/merino blend.
And my very first cabling pattern.
Dear pal, I'm traipsing off into the world of texture, and it's all for you.

I Have Not Yet Begun...

I've not made a yarn or pattern choice yet. Nothing I've seen has said, "Me, me, me. I'm the one." Have no fear, Secret Pal. I will find the one.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Another postcard!

My Secret Pal just sent me another postcard, this time from Mozambique. That would be very cool in and of itself, but I have a collection of framed postcards in my study, and Africa and Antarctica were the only 2 continents not represented. I'm envying my scarf all its exciting travels. And, while I'm sure I'll eventually love the scarf, I'm just as thrilled with the postcards. Thanks again, Secret Pal!

Finished my scarf and getting ready to block

I can't wait to block this scarf! When you knit something a little lacey it always looks like a blob before blocking. In this case it reminds me of green seaweed!

My final answer!

I thought I am the only one that can't make up my mind about the yarn and the pattern !!!
Guess I am not alone....

Well, After "yarn hunting" yesterday, I finally found "THE ONE"
Since my husband has to work at night shift, I start work on this new pattern and just can't stop !
I had a hard time figure out the pattern at the beginning because it just doesn't look like the picture !
After trying thousand times, I finally figure it out !

I kept knitting it till 7am this morning.....So exciting, better go home and work on it !

Good luck to you all ! Have fun !


Here's my scarf all finished, blocked and ready to mail. I've got an old copy of the pattern with a very long name but it's now "Angel Pearls" by Sivia Harding. I've knit it in Karabella Lace Mohair with a blue/green assortment of beads that remind me of the sea. The scarf itself is literally light as a feather and soft as a cloud. I really adore this yarn and I hope my pal enjoys wearing it as much as I enjoyed knitting it. I went down a needle size as is usual for me but I made no other modifications to the pattern.


Plodding along...

But hopefully now a very busy period at work is over I can up the pace! The scarf and yarn were much admired at a recent knitting meet up so I hope my pal likes it as much as they did! Will try and work out how to post a picture for next time...
Happy knitting!

House and Handiwork

On this, my weekly day off, I am plopped in the den with Season 2 of "House" on the DVD player, and my match's scarf finally spiraling into my lap. Progress!

Thanks to My Muse, Maestro Laurie. . .

Another Few Hours

And my scarf buddies scarf will be finished. Now for the fun part...... finding a few little special treats to include in the package.

Update.... and a hot link!

Hello to everyone,

all your comments to my started lace scarf encouraged me to move forward. And the shawl is growing. Definitely. Slowly .....but growing.
But I just post here to let you all know that we have a movie at tube - quite close to our scarf knitting.....


I'm finished with my scarf!! All I need to do now is weave end the ends and send it off to ________________ in ________________. I'm soooo excited about that. Can't wait to see how they like it!

CHARITY: Vine Lace Pattern

The vine lace pattern is one of the very easiest lace designs, perfect for anyone's first attempt at doing lace.

It's from the Barbara Walker Treasury of Knitting Patterns I, and is on page 218. Both rows of the pattern are the same, exceot they alternate position by one stitch. The cast on edge is slightly scalloped.

It's a multiple of 9 stitches plus 4: That means, if you want it wider or narrower, just add or subtract 9 stitches. Then at the end, however many 9-stitch repeats you have, you add 4 stitches.

Rows 1 and 3 (wrong side rows)---PURL.
Row 2---K3, *yo, k2, ssk, k2tog, k2, yo, k1; repeat from *, end with K1.
Row 4---K2, *yo, k2, ssk, k2tog, k2, yo, k1; repeat from *, end with K2.

I cast on and knitted 6 rows of garter stitch, then added 3 stitches on each side for a garter edging at the beginning and end of the pattern stitches. At the end of the pattern repeats (however long you want it), add 6 rows of garter and cast off.

Me too :) What is wrong with us . .

Me too, I have attempted so many patterns and so many yarns. I finally found one I like! I think it has to do with knitting something for someone else and wanting it to be perfect. Problem is I don't like patterns! HA, I'm working it and its turning out great. I just hope I can finish it in time. I know I know I have till Nov. 1st and I'm sure it may take me till then. Re: I'm not very fast at knitting. Plus I work full-time and have a full-time family. I will post once I'm about 1/2 way done :)) Happy Scarf Knitting

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Vine Lace scarf - Debi...Malabrigo - Jeni


Can you tell me where you got that Vine Lace pattern? I think its sooo fab! I want to make one just like it!

Jeni - What color is that? Also, can you email me or post the pattern?

charitymw at


I don't feel so guilty now!

I've started and stoped my scarf, erm shouldn't I say my pal's scarf, several times now. I'm hoping this last time works out. I'm going to try painting/dyeing it after it's knit. If that doesn't work out I guess I can start all over again! It isn't like I don't enjoying searching for patterns or buying yarn, but my husband is starting to look at me funny when I mention this project for the upteenth time! I'll post pictures once its in the mail.

Fourth Time to Buy Yarn

Okay, I think I might finally have it right. I am back to the color I started with, different yarn and pattern. They are really laughing at me at my LYS , each week I go in and buy new yarn to work on my scarf with.
The scarf is going with me to a family reunion this weekend and hopefully get lots of length.

Plodding Along

I'm about halfway finished my scarf. I don't want to post pics and want my scarf to be a total surprise. It is purple, 2 shades from Nature's Wool, and in entrelac. I hope my pal likes it---I didn't see any entrelac on her blog. I will post a pic when I finish it this weekend and send it in the mail though!!


Scarf attempt number 3

I've started, I've frogged, started again, frogged again. My latest attempt at a scarf for my pal...I'm just not sure if I like it. Perhaps I'll try a different yarn.

Finally Something I Love!

Well--it has been slow going, nothing was quite to my liking, but now I have it!--my pal likes purples and greens, so I am doing a ruffle for interest on My So Called Scarf pattern--I like the way the variegated wool blend is turning out--so I am a happy knitter!!!!

Scarf Take 2

Like many others in this group, I've decided to start over. I love the Koigu and I liked the pattern, but it was taking too long. With school and work my time is limited and I wanted to make sure I could get this out on time. So I have started over with a lovely bulky yarn that is within the color likes of my pal and I'm using a simple stitch pattern from a book. I'll post pics soon.

Turned the corner!

I have turned the corner on my Lacy Kerchief scarf for my pal! I am so excited to finally be on the decreases rather than all of the increases. It's going pretty fast--like alot of other people, I knit at my kids sporting events while "trying" to watch and pay attention. As you can guess, I have had to tink quite a few rows (depending on the action on the field!). Anyway, just wanted to post my progress. I think I have made my identity known to my pal so no pictures as of now.

Still plugging away

G'day all!

I am still plugging away at my scarf. Hehehehe. My swapee is allergic to my first preference for yarn and I am allergic to her first preference for yarn composition, so my progress is slower than I would like... Oops! She'd better not be allergic to cats as well cos no matter how careful I am there will always be at least one cat hair in it. One of my knitty friends tonight said "Why not acrylic?" and I looked at them as if they had just grown a second head and they looked at me as if I had sprouted donkey ears. Cos like acrylic is umm yucky? Unless it is really nice acrylic and my swapee asked for a certain tyep of yarn....


Yummy yarny goodness!

Well, here's the lovely yarn that I've chosen for my partner's scarf (though the color isn't quite accurate, despite my attempts in Picture Manager). I've begun knitting the scarf, but am not yet far enough into the pattern to know if it is truly what the yarn wants to be. Stay tuned...

All Done!!!!!

I finished my scarf. I'm so happy it came out great. I didn't want to post a picture, I wanted to save the surprise for my pal. As soon as she gets it, I will post a picture of it.

Happy Knitting

Vikki F

No progress

But I'm not worried. I have another scarf I need to finish and with my Sock Wars socks out of the way, I will be able to make some headway with my ISE scarf soon.
I am loving everyone's scarves and yarns, great job everyone!!

I got my scarf!!

I freaked out today when I got the mail I had 4 packages.. my heart started beating *pound pound pound* worried that I was getting killed off from sockwars..
Thanks to my Scarf Pal she gave me a scare and wonderful beautiful knit scarf and a tiny tiny lil sock *lol*.. arent they great!!..

I hate taking pictures of myself but I had to show off myself wearing this scarf .. you all have to admit its so me.. it matches my hair!!! *lol*
Thank you thank you thank you Theresa !!!

Scarves scarves scarves

You may remember that I started this scarf for my pal, but then I started to panic and think I will never finish in time - I do most of my knitting at my kids' soccer games and practice, and reading a chart while pretending to watch watching a game is not easy. So I thought, why don't I (usually the most disastrous plans of my life start with "why don't I") make another scarf, just to be safe?
So I started My So Called Scarf with some Magallanes from my stash:

My So Called Scarf

Oh so beautiful!
Oh so stiff, and that is not so good in a scarf. So I casted another one with some Colinette Skye:

My So Called Scarf

Oh so beautiful, oh so soft, but I do not think my pal likes purple. She said she likes red, gold, blue, and green. No purple in her list. Of course I should have checked before starting scarf #3, but that would have been too simple, right?

So, red, Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk and Inspirations Yarn Cream:


So, what so you think? My favorite so far:

Reversible Lace Ladders Scarf

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Not a slacker!

I cannot believe that so many of you are done... I have one scarf I finished a few weeks back that I could send to my pal, but I'm just not sure... is it SPECIAL enough???

Anyway, this is my first post because somehow I've created two blogger accounts and couldn't figure out how to get from one to the other. But now all is well. ;)

Still mulling ideas...

My yarn has finally arrived

I'm using Cascade 220 Superwash in a vibrant pink color (# 837, in case anyone's interested).

I'm still working on the pattern. This much I know... there will be cables. I'm thinking I'll probably end up doctoring one I like on the web that uses chunky yarn, so would be a little narrow in this worsted weight yarn. Who knows, though... it may end up being a completely different animal when all is said and done.

Late but not slacking off

I am only just squeaking in with this post, but I have been busy knitting! I am halfway through my scarf and intend finishing it quite soon. The recipient wanted something long and reasonably warm, so I am delivering!


Two skeins down, two to go.

And may I just say, I will NEVER AGAIN knit a finely cabled scarf with size 5s and fingering weight yarn. Scarves are supposed to be FAST projects, whereas this one has been dragging on and on, with only incremental progress visible after each hours-long knitting session. Turning out beautifully, though....

All Done!

Hi all! I've finished my scarf and it is blocking right now. My cat Bungle is su'purr'vising it's progress! As soon as it's dry it will be heading across the Atlantic to some poor soul in the US.

I finally chose Grape Hyacinth pattern from Pieknits and have used Noro Silk Garden #232. Most of it was knitted whilst my eldest daughter was in theatre having surgery and waiting for her to come out of the anaesthetic. I finished the rest of it at home over the last couple of days in between work and looking after my brood!

I've really enjoyed this and can't wait to see what everyone else has done. Thanks to the mom's for organising this so well.

Finally started

So - I picked my pattern - Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style and picked my yarn - fingering wt Zephyr (50 wool/50 silk) in Jasper and cast on last night at my SnB. I hope my scarf buddy loves it as much as I do!

Knitting news

Hello Everyone! I am knitting fast and furious (as time permits) on my pals scarf. I love the yarn - it is sooooo soft and luscious. I have never knit with Baby Alpaca before - boy is this a treat. I have about 2' done, 4 1/2' to go. I am using the ruffled scarf pattern from Scarf Style - it is a fun knit. Pictures soon....have a great Wednesday all.

A slight disagreement

I like the yarn I picked out.

I like many, many scarf patterns.

I don't like this yarn in any of them!

I think the yarn and I are having a "slight disagreement" about what this scarf should be. I'm taking tonight off to go to a concert, and will try again on Thursday!

Time flies!

Wow...I had really meant to post before now...thanks for the reminder, ISE goddesses!

I'm still contemplating yarn and pattern choices for my partner. We have been in touch, though, so I know she won't feel forgotten!

I think I'm feeling something lacey...I may sort of design my own thing based on a Barbara Walker stitch pattern. Will definitely keep everyone posted as I progress! I'm enjoying seeing the other scarves people are working on!

Scarf done!

I decided that the first scarf I started-and have mostly done, was not really "the" scarf I wanted for my pal. So, after more yarn and pattern scavenging, I cast on my pal's scarf last Friday and finished it last night(Tuesday). Yeeha! I used Cascade 220 in a chocolate/raspberry. It is really yummy! The pattern is an old one I had from another project, but essentially, it is cables.

Tonight I plan to wash and block the scarf so the cables are more open.

I am so "indecisive" ...

I am so indecisive!
Finally get back to my sweet home from Scotland and start working on the scarf
I like the pattern and hope my pal will enjoy it too but I found out that it is not as soft as I thought and that is bugging me...and the edge looks like it need more work >.<
well, so happy that I still have time to change my mind!

Life Is Soooo Much Better

Well I have my blog back and I'm almost finished with my scarf. Life is getting a lot better. If I didnt have to work, I'd be doing great. So, there you have it!

checking in

time does fly and i can't believe that i had forgotten to post. anyway, i am busy musing about what to knit my partner...i have a skein of mountain colors bearfoot that is just crying out to be a scarf. now if i can just chose a pattern!

Soft and snuggly

I've been enjoying this project. I'm using an easy to remember cable pattern of my own choice and the yarn - a shaded homespun - feels soft, snuggly and is lovely to handle. I love watching as the colours change along the length of the yarn in random, wide shaded stripes. I had been worried that striping and cables wouldn't work, but I'm very pleased with the result. Hope the recipient is too! Pictures when I get the fringing done.

TIme flies

Time has passed and I can't believe the first month has almost passed. After a little problem with my cat and the pattern I am back on thrack with a new pattern. Things are going well and I hope to make quite a bit of headway tomorrow. It all depends on how well the 2 kids I'm sitting in the evening decide to behave. No meltdowns and all will go well. I know I'll get quite far this week though.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

All about Malabrigio

I see a ton of Malabrigio, did they sponser this KAL or something? Isn't it wonderful? Of course the scarf I am making is also with Malabrigio. The scarf I am working on is going pretty quickly I try and complete a repeat each day in hopes it will be done in time.

Thought I would pop in and put a picture of the scarf up for all of you to see. There are a ton of beautiful scarves out there!!!

Halfway home redux

Okay, so I didn't think I was going to have enough Rowan RYC Lux, so I restarted the scarf (mostly because I was unwilling to go into the evil LYS where they carry it). And now it's in RYC Cash Soft DK and Rowan Scottish Tweed. The tweed is black and the cash soft is cream. Same Kinver knits scarf, which I would post a picture of if I'd taken one.

Either way, the second half has been cast on!


So I kind of completely forgot to post and read posts on this blog. In my defence I do have 4 handspun/handknit commission orders to fill, until the middle of october. At which point I will have 14, as well as trying to spin yarn for consignment for two yarn shops here, and get ready for the christmas craft fairs, and doing the fall fairs! It's really crazy busy around here at Chateau Twoshoes. I thought I had found a scarf pattern for my dear pal, but I'm re-thinking it now. I wonder if I'll even have time to spin the yarn?! I hope she won't be offended if I buy it instead! Now I'm going to write 4 posts for my blog, since I haven't written any forever, read all your guys' post, look at the lovely pictures, then maybe eat some chocolate to try and stem the tide of neurosis I am experiencing from not being productive enough!


So, I've been working on my pal's scarf.
Slowly, but surely.
I've got about a foot done.
Yep. That's it. One foot.
I love my pattern, the cabled scarf from Crystal Palace yarns.
I'm not using Crystal palace yarns, instead, I decided to double strand.
Many reasons. My buddy listed two colours as her favorites, and I thought that they went together well. So, at first, I tried to work my pattern with the two separate colours, almost like a fair isle pattern.
I got about two rows into it, and became very, very angry at it.
So now, I'm working with two strands together. Just like I already said.
And I think that'll be good, because, where she lives is cold.
And this is warm.
The end.

On My Way

After a bit --- well, a lot --- of dithering about the pattern, my match's scarf is finally underway. Actually, about 1/3 of the way through. I've been exchanging e-mails with her, and she is an absolute delight --- hope she'll like the finished product!!

I'm here, I'm really here!

Hi, everyone!

Haven't posted for September yet, so I thought I'd just let you know that my pal's scarf is pretty much a 'fait accompli' ... I'll try to post a pic in the next day or so.

I'm really behind, so I'm going to read the entries for the past week or two now.

The Need to Get Crackin'

I've started on my pal's scarf. I am working the Danica pattern, from Knitty, for my pal. I didn't quite realize that entrelac would take so much time, with the switching of colors and all, so this is certainly going to need a little more of my devotion in the next couple of weeks. I will post a pic, once I have more to show! Good luck with your scarves, as well!

Knitaholic Sky

Craftybernie's progress

Having had a negative start to the week I'm almost back to where I was when I accidentally frogged the foundation row on the scarf. I don't want to give too much away but thought I should share a teensy weensy picture of the self fringing scarf. Isn't she lovely.

I'm here!

I really am working away on my scarf, almost 2/3 there. Thought I had posted before, but can't find it. Just checking in so Celia knows I'm alive and knitting!

a fresh start, yet again?

I'm loving the Noro Silk Garden multidirectional scarf that I'm knitting for my pal. The pattern works so much better with this yarn than with the blue variegated wool/alpaca that I tried before. So all's well in scarfville, right?

Wrong! I just went over my pal's questionnaire again, and I discovered that she doesn't like mohair or scratchy scarves. Silk Garden has some mohair content (also silk and lambswool), and people have reassured me that it softens up and blooms after a good bath, but I'm feeling anxious.

Sigh... maybe I'll cast on a THIRD scarf.

I'm confessin...

Whelp, I don't like what I completed for my pal, actually I'm afraid she won't like it so I've decided to shop for some new wool, yes sir, yes sir, 3 bags full (nah, should take just about 4 skeins).

I've taken into consideration that she lives in a cold place and that she has stated what colors she prefers and that some fibers make her sneeze!

I'm also wondering if the real problem is that I'm indecisive and unsure about these things. This is my second swap and I've not gotten any feedback yet from my first swap buddy (she probably hasn't received the package yet). Anyhoo, I'm off to my favorite LYS to see what I can discover!

Vine Lace Scarf

After swatching 9 patterns to find a lacey but plainer pattern that would work with the variegated Artyarns Ultramerino 4, I finally chose a very simple pattern for my pal's scarf.

I wasn't looking for "simple," only for a pattern that would have enough stitch density to work with this particular yarn. I can't believe I came back to vine lace, but of all the swatches, it looks the best.

If the yarn screams "vine lace" at me, I guess I have no choice and needn't feel guilty for not making something more challenging. It's a delightful pattern, and I'm enjoying working it immensely. I'm about halfway finished.

I hope to send my scarf to my pal next week.

Almost Done!

Well, I am one of the challenged people who let their pal know their real name. My anonymous email account does not display my real name. But when I added my signature at the end of the post, out of habit, I signed my real name. So no pics here until my pal has received her scarf!

Like most of you, I swatched, ripppped, swatched, ripppppped a multitude of times. The quest for the best match for our yarn choice, pattern choice and mental picture continued, but I was finally successful. And ended up with a yarn choice and pattern choice that had been one of my first.

I knit a ribbed scarf out of Noro Kureyon - and found myself entirely fascinated watching the stripes emerge! I finished knitting last night and just have the ends to weave in and the blocking.

The last time I had an international exchange, mailing took about a month! So I hope to have the package off in the mail the first of next week.

I have TOTALLY enjoyed looking at everyone's progress pictures, and have drooled over many yarn/pattern selections. Everyone is sure going to be a winner in this exchange! This is the first time I've knit with Noro - but probably won't be the last. Definately drool worthy itself. Not sure if I want to make a similar scarf for myself or something else. Only time and the pocketbook will tell.

OMG I Blew It Up!!

To whomever is my spoiler: I blew up my blog. It was an accident I swear! I was downloading an interesting button and BAM! it was gone.
I am here and my email is still the same. I am so depressed. She was sooo young. In her prime actually. Starting to blossom and all that.

On a happier note I am 2/3 through with my ISE scarf!!
And glad for that.

Flying scarf

My scarf has now been to three different states in its short life. I am making the melody scarf from Morehouse Merino and I am using the blue jeans gossamer yarn. I am almost at the halfway mark - lot of ss in my future! :)


Scarf Completed!

Wow! It was so much fun to knit with the alpaca again!! My pal wanted a long scarf (72") and likes turquoise and brown. So when I made the swatch I came up with 450 sts per row. When it came off the needle it is 82". I forgot to calculate for the drapiness of alpaca, but it is even warmer now! Sorry about the pics quality, it’s late, and I wanted to post it.
The yarn is Country Alpaca:
100% Superfine Alpaca
2 skeins, approximately 300 yards per skein
Approximately 4 ounces per skein
it is 5" x 82" and 10"x 82" when streched.
Started Sat 9/9, finished Mon 9/25
Pattern is my own after a Noro hat and scarf I made few years ago. Fun to make and fondle. The long rows got shorter as I got better at it. It feels so good around the neck, and one can even wrap it around the head and neck. yam!
Tomorrow- The post office!

A field of berries

I've completed a little more than half of my pal's scarf. It looks like a field of berries in different stages of ripeness. I'm in love with this scarf and I hope she'll love it too. I'd post a picture but I don't want to risk spoiling her surprise.

We have a winner, maybe

G'day all!

Well I spun a heap of yarn up, dyed it, kept some fleece for "just in case" and sent the rest of the fleece off to be processed and guess what? I found that I didn't have enough yarn to do the pattern I thought I would.... even after I combed and spun the rest of the fleece. I did consider carding the neppy bits in hope I could make a decent yarn from them.

So I've cheated. Yes, I bought some similar weight, commercially spun yarn. And I'll overdye it all so that they all tone together.

Plus since my spinning is not as perfectly even as commercial yarn, the scarf will be a little more textured than it might have been. Not very textured, just enough that the very first pattern I chose didn't look good cos it requires perfectly smooth yarn. The current pattern doesn't need perfect yarn. It likes a little texture. Adds interest to it :-)

It will all come together in the end. If it doesn't, I buy another ball or two of yarn and make something from it in a real hurry. LOL



Hi everyone,
This post is the last call. Please email me at isehostesses at gmail dot com

1) you have not heard from your pal
2) you have yet to post to the blog.

If you fail to contact me by Wednesday night (midnight EST), and you have not posted or emailed, I will be emailing you. I will give you until the end of the week to rectify the situation. If you have not blogged at least one post AND contacted your pal by Oct 1st, your name will be added to the BANNED list. I would hate to add anyone to the BANNED list, so please make sure you're in compliance with the rules that you agreed to abide by when you joined the exchange.


Almost there!

I'm on the 5th ball of Classic Elite Waterlily. What a beautiful yarn to work with! I will post when I'm done and getting ready to block. I've never blocked something like this so I hope I don't mess it up. It's only some water and a few pins, right? :)

Happy knitting!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

At last we agree

It appears that myself and my chosen yarn where having an ongoing disagreement as to what pattern was to be used. The patterns I had mind, and in my minds eye would look wonderful just fell flat and didn't do the yarn any justice, so I decided to gof or something simple - that looked even worse. I had planned on a reasonalbly simple scarf with a simple stitch pattern to le the yarn do the talking. The yarn however, seemed to want something totally different. I am now knitting a lace scarf. Because I am using a handpainted variagated yarn I decided to steer clear of lace in case it al become too busy. I have now completed 8 pattern repeats (each of four rows) and it looks lovely. I am really pleased with it. I am using a basic feather and fan pattern adapted from the free Lace 1,2,3 from Knitpicks. My only concern is that this is the first lace I have knitted that isn't a sock. So I will soon have to face the fear of my first lace blocking. I may have to purchase some blocking wires, only problem is they are like golddust here in the UK. I will post pics tomorrow eve when I have some more to show.

Finally on my way

I think I have finally made up my mind after several false starts. I can't say much about it or post pictures as unfortunately I let the cat out of the bag and divulged my identity to my pal by mistake. But I've got about 30 inches done so I hope I won't be frogging this one and maybe I'll have a finished scarf by the end of the week!

I Tink, Therefore I am

I really hope that my pal loves her scarf once it is finished and in her possession. It has certainly been a labor of love. There is no good excuse for this as the pattern is fairly straight forward, just a 12 row pattern that is super easy to memorize, and the yarn is soft and pleasnt to work. I don't blame the yarn or the pattern. I take 100% of the blame on this one.

After some unfortunate frogging, I finished up the first half and had made decent progess on the second half. Of course, that progress isn't as grand as I had thought. This morning I noticed this mistake:

I whine about it a little more extensively here. Are there any experienced cable knitters who have suggestions of how to go back and put in the cable I missed without frogging all the way back to the mistake?

A froggin' we will go.....

Ah yes. The great frog pond. Deep, dark, dirrrrrty!

I was attempting to tidy one of the rows on the self fringing crochet scarf I'm making and I accidentally undid the foundation row. Doh! Next thing I knew I was in the frog pond. Not by choice, mind you.

So having undone the wrong row on the scarf the whole thing started to fall apart. Rather than try to repair it I frogged the lot and now I am back at square one. Well, actually I'm past square one by now. More like row 4 out of many many rows (crochet lengthways that is).

And while I'm on the subject of my success, not, I've discovered that I may have a teensy weensy allergy to the yarn I'm working on. I won't give too much away as I don't want to be found out, but one of the fibres in the yarn blend is causing me to itch like MAD!!! It's up my nose and on my face and in my hair. But I know my pal will love it.

Truth be told it is a beautifully soft yarn to work with however I can't wait until I'm finished.

Shame I had to find out this way that XXXXXX yarn doesn't agree with me. Ah well!

project update

A quick check in to let all know that I've chosen the yarn and pattern that I'm making for "a certain someone". This will be a true "International" scarf, because I'm traveling to Greece in two days and taking the scarf along to work on during the flight. Who knows, a little Greek sand may end up stuck in the strands of yarn : )
(I've been very negligent of my blog - updates to come in Greece)

Step 3


Well, not really. When winding the skein into a ball, I found a knot which I undid and wound the yarn as two separate balls. I had started knitting with the smaller ball and have now decided that the scarf was going to be way too short at the rate I was going. There was also a chance that I would not finish in time even knitting into the small hours each night.

Using the larger ball, I have changed needle sizes, am getting a nice looking fabric and it is going much faster.
The one on the right is approx 60 hours worth of knitting and on the left is 6 hours. The color is fairly close of purples and blues.

Will work all of the big ball of yarn and then use the yarn from the already knit piece. That piece will hopefully not be on the needles too long so the yarn shouldn't kink. I am also hoping I will not get knots as it comes off nor have to wind it into another ball.

The pattern in the center is from Barbara Walker's books and is called "Tranquility Stitch". Very easy 2 row pattern. The eding was on a shawl in Meg Swanson's lace book. Both look much better when pulled apart more to the blocked size but the sun was out so took the picture on the back of the chair. Didn't want to put pins in the chair as you know where at least one of them would end up -- yes, in me.

Now back to the knitting. I hope everyone is enjoying their projects as much as I am.


My scarf should be in the mail to my innocent exchange participant on Wednesday. Since I too fear I may be easily found out I will wait and post pictures after it is received. It was such a pleasure to knit and the pattern gave me so many ideas for other uses in other yarns. This has been a very gratifying experience!!

Not much progress...

Well, I got two skeins of Malabrigo kettle dyed merino wool, and a leafy lace pattern- but since this is my first attempt at real lace, my progress is very very very slow.

I'm hoping to done in time....

*crosses fingers*

project update

Dear ISE bloggy friends,

I have completely fallen down on the job when it comes to posting. Life has been so hectic that I've put most of my spare time into making sure my "scarf" is done on time!

After much debate I decided to brave lace knitting for the first time. At first I thought I would make a lacy scarf for my pal (who comes from much warmer climes than I) but when I got to the LYS I found that while they didn't have the right silk yarn for the scarf I wanted to make they did have this incredible silk/cotton blend that would be perfect for the "Little Arrow Head Shawl" from the summer 06 IK. I'm a little nervous since I'm pretty sure that my pal didn't have a triangular shawl in mind when she signed up, but the design is stunning and I think it fits the rest of her requests (something long-ish for her petite frame, lightweight, good as a wrap or a scarf).

I'll try to take a few photos tonight of the progress so that I can show off my work. I'm very proud of it!

Best wishes and Happy Knitting!

I have pointy sticks

WHOOHOO I starrted knitting a few days ago..

and so far it looks FANTASTIC!!!!!

I'm all excited :-p

A third of the way done

I am a working diligently on my pal's scarf. I am afraid that I have blown it and given myself away to my pal. So I won't say what I am working on or any of the other details. Sorry Pal!

We are go! (I think...)

Finally, there is the perfect yarn. And the perfect pattern. At least, I think so after a couple of pattern repeats. Please let this be the one! I'm turning green with all the frogging!

I'm knitting the Dewdrop scarf in gorgeous handpainted Apple Pie yarn (merino, silk, kid mohair, nylon) in the Carnival colorway. Yum. Soft, silky, a little halo, a little shine.

I had to return to my old, old Susan Bates straight metal needles, tho... They're the only ones fast enough, it appears. And boy does that feel weird after using double-pointed bamboo or rosewood forever. (I knit too many socks.)

Back to the sofa to see if I can do another pattern repeat without ribbiting. (It's not that the pattern is hard. Duh. I'm just frazzled.)

Back to my Scarf

I took the weekend off to knit my socks for Sock Wars. Now I can go back to working on my pal's scarf. It's approximately half done and I love it.

checking in

I'm about half done with my pals scarf i'm really enjoying the pattern i chose, I hope to have it done by the end of the week :)

Finished Scarf

All done! I hope my pal likes it. Here are the gory details for anyone interested:

  • Pattern: Inner Truth (Magknits Sept. '06)
  • Yarn: Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool, inexpertly dyed by me with food dye
  • Needles: Size 8 Boye 10" straights (from my very first knitting set, awwwww!)
  • Size (unblocked): 48" x 4"
  • Size (blocked): 58" x 6"

Admin notice: Celia's group

Hello everyone.

It's great to see all those scarves growing. Some of you have even finished and some of you have received your scarves. What wonderful work!

It's coming to the end of the first month, and I'd like to remind you to post about your progress (or lack thereof) if you haven't yet. I am marking off your names on my spreadsheet as I see your posts. In a couple of days, i will be emailing those of you who have not posted yet. If you get an email from me, and you have posted, please reply telling me when you posted and what your name on blogger is - you know, that name that appears under your posts.

Also, if you have not heard from your secret scarf knitter, please contact me on isehostesses AT gmail DOT com now. On my list there is only one participant who has not heard from her pal yet, and that's being sorted out now. We can't help make sure you get a scarf if we don't know that your sender has gone awol.

Thanks everyone for playing nice. It's great to see all those pretty scarves in progress.

It's Growing

The scarf that I'm knitting is growing. What do you think about it? I add 3 garter stitches at each end to make the sides neater. I still got a long way to go.


Checking in

Well.....the scarf is moving along but just a bit too slow for my liking.

My scarf is being made from alpaca yarn from my stash. I dyed it a lovely green a few years back and then it sat in my stash until it heard about this scarf exchange and leaped out of my stash in excitement.

The pattern is a drop stitch pattern that is just amazing - can't wait to get it finished so I can block as I think it will really come to life.

So, I just plodding along....when was the deadline again????


Sunday, September 24, 2006


I finished knitting my cherry leaf lace scarf today, and now it's happily blocking away. Here's a close-up:

There are a couple more pictures on my blog, but I didn't want to put them all up here and use up space. I'm thrilled with how it turned out. I absolutely love the Blue Sky Alpacas' Alpaca and Silk that I used - I'm definitely going to buy that yarn again for one of my own scarves. In a couple of days, this baby will be winging its way to my pal. I can't wait to see if she likes it!

Scarf on the Way

Well, the scarf is on its way. I finished it last week and I sent it off. I don't want to show any pictures yet because I don't want to take any chances my pal will guess it belongs to her. As soon as she gets it I'll show it off.

ISE button problem

I am having a problem getting the ISE button to come up on my sidebar in the size it is on this page. I have tried everything I know and it is so tiny you can't read what it says! Does anyone out there know what I am doing wrong? I would appreciate any help! Nickie

One has to go

Okay, so now I am on my way. As I posted last week I am still having trouble deciding which scarf has to go into the UFO pile for now. I am doing Debbie Bliss Cashmerino with the IHS and Mountain Colors Mountain Goat in Midwest Moonlight. I love them both *but* I think I may continue on with the Debbie Bliss IHS. Any input anyone??? BTY, the midwest Moonlight looks much better in person, I could not get the correct camera angle.
I am amazed with all the gorgeous scarves being done, I like to dream that each and everyone is MINE ! Such great work everybody, it is amazing.


I finished my Pal's scarf last week and plan to mail it in the next couple of days. I'm just looking for some goodies to add to the package.

I'll post a finished photo once it's in the mail, but here's a progress photo taken a few weeks ago.

Yup, Pal, that's Stephanie herself holding your scarf.

International Scarf Exchange

I've started on my scarf - yay! With the rate it's going, I should be finished soon so it can make the long trip overseas...

Ready to get started at last

Well, I've just got the yarn (check out its hand-dyed lusciousness) and think I know what pattern I'm going to use. So, I'm raring to go! I sure hope my pal likes it!

International Scarf Exchange

International Scarf Exchange

Scarf is done and am putting in the mail on Monday.

Hope my pal likes it.

Pic. will be posted in 5 days... as soon as my pal receives it.
my pal's scarf is well under-way. i'm really loving the colours -- this is Silk Garden and the pattern is my-so-called-scarf. i originally tried something on the lacy side, but it just didn't work with the silk garden. this pattern is perfect for it....