Saturday, October 22, 2005

What is a scarf?

Okay, so what is a scarf? I saw your question, Impossible Princess, and in my mind, I figured that a scarf is a neck covering of some sort. How wide or skinny it is will be up to you and the recipient to decide. A wrap or shawl is a lot more work than a scarf, and if that is what you decide to knit, that is between you and the recipient. Do run it by him/her first to make sure it's something he/she will use. I think we all signed up for this with our own mental definition of scarf - probably long skinny (or not so skinny) knitted fabric intended for winding around one's neck. Any deviation from that should first be checked with the recipient of your 'scarf'. Does that sound fair?

I'd like to warn those of you who would like to make a more ambitious scarf that you really have only 2 1/2 months or so to complete the scarf. Be aware of that when you choose your project. I know some will be late - procrastinators like myself will probably be sending out apology notes. However, a week or two late is quite diffeent from a month or two late. Please try to keep to the time frame unless this is something you agreed to with your scarf pal.

Have fun, everyone. Questionaires will be available soon!

scarf vs, wrap/shawl

ok so here is my queation...does a wrap or a shawl count as a scarf...I seen some stole patterns oner on the the side so i thought i would ask what the definition of "scarf" is...

Friday, October 21, 2005

The rules and regs

Hi everyone!! Celia and I have learned a few things from our first round of the international scarf exchange. We've come up with a few R&R for your perusal. If you have questions, please check Celia's blog for an explanation of our quirkier rules before emailing us...

1. Minimum to spend: $20 USD for the scarf only. $25 USD for scarf set exchange. Anything above those minimums is at your discretion. If you decide to use handspun, please spend $10 USD on the materials.

**if you cannot commit to spending this minimum, please drop out now by emailing either Celia or Cynthia HERE

2. This swap is international, so postage has not been included in the minimum cost. We will be trying to make as many international exchanges as possible.

3. Materials - The questionnaire/interview is a guideline. Please respect allergies and dislikes. However, just b/c your pal likes cashmere doesn't mean you need to buy it... unless you REALLY want to. If you have any concerns that your pal might be allergic to your choice of yarn, please check with them before you start knitting.

4. Use this opportunity to try a new pattern or stitch!! Now is the time to try new styles, and patterns. You don't have to go out and buy a new scarf book just for this exchange. There is a wide range of free patterns on the web, so why not try one of them? It is assumed that all scarves are knitted. If you would like to make a woven, crochet or felted scarf, please check with your pal before proceeding.

5. Pals will be allocated around 15th November. You will be notified of any delays.

6. We're aiming for the scarves to be RECEIVED by February 15th, 2006. Please keep that in mind if you are assigned an international pal. Please let us or your pal know if you are delayed for any reason.

7. Folks who sign up and don't keep their end of the bargain will be banned from future exchanges. (Yes, we do keep a list).

8. If you want to get to know your pal but keep your identity a secret, please set up an anonymous email acct with either gmail, yahoo, or hotmail. Contact us if you'd like a gmail account.

9. Please post about your progress at least once a month to this blog. It's ok if you have no KNIT progress (procrastinators, unite!) but we'd like to know you're thinking about your project. Anything like choosing yarn, a pattern, etc can be an update!

10. Enjoy it!

Hi there

Hi there I am glad that I joined and I was wondering if anyone has the Scarf Style book?
I have it and it is a wonderful book for designing scarves.

Hello everyone

This is the first time I am joining this international scarf exchange so I am rather excited. I like knitting for other people because it let's me try out patterns and styles that I wouldn't necessarily wear myself. I have particpated in the Rowan exchange twice before, and while there were no cost guidelines I did end up spending and receiving about US$20-25, so I think this minimum amount is a good guide. Having all my DH's family on my X'mas gift list, I have had to budget a maximum amount for each, (or we would be living on bread and butter during X'mas!). From a review of my FOs, a perusal of other people's blogs, and goggle, this is what I think could be done (or I have done) for US$25 standard retail price.

1) Flora neckwarmer (aka very short scarf) and a small beret (2" shorter than pattern) using 3 x 50g of DB alpaca silk.

2) Moebius scarf and hat using 2 x US$12.50/50g Knitpicks Far East cashmere. I actually knitted the Moebius scarf using one 2 oz skein of handpainted Makalu cashmere for my MIL, but it cost me US$32 and I think the Knitpicks cashmere is a good substitute (as well as good value for money).

3) Froth scarf using 2 strands and 2 x 25g of KSH. But if one were to use 1 strand for a shorter lacy scarf and 2 strands for a smallish beret/hat, then should be able to knit a set using 2 balls.

4) Multi-directional scarf and diagonal hat set using 3 x 50g of Noro silk garden (200yds for the shorter scarf and 100yds for a one skein Noro hat). I used 300yds balls and knitted the longer scarf.

5) Misty garden lace scarf using 2 x 50g Koigu KPPM with a beret using 50g Knitpicks sock garden/landscape or a felted bucket hat using Cascade 200.

Of course, if one is lucky it is possible to get these yarns for under US$25, but I am assuming that the minimum amount refers to the standard US internet retail price, because not everyone has access to a good LYS offering discounts or the patience to trawl ebay! With the exception of Flora (which I am keeping because the yarn is a gift from my secret pal 3), I knitted the rest as gifts. So personally I would be delighted to be assigned to a Canadian or US knitter with easy access to Koigu KPPM, my favourite yarn.

These are higher end yarns and the finished items are on the smallish side. If one wanted a longer scarf like the reversible cable scarf from Scarf Style, which requires 8 balls of worsted yarn, then one would have to go down in quality, e.g. US$2.50/50g. I find that my giftees do appreciate these yarns, and of course, smaller items mean lower shipping costs, and quicker knitting ... an important point when you have to knit 15 scarves!

Hope these suggestions are helpful.

Hello World!

This is the Wandering Knitter (or Amber to mere mortals) signing in to say hello! I've seen past exchanges and I've been itching to join one. And there's even a new LYS next to my job so I got a source of pweeeety yarn for my future buddy. Yes, this shall be fun. Mwahaha.

Now it's time for my newbie question: Where is the questionare? Is it up yet? And when I'm done do I post it here, or on my blog?

Next, spam: Visit my blog! It has knitting, cheap yarn, expensive yarn, and thriftstore funtimes!

look at everyone

I'mm so excited to see so many new faces! I hope I can find a few more guys to sign to see some XY knits...wouldnt you?

Just Joined..

Hi ladies, I've just joined on.

Can't wait to get started, I have been away from doing scarves for a while in search of bigger and better things (ie socks) but I'd love to get back to doing scarves, especially since I keep seeing such GORGEOUS patterns everywhere!

I'm in Sydney and join Celia in her spinning adventures (or rather she teaches me and I fumble along).

Thursday, October 20, 2005

I'm in too!

Ohhh, I hope I post this right. I have a fear of screwing up this blog. ;)

Greetings from Ontario, Canada. This will be my first exchange ever (other than SP6 and that's a little different than this). I'm a little excited and very much looking forward to this!

My blog home is here. Stop in for a visit if you have the time.

Another newbie for the scarf exchange - can't wait!

Hello All,

I am so excited to be a part of this new scarf exchange. As a newbie to the exchange and to blogging, this should be interesting. Can't wait to hear more details.


Just wanted to say hi...

I'm so excited for this exchange. Thanks for hosting it.

I know you'd mentioned filling out a questionaire, but I couldn't find it. Did I miss it, or is it yet to come?

- Leisel

Another Joiner

Hi all, I'm another new member of the exchange. I've never participated in one before so I'm really looking forward to it and to getting to know everyone. I've signed up for the scarf only as I've only knitted one pair of too-big mittens and no hats! My blog is here.


Greetings from Queens, NYC

Just wanted to stop by and say Hi. I had so much fun making a scarf for the first scarf exchange I had to sign up again. I received the most stunning scarf from my exchange partner - I can't wait to wear it. I have it all ready to pack up for my trip to Chicago next week - I know I will be cold enough there to appreciate it!

You can check out my blog if you want to see it - it is in the Sept 20 post


Hi I am Catherine and I am a regular reader of Cynthia's blog... thats how I found out about this! I have never been apart of an exchange where you knit something for someone... I am very excited and can't wait until we get assigned our pals!

Passionknit On Board

Hello everyone! I just received my invitation for the scarf exchange. I'm excited about joining you all, and I enjoy swaps/exchanges. I'm going to love saying, "This is was knitted by someone in...." I look forward to see everyone's progress.

Please stop by my blog to read about my (and Monica's) knitting adventures.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Saying hello from Victoria, BC, Canada!

This is the first time I've ever participated in anything like this, so I'm really looking forward to it! Nice to 'meet' you all.... WindWalkerGal


This will be the first scarf exchange I have joined. I'm so excited to be a part of this..and start knitting away..scarves, hats, mittens.. its all good..I have to admit with the change of weather I'm so into the scarves right now. With just a slight chill in the air its great to get all the yarns out for cuddly scarves

I have signed up for the 2nd round

I was one of the first Secrete Scarf Exchange members, and I had such a grand time I am back for the round 2.

I love knitting scarves, shawls and stoles, so I am really looking forward to knitting my second scarf for someone out there.

If you 'd like to see my first scarf, please click here.

can't wait to start the 2nd round

Hello all.

I had fun w/ the last scarf exchange and can't wait to start the new one. :)

i would like to do the scarf/hat combo. :)


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Latest members (Wednesday 19th October)

Scarf Only

Scarf and hat/mittens
Chrissie (hat or mittens?)
Michelle (hat or mittens?)
Kristen (mittens)
Amanda (mittens)
Cynthia - Cyncyn (mittens)
Becky (hat)
Colette (hat)
Stariel (hat)
Krystofer - Impossible Princess(hat)

Stripey Tiger

Please let us know if you have emailed Cynthia or me, and have not been added yet nor received an invitation to this blog. Also, please let us know if you have a blog and we have not linked your name to it. Lastly, those who are new on the list, welcome, welcome. Please check the links to make sure that we have linked your name to the right blog address.


Hi Everyone,

This is my first knitting exchange and I am super excited about it. Scarfs are one of my favorite things to knit. I love knitting for people and I hardly have time to make anything for myself so this scarf exchange is great.

On my blog, you can read about my knitting, crochet and other crafty endeavors. I just got a puppy recently so he often shows up on my blog.

-Oiyi (Angela)

A Call To Arms

Hear ye, hear ye. Or something like that... anyone out there gifted with the ability to make buttons? Please submit a button to either Celia or myself if you have the penchant and time to make a cute one... and we'll add it to the blog.

just to keep us all updated...

Scarf Only

Scarf and hat/mittens
Chrissie (hat or mittens?)
Cynthia - Cyncyn (mittens)
Michelle (hat or mittens?)
Colette (hat)
Krystofer - Impossible Princess(hat)
Stariel- (hat)
Kristen- (mittens)
Amanda- (mittens)

Stripey Tiger

Scarf and Mittens

HI everyone,

I am looking forward to knitting a surprise for someone out there!

Thanks Celia and Cynthia for organizing this.

Hi all!

Thanks to Impossible Princess for letting me know about this scarf exchange. :)

I'll join as a scarf and hat person.

Feel free to check out my blog (all knitting related) here to see what I'm making and learn a bit more about me.

Welcome, welcome!

Welcome everyone!

We now have 15 participants, including Cynthia and me. We are working out a questionaire and a proper sign up process. This is what I think is going to happen. (emphasis on THINK)

In order to make sure nobody is missed out, information is easily accessible and nobody is stalked by weirdos, here's the suggestion

1. Post your answers to the questionaire here on the blog (apart from your postal and email address). Use your name/handle as the title of the post. That way, the person making yur scarf can easily refer to this blog to find the info they need. It will also be fun to see what everyone else likes/dislikes.

2. Send an email to us (at the scarf exchange admin email address which we will tell you together with the questionaire) with your name, postal address and email address. This info will be forwarded by email to your scarf maker.

In the mean time, while waitg for Cynthia and I to work out the finer details, this is what you can do

1. Tell us which group you want to be in, if you haven't already done so. There are two groups - scarf only and combo (scarf/mittens or scarf/hat). For those who choose to be in the combo, please indicate whether you prefer to receive a hat or mittens or don't care. We will try our best to match you with someone wishing to make the same. Mittens, I think, take much longer to make than a hat.

2. Tell your friends, families, pets, strangers, enemies, random person, etc about the scarf exchange. The more the merrier right? This is of course, optional. It will be greatly appreciated, though, if you do advertise for us. The last time we did this, the majority of participants were from the USA. This is not a bad thing, don't get me wrong. However, it IS the International scarf exchange, and the more people we have from different countries, the better it would be, right?

Thank you to all who are participating. those of you thinking about it, stop thinking and hop in! It's going to be fun!

Members so far

Scarf Only

Scarf and hat/mittens
Chrissie (hat or mittens?)
Cynthia - Cyncyn (mittens)
Michelle (hat or mittens?)
Colette (hat)
Krystofer - Impossible Princess(hat)

Stripey Tiger

I'm here!

I'm signing up for a scarf and hat set! I can never have to many of those LOL...

And on top of this I told my friend about this and he wants to learn to knit so he can join this too. So I am going over to his house tomorrow to teach him...I hope you guys don't mind me inviting him to hop in...I always thought the more the merrier!

Monday, October 17, 2005

the more the merrier

we also have

Krystofer and Kristen returning for round 2.

Marti and Amanda joining us for the first time.

please let us know which group you'd like to sign up for!!

Our first participants

Apart from Cynthia and myself, we have our first two participants.

A warm welcome to Stripey Tiger and Chrissie.

Scarf Only

Scarf and hat/mittens

Which group do you want to be in, Stripey Tiger?