Saturday, November 18, 2006

Scarf Arrived!

I received my lovely scarf from Judy in Australia! It came while I was away on vacation, but my brother-in-law, who was house-sitting for us, told me it came. So, I had something to look forward to after the long flight ;)

Judy knit this cozy scarf for me with a lovely neutral wool/alpaca blend. It is a perfect everyday scarf, and matches my wardrobe very well,

Many thanks, JUDY!!!

Egads! And Ack! And Oh No!

I said that I would post a picture of my lovely, lovely scarf from Sonia, and I haven't done it yet!

So, without further ado, and as an addendum to this post, please feast your eyes upon this beautiful Claudia's Handpainted (colorway: Blue Fields) scarf.


Yes, I know it's not a great picture, but this is the best I could do with the combination of late nights, fluorescent lighting in my cubicle and finicky camera. Rest assured that the colors are more vivid, the yarn is soft and squishy, and the pattern is one that I have ogled on this site quite a few times during the exchange.

Thank you again, Sonia, for such a beautiful gift!

P.S. Sonia especially deserves kudos because during the knitting period for the exchange, the woman gave birth and still got this scarf out. A-MAY-zing! ;)

Friday, November 17, 2006

Thank You Valerie!

I think that I may have forgotten to post my scarf here, so I am doing it now.

Knit Rite Valerie, thank you so much for the lovely scarf, hat and bag. I love everything!
International Scarf Exchange 2006 goodies

This was a great exchange and I am very pleased with my goodies!

International Scarf Exchange

The exchange is ending, and I'd like to say thank you to our fantastic hostesses - I hope that someone can fill your shoes. I thoroughly enjoyed watching scarves being made and exchanged, and was completely inspired by some of the creations! I also had a ton of fun creating a special scarf (actually two scarves!) for my pal, and I hope that she wears them in good health.

I have finally received my scarf from my secret pal, but I will not post a photo. She did not post a photo on her blog either - you see, I don't think her heart was in this exchange. I leave this experience with a huge disappointment. I won't go into the details, but offer these suggestions for future exchangers - I know there are "rules", but sometimes folks need the "spirit" explained to them.
1. Do not sign up for this exchange unless you want to give of yourself. The giving is the most important part, not the getting.
2. Do not tease your pal with stories of how you knit lace and handspin your own yarn if you are not going to follow through. It's a huge disappointment when they receive their package late (assuming it is such an intricate project that it is taking longer than expected), only to receive a plain knit scarf made from a ball of yarn from a craft store.
3. When you're knitting for a knitter, you should be proud of your work. It can be plain if that is your skill level, but the work should be free of glaring defects.
4. Do not offer to send the scarf that was made for you - your secret pal put their heart and soul into creating it especially for you. That scarf means nothing to anyone but you and your secret pal.
5. When mailing, use appropriate packaging. A box or padded envelope designed for weight is best. A flimsy envelope meant for mailing a letter will not make it through international mail.
6. Include a note with your package! Remember, this is not just about exchanging a scarf but about making new friends.

Some of you may ask why I am even writing this, since I believe the most important part is the giving. Well, because it is human nature to expect that your efforts will be rewarded. I thoroughly enjoyed creating a scarf for someone I had never met, so that in itself makes this exchange worth it. Unfortunately, I didn't get the complete package that some of you were able to experience.

Am I bitter? No. Am I disappointed? Yes. I think I'll go knit myself a scarf now. Knitting always makes everything better.

very belated thank you

I've been so slack about posting...sorry! I love my ISE scarf and have been wearing it daily. It's so soft and warm and is perfect with my new brown coat. This picture really doesn't do it justice, but it's always dark and gray lately so it's the best I could do. Thanks, Jenifer!

OMG, it's MANOS! Thanks, Shannon!

Well worth the wait, my incredible scarf and hat arrived yesterday! I would have posted right away, but I was hoping for decent light to post a pic today ... not to be. :-( Anyway, it's Manos, it's amazing, and I'll probably wear it every single day until February -- thanks so much, "TwinSanity."

And thanks again to the hostesses for a fabulous exchange....

Thanks! Kim in NJ

Bou is perky because this morning we received a lovely scarf in the mail. It's from Kim in NJ and it is made from the softest, silkiest yarn in soft green, blue and purple shades. I don't know what the yarn is but the pattern looks very much like Dayflower?

The little knitting post-it-notes and the collection of exotic teas just adds to the delight.

Thank you Kim for this beautifully knitted scarf and thank you to the ISE organisers for all your hard work.


I hope that everyone participating in the exchange has had fun. Celia and I want to thank those of you who posted on time, sent scarves out on time, and those who have kept in contact with us if the first two weren't possible. :) We do understand that life gets in the way sometimes.

However, we do need to finish up this exchange and tidy up loose ends. If you have not gotten a scarf, or haven't gotten a scarf AND haven't heard from your pal that it would be late, then you need to NOTIFY YOUR HOSTESS NOW. I have contacted my tribe, and I know Celia has as well, but we just simply can not chase down scarves forever. If we do not know that you have not recieved a scarf or that you haven't heard from your pal... how are we supposed to intercede on your behalf? If we do not hear from you by the date specified in our emails (Nov 22nd for my tribe, Nov 19th for Celia's tribe) then we may not be able to help you chase down your scarf.

Celia and I never dreamed that the ISE would become such a huge success... with so much interest. In the first exchange, we had just around 30 participants. Then, in the second exchange, around 100. This time? Over 225 people! We have had a blast during each exchange, but our lives have simply become too complicated/overwhelming for us to devote the time and care that is involved in running an exchange of this magnitude (even with excellent help from people like Iris and Sharon!).

So. We are asking those of you that are interested in hosting the exchange to email the hostess account HERE and let us know. We'll draw names from a hat and pass the baton on to you. What you do with the future rounds of ISE will be up to you! (and whomever you decide to recruit to help)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Falling Leaves

Hello all, I have been unforgiveably lax on the blog here. I recieved my scarf quite some time ago, and posted about it on my blog, but forgot about this one. Without further ado, I give you the fall leaves scarf :
And it came with fetching!
The scarf couldn't resist the pumpkin's charms, and so one last picture :
Thankyou pal!

Thanks pal

so sorry, forgot to post it !
I recive my 1st exchange scarf and I love it, so soft and beautiful !!!
Thanks pal !

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Marachino has arrived!!!

I had my 10 year old daughter check the mail this afternoon and she came in with a box that I knew had to be my Scarf Exchange package. I set it aside to help her get started on her homework, sort the mail, and get everyone afterschool snacks. Finally, after everyone was settled, I could retreat to my bedroom and open my package.

Three wrapped packages were inside the bigger box that were opened to reveal four beautiful silver stitch markers with pink enameled beads that will be so useful. I've never had such pretty stitch markers before. Next, a skein of Sunshine Yarns Handpainted by Dani sock yarn in the Neapolitan colorway. This colorway is a nice blend of pinks, from light to a dark maroon color. Gorgeous!

Last but certainly not least as I saved the best for last, was my wonderful scarf. Leisel, my partner, has obviously worked so hard on this beautiful cabled scarf that's been named Marachino as it reminds me of the color of Marachino Cherries.

Leisel designed this scarf herself by working with a stitch design from Stitchionary 2. It's gorgeous and intricate with cabling on every right side row. Absolutely perfect!!! Check it out on Leisel's blog.

Thank you Leisel for all your hard work. The scarf will be treasured and my neck will be both toasty and fashionable this winter.


My beautiful scarf

I could have sworn I already posted about my fabulous scarf, but I must have been dreaming. (Being wrapped in luciousness can do that to a person!) I received my wonderful scarf, knit for me by Amber, and I have already put it to good use, as it's finally starting to get cold here in Sacramento. It's such a perfect blend of blues, and it's butter-soft. The yarn is light as a feather, but the scarf is oh-so-warm. It's very long, just as I like my scarves. In fact, it's so long I had to fold it in half so I could arrange it for a photo. Isn't it pretty?? Thanks, Amber!!

Thanks Kristin!!!

Hi all!
I have had a whirlwind November but I finally have time couple of seconds I need to properly say thanks to the master crafter Kristin in Alaska. She sent me the best scarf a knit pal could wish for and some her own hand made stitch markers in sterling silver. Beautiful!

Going into lecture mode...

My apologies up front for those of you who have thoughtfully followed the guidelines of this exchange..this does not pertain to you.
I have noticed several posts about people not acknowledging their receipt of their scarves from their pals. (me included). Not only is this against the "rules" of this exchange, but it is very rude. Lots of time, effort and funds went into each and every one of these scarves and it is just so ungracious not to take two minutes to thank your pal.
You don't need to post pictures or even post a long dissertation about the gifts you have received...just let your pal know you got it and for pete's sake, say thank you.
What is strange to me is that the people that have not posted are bound to be people that created and sent a scarf to someone else. All of us should know how much we wait to hear if our receipients liked their gifts.
Thanks for letting me vent. Despite the bad taste in the end, this has been fun and I will do it again. I have even made email friends with Judy who knit the same scarf as me for her pal. (who said thank you!).
Thank you hostesses

Look at this WONDERFUL scarf that I received today! My ISE pal was Bonnie and I absolutely LOVE my scarf! It is knit from an alpaca blend, and the pattern is called Aran Cashmere Scarf. I don't think I'll be taking it off for a while! Not only did Bonnie send me this wonderful scarf, she sent me treats too! Some yummy cookies, yummy hot chocolate mix and some beautiful alpaca yarn she got at a B&B she stayed at. Thanks so much Bonnie!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Woohoo! My Scarf Is Here!

Sadly, I do not yet have pictures. I got home very late from work last night (around 11pm) and now it is overcast and cold, so no pictures yet. But I will get one of the girls at my knitting group tonight to take a picture or two for me.

The down-low until the pics are posted: made from Claudia's Handpainted Yarn (which I've coveted online and not seen in person until now!) in a gorgeous colorway called Blue Fields. It has varying shades of blue from pale sky blue to denim to an almost smoky deep blue. These different colors are interwoven with a lime-ish green (love that!), some olive, a little bit of gold, and a deeper gold with a hint of brown to it.

I don't know what the pattern is called but I've seen it on this blog and wanted it. And now I have my very own.

Thank you so much Sonia! It's beautiful. And I'll prove it when I can take some pictures.

Scarf received!

Woo hoo! Look what was in my mail today!

Many thanks to Liz for a gorgeous scarf! Nitty gritty available on my blog.

scarf received

i wanted to post and thank my wonderful pal for my scarf. it arrived along with several goodies. and if i could get the camera batteries to charge there would be photographic evidence. alas the technical guru otherwise known as boy will have to be called in to fix the thing. this is what i get for loaning him the camera in the first place. sigh. but as soon as i can i will post photos. thanks again marti

The scarf is in the mail, the scarf is in the mail!

Well, finally (!!), I have gotten the scarf finished, blocked, dried (why am I never prepared for how long that takes?!?), and in the mail. As in actually mailed. Not just carried around in my car for a week at a time, but actually put into the handy mailer that the post office sells you (along with a few other knitterly goodies) and delivered into the hands of the friendly neighborhood postal employees themselves. Actually, well and truly mailed!

You can't see it, but I'm sighing heavily with relief right now, though not as much relief as when I hear from my pal across the great, wide sea (and at least one great, wide continent) that she has received the package safe and sound.

So if you are a pal not in the US (where I am) and you are still missing your scarf, you may find a package in your mailbox next week (the estimate from the aforementioned friendly neighborhood postal employees).

I did take pics, and I'm hoping to get them posted tomorrow.