Saturday, September 23, 2006

Scarf progress, no pics

I've started on the scarf! -- Cascade Madil Kid seta in Lime and the airy scarf from LMKG. Once I get new batteries for my camera, I promise pics! The yarn is working really well, and it almost glows!

I had originally tried the knotted openwork scarf, but it just wasn't working. This scaf though looks so nice, and is comng together very well. I hope my pal likes it!

Moving Along ...

I ran out of yarn, stopped in at the LYS to get some more, and I'm back in business.

Only two more feet to go :-)


Yay she blocks!

Hello all you scarf knitters! I have had an intense twenty four hours. I've knit lace before (okay so it was only 1 time) but it just blows my mind how blocking just makes IT!
My pal, like most of us I believe, wanted a long scarf. But I was too chicken to join another skein of yarn - how do you do that in lace anyway without having a weird little bunch of stitches showing up?
I'm making Branching Out and last night while watching my favourite Take Home Chef, I came as close as I could to the end of the Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool. And I doubted it would be long enough. Pshaw!
Enter blocking overnight and that dang scarf bloomed from 5" wide and 42" long to... 7" wide and 65" long. It's still not as long as I would have liked but it looks amazing if I do say so myself. I hope my pal likes it. Now I just have to find a little something else to put in the package before I mail it off.
I will add a photo later after I get some batteries. Oh, it's gonna be good.
All the scarves already posted look so good!

I'm working

A few days ago I've started spinning a wonderful yarn for my scarf. I've tried different patterns and decided to use a very special one. It looks good with my yarn and I am very excited what my pal would say to her gift. Can't wait to know that. Happy working to all of you


After alot of agony over ripping out rows, I think I'm making progress on my Pal's scarf. The image doesn't really convey how beautiful this merino yarn feels or looks. Check out this post for the frogging fiasco and this post for my progress. Can't wait to send it!

Happy Knitting.

I get by with a little help from my friends...

So I have cast on for Sizzle in the size S, using Bendigo Mills Harmony (cotton / wool / lycra). I went up a needle size to get gauge but as I'm halfway through the back, I've a strong feeling that it is going to be too large and bagmatic. I'm not convinced I have the mettle to knit it only to try it on and find that it's far too big. Can someone give me some idea of their body size and whether I should rip out and cast on the x-small?

To the person knitting for me...


I e-mailed you last night (well, my last night... friday evening) to let you know that I'll be traveling soon and I gave you the address of where I'll be in the US. I just wanted to make sure that you got that e-mail. If not please let me know.
Cheers Eva


I'm a bad pal! Had a late start (no excuse, I know) to this scarf but a quiet Friday allowed me to get off to a good start. I'm knitting the Liesel scarf since I've only knit a few lace projects but this is a great scarf to knit for beginners like me to learn lace knitting. The pattern is quite easy and very enjoyable. I'm knitting this scarf with Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Wool, which is lovely by the way. I bought the yarn from Webs, where there is a terrific sale on the Silky Wool and Silky Tweed (about $4.50 per skein). I hope my pal likes it. The colour is a dark rich yellow colour called Sunflower, which doesn't quite show as well with my crappy cam phone. Everyone's scarves are looking great...can't wait to see mine!

Just before I finished my scarf I remembered to take a photo of the wool I'm using. I've chosen pure wool, one varigated skein and one plain skein knitted together. I had trouble getting the right colour in the photo but a bit of photoshopping has fixed that.

The scarf is just about finished and I love it. I'll post a picture of it once it's completed.

Hope my pal loves it as much as I do.


I have tried three times to find a pattern that I like to do and that my secret pal will enjoy. I got some beautiful yarn 18st-22rws but I hate every pattern I have tried. Does anyone have any suggestions. I'm getting down to the wire.

Still Knitting...

I'm still knitting my pal's scarf, making plenty of progress... I've completely given up on getting a photo that shows the actual color, however - it's really more Cookie Monster than Smurfette (sorry, I'm surrounded by children...)

I'm going to work hard so my next post can be of a box on its way to the Post Office!
Must. Keep. Cabling...

Lead or Follow scarf?

Is anyone by any chance doing the Lead or Follow scarf by Heartstrings?
Here's a picture of the pattern:

Pre-blocked Lace is Kinda Fugly

This is Holly of HollYarns and I decided to use some of my own laceweight handdyed yarn--colorway Lucky--to make my pal a simple lace eyelet scarf. Boy, oh boy, does lace look quite fugly pre-blocking!
And for Ms. Lucky-Scarf's closeup:

Friday, September 22, 2006


so i just posted.. and tried it three times since it kept giving me erros.. so now i see my post twice lol soo sorry pretty new to this blogging thingy

so here are the pics i promised... two of my kids decided they had to model.. they are Jayda(2) and Trysten (4)

the scarf still needs to be blocked since in folds in on itself.. but im loving it :)

ok pics :)

so I promised pics of the finished scarf.. two of my kids decided they had to help lol here is Jayda (2) and Trysten (4) both modeling the scarf :) I still need to block it since it folds in on the sides.

Could be a Scarf Here...

I'm not sure whether the person I am knitting a scarf for knows me or not but I will take a chance at posting this near finished lovely. It is made from a wonderful soft wool called "Shakespeare". This will be the theme for this can see the little "...rose by any other name..." at the bottom right.

I chose a fisherman rib pattern to show off the yarn's intricate colorings and to boost its warmth.

Such fun knitting a surprise and then...receiving one! Posted by Picasa

Lace Advice Needed

Yesterday I posted about my lace woes, but after frogging and restarting (not.pretty.) I got into my groove and finished 4 repeats! My only concern is, I don't want to get cocky and think I've got this down and then blow the whole thing.

I'm thinking I should put in a lifeline, but I've never done that before. Is it really as easy as threading a length of yarn through one row? Or is there more to it than that? I've never seen anyone do it, just read about it on blogs.

Any lace experts with advice out there?


For those of you who wanted to know where I got the cable pattern I am using, I think I got it here, it is called the "Blue Cabled Scarf" from Celia's Basket. The yarn is Wave, a wool and silk blend. Here is the link to the pattern.

Happy knitting :-)

don't know what to do

So I wound my chosen yarn (see pictures) into center pull balls, and I've been working on a swatch of my scarf pattern (can't remember the name but it's a lacey seaman's scarf from Myrna Stahman's book; don't have a picture), and.....I'm underwhelmed.

Y'know how you get an idea about something in your mind and no matter how "ok" the thing that you're working on is, it's just not going to make you happy because it's not what you have in your mind? Well, I think I want to make my pal a scarf that has some silk in it. So this Koigu PPM, while really pretty colors and even a little glossy looking, and a just lovely 100% merino wool yarn that I've used happily on other projects is just *not* going to make me happy right now.

So I've gone ahead and ordered some Cascade fingering silk and some Marjaana (I think) wool-silk blend. Perhaps when it gets here, it will be nice and tell me which one wants to be a scarf and what pattern it would like to be worked into.

In the meantime, I think the Koigu is going back into the stash. I don't think it's too disapointed. I think it really wants to be gloves anyway.


it happened. i got cocky. i knit and i knit and i knit and i didn't put in lifelines... and i screwed up... fortunately i was able to rip back only one repeat on one half of the scarf ad salvage it. i have noidea how i got the stitches back on the needles. but i did it. whew. ok. back to knitting. 5 more repeats. on two sides. thats 50 rows each side. and i'm done. i can dot it! i think i can i think i can...unles the sock wars pattern gets posted and then the scarf goes on to stitch holders cause i'm gonna need those needles for socks!!!

edit. i was waiting til the camera batteries charged to take a photo to post with the above and welll...i kinda got carried away knitting on my scarf. see first i realized how little yarn i had left. there wasnt even a whole pattern repeat there i just knew it.

and before i knew it the edge was cast off. my needles lying off to the side ignored...

the pattern useless i was done with it.

the sock tote i've been using for a month to keep the scarf safe...empty

the next thing i knew the waste yarn i so carefully cast on with was alone lying on the arm of the couch

you know what that means.
thats a finished scarf. kinda looks like crumbled spider webs eh?

but fear not the scarf is blocking. its doubled over since my blocking board is only 48 inches wide. i will reveal the finihed (dry) product as soon as i can.

whew. it's finished at last, and i can hardly believe it! my first lace. done. and not a moment too soon. i was really getting tired of ths pattern ;) but i love how it turned out.


Scarf Exchange start over....
Fifth time's the charm? I love the pattern and I love the yarn, but I started with a bad pattern (twice) then the wrong needles, messed up or what have you. I have the right needles, and I am 4 repeats into it. The repeat is only 12 rows long and the needles are size 3 (3.25mm)

I love it, finally the rows, columns and patterns are showign up. The yarn is delicious and I am going to keep chugging along durign class and at the knit out this weekend. I am so excited! I hope my pal enjoys the scarf (when I get it done) and other goodies :-)

Impressive Work!

I've been checking out all the progess, and I'm so impressed! What a variety of yarns, colours and patterns!

My scarf is done, but I need to weave in ends and block, and then I can send it off! I loved knitting for someone else like this - what a lot of fun! :0)

Knitting in The North

checking in

Well, I have my yarn, and I'm narrowed down to a few patterns - I just need to do a little trial and see what happens. I was thrown at first, due to my pal's allergy to wool, but I managed to find a soft, pretty cotton/silk blend that I think will be just lovely. After all the stiff dishcloths I've been making out of the cheap stuff, I never thought cotton could be so soft! I just hope my pal likes it!


I finished the scarf last night! It's My So-Called Scarf, knitted in Interlacements Carolina (hand-dyed Rayon/Cotton/Flax). I'm very pleased with how it turned out, and I hope my Pal likes it, too! She'll find out soon, because very shortly the scarf will be making its way north and west to her.

Leafy Goodness

My lace leaf scarf is all assembled and will be mailed out in a couple of days. Here's a closeup of the lace pattern (but inaccurate color)

and a larger view of the scarf (accurate color).

My pal likes long scarves and this is about 74-76" long and 8-9" wide. I love this pattern so I hope she does too.

yet another color ...

i have added another color to my scarf scheme. i have started at least 4 times but haven't found happiness with any patterns.

yesterday i visited a friend's wonderful yarn store and received the encouragement i needed to jump-start my creativity again ... back to my original idea. what a journey!

let's just say alpaca and angora - yum!
i'll post pic when there is something to show ;)

Oh dear

I thought I had the perfect pattern, I thought I had the perfect yarn and so I started. I was doing really well. I was keeping track of where I was in the 40 row pattern. And then it happened, I started with the wrong row. So now I have to rip out 17 rows.

Oh dear.

But on the bright side, the wool looks luscious and really shows the pattern. Can't wait till it's finished and I can send it to my pal.

Another Start

OK - I picked up another yarn and I love the colors. I have decided to start yet another scarf. I'm not happy with the last one I started for my pal. Hopefully this one knits up for me the way I want it to. Its 100% merino wool, super soft. I have started a purl/knit pattern and I'm just hoping it turns out the way I think it will. I had great expectations for the last one but after about 1/2 through it . . . well, I started another. Hope all is going well. Happy Knitting. I will post a picture once I get a few inches.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


all done with my scarf!! i couldnt take a pic of it right now since my daughter ran the batteries out on the camera lol so I will get a pic of it before I send it off (hopefully this weekend) This was such a fun thing to do !!

happy knitting all

I'm here!

Hello all,

I've been busy emailing my scarf exchangee and buying yarn. My pattern is my own and a little 'different'. Let's just say that it was inspired by my exchangee's love of fall colors. I hope she likes it.


State of the scarf

Here I am about 1/3 of the way through my scarf. I really enjoy the pattern. It's tough enough to be entertaining but no so tough as to be frustrating. My goal is to finish it and get it into the mail by October 5th as I'll be leaving on that day for a short trip to help a friend on the start of her journey cross country. I had a brief break from the scarf this week as a friend lost her husband quite suddenly and a group of us are knitting squares for an afghan for her. My square is all done so I'm back on track with the scarf. Everyone is knitting such beautiful things, I really enjoy all your photos!

Julie S.

Knitting knitting knitting

Well here is my partners scarf, it is a really pretty pattern and this picture still does the pattern and the color no justice. for some reason even the natural light still didn't pick up the richness of the color. I am going to hopefully have it done though this week. I have the whole week off because my asthma has been soooo bad. I have been to urgent care two times in the last two days.....Yuck!! Anyways so now I cant leave the house and I have all day to knit, and I get paid for it....:-) This is how life should be, minus the not being able to breath thing.

Happy Knitting

Lace Woes

So I'm making what I think will be a gorgeous lace scarf for my pal, but boy howdy, should I have tackled lace for this?! :)

This is my first 'real' lace project (that is, more than yarn overs and of greater length). I don't think this is TV knitting!

noonie in the UK...

I've narrowed it down to a scarf.. I've got a few patterns to choose from, I think I've got the right yarn in my stash.... Is anyone else worrying so much about picking the right one that they can't make a decision. I can see this being a knit to the deadline. Procrastination has come in the form of a cute little jacket in this gorgeous cotton I picked up from the Hipknits stall at the knitting and stitching show.

Liesel completed

I have completed my scarf. Woohoo!

I think I need to block it again, or maybe steam it as the lace pattern is not showing as nicely as I had hoped. The scarf is about 66 inches long, which I think is plenty for a scarf. It's lightweight and is probably best suited to spring or fall (autumn) use. Sure hope my pal likes it.

Now I just need to find some goodies toput into the package with the scarf as one skein of SWTC Bamboo is definitely well under the prescribed budget for the scarf. Look out pal, a scarf is coming your way real soon!

Through the first skein

After a false start on "My so-called scarf", which just didn't come out as I had hoped it would, I've gone for a garterlac scarf. I wasn't quite sure whether that would end up frogged as well, but I think the way the colours change gradually in the Silk Garden are very effective in the diamonds. I hope that my pal likes it as much as I do. What do you think?

Not sure if three skeins are going to be enough for the scarf length that I'd like, but I'm about to take a break from the scarf for Sock Wars (not that I think I'll be in the battle for very long...), so I have time to order some more.

Got a Postcard

Today I received a postcard from my wonderful Secret Pal. My Pal and my scarf are visiting 4 countries and 3 continents--truly an international scarf, as my Pal pointed out. My scarf will be better travelled than I am. This postcard was from Zurich. What a fun surprise it was to receive! Thanks, Pal!

I've only just begun......

Well the yarn has been picked and after admitting defeat with one pattern, another will take it's place. Thankfully, I'll have knitting time this weekend as my husband and I will be driving to visit our daughter in Indiana (11 hours in the car)! When I get home on Monday I'll post a photo of my progress. Once again, thanks to our fearless leaders....this exchange is so much fun!


I hope my pictures are coming through ok. So the first is a close up of the scarf for my pal.

The second pic is showing its finished!! I am just blocking it right now.

I really hope my pal likes it. Its a two panel jewel cable..A really fun stitch pattern I found and turned it into this scarf. I am also hoping to finish a little something extra tonight to join the scarf ..I plan on mailing it tomarrow.

Alright I'm ready for mine!! *lol* I recieved a email saying my pal was almost finished with my scarf.. hurry up!! *j/k* I'm ready to wear it ..the weather is cooler now here in missouri.. actually its down right cold.
This was the perfect time to have this scarf exchange..I just wanna give a shout out to our hostesses..Thanks so much!!

Frog Knit Repeat

I have started the scarf for the 5th time using yet another yarn and each time I come up with one nice straight edge and one side that seems to angle out horribly. I have not increased the stitches at all on any of the rows. I dont know how to keep both sides even. The pattern is not so hard to follow that I am adding stitches and I really like how it is turning out other than the angle of the one side. Well, I guess back to the drawing board and find another scarf to make. Fear not pal, I will get it right and out on time!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

This Horse has Not Left the Gate

Okay, I admit to be one of those late starters. I'm trying to finish two other KAL's I'm in before I start on this one. I am fortunate that the due date is not until November. :) The KAL's I'm in end this month (eep).

Anyway, I've always wanted to use this yarn when I joined the next Scarf exchange:

It's Blue Heron's Deep Space rayon yarn. It's like looking at a night sky filled with stars to me. I was thinking Midwest Moonlight from Scarf Style, but I have yet to try it out.

By the way, I have yet to hear from the scarf pal who is knitting a scarf for me. If you have mailed me already, do you mind sending it again? I might have missed it or it got swallowed by Cyberspace (where virtual socks go, too I guess). :)

I hope to display a finished scarf soon. All these finished scarves are making me feel guilty.

Getting started

I've finally started the scarf for my pal. I'm using the tilting blocks pattern from one of the Barbara Walker treasuries, and a very slightly variegated colorway of Artyarns Ultramerino. It's reversable, and I think it's a fun pattern. I hope she likes it! It's very soft, and the colors are really vibrant. I'm a hopelessly bad photographer!
To all you lovely speed-knitters - here's another project for you - some of you I think could knit a scarf in a day. I aspire to be a speed knitter one day, but until then, I will toil over my cables.
So click on the button, it'll take you to the website - it's a great cause & you know you want to knit another scarf!
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Starting at last

It took me a while to get going but I have finally found my pattern that I want to do. I have tried about 5 different ones and will be working the "My so called scarf" pattern that is posted on the sidebar. I'm liking the pattern so far and it easy to memorize! Will try and get progress pictures up this weekend once I have more than an inch and a half!

Finally started!

I finally got started on my pal's scarf, for real this time. I went to a LYS last night and they suggested Lorna's Laces Shepherd Bulky, which I thought would be nice, since it's superwash. I think it's in the Purple Iris colorway, but the cat made off with the skein band.

I'm using a reversible cable pattern, and it's turning out nicely. I've already frogged once, but I'm back up to 3 1/2 repeats. It's a quick knit, and I love the way the color pools. I hope my pal does too!

It's a Going...

I've finally made my choice ... well 2 choices and working on 2 scarves for my secret pal. I'll post pictures this weekend. It's a terrible thing to have so many choices.... (LOL). Happy knitting everyone!

Not started

Here I was reading other posts hoping there were others like me that hadn't started their scarf yet and what do I read but some pal has got hers from her pal already. Yikes! now I really feel behind the game. Things have been so busy here that I have contacted my pal and decided what I am going to do, but have not started it yet. I hope to get to it this following weekend. Many commitments before then, school and afterschool activities.

it's here!!!

i have been out of the office for a few days due to my eye laser surgery, but when i got back into the office at 7:30am, look what was waiting for me on my desk!!

that's right, my pal came through and sent me my scarf. it's a gorgeous silvery-grey made from euroflax original 100% linen. i was wearing it around our air conditioned office and getting TONS of compliments on it. i LOVE it!! thanks Cate!!!

now i gotta get movin' on the scarf for my pal!!!

Liesel is coming along!

Ah, I am maybe a 1/3 of the way through the lace repeats. I was skeptical at first, but the pattern is starting to really develop. I'm considering adding a ribbed mid section, where it would lay around the neck like a seaman's scarf, for one to change it up and relieve myself of some tedious lace charts if I hope to make this long enough for my pal but also I think some rib would help it to lay nicely. If I go that route I would also be able to more easily graft a second half so the leaves would fall down either side of the neck, rather than one continuous flow. What do you think? I'd be grateful for any feedback. I am really excited to block it to see the leaves pop! I have a teeny leaf fetish and may need to make another one for myself! :)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Checking In and cast your vote!!!

I have gotten my yarns....Debbie Bliss Cashmerino AND some Mountain Colors Mountain Goat.
I am very anxious to start on my pal's scarf but I'm having a he*& of a time deciding. Would you like to help me out?? My pal likes soft colors and soft-to-touch yarns. I am thinking the Mountain Colors in the pattern Midwest Moonlight from Scarf Style or the Debbie Bliss in good ole Irish Hiking Scarf. (??) One concern is that maybe the Mountain Colors will be scratchy (???)
I'd love anyone's opinions ;) Thanks a bunch ! Can't wait to get started.

Started and note to my exchange partner

I got my yarn in the mail and did 32 rows last night. I am so excited it is the Cherry Leaf Shawl and I think I will have to do this scarf again for me.

A note to the person, that is knitting a scarf for me. I got an email that the admins saying that you had emailed me. I wanted to let you know that I don't seem to have it. Please email me again and I will check my junk folder in case it goes in there. Sorry to be a pain but I really am not trying to ignore you.

Slow But Sure

Okay, last time I posted Blogger did not like my photos. And since today is mostly cloudy, I am not going to even attempt to take a photo that will require a fair amount of fixing to get a true color. But I have taken the description of scarf very loosely and am knitting somehting that is not a scarf but is still a scarf. Does that make sense? I hope so.

I am into the third pattern of 5 total different patterns. I am really enjoying the pattern that I have chosen. I like it enough to make it for myself using a much finer weight yarn. Hopefully, the sun will be out this weekend and I can take some decent photos of my "scarf."

Just keep knitting..

First, I love this yarn. It's Artyarns Supermerino, color #111. Secondly, I love the way this pattern looks. But it's a boring knit! If I didn't like the finished product so much I would just start something else... Okay, I did start another one and I just haven't deceided who is getting which.

Or will it be this one, made from Ultramerino in color #127..

Craftybernie will crochet what?

My first choice for the exchange has always been Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora. It arrived today and I love the colours. I have two balls of each lovely shade: terracotta, off-white and sage green. The total yardage available is 492yds.

The second choice for this exchange is this Merino DK wool. The colours are Coral, Jade and Off-white.

And here's my dilemma. I'm absolutely stumped! I'm torn between Anthropologie's Hidden Vines Scarf and Debbie Stoller's Stripes Forever Scarf.

If I make the Hidden Vines Scarf I will be using the Merino (or maybe even some Debbie Bliss Merino DK that I have in my stash - hmmm). Or if I make the Forever Stripes scarf from Happy Hooker, it will be the Cotton Angora. Decisions, decisions. Maybe I should just make both! A lot of the other ISE members are doing this.

Another thought I had was to make the Forever Stripes scarf and add a few flowers to it. What do you think?

Help me, please!

Travelling Scarf!

I took my scarf with me on a trip to Philadelphia and NYC. I'm using Jo Sharp Silkroad in a dusty purple color. These pictures were taken in Times Square. I came up with a great pattern that is reversible. It is a drop stitch rib on one side.It forms what I call a bubble sheet on the "wrong" side. I had such a hard time deciding on the yarn and the pattern but I must say that it is turning out great!

Another So-Called Scarf

Ta-da! I'm also making My So-Called Scarf for my pal. As we've seen lots of photos of the herringbone side, here's one of the other side, which has exaggerated purl bumps and is also purty. It's important to consider the other side, especially for a scarf.

My So-Called Scarf, purl side

My pal asked for certain colors, so I picked Malabrigo in colorway Lime Blue for her. I hope she likes it. It's knitting up soft and cuddly on size US 10½ (6.5 mm) needles. See more on my blog.

The Sad Truth

This is the scarf I was making for my pal. The sad truth? It is taking on a decided curve on one side. How can it curve on just one side? Doesn't that break a law of physics or something? Because of this weirdness, I'm now searching for a new pattern. I cannot bring myself to frog this yet so will begin again with one of the other balls of yarn to see if things go better. I tend to think this is a yarn problem as the spin for this yarn makes it springy! Perhaps it is just not meant for crochet... Trial and error makes for adventures in crochet! :-D