Saturday, August 19, 2006


Why is it the project I most want to work on is always the next one? I've been swatching for the Rose of England KAL, and planning scarf after scarf after scarf in my head.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Ok when was the start date again?

Ok... When do we start? I missed that... Dur....

Scarf obesessions...

... I now see are totally normal. This is my first round of scarf exchange and I am really excited about it. I have loads of patterns and yarns in mind and really can't wait until I get my recipient so I can match them up with a nice yarn and pattern. This is such a great idea.

Is it September Yet?

Not that I want to rush my life away. I am a school teacher by trade and workshops start next week. So my free time will be more of a minimum but I need to get started on my project? Not really. I went to a LYS yesterday and my eldest daughter came up with about 3 projects that I should just whip out in two weeks before she goes off to college. lol Anyway, I thought I would say hey and let you know I am here.


Hi All,

Thanks to adventurous CeliaMystery scarf, as yet unmade and self-described impatient Cynthia, the Scarf Exchange has been so much fun that I was in the first one, then did a repeat, and now am going for a three-peat. In anticipation of the match-ups going out, pictured is a mystery scarf (maybe yours???), as yet unmade. If it's yours, it will come to you from roundabout Exit 151 in New Jersey, USA.

- Ina

Good morning!

Hello everyone,

I am very excited to be taking part in my first exchange!

Victoria x

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Very Excited

This is my third round of the exchange.

Very excited!! Eagerly awaiting for secret pal's info.


yay! happy to be here, can't wait for september!


So happy to be a part of this swap!

This is my first ever swap and I am so excited! I love making scarves and can't wait to find the perfect yarn and pattern for my swap partner. I already have some ideas in mind! Thanks to the hostesses for all of their hard work.



Hello everyone; this is my first knitting exchange and I'm very excited! I'm already looking though patterns and drooling over yarn...

Can't wait for September!

My apologies if this shows up twice; I tried posting last night, but my message still hasn't shown up. Anyway, this is my very first knitting exchange, and I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks so much to CynCyn for posting to DenverKnits!


This is my first scarf exchange and I am really looking forward to start up.

Yay - I'm In, Im In!

I made it into round III! Last year I missed the signups by a hair and was saddened to find out that I couldn't join such a fun swap project. I did keep along with everyone and was amazed by some of the wonderful scarves that were exchanged. I sure am glad Lolly posted about this reminding me about ISE.
I look forward to getting to know everyone and participating:)
Wow! I made it! Looking forward to participating in my first Exchange.

First Time

This is my first International Scarf Exchange and I am really excited about it. It is hard to find exchanges that include participants from all over the world. I am looking forward to it.

Third time's a charm...

Hi everyone,
I'm back for my third round! I've gotten two beautiful scarves in the first two exchanges - I must have good swap karma? Looking forward to this next round! See ya on the blog...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Welcome, everyone!

Wow! It's only been a few days since we opened registrations and we're up to 120 participants already. Welcome, everyone, and I am overwhelmed by such enthusiastic response.

We've been signing folks up as the emails come in. I do the registrations and Cynthia (thank you, Cynthia) does the blogger invitations. If you have received an email tosay that you are registered but have not received a blogger invitation, pelase check the junk mailor spam folder of yoru email account. If it is not in there, please let us know. We can re-issue it. If you ahve received your invitation, please accept it. It is one of the rules of this exchange that you post regularly on the group blog. If you feel you cannot abide by that rule, pelase let us know and we will remove your name from the exchange.

Anyone who needs a gmail invitation for their secret email address for this exchange can request for one from us, and we'll send it out. If you already have a secret email address set up, you may use that. Remember, you will need to communicate with your recipient to let him or her know that you exist. That way, nobody has to worry about having been missed out. Some of you may even want to chat with your pal over the next 2 months, and to do that, you'll need to use your secret email address so that you don't reveal your identity before teh scarf is received.

Have fun everyone.. get to know one another. The exchange partners will be allocated in September, and the exchange will officially begin then.

Sounds like a Fun One!!!

Scarves, scarves, wonderful scarves......... there are so many possibilities so it's fun to already think about them even though we don't have swap partners yet. I'm glad to be here!!! I think t his will be a lot of fun.

Yikes, just yikes !

Hello from another first time exchanger. I'm looking forward to being able to create something really lovely for my "receiver" fact, I'm so excited about being part of this, that I think I shall have to start my own blog. However, it will be a slow process - most of the time my WH and I are afloat - we live on our sailboat between New England and Nova Scotia. So, my initial set-up might take a little while.

However, just wanted to send a brief hi and I look forward to making a new item, a new friend, and countless other contacts thru this fabu idea.

Best to all ------ Judi luna

So Excited!

I found you through Lolly's site also and am thrilled to be a part of my first exchange! Have fun all!

Can't wait for September!

I am another first-time exchanger, and I'm really looking forward to this! The timing is perfect, too; I will be finished with my Knit-for-the-Cure alpaca shawl and ready to start a new project.

Thanks so much to CynCyn for posting to DenverKnits about ISE3!

My first exchange

Cheers! I found my way here through the Knitters Review site. I've been a member of Blogger for a while, but I don't have a blog. I joined Blogger back when a bookclub I used to belong to (now defunct) had a page. And I never posted anything to that blog, so this is my first post as well as my first exchange. I'm glad to be a part of the scarfiness and look forward to knitting for a to-be-determined stranger.


Hello everyone

Just chiming in to say hello again to everyone from the last scarf exchange (or the first tote exchange) and a new hello to everyone else. I'm very excited about doing the scarf exchange again---I had a great time with the last one, both making a scarf and receiving a fabulous one from my partner!

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone makes!


I'm Lisa, I've participated in other knitting exchanges in the past, but this is my first International Scarf Exchange. I'm really looking forward to this exchange. Also, as a professional computer geek by day, I'd be happy to help anyone with HTML issues.

Here's a tutorial for all to see:

The code will look like this in your blog template for your button, if you choose to add one to your blog/journal/etc. (click to see a larger image):

Tag translations:
What the heck is a "tag" you ask? Well, HTML includes a series of text "tags" that describe how a Web page is formatted. Each tag appears inside brackets (<>).

  • The target="_blank" tag opens the ISE3 blog in a new window. You don't have to include this.
  • The border="0" sets the image on the page without a border, but if you want a thick border, increase the number.
  • The width and height tags allow you to set the size of the image so that it's smaller than the original image size.
  • The li tag formats the items in the side bar as a list. This tag is not necessary, but something Blogger likes, and makes the individual items display in a uniform layout.

***NOTE: Please remember that there are no spaces within the tags, at all. Also, remember the " " quotes around the actual URLs (links addresses). Blogger and Word keep translating my HTML so that's why it looks like I forgot the " before my image link in my example.

Any other questions, I'd be happy to help.

Yay! I'm in

Hello all!
I'm glad I caught wind of this lovely exchange through Lolly's blog. I love hand knitted scarves but curiously I only managed to knit 2 for myself last year and neither are on my blog - a purplish unidentifed yarn from mom's stash in a drop stitch pattern and Manos Bramble colour in My So Called Scarf and one as a gift - lace pattern in Bernat Satin from the Knit Along with Debbie Macomber series.
Can't wait to find the perfect pattern for my secret scarf!
Happy knitting.

I can blog, I can't get my link to work

I am knew. I figured out under templates how to type the right things and copy address and link -picture address, with more right things to get my blog to have the ise button under links, but I can't get the link to work. I am hoping that if I post here I will get what I need to make it work. I think whether it works or not I will go and knit. Knitting is much more relaxing and less frustrating than this computer stuff. Can't wait to see what we are making for scarves

Tote Exchange II

Thanks to Celia and Cynthia for allowing me to clutter the board with notice of another exchange. International Tote Exchange II has kicked off. In this exchange, we will be creating and exchanging totes (purses, handbags, etc.) If interested, please go here and read the rules. If still interested, send an email to toteexchangehostesses @

Thanks again!

Bonnie D.

Apparently, I can't blog...

Hi there...(eyeore voice)
I just saw the new ISE III buttons for sidebars, and I want to put one on my blog, but I don't know how. Can anyone point me in the direction of a blogspot instruction manual or something? If its a long explaination, feel free to email me.
(I feel like such a ditz...)


OK, I just read the rules again and can see it's at least one exchange loop. Such an air of mystery.

Asked this in a comment but not the main blog - are there other UK male knitters signed up?


The sign-up seems to have worked - thanks CynCyn and others. I've ben trying to figure out how we do the exchange: is it a series of pairwise exchanges or a number of loops? If it's pairwise I might be tempted to influence or collude with my partner, but that could be part of the fun, I suppose.


I'm so excited for the swap to start! I can't wait to get my recipient's it September yet??

WOOT WOOT! (and some additional guidelines)

So, Celia and I are beyond overwhelmed with the excitement and interest in the international scarf exchange so far! We've got over 110 participants, and registration hasn't even been open for a week.

With such a large group, and with our past experiences running this thing, we've come up with a few more guidelines... (code word for... RULES)

1) We need you to take a picture of the scarf you sent, and the scarf you got. That's just for liability and insurance purposes. :)

2) If for some reason, you don't spend $20 USD on materials for the scarf? Please use the rest of the funds to buy chocolates, extra yarn, candy, notions, or other tidbits to round out your package.

3) If you find that you are unable to fulfill your obligation, YOU need to contact us via email. If YOU fail to do so, we will be adding your name to the BANNED list. (a list where any fiber exchange hostess can see if you have a history of flaking).

4) If you do drop out, we ask that you give us the courtesy of giving a 2 week notice. That gives us enough time to request an angel scarf from our lovely volunteer angel scarf knitters.

5) If we do not get a 2 week notice, but you DO contact us to let us know you can not follow through, we would ask that during the next exchange, you volunteer to be an angel ONLY. (and you would NOT be added to the BANNED list)

6) if you do not make a post every 3.5 weeks, we will be emailing you. If you do not either post or email us back within 2 weeks, we will automatically assume that you are dropping out. (and add you to the BANNED list)

We're sorry if some of these rules seem... overly obsessive, but experience has taught us a few things. We like to make sure everyone gets a scarf, and we don't want anyone waiting for a month or two after the deadline.


I'm so thrilled to be involved in the Scarf Exchange. I'm on tenterhooks awaiting the pairups and the patterns are calling to me!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I've missed sign ups before, and have been waiting for this! I'm so excited.

Lovely to meet you all.


I just signed on & I'm excited to be involved! I can't wait to start planning a special scarf to send.

Great Timing!

I just started my own blog in order to participate in KALs so I'm thrilled to have stumbled across the ISE3!
Thanks to Celia and Cynthia for organizing.


Someone is going to knit something for me? Imagine that! This is my first exchange and I'm really looking forward to it. Thank you Celia and Cynthia, for doing all the hard work that must go into such an endeavour.


Hooray! My first exchange! I can't wait to get started.


Hi all, I just arrived, thanks to a tip from Dorothy. I'm pretty excited about this exchange!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Hi Everyone

I have been registered. I'm so excited!!! I can't wait to see who i get and pick out a pattern and yarn.

Hi everyone

Hi, just to say how excited I am to be a part of this exchange - looking forward to it!


I am happy to be back for the third round of the ISE. I am looking forward to seeing who I will be making a scarf for this time around. I am already looking at new pattern ideas and playing with new yarns.


first timer

Just to say hello that I am excited about the exchange as a first time blogger, gmailer, and exchanger. I hope I don't get lost in cyberspace.

Yippee Skippee

Hi, everyone! I'm back for round 3 (my second round) and I've already picked out my pattern and have three or four possible yarns too. Of course, it'll have to wait until I find out what colors my victim, errr, lucky recipient, likes but I already have an idea or three on a scarf pattern.

Hello from Craftybernie (amended 140806 19:13, UK)

Just a quick hello from Craftybernie. I'm looking forward to taking part in my first scarf exchange. In fact, I'm an exchange virgin so be gentle with me.

Celia & CynCyn: Would you consider including the Liesel Scarf by Annie Modesitt Yummyyarn on the list of scarves to knit? It has a lovely leaf pattern running through it and the pattern is very easy to follow. You can see pics of the one I knit here and the swatch I knit is here.

BTW, what's an 'angel' scarf?

Good luck everyone.


Hi again

I am already thinking about what to knit. Something really creative this time I think?

Exchange Virgin

Well it's true. I am an exchange virgin. I've never been on any exchange before. BUT I am majorly excited and ready to start. Thanks to the lovely ladies that are taking the time to do this BTW. You are definately much more organized then I.
Oddly enough, I was cleaning and rearranging my stash this weekend, so I have several lovely cantidates ready to go in the yarn and pattern departments. So send me a scarf pal and I will be on my way!!


Hi everyone! Celia and I need help this time around. If you're interested in helping us with this round of the exchange, please email us here and let us know. We'd prefer it if we could find someone who's participated in the exchange before... but we'd be grateful for any offer of help.

We'll also start taking names for anyone who'd like to volunteer as an angel too. Though we always hope we won't need to call up an angel scarf, stuff happens.

Thanks! Celia and I are overwhelmed with how excited everyone is about the third round. We've got almost 70 participants so far, with international participants coming from Costa Rica, Spain, Germany, Taiwan, and Singapore... to name a few countries.

Im Back

Whoohoo.. I'm back for round Three!!
Thanks to Krys..I seen his post and went EEEKKK.."had to hurry and sign up"
I'm ready..I'm ready..... The last exchange was great!!
I'm already waiting for my scarf *lol*..


Here I am for my third go around! I just love this exchange, it's so much fun. I'm already digging out possible patterns :)

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Hi from me too

I'm excited and a little nervous - I've never given my knitting to a stranger - at least we all knit, so the effort will be appreciated. I'm looking forward to learning about my exchange partner and going shopping!

and a "Hi" from me too

Hi, everyone. This is my first scarf exchange. I'm very much looking forward to getting to know everyone, hearing about the scarfs in progress and, of course, seeing the results of our work. I think this exchange is an absolultely wonderful great idea, and I thank the coordinators for all the hard work they are doing in setting it up and keeping it on track.
Hello! This my very first exchange and I'm so excited. I keep looking at patterns saying "If she want's cables, I could do this. If she want's lace, I could do this. If she lives somewhere hot, I could do this..." I can't wait to get started and see what everyone else is doing as well!


Hey everyone! This is my first ISE and I'm so excited ! I can't wait to get started!



Hi all! This is my first ISE, and I'm excited to join. Looking forward to starting a project that will actually get finished in a short period of time!


Happy to Be Back

As a firm believer that one can never have too many scarves (or purses!), I am thrilled to be back! Can't wait to get started.


Excited as well!

This is my first swap/exchange and I am very excited. There are so many scarves I want to make- what will my pal wish for?

ISE time again!!

I'm so glad to be joining this exchange again, after the fun I had last year doing this and the beautiful scarf I added to my collection. Can't wait to get started!

happy to be here

wow, august has been a big month for me joining swaps, lace swap, discloth and now scarf! can't wait! I am new to swaps but LOVE them already! can't wait!

Glad to Join

I was so glad to learn of this exchange I can't wait to get to know my SP so I can start the planning ---- and shopping. :-) Actually, I hope I'll be able to use some of my stash. $20 spent 5 years ago is still $20, right?

It's good to be back.

Thank you to Celia and Cynthia for starting another Scarf Exchange. I'm looking forward the challenge of creating a scarf that's up to par. Let's Knit!

I Can't Wait to Get Started!

I've been eagerly awaiting a new round of this exchange after hearing so many great things about ISE2. I've got a long list of scarf patterns that I want to try. Can't wait to learn about my pal and get started!


I am soooo excited that I want a pal now!!!!!Would that be possible ;)
I can hardly wait for my pals prefrences! I had so much fun making the scarf last year ;) YEH ISE 3!!!!!