Saturday, October 07, 2006

Scarf is finished... but... big BUT! opinions please!!

I decided to dye it after I knitted it instead of dying the yarn first. I know.. I know... ( well I just found out) it wasn't the best of ideas. I think it's a love it or hate it dye job. Come visit my blog if you want to see it. If I don't love it enough by tomorrow, Sunday, it'll be overdyed to a dark brown. I still have time to make another. Perhaps that will make it better!! It's an Alpaca/mohair blend in the Old Shale patter knit on size 7 cicular bamboo needles. Let me know what you think of it.

My progress

I am making an aran scarf in a lovely pink alpaca yarn. As you can see, I only have about 5" done but I should have more time to devote to it now.

Friday, October 06, 2006

noonie knits...

Finally I decided what to do, what to knit with and when to knit. Just got back from a trip to Chicago, took my wool, needles and Debbie Abrahams book with me. Was hoping to knit on the plane, but despite everything I read online they wouldn't let me take my needles. So it all went into the checked baggage.

I did find lots of time to knit, finally decided to just go for it and pick bits nad pieces as I go. It's how I cook and always works, be interesting to see the results. So far so good.

My only panic... for some reason I thought the exchange ended end of November... am knitting faster!



After getting over 1/2 way done wiht my scarf I decided to frog it...

wither this is going t obe a good thing

or I'm fucking MADD AS A HATTER!

I'm Glad

I'm glad to see that I am not alone in the frogging...LOL! I guess I shouldn't laugh.
They always say that it's a woman's perogative to change her mind, but this is getting extreme. I will start it, I will not frog it, and this will be it!!!! That is my mantra for this weekend!!!!

Feeling really blue

The beautiful scarf which was blue that I finished 2 weeks ago and mailed last week to my scarf pal has been lost in the mail. I shipped it Priority Mail in flat rate box of 8.10 with some other goodies inside too. That was on September 27th. It was going 4 states away I am in NJ she is in NC and its gone. THe post office is no help at all, and I just want to cry. I will gladly make another scarf but that one was lovely and so special. I have pictures but can't post them in case the duplicate doesn't come out the same. Oh well I guess I have an excuse to buy more yarn/

Is This Normal?

I seem to alternate one good lace day with one bad.

I'll have a good knitting evening where I get 4 or 5 repeats done in my available knitting time. The next day somehow I'll mess up one row and end up tinking my whole evening's work. So.Frustrating.

I thought I had plenty of time, but I'm starting to worry that I'm not going to finish in time! Am I getting too far ahead of myself? Maybe this was not the ideal time to try something new...

Scarf is on the way!

I finished my pal's scarf and it will go into the mail today.
I used two balls of Noro Silk Garden Colour #8 with Denise Needles size US10.5. The pattern is my so-called-scarf.

I really like the way this turned out, and hope my pal does too!


Done like Dinner

My pal will soon have a delicious multi-directional scarf around her neck! It took a while to plan my package even though the scarf has been done for a while. I hope she likes it!

Almost There

I have been working exclusively on my scarf this past week. I am down to the finally or so rows not including the binding off. But I am planning on taking this weekend off from working on it. Instead, I will work on something else. My shoulder is hurting from too much knitting on it. Hopefully, the weather will clear up this weekend so that I can take a decent photo of the scarf. Everytime, I plan to take a photo of it, the skies either turn gray or it starts to rain. More later - Mia

A change of mind....

I decided against the scarf I had in mind for my exchange when I reread my pal's color preferences. I think I found some wool that sounds more like what she would prefer...

I hope she doesn't mind that I added a bit of glam to it. Everyone should have a little sparkle in their wardrobe!

Time flies!

I really intended to post these pix sooner, but this week has been crazy! Well, enough of my excuses, bring on the goodies...

Here's my package from Mia, containing this gorgeous cabled Inner Truth scarf, a very cute stuffed rat wearing his own matching scarf, a lovely card, and a package of yummy Jelly Rats.

The scarf is made from wool yarn that Mia handdyed, and it's really quite beautiful, as you can see in these closeups (please forgive the cat tail).

Thank you so much, Mia, you did a wonderful job!

Branching Out is on the way

Here it is blocking. What an impressive process! The scarf measured 5" wide by 42" long before blocking. It blocked out to 7" wide by 65" long. I got 24 repeats using one skein of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in colour 24 Claret.

And this is a modelled shot of it. I love it! I'm gonna make this scarf again and again and again because on a recent trip to my LYS I picked up more Silky Wool in purple (for me), green and pink.

I'm putting it in the mail for you today pal!

I did it

I was worried when I couldn't find the perfect pattern for my scarf but I finally buckled down and picked one that I think really shows off the color of the yarn. I set to it and finished the scarf now I am in the process of putting together the package. Don't worry ISE Pal it will be GREAT!

I'm Done

I am done with my scarf and will be mailing it on Monday!! Happy to be finished, Bev

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Leisel is off the needles, blocked and ready to roll!

I'm so happy to say she is blocked! I used the Yarn Harlot's method, with string and pins. The scarf grew 18 inches longer in the blocking process and the leaves definitely show themselves better now! I'm pretty thrilled it is near ready to roll, I think I'll need to pick some pieces of "hay" out of it, there is a lot of schmibble bits in the Elspeth Lavold Silky Wool:) I have to gather some other goodies before I send it off to my pal! Can't wait! And...I heard from my knitter and seems I could have a scarf in my mailbox just about any time now:) Hurray!!

scarf in fleight

so I sent my scarf off yesterday, and since I was really distracted ( I brought three of my kids all under age 5) I forgot the cute little note that i was to include.. I will have to email the note to her later after I know she got it because I want to include my "real name" in the note lol

thanks to the hostesses.. I loved this :)

changed my mind *again*

I think I've changed my mind again. First I was going to use the koigu from the stash. Then I decided I wanted something silkier and found a sale on some Cherry Tree Hill fingering silk, with maybe a pattern from Lavish Lace. So I ordered the yarn (not in this colorway). Decent plan, right?......sure. Except that in the meantime I wandered into a yarn shop and across some Artyarns Silk Rhapsody in this lovely combo of blues and greens and just couldn't resist it. So now I'm thinking that I'll use the silk rhapsody with either the Touch of Whimsey scarf or the Column of Leaves scarf that some of you were so kind to recommend back when I was using the koigu.

sigh.....but notice that this is all what I will do (and not what I have done...except for the spending part!). And so many of you are finished and mailed already! Yikes! Methinks I'd better get a move on!

cross your fingers!

I think the disagreement between the yarn and myself is over! I've been working on a lace pattern for almost a foot, and I think we have something here! Don't worry, secret pal, you will have a scarf!

I have recieved my scarf....

And it is beautiful. great colours and some other very interesting things. Some locally grown almonds and a very thoughtful postcard!

my scarf is done and am sending it tommorrow!! Promise!

Liesel is done!

I have finished scarf for my pal! I really like it! Hope she'll too!

And most deffinitelly will knit for myself!

Matthew is Almost done!

My Matthew scarf is almost done! Pictured here is just a glimpse and more photos can be seen on my blog. I have really enjoyed this pattern and once I got past my chart phobia (thanks Cynthia and Bonnie) it really is not hard at all. I'm hoping to finish it this weekend and send it off to my secret pal. I just love all the different scarves I have been seeing on this exchange. It always amazes me how people find the perfect pattern to go with the different yarns. The only problem is I now have a ton of new scarves on my to do list!

The yarn is finally here....

Well, the yarn has finally arrived here and I've been knitting since yesterday. Thankfully I am still very happy with yarn choice and pattern and so it has grown by now to 35cm. The color my mother picked for me is absolutely perfect and I can't wait to finish it and send it off to my pal.

Since I was a bit stupid when initially contacting her, she might just know who I am, so I won't post any pictures here on or my blog of the progress until she has received it.

Until next post, which should tell you it's finished and being blocked.......


I brought my scarf with me back to Taiwan. However I could not knit more than 2 rows at a time as the weather here has been scorchingly hot and humid.

Although I had knitted quite a bit already before coming over, I was kind of worried that I might not finish it in time to mail it out to my pal.

Finally the weather turned cooler for the past 3, 4 days, and I knitted up really fast and without any errors. Yeah!!

Little Arrowhead Shawl/Scarf - All I have to do now is to weave in ends and block which will be done when I am back at home next week. Then off to my pal.

I hope my pal is going to like it.

Close up.

The Scarf I Made

My swap pal emailed me today that she received the scarf that I sent. Boy, I was worried. I mailed it two weeks ago and it was supposed to take six days. So now I can show you all. I used Artful Yarns Jazz which was 50% wool and 50% alpaca. The pattern was Leaf-Patterned Lace from Barbara Walker's A Treasury of Knitting Patterns and the edge pattern was adapted from a pattern by Brooke Nelson. I had a little extra yarn so I made Fetching from Knitty also. By the way, she said she loves it.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Am I The Only One

Am I the only onw who scours the blog looking for clues as to which of these gorgeous scarves may be sent to me?

I can't be. Or can I?

My dog ate my scarf...almost

Hello all,

I know I've heard the ate my homework...statement alot and I never believed it. Until now, that is. I have recently adopted a 17 month old yellow lab who was found this weekend with my project basket turned over, yarn all over the place and a missing, partially chewed crochet hook.

Bad news...crochet hook chewed beyond use, and slobbered yarn. Yuck!

Good scarf exchangee is saved. The scarf was finished and needing only weaving in ends and blocking. It was at the bottom of the bag and therefore left alone by the puppy in favor of my Brittany wood crochet hook and left over yarn.

It did take quite a bit of time to unravel the mess. Phoning several LYS to find a new Brittany hook, I found out that many of them do not carry these anymore. The one I did find is not the same size but will have to do. My yarn projects have all been put in puppy proof plastic zip bags and I am looking into a better storage system than the open baskets and leather carrier that I have been using.

susancrochets....but not when the puppy is around!

Another postcard

I received a third postcard from my Secret Pal--this time from South Africa. I have no idea what my scarf looks like, but I'll bet it's the most-travelled scarf on the list! :-) I'm having such fun with this!

Done and on its way!

I'm done, and the parcel is on it's way to my pal! I made a Mistake Rib scarf, from Grignasco Jazz, in 100% Merino wool. My pal lives in a chilly clime, so I wanted something thick and warm for her to wrap around her neck. I hope she enjoys it as much as I enjoyed knitting it up!

Craftybernie's progress photo (scarf no 4)

Here it is - the first two pattern repeats! I'm sooo excited. The pattern is from
Sabine is an unusual scarf that incorporates slip stitches and woven stitches with knitting to create the plaid effect. Matching fringe at the ends finishes off the scarf to complete the woven look.
Now that I've shared, I'm going to get back to work. Gotta get this little beauty done by the middle of next week. Isn't she pretty!!!

Finished Blocking

Finished and unblocked. Doesn't it look a little like seaweed?

Finished blocking my scarf. It looks soooo much better

Blocking Advice

I am almost finished with my Branching Out Scarf and since I have never blocked anything before, I am looking for any helpful hints so my pal's scarf blocks its best. Thanks and I'm enjoying looking at everyone's beautiful scarves!

Jennifer did it arrive

I am so nervous, I mailed your scarf over a week ago, the other boxes I mailed that day have all been accounted for but not yours yet, please let me know if it arrived, I hope you enjoy it (grace-gigi-gwendolyn-needles54)

Claire has done her project

Dear All,
I have done my project and I will mail it when I get to LA. (Yeah~ I am from Taiwan... I just happen to visit LA soon :P)
Everybody Happy Knitting!!!!

Down to the last bits

I'm in the home stretch now...just inches left to knit. You know how that is...can't put your knitting down? I took it to new lengths last night. Now you have to know that I knit on the Express bus every day...and the mornings are dark...soooo, I have a wonderful little clip-on reading light to knit by. Last night, I went to the movies. I thought there would be more light in the theatre before the movies started. Not the case, so I whipped out my little light and knitted away. The light and the scarf caused quite the stir. In the process I met a wonderful lady(also a knitter) and her family. Knitting is so great! I may have another new knitting friend...and all because of this Exchange. I couldn't be happier.

On it's way tomorrow

Hi there you lot. I am done! I am finished and happy. I am not going to post a pic here though because I was one of those email numpties that sent my real name with my anonymous email. I didn't even realise I had done that until I sent myself a test email yesterday. There it was, large as real name. And I thought I was pretty computer savvy. Rude awakening anyone? Anyway, my (well, may partners) scarf will be winging it's way home tomorrow along with a few other carefully selected goodies. I hope she will like it.

Craftybernie's back in the saddle again

I'm back in the saddle again, yee'haw! The people have spoken and scarf no 4 has been chosen.

Thanks for helping me decide. I've posted a brief rant-ette on my blog. If this one doesn't work out, I'm going back to number 3 - the floral crochet one.

Thanks again! Bernie


It's done and blocking. Well, except for the sewing up anyway.

Should be off to the pal late this week or sometime next week. Probably next week since this week is annual close and the work schedule is a tad skewed.

i'm so bad

it came to my attention that i didn't post in the month of Sept. EEPS! sorry, my ISE PAL!

i have the yarn and the pattern picked out. i'm currently making the same scarf for someone else in another color. :) i just hope my pal likes it. i'm going to be starting it this week.

but here is a little preview of the other scarf i'm working on now.....just so you have an idea of what the ISE scarf will look like....(in a diff. color of course)

It came, It went, It's gone, look for it

I was all worried before about not even starting.Now , I have chose the colors, picked the pattern. Knit the design. Of course, second guessed myself. Then figured, I was running out of time...

to make the perfect scarf for my pal. So here it is . Sideways, but done. In the box, in the mail, as of today. I hope all goes well and she likes it. It was fun to make. My favorite yarn, a unique cable twist, long and colorful. Maybe, my pal knows it's for her.

Only four or five more repeats to go

My goal is to get this in the mail in the middle of October, and I think I will be able to. Now I just have to figure out how to make tassels.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

finished scarf post

i never got around to posting a final image of the ISE3 scarf. it is finished. it is off the blocking board. i'm not completely thrilled with the graft but hey it's mohair i wasn't going to be thrilled i just knew it! but overall i think it turned out great for my first lace. i have yet to mail it out. i'm bad about going to the post office. except for sock wars. but that's a different story ;)

and a closeup of the lace pattern, as requested i think the knitting turned out pretty well if i do say so myself :)

pattern: branching out
yarn: kidseta
modifications: knit in two halves and grafted at the neck center.
completed: september 22

I'm done!

Oops, this post is a little late, seeing as it should have gone up in September but, I've been working on my project for the ISE. I decided to make the Forest Canopy shawl. I've been a little busy with school and away from the computer, but, I have been knitting.
It took me 6 days to knit. It probably would have taken me longer except, I brought school with me 3 days in a row and worked on it in all my classes. It turns out, as long as I look up every now and then, my teachers don't really care if I knit in class. Well, except Orchestra, I can't knit through Orchestra.
Here's me hiding behind the shawl as Mom tried to take a picture of me. It's finished but I still need to sew in the ends and block it. I'm waiting to block it because I want to wash it with woolwash when I block it.

Traveling Scarf

I'm going away for the Canadian Thanksgiving, and bringing my scarf with me. I haven't had much time to work on it (Forbes Forest from Scarf Style) so hopefully I will have some time to work on it while I'm away, and then kick it in to full gear when I get back! Though I can knit on the plane, I'm packing it in my bag as it doesn't fit in my purse (900 metres of yarn is rather large). I haven't measured it but I'd say it's about half way done.

Happy advance turkey day to my fellow Canadians!

My ISE Pal, Hila of HPNY KNITS, Rocks!

Hi, this is Holly from HollYarns and My International Scarf Exchange Pal, Hila of HPNY KNITS, ROCKS! The scarf she sent me--made of the super soft and slightly fuzzy Country Alpaca--is soooo gorgeous and so perfect for the suddenly (or so it seems) cold weather:

And then--because she is just so thoughtful--she added in these beautiful fingerless gloves:

And chocolate:

And more chocolate and a CD with New York, NY inspired music:

A bag to carry knitting accessories (or keys, cell phone, and a wallet):


Making Progress

Hi all!

Love seeing the pictures of everyone's work in progress. I'm not that technical, so hopefully my secret pal will take a picture of the finished project to post.

Am on the downhill slide to finishing and thinking I need to get more of this wonderful yarn and make one for me!

On its way soon!

Blocked the scarves last night. Yes, that is right... I made 2. Not sure about the first one. So decided to do 2 for my pal. They should be ready to package up when I get home this evening and hopefully in the mail by Thursday. I stress too much.... but I love it.


The Silk Garden multi-directional scarf is growing! This is a slower knit than I expected, but short rows are so clever, and the pattern's easy to memorize. I put in some serious time the last two nights on this scarf while watching Shopgirl and a couple episodes of Buffy.

scarf launching

Located yarn? Check
Located needles? Check
Downloaded pattern? Check
Stitch markers? Check
Book train tickets? Check

I am headed south this upcoming weekend to spend some time with my parents, as my mom is having surgery. Since I am taking the train, I will have much uninterrupted time to work on my scarf. I am looking forward to the time to work on this, but not looking forward to all the hospital waiting rooms. At least this will be a pleasant project to help pass the time.

Slow progress...

But hopefully the super busy period at work has finished and I am anticipating lots more knitting time. The scarf seems to be coming along well and was much admired at my knitting group so I hope my pal likes it too!

Craftybernie: Back to square 1

Just a quickie and a quick rethink. Originally I was working on the Hidden Vines Scarf and the SnB Stripes Forever Scarf for my pal but a couple of things have happened.

Firstly, the version of the Hidden Vines Scarf I found is a bit 'floppy' and I didn't feel entirely happy with it. Secondly, although the SnB Scarf is progressing well, I'm having a real problem with the yarn I chose.

It appears I might have an allergy to one of the fibres in the yarn blend (can't say which one as I don't want to give the game away). As soon as I touch the yarn, my face itches and my nose & lips tingle like mad! So, The SnB scarf will have to go on the back burner for now.

I've decided to stick with one of these two scarves from I know my pal will love either one but your input would be appreciated. Help me make my final decision today! Will it be the plaid or the floral? Thanks for your help.

Wish me luck!

My Progress So Far

Here's a picture of my scarf so far. It's about 64" long. I want it to be at least 72" long not including the fringe. It's made with Cascade 220 Quatro in a blue and green mixed colorway. I didn't get the color quite right in the picture but it's a beautiful mix of the blue and green. I hope my pal likes it.

She requested a long scarf. But, like many others, I don't know how long that really is. Many say the scarf should be as long as the person is tall, 68" in this case. I asked a friend that question who (1) doesn't knit and (2) happened to be in Latvia on vacation. I received this response "I asked a native muscovite (person born and raised in Moscow) since I thought she was best suited to answer cold climate questions. She says if you hang it around your neck, it shouldn't go beyond your knees on either side. (But that's also wearing it euro style where you double it and then poke the end through)" My pal's about the same height as I am, so based on that definition I need to get to 82". We'll see how far the last ball of yarn gets me.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Just about ready to send!!!

I just took my pal's scarf off the blocking board. It's a lovely, reversible cable scarf made with some really nice alpaca. It's not a very wide scarf and it could be slightly longer but I only had one skein of this loveliness of a yarn. I'm adding a few goodies to the box and will send it off later on this week. My life has been more than hectic these past two weeks and marked with a bit of medical problems so I'm glad I'm feeling almost back to normal and ready to tackle all the Christmas knitting now that the scarf is done........... I'll be knitting mostly scarves for Christmas, too.

I haven't taken any pictures or posted the finished scarf on my blog but will do so soon.



I have completed Evelyn Clark's Estonian Garden Wrap. The wonderful recipeint lives in a warm climate so I made it using cotton rather than the customary wool. It has a luxurious drape and looks very stunning, if I may say so myself.

However, since the color is not specifically one that she requested, I am hoping that she will not be disappointed. I will be shopping around for a few more surprises to accompany it. So, if you get a package in the mail in about one week..... it might be containing this wrap! I am wishing that you will cherish it, and accept it in the spirit in which it was created.

The Obligatory Stats
Pattern: Evelyn Clark's Estonian Garden Wrap
Yarn: Rowan's Cotton Glace
Color: Butter
Yardage: 875 (7 skeins)
Needles: 8 (US)
Size: 24"x80"

Late September Update

Okay, I totally forgot about my September update. I have been busy knitting my scarf instead. I am down to my last 20 or so rows but I know have well over 150 stitches on my needles. Yes, I am not knitting an normal style scarf. I will try and post a photo of at least something showing the colors of my scarf later this week but I will not reveal the whole thing until it is complete. I have to wait until I actually have it off the needles to see how much blocking will be required. I am actually curious to see it off the needles. More to follow hopefully soon, My goal is to have it off the neeldes this weekend. - mia

Some Progress!

Alas! I can't remember the name of the pattern or where on the net this came from! But I am making progress on my pal's scarf. The yarn is a wool/soy blend and I'm really likin' the softness of it....hope my pal will too!

I've got the blues

Hey everyone!

I finally finished a blue sweater for my DH and have more time to knit the blue scarf for my pal.

I'm knitting the Midwest Moonlight from Scarf Style in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. I've only knit one repeat so far, but am amazed at how long the one repeat is. The scarf is fun to knit, and seems to go quickly once you get the pattern down. This is my second go at the scarf. After knitting a couple of repeats on the first attempt, I noticed that the slant of one set of openwork was slanting in the wrong direction. I'm hoping the second try will be a success.

Plan B

Here is my "Plan B"
I really like this one a lot,
It is my first time trying this pattern, was hard at the beginning but I figured it out ...
Almost done and can't wait to post it to my Pal !


I'm almost done with my exchange scarf! Soon it will be going in the mail and heading on it's way to my pal.

Some Call me a Perfectionist :)

But I'm not! So...I just gave a friend of mine some money to buy some beautiful Noro Cash Iroha - Color #93 in Charlottesville, VA. I looked at it last night and also looked again at my pal's questionnaire. As I read it again, she stated that she liked aqua and green. Just so happens that this Noro is a perfect aqua green color. So, I'm starting yet another scarf to see which one I want to send to my pal. I'm doing a feather and fan pattern that I pulled from Dianne's Patterns. The pattern in this yarn is just as beautiful, if not more, than the first scarf.

Decisions, decisions!


Multiple of 10 sts plus 1 Repeat of 2 rows. Begin with right-side row.
ROW 1(Right side row): *K1, yo, k3, (sl 1, k2tog,psso), k3, yo,* repeat from * to *, end k1.
ROW 2: P.

Still waiting... for my yarn

What wonderful FO's and works in progress I see on the blog everywhere....

It worries me that I have nothing to show as of yet. My yarn has not arrived. First, there was the ordering process. I sent my Mom (lives in another country, where there actually is something called a good LYS) to look at colors. I trust her choice and online you're never sure. So, she picked the color, I already knew which yarn.

Then, there was the search for which online retailer actually had it. When I finally found the one, they accepted my order. And then, nothing. I called after a few days. That color is unfortunately on back order, we didn't have the 6 balls you specified in one dye lot. Finally, on 22 Sept. they tell me it's on the way. And now the post... the post...why do they always take their time when you need something urgently!!!

Well, hopefully I will have a note from the postman in my mailbox once I get home, so that I can pick up the package at the post office.

Thankfully, I have the same yarn quality but completely wrong color at home and have at least knitted a swatch to see how the pattern I chose turns out.... and that, thankfully is great and once the right color arrives it will be.... perfect!!!

In the meantime, I am hard at work plugging away at other things that have a deadline, so that I can then concentrate solely on the scarf for my wonderful pal. She has already posted a finished object for her knittee and I envy the recipient, it is so beautiful.

Back, back, back...

Sigh. The beautiful Apple Pie yarn and the beautiful Dewdrop Scarf pattern weren't a good match after all, in spite of what the swatch suggested. So I'm back to Old Shale, which seemed boring but works best with the color changes. I chose the yarn in the first place because it reminds me of clear winter days in Alaska, when the low slant of the light turns the snow amazing shades of pink, purple, teal and gold. The Old Shale pattern actually suggests the play of the Northern Lights, too. So I'm back to the beginning, but I think I've finally got it.

I think.

P.S. Can anybody who looked at the Dewdrop pattern please tell me why it's called that? I don't see dewdrops in the pattern or in my swatches, either.

Finally finished!

It's too long for me to put it up gracefully, so I had to fold it in half and display in M...
Folded up
Lace pattern closeup while blocking
Ready to be sent

After 3 weeks of knitting (about 15 days of actual knitting, average 1~2 repeats a day), the revised Kimono Shawl/lace scarf is finally finished!! Usually it needn't take that long but as the twins in my belly grow so quickly, we get tired quite often.
Grignasco Bambi yarn is nice to knit and even nicer after wet blocking! It turned much softer and fluffier to the touch! Definitely a good choice for scarves and shawls, or any other kind of lace project.
The scarf is about 77 inches long, I've never knitted such long scarf before except the Icarus Shawl, but the yarn used was heavier and also the needle size larger then the original pattern...
Anyway, I will send it tomorrow and I really hope that my pal likes it, at least the three of us tried our best!