Saturday, March 11, 2006

scarf finished

the scarf that i am sending is finished and blocking. all that remains is sewing in a couple of ends after it finishes drying and sending it off!

Friday, March 10, 2006

scarf arrived

Received my scarf from Judy, aka Sheep Rustler, all the way from Australia. It is an interesting collection of I-cords held together by randomly placed stitches and/or buttons - there is a lot going on, both colorwise and texture-wise. As Judy said, it was an experiment, which I really applaud her for. She's recently been accepted into a fiberarts program at a local University, which I also think is really exciting.

I'm happy to have a Judy original, and it's growing on me.

covering all bases....

Because I have had some trouble with email I would like to make sure both my "gifter" and my "gifted" know how much I valued their participation. Amber, I know I gave you fits when you didn't hear from me right away. Please be assured that I love my scarf and the alpaca was a great choice for the frigid New England weather. All of the added treats were a delightful bonus. I know how busy you must be as a student at that time of year. You were so kind to share! To Chris, I must say thanks for the opportunity to share. You really made me feel part of things by letting me know a bit about yourself and I'm glad you liked your scarf so much. Wear it in good health. I hope everyone enjoyed the exchange. su in Rhode Island

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Much belated post

I posted my pal's scarf about a month ago - I've not yet heard whether it's been received. I received a beautiful Print O' The Wave lace scarf in peacock green Jaggerspun from Ina a few weeks ago also. Unfortunately, I've not been able to post until now due to general baby wrangling, illness and the general day to day turmoil involved in settling in a new country.

Firstly, the scarf I knitted. I used the Kombu scarf pattern, written by the brilliant Kim Salazar, knitted in pink Jaegar Matchmaker Merino DK. I also sent the leftover yarn (one full ball and one part used) and some traditional Breton biscuits.

I received a wonderful package from Ina, complete with sweets and chocolate (a big weakness of mine) and postcards from where she lives. The scarf itself is stunning. What was a really strange coincidence was that the stitch pattern was taken from Heirloom Knitting by Sharon Miller and I had been looking at that pattern in that very book with a view to using it myself the night before the scarf arrived. I've also recently bought some Jaggerspun too. The yarn is wonderful, it shows the stitch pattern perfectly and feels so soft next to the skin.

The only downside is that I have already worn the scarf so much that I feel that it may need to be washed and reblocked soon!

Here it is:

I've really enjoyed taking part in the exchange although with hindsight I would not recommend taking part in something like this while also moving countries!

Putting on the 'nagging' hat...

Alright people, It's nearly a month since the end of the exchange, and yet there are scarves, hats and mittens not sent. Come on folks, if you haven't completed your project, start knitting - real quick!

We'd like to close this by 15th of this month, so please let us know asap if you have not received your scarf, hat, mittens, whatever. We don't want to hear in April that you're still waiting for your scarf. Sorry, but by then it will be too late. Anyone who does not respond to our emails and who have not completed and posted their scarves/sets will be blacklisted, and this is not just a threat.

To everyone who have participated and played nicely, THANK YOU! It's been a good exhcange all around, and it seems like most of you had a good time. I did! :) Thank you Cynthia for taking on more than half the participants and doing such a good job of keeping everyone in check.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

purple goodness

Here is the picture I promised!!

Isn't it a pretty scarf? Click the picture for an even larger view.

Thanks again, Alison!!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Non Senders

Hi Cynthia and Celia

Could the people who have not sent their scarves email the recipiant so at least they know if their scarf is coming or not. How about a wall of shame. I did not get mine in the last exchange but I did get a beautiful angel scarf.



I got my scarf! It's beautiful! I'll post a picture of it either tonight or tomorrow, with more commentary to go with, haha.

I also got chocolates and dog toys!

Thanks so much!!!!!