Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Realizing things are wrapping up here, I am very sorry to say that I have never received my scarf. My match and I have been in touch, and I was under the impression that the scarf was completed and in the mail, but it never reached me.

Still, I have marvelled at the beautiful work that everyone here has done and shared. Happy Holidays to all, and a huge heartfelt thanks to the hostesses.

Thank you to the hostesses

Before ISE3 closes, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank the hostesses for all the hard work they did to keep us on track and focused and for organising such a wonderful exchange.

Do we have a date for ISE4 yet?

The scarves exchanged, the people met, the yarns and pattern explored have all given me a new appreciation of the craft and of the people who enjoy it. I have also gained a lot of inspiration for new projects. So, ISE4... here I come the moment it starts!

I wish everyone a happy holiday season and a 2007 filled with many great moments with family and friends and naturally, lots of knitting!!!

Take care and until next time round,


Monday, November 27, 2006

Calling Barb H.

Have you been to the post box?? My scarf should have arrived with you weeks ago. It was sent from Australia at the beginning of October. I can't get any of my emails to you to go through so I hope that you are reading the blog.

Is it there?? I'm hoping that it has not got lost. WORRIED!! Please let me know by posting to the blog or emailing me at the ISE email address :-) Sharon

Thank you Amy!

Today I received this lovely package from Amy.

Oooh. Shiny. What was inside?

The scarf is made from very soft handspun wool from Uruguay. It is long and skinny for wrapping around and around and around and...you get the idea. And Amy thoughtfully included another skein of the same yarn. Maybe a hat? Or mitts? Or a one-skein felted bowl? So many possibilities.

And a book! The Knitting Answer Book by Margaret Radcliffe. It's great.

Thanks for everything Amy.

And thank you ISE hostesses for doing such an ace job with this exchange.


My scarf is here!
And it's beautiful!
And Merino-y!
And I'll post pictures tomorrow, after I finish my history paper!

Sunday, November 26, 2006


As promised, some pictures of the scarf. It is of handspun merino wool, off white. It is GORGEOUS! And oh, so warm! I was so, so happy to receive it! Kristen, it is LOVELY. (Now if this heat wave would just disappear so I can wear it!)

Kristen also included this gem:

More handspun/hand-dyed yarn! It has these teeny little blue specks in it...it's amazing. I can't wait to work with it. I am thinking Clapotis! I've not knit one yet, but I need something shawl-like to keep me warm at work...and I think that would be just the perfect item!

Also included in the package were some burgundy candles and a package of needle holders...one end is a mitten, one end is a hat! I love them! So did my son, who absconded with them and now I need to hunt him down and get them back! :)

Kristen, thank you so much. Your package was well worth the wait!!

Many, many hugs...and happy holidays to you!


Yeah for my scarf

After getting a wee bit worried, a box arrived late last week - oh boy - there were so many wonderful little parcels in there but the highlight was the beautiful scarf that Rose has knitted me.

It is a georgous olive and made from the most divine yarn I have felt in ages (Malabrigo). I was so thrilled that she had chosen that yarn as I have heard so much about it but can't get it in Australia.

The other things in the parcel were soaps, a stamp set, a hand care kit, some funky stationery, a lovely scented candle, and 2 balls of lily yarn.

Thank you Rose for the amazing scarf and your generosity overwhelms me.


It's here! It's here!!

Oh, Kristen, is it gorgeous!! I will post pictures tomorrow...but for now, THANK YOU so very much! It is a true work of art...I will treasure it forever!!! THANK YOU!