Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas to all!

I'm checking in to say I've finished Christmas knitting, so it's time to start my ISE project!! Woohoo! That cashmere has been beckoning me since I wound it, and finally I can answer her call. Let the scarf-knitting begin!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

My update:

After a horrible first attempt at a decent looking scarf, I have finally found a pattern that looks nice. Yay for that accomplishment!

Here's a picture:

It's longer now than this progress pic, but I still have quite a-ways to go on it. Can't wait to get it finished and off to my ISE pal!

Merry Chirstmas everyone!


I am throwing around several different patterns. I am buying my yarn this week.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I have finally made a decision on what I will be knitting and even though I have some Christmas knitting that I need to finish, I started the scarf this weekend. So far it is a joy to work with and I do hope my person likes the scarf as much as I do (so far). If they don't, I'll gladly accept it back :)

Happy Holidays to everyone!

The monthly update :)

Heya ladies,
I'm soooo jealous of those of you who're already done LOL. The shawl and I had another talk last night and we both weren't happy (again) with the whole business.
Soooooooooooooooooo... some serious frogging happened. Then I cast on for another thing or 2, 3, but still no happiness ensued. So I told the yarn that we'd see one another again in 2006. The main problem was that the fabric the yarn made was too stiff in my eyes to be considered cuddlyduddly. Anyways, after a while I got bored watching TV and I had my big honking 9mm Addi's lying around and so I picked up the yarn and decided to look what kind of fabric those would give me. So far I'd been using US11 needles... and joy oh joy... the fabric that was born was exactely what I had in mind!!!! Before I knew it it was 2 am and I'd knitted up 2 skeins of my fat yarn :) We're both in love with one another again :) Guess soon we'll have a finished product here too...
Oh, and I'm not going to post any pictures just yet cos the colors would tell my pal immediately that I'm knitting for her, so I'm going to keep it all a secret hahaha...
Loving to see everyone's pictures, so keep 'em coming!!!

Happy holidays and lots of Cheers, Eva


I am done with my scarf and am waiting until after Christmas to block it. I love it and my daughter was eyeing it until I explained that it was going to travel a few states to the west and a new home. This exchange has been so much fun! I haven't contacted my recipient but I know that her scarf has been knitted and received, so I'm hoping that she isn't frustrated with waiting for my box. I'll post a photo after I block it and before sending it. And I'll add more hints !


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Best Laid Plans...

Anyone else feeling a bit bah humbug about holiday knitting? If I have to do one more dishcloth, I'm gonna...

Anyway, since I've saved my scarf exchange knitting for a post-holiday treat, I'm reconsidering my initial plans. In true go-getter fashion, I wanted to do a unique scarf in a unique pattern with unique yarn. After all, isn't that part of the fun of knitting our own rather than heading to the mall? Well, the brain is pretty much fried and the idea of adapting a lace pattern to work with the yarn I found from a local alpaca farm, um, not really jiving with my plans for post-holiday wine and relaxed knitting.

So I'm going to try this simpler lace pattern and have a back-up plan of Backyard Leaves or the lace leaf scarf from this summer's Vogue Knitting. I'm not sure either of those will be easy, but the idea of working with a nice, faithful worsted rather than lace or horrible cotton sounds pretty appealing.

Have faith, scarf pal, something cozy will be headed your way... hopefully without any wine stains! Hmm, maybe I better choose a dark color worsted rather than the white lace weight after all...

Checking in

Hi Everyone,

I have been super busy with holiday stuff but I have purchased some pretty alpaca from Knit Picks for my scarf and mittens. I will post later with an update with pictures.

Happy Holidays.

Watch your mail

Someone in California should be watching her mail, because the package went out yesterday!

Attention all mitten makers

Hi all,

Some of you havetold us how tall your hand is, and some of you haven't. no matter. what is important is that your scarf partner is aware. This is what we expect. Measure your hand along the white line, ad make sure you tell your scarf/mitten maker, whether it is by email or by way of a post here.

Image hosted by

Monday, December 19, 2005

Progress report and a reminder

Have I mentioned that I have decided to make Ene's scarf from Scarf Style? It's in lace weight Misti Alpaca in a dark chocolate colour. Currently I am only up to row 15 but hey, the rows get shorter as you progress! I plan on taking it away with me when I go for my 3 week holiday after Christmas.

I'd like to remind everyone to post if you haven't yet. You should have all posted at least once by now. You now have to post again between 16th December and 16th January. Please check your mailbox to see whether you have received a reminder from me or Cynthia. If you have posted, just let us know. I checked through the posts twice, but it's still possible I missed your post. Thank you!

To those who celebrate Christmas, merry Christmas, and Happy Hanukah to our Jewish friends, and happy holidays to everyone else.

Mailed across the big blue ocean

I finished my pal's scarf, blocked it and mailed it off today. I really hope she loves it. I had such a fun time working on it. It's going across the big blue ocean - destination - like I'm going to spoil the surprise (lol)... I'm not even going to tell which ocean. :) It's going airmail, so I hope within the next two weeks she will receive it.

I'll still be checking in... I'm off to work on the husband's never ending sweater and start my next scarf.

Have a very happy holiday everyone!!!


Sunday, December 18, 2005

Progress Report

Hi All,

Just reporting progress. My pal's scarf is currently 46 inches long and moving along nicely. I'm on target to meet my own personal deadline to post the scarf by mid-January. I'm not revealing either the yarn or the pattern yet other than that it is 100% merino and is turning out lovely - if I do say so myself. :-) Think I might have to make another one of these for me.

I doubt I'll be checking in again before the holidays so Happy Christmas to those who celebrate it and 'Happy Days' to everyone else!


Yarn purchased

Well here's progress. I bought yarn today at the kpixie trunk show in Boston for my scarf. Some lovely white mohair ought to turn into something fun I hope!