Saturday, November 11, 2006

my wonderful scarf

I received my wonderful purpleybluey scarf last week, and I LOVE IT. I haven't had a chance to take pictures yet, since my camera has gone missing, but I promise once I find it, I will post the amazing package I got from Canada. :)

EDITED to add my PIX!! :)
This first picture shows the pretty colors of the silk and cashmere favorite colors, and it's SOOOO SOFT! and the intricate details of the pattern? gorgeous!

Look how long and beautiful this is.

Craftybernie - my scarf arrived!

I received my scarf and goodies in yesterday's post from my secret pal, Jae. And here it is in all it's Berroco Ultra Alpaca gorgeousness. The colourway is Blueberry and the pattern is an original by Jae.

Here are a few close ups of the stitch markers that Jae gifted me... Aren't they gorgeous?!!

This is the delish hand creme that I received and it is a dream to use. Like heaven in a jar!

Thank you, Jae, once again. And thank you to all the ISE Hostesses for doing such a wonderful job organising everything. I look forward to the next exchange.

If you would like to see more pictures and read more, stop by my blog.

Some belated pics

Here are some pictures of the beautiful gifts my pal, Michelle Lee from Australia bestowed upon me. Isn't the scarf just perfect? I love the colors and get so many compliments on it. The yarn is soft and just the right weight.
Thanks again, Michelle!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Look What The Mail Brought

I knew that my scarf was due to arrive any day now. Corrie had emailed me to let me know. I have spent most everyday rushing to the mail box as soon as the postal carrier had driven past.

Yesterday I did a dance all the way from my mailbox to my front door. It was here!

I bet there are days that he is scared of me.

It is beautiful, soft, light, airy, and a perfect color! That is just the bonus, she had me with the lace. It is Corrie's first lace project and she told me how she had struggled with it. You would never know. It's knitted and blocked wonderfully.

Corrie also sent along a few extras with the scarf. Rich dark chocolate, a knitting magazine that is unavailable in my area, a cookie cutter for the upcoming holidays, lip gloss, and extra yarn.

It is incredibly generous and thoughtful. I love it! You have been a wonderful swap partner and have made this exchange a real joy. Thank you so much, Corrie!

My Scarf arrived!!

Thankyou Whitney from Georgia for the great scarf and other goodies. I am sorry that I don't have a photo, but I recieved a terrific ribbed blue manos wool scarf. It should be nice and warm for our Connecticut weather. Also included were cute knitting notecards, a lavendar sachet, adorable pumpkin stitch markers, a darning needle, pink ribbon post it notes and lavendar wool wash. Everything is much appreciated! thanks again!

Please Post

Bou is a bit sad - he's been waiting for the last three weeks to hear from the person his scarf was sent to.

Apparently the scarf has been received but no comment has been made about it, neither by email nor on the recipient's blog nor this one.

Being an unassuming little rat he has a tendency to think the worst so he hasn't been doing much knitting lately. Maybe when he gets the scarf that's coming to him (and which he has heard about) he will perk up a bit.

So if there are any Scarf Exchangers out there who haven't posted about their scarves yet, either received or sent out, please post now; it will make Bou and Scarf Exchangers like him very, very happy.

Scarf modelled

Three different ways of wearing the lovely soy/wool scarf Becky knitted modelled by myself in pontytail (which didn't really come out in the pics)!

(Sorry about the shoe rack...small apartment...)

Thursday, November 09, 2006


I too will be receiving my scarf soon! My pal just emailed me saying it is expected to arrive Tuesday. I am really looking forward to seeing the scarf! I have a feeling it's going to be very beautiful!!!

Mint Chocolate

It came!!!!! I was having a rough day at work on Tuesday and really need the pick-me up that was waiting for me in the kitchen. My scarf from my pal had arrived!!!!! I opened the box and was greated with an array of surprises. The incredible entralec scarf was tucked into a beautiful Latern Moon sock bag. The bag is perfect for me to stick my current sock project into it AND it is thin enough to place inside my purse! I no longer have keys tangles up with my yarn! Thank you, Skylar! Plus, Skylar put yummy chocolates and caramel cookies and gum and Jelly Bellys in the package. She also gave me Mint Hot Chocolate. Yummmmm! The hot chocolate matches the scarf which reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream. The colors are beautiful and look completely fabulous with my coats and jackets. She did an awesome job with the knitting and DH was very impressed. I love the picture on her blog of the scarf and does look good unblocked. The diamonds are puffier and make the scarf look fun. Thank you, thank you, thank you again. I love all the treats and the scarf is perfect!

My scarf is almost here

My kind considerate scarf pal tells me that my scarf is on its way and should be with me soon. It's winging it's way from the west, or east depending on which way round the world you go.

My scarf arrived

I received this gorgeous red scarf from Judi. The pattern is beautiful the yarn (wool silk blend) feels wonderful and the coulour is so me! I love it!

And it arrived right on time to keep me warm - winter arrived here last week as you can se from the picture...

And I didn't only get a scarf, but also chocolate, an adornment (perfect as a bookmark in knitting books) aromatherapy bath salt and info on how and where the scarf has travelled. And a wonderful long hand written letter!
Thank you Judi!

It's HERE!

So after failing an exam and working til 10 PM I walked into my apartment building and there was no box. I was crushed because Barbara said it should be here today. Then I got up the four flights of stairs, opened my apartment door walked down the hallway and right on the futon was a box addressed to ME!!! My awesome roommate brought it up for me so that it wouldn't disappear in our college dormness. In it was a scarf. That isn't all! Then there was chocolate, cuticle cream, a magazine and best of all... a teeny tiny itty bitty sweater! I laughed so hard! It made me feel so much better.
The scarf is delicious and everyone in my family thinks it is SO ME!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Another Beauty

My scarf made its way all the way from the UK, and it couldn't be better. The yarn is scrumptious, the color is a rich copper, it's the perfect length for me and it's covered in cables. Amanda not only knit this scarf, but she designed it as well. I'm going to love wrapping up in this come winter. It's so soft, and is wide enough at the ends to really snuggle down into. No icy winds for me!

The other things you see tucked in the box are some delicious chocolates and some tea in great reusable tins. She also included some catnip tea for my cats. Now we can all keep the chill away!

Thanks so much, Amanda!!!

Thank you for your participation

Hi everyone

It's been such fun seeing all the scarves in progress and thenseeing the final results and all the lovely packages.

Thank you for your participation.

It's now well past the deadline, so if you have not finished your scarf, keep knitting! Please do let your recipient know that itw ill be late. If he/she is anything like me, he/she is probably checking the mail daily! I know I'd be.

If you haven't thanked your sender for your scarf, please do so. Your pal is probably looking through the pages of your blog if you have one and the pages of the ISE blog as well as checking his/her email daily to see whether your scraf has been received. It's very worrying when the package has been sent and no word has been received as to whether it ever reached its destination!

Thank you Lynnette!

I got my package from Lynnette in San Jose! She sent me the gorgeous scarf in this brown, olive, purple color way that I seriously love. Is this the Vintage Velvet pattern from Scarf Style? If so, that is too funny because I just made one of these for the Red Scarf Project. She also included some of her favorite tea and "local chocolate" I don't want to even think about how large I would be if Ghirrardelli was local. Yum.
Tragically, the weather here took a turn for the warmer but it's Indiana - it'll probably get cold next week again so I can wear this scarf :)

Thank you!

A lovely scarf!

Thanks to a little reminder from Celia, I realized I had not posted a proper thank you to my pal on the ISE blog - oops!

I did receive my scarf from Wanda and it is so pretty. The colors are my favorite and goes perfectly with one of my jackets, so I'm quite pleased.

Be sure to take a look at the scarf in all its beauty, on my blog. Thank you Wanda!


Just wanted to share the pics. Thanks again Colette.

Thank you SO much Colette!!

I am the luckiest pal. I haven't taken aphoto yet (sorry) but I will post one soon. In the meantime, go and see my wonderful Shetland Triangle on Colette's blog!! Yep, I was the lucky recipient of this gorgeous shawl. The most PERFECT colour in the world (Jasper). The softest yarn (Zephyr fingering wt.). I am so pleased! Thank you SO much.

A little bundle of joy

G'day all!

My scarf arrived almost exactly a week ago. I have been busy but that is no excuse for not blogging it here and not just on my blog.

It is a very pretty, soft, dainty scarf - less than a handwidth wide and just over a metre long - in dark bluey greeny sea colours (which I like :-). It came with a bar of green tea soap, made in Australia (lol) and a Lantern Moon needle holder. Cool, huh? It came from Knittingirl, who has a little surprise on the way for herself I see - congrats and thanks, Knittingirl!

It is almost cold enough for a scarf here at present too - after hot weather it has gone back to being typical Melbourne Spring weather....


Soon to be mine!

Barb emailed me today to say that my scarf is in the mail! I can not wait. It is definitely scarf time and I want the new scarf! She put some pictures on her blog you should go look at them it looks amazing. I don't have a camera, but when I do get it I will tell you if it is as wonderful as it appears. I can't wait to get my goodie package in the next couple of days! Thank you again to the coordinators, this has been nothing but wonderful to participate in.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It is Here

On a grey, rainy day when a doctor's appointment I've waited 10 months for got postponed, I came home today to my parcel from my giftee. Inside was a lovely scarf, candies, postcards and a lovely letter telling me about herself. I am so delighted! Thank you so very much Angie.

In the picture, the colors aren't very true but it does show how well the scarf goes with the sweater I was wearing today.

The dark colors are exactly the same. (Funny how the grey of the sweater front is one color below the scarf and another above it!) More thanks and details on my blog.

Hope everyone else has enjoyed their experience and I look forward to next year.

Midwest Moonlight is headed to Boston

My scarf is finished and on the way to my pal in Boston. I knit a pattern called Midwest Moonlight from Scarf Style in Knit Picks Elegance (70% baby alpaca and 30% silk) in a shade called Cornflower. I think it turned out well, and I hope my pal likes it. The finished scarf can be seen on my blog but it is not the greatest picture. I'm hoping after it arrives you might see a better picture from the recipient. This was a great knitting exchange and I'm glad I was part of it.

My Scarf Arrived

Yesterday I came home to a wonderful surprise. My scarf arrived from Canada. I opened it immediately and found this gorgeous scarf. The colors are so intense yet subtle. It is light and soft but very warm. I just love it. See how great it looks. I can't wait to wear it to work.
Thanks so much Melissa.

It's here............

I was getting a little worried about the postal service and what happened to my scarf but yesterday it arrived. Bev made me a lovely, lovely, very drapey, cabled scarf in just the most lucious colour. Perfect for me, especially when I think of my back to work wardrobe. I can liven up a navy pant suit with a bright scarf like that and it will be wonderful. Thanks Bev.

I tried to inser the picture but for some reason, I'm having difficulty this morning....... so pop on over here and see the lovely scarf. The picture isn't great because I took it last night with bad lighting.

Thanks to all the organizers, too. I enjoyed this exchange.

A Friend Across the Pond

Although I haven't yet received my scarf, I have heard from my pal, and she assures me it is on its way. Frankly, having had the good fortune to exchange e-mails with her over the last little while, the scarf is taking a back seat to our budding friendship. I'd like to thank ISE for that opportunity.

My Two Cents

I have not yet received my scarf and I haven't heard from my knitter in many days. While I am still excited and eager to receive it, this exchange has nonetheless been a true joy for me. It is the first knitting exchange I have been involved in and it as been so much fun to watch everyone's progress. The talent and the kindness and the generosity represented here are amazing. I was blessed to be able to knit a scarf for Kim and even more blessed to have had the opportunity to build a friendship with her. Thank you so much to the hostesses - I'm sure it has been quite a task keeping all of us in line and on track! I will definitely sign up for another exchange!

For now, I will be over here waiting patiently and quietly for my scarf to arrive.

long and luverly!

Hey gang -- I'm a bit late in posting because of weekend guests, but my scarf and many many goodies arrived last Friday! My pal was the lovely (blogless?) Sharon from St. Joseph, MO! Sharon, if you have a blog, please redirect us!

More pics on my blog.
Thank you, thank you Sharon! I love my scarf -- I absolutely love it. Thanks for all of the goodies too -- you are a very generous pal indeed. My kitty Sophie even made a present out of the box. Thanks!
I got a beautiful card from the person I knit for last week. Thank You Sunny.

My scarf is Beautiful

I received my scarf today. It was so exciting to come home and see the box on my porch. I took the package inside and calmly opened it so I wouldn't possibly cut the scarf while trying to get the tape off the box. Lyndsey-Jane wanted to make sure nothing fell out on the box's trip from the UK to the US. My scarf is a lace scarf made of 100% alpaca in a lovely purple (my favorite color) with red and blue highlights. There were also two boxes of chocolates in there. And I love chocolate.

Thanks so much Lyndsey-Jane for my beautiful scarf.

I got it!

I got it!!! Mind you I am not sure who it is from. All I know is that is from The Woolly Workshop. I can not read the signature. I love the colors of the scarf.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Happy Dance!

Look what just showed up at my house today!!! It's a wonderful 'garterlac' scarf made especially for me by Stephen. I had my eye on this one and I'm thrilled that it's mine!! He also sent me some delicious chocolate...but it didn't make it into the picture as I'm sure you know why, lol.
Thank you Stephen, I love it!!!


OK OK So when do we do this again? (Who me impatient? No! - how much recovery time do our wonderful and fearless coordinators need?)

I'm here!

Sorry about the absence and thanks for the reminder emails. I have received my scarf and will be posting about that as soon as I fix my digi camera!
And mine is going out to my pal as soon as my KnitPicks order arrives... I've got a few extra goodies for her.

Thanks, all!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Mission: Accomplished

...for me and both my pals!

I came home this afternoon to find this at my mailbox:

Which, of course, contained a knitted object:

Hooray my scarf is here! My pal Courtney made me a lovely soft purple cabled scarf. Love the cables. It's just in time too, because it may get down below freezing tonight here in the city. Brrr!

But that's not all. She also a load other fun and useful things:

The final tally of all the loot (in addition to the lovely scarf): 2 vials of soothing bath confetti, a cute sheep pin, a cute heart magnet, some little rubber band stitch markers (which I have already broken out!), a stitch counter (always useful in my book!), some lovely VS lotion (to sooth my knit weary hands), and my favorite of the bunch, a Lantern Moon tape measure. A super cute bee Lantern Moon tape measure. I have been wanting one of these animal tape measures for such a long time, and now I have one!

Thank you Courtney!

And in addition, my other pal, Dee, has reported back to me that she received my package to her. Success all around.

Sunday Bloody Sunday!!!

Actually, I got my scarf on Friday, but couldn't do justice to the post until today.
I was SO excited to come home from school to see that I had a package waiting for me at the post office. And I knew it was my scarf b/c the FROM box was filled in with "FOREIGN"

Inside, the box was jam packed with goodies! First, the lovely scarf.

But wait! there's MORE!

Sandra also included some google eyed stickers and some beautiful buttons (I already know a perfect project that would look stunning with these buttons)!!! THEN, she also sent more yarn!

Thank you Sandra for the lovely package! It was definitely worth the wait, and as most of you know, I'm not very good at waiting. I've had a lovely time with this exchange so far... and hope that everyone has enjoyed themselves!

EDIT: Title has to do with the color of the scarf. :) it's a beautiful deep orange-red, or deep coral color.

Beautiful Scarf

I received this beautiful blue/sea green scarf from Stacey Z of Colorado. Unfortunately my picture doesn't do it justice. It's long and wide so I'll be able to keep my head and neck nice and toasty and the color goes well with my wardrobe. I love it! Thank you Stacey!

My package came

Thank you Dorothy!!! I got not one but 2 beautiful scarves!!! I love both of them! She sent me so many wonderful goodies! I box of teas that I am going to open in just a few minutes, 3 sets of hand made knitting needles, a set of stitch markers, sunflower seeds to plant, and a cider recipe. It made my day thank you so very much!!!