Saturday, August 26, 2006

Wow, wow, wow

Look at this exchange just grow and grow! I'm fortunate to have been involved from the very first round and it's always been an ace experience. I can't wait to get my pal so I can get busy choosing yarn and searching or creating just the right pattern. I'm also looking forward to some cooler weather so I can break out those fab scarves I've already received!



Has anyone else gone back in the archives to see the scarves from the last exchange? They are amazing. If I was excited before, I'm even more excited now to begin stitching! (Tip: most of the pictures are in February.)

noonie in the UK...

Hi from England, I'm currently on holiday with the kids trying to knit a competition piece, which is looking more and more like it would make a great start to a scarf.

Am really looking forward to this, as a first timer I'm nervous but hoping to use up some of the nicer yarns in my stash.

Amanda aka Noonie

First Timer Here in Indiana

I've only participated in a few sock exchanges, so a scarf exchange is new to me! It's hard to think of knitting scarves when it's so hot right now, but I'm already scouring books for ideas. I'm looking forward to learning who I am knitting for and getting started.

Hello from Colorado!

Hello from Colorado! I'm happy to be here with all of you!

Jenifer, a.k.a. Zenifer

Hello from New Haven!

Greetings from Connecticut. I just filled in the survey & I can't wait to get started!

East of Knittin'

Hello from the East Coast! I can't wait to start knitting!

Howdy from the Cornhusker State!

I'm looking forward to this swap! At the moment I have my thumb wrapped to my pointer finger and will have to keep it there for a while, but I can still knit! I call it my competitive knitting injury from getting all of my entries ready for the state fair. My scarf only placed 4th. What a disappointment! But, my socks won the prize for best knitted item. Woohoo! Can't wait to get my "orders".

Can't wait for fall!

Hi! I've been gone most of the summer, but I am thrilled to be home in Maine again. Texas was a scorcher. I love, love, love scarves and with the hint of fall in the air, I am ready to knit.

Greetings from Ottawa

Greetings from Ottawa (Canada). I'm a blogging neophyte, and an exchange virgin. I'm really looking forward to this exchange - it looks like it will be lots of fun!


Hello from Seattle!

Hi my name is Charity and I live in Seattle, Washington. I've just begun knitting, that's a relative term I guess. I've knitted several hats in the round ( cicular and dpns), several scarves and am working on 2 sweaters. I look forward to this exchange as it will give me another excuse to buy yarn... uhm, did I mention buying yarn....oh wait perhaps you didn't read that right. I said "BUY YARN"!!! *grin* My husband is just now realizing that my quilting habit was much cheaper than my knitting/crocheting addiction. Since I've only worked with worsted wieght yarn this will give me a chance to branch out into other weights and patterns.

Anyhow, it'll be nice getting to know you all. BTW, I just felted my first bag and I think I am in love !

Ta ta.. Charity


Hello everyone from Sunny California :-) I am just getting off work and getting ready to settle down with my dogs and knit till I pass out. I can't wait till I get my pal and can start shopping and knitting. :-) I am so excited, getting things from other places in the world is great, you get a piece of another country without having to actually go there :-)........I was thinking it would be really neat if with the scarf we all sent a post card from our hometown, that way you also have a picture of where the person is from :-) ......Well I better get to knitting ......Talk to you all later.


Friday, August 25, 2006

Hi ISE3rs

I just got my questionnaire in (sorry, ladies for the tardiness) and am SO looking forward to the exchange. Can't wait to find out my partners preferences so I can find just the right yarn and pattern. Is there anything better than giving a gift that will (hopefully!) make someone happy? I get giddy with it. :)


Wow....I think I have successfully set up my blog and now I think I'm posting to the International Scarf Exchange....YEAH...

I'm excited to be joining the group for the first time!!!!!

Waving from Melbourne

Hello everyone. I am really excited to be partcipating in this exchange as it is my first! I have been searching for patterns and have a couple of potentials but I am so keen to get started.
Getting closer, anyone else swatching like crazy, or am I the only nutbar?

We need your questionaires!

Hi everyone. It's great to see all the enthusiasm, and we haven't even started the knitting yet!

I am just going over a few of the admin stuff right now and I need questionaires from the following people:
Amanda Noon
Jackie Coleman
Morgan Hawkins
Vicki Collins
Wanda Coulter
Mikey Wilkens
Courtney Quintana
Julie Charette
Karen McCallister
Skinheaded Princess
Stacy Zieglar
Stephanie Stage

**Cathy who left a comment but no email address, please read the rules and send in the questionaire to us. The email address is isehostesses AT gmail Dot com. We can't register you otherwise.
Everyone else on the list, your name is on the list but we need your questionaires before we can allocate pals to you.

We now have 185 participants. So there are 40 spots left. Hurry. We're closing off registrations when we reach 225 participants or 31st August - whichever comes first. You register by sending us a completed questionaire. The email address is isehostesses AT gmail Dot com. Please read the rules before you register!

I'm looking forward to this too. This is my first time in the scarf exchange, but I did SP8 and had a great experience.

Hello from the UK!

Hello all! I'm really looking forward to my first ISE - 'speak' to you all soon!

hi from down under

Very excited to be apart of this knitting community - this is my first time knitting and blogging - I have been an avid reader of knitting blogs and podcasts for a while now. Cant wait to start searching for wool and knitting

Hello from Finland

Hi everyone! I just joined and this is my first international scarf exchange and I can't wait to get to know you all and especially my exchange pal! I have so many ideas in my head and yes, I am also waiting for an excuse for visiting my LYS! This is so exciting!

hi there from sunny southern california!!! i've FINALLY gotten in =)

i am excited to be part of this exchange and can't wait to get started!! this is my first exchange of any kind and have been anxious for it to start since i found out about it a few weeks ago.

can't wait to get started!

i just (re-)picked up knitting at the beginning of the month so i'm really excited to be part of this...i've already started to look at patterns and yarns and i can't wait till september!

thanks cyn and celia for organizing this! i'm glad i didn't think too long before registering ^_^

button html

I am pretty new to blogging. The only button on my blog had html provided. How do I copy the correct html for the ISE3 button? I know how to grab a jpg but that doesn't do it.


Hi all! I'm from the lovely state of Michigan, and can't wait to get my exchangee's questionnaire! This is my first official knitting exchange- I'm super excited!


Thursday, August 24, 2006

always something new

i am always looking for a new challenge to encourage me to expand skills. very much looking forward to this exchange!

Another newbie

Hello all. I adore scarf knitting and am so excited about this exchange. I'm already thinking of the new stitches and yarns to try.

Virginia scarf gal

Looking forward to this exchange. What a great way to make new knitting friends.

new knitter new to exchange

I'm doubly new. :) I started knitting in April and was hooked! In my search for some fun blogs by people who also knit I stumbled onto KAL's and swaps. Knitters have such fun, I just had to join a couple!

I've made scarves for a few people for Christmas gifts but could never decide on which one to make for myself so this swap is perfect! I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone makes and can't wait to find out who I'll be knitting for!

~ Sarah

Checking In

Thrilled to be back for the third wave of ISE!

I found a beautiful lace pattern online, a bit more challenging than "Branching Out," but in the same vein with lovely leaves. It's called "Brooke's Column of Leaves Scarf" and the pattern is at: .

I'm really enjoying working with this pattern, and hope others who love lace but have not seen this one yet will also enjoy it as much as I am.

I'm rip-roaring and ready to start the scarf for my ISE 3 pal, and can't wait for the match-up. I had such fun during the first two ISE's, and made a wonderful friend in Dorene, my scarf pal recipient from ISE 2.

Thank you Cynthia and Celia for taking this tremendous job on, especially in light of all that is going on in your lives.

Another New Member

Hi everyone,
I am a first time member and very excited about this exchange. Scarves are my favorite thing to knit and I can't wait to get started. Yarn colors are dancing in my head and I have been looking at some great patterns. Thanks for this great idea.

Greetings to All from Massachusetts!

I am so excited to join my first ever scarf exchange--( yet aother virgin has joined!) --I have also created my own blog--
this is going to be such fun!!!

Checking in

I am very excited to be able to get in on this swap. I have never done a scarf so this will be fun. I mainly make socks.

Registration Deadline

Hi everyone!! I'm almost settled into Boston (still have around 20 boxes to unpack), and am back to being connected to the internets. It was strangely unsettling to have lost access (due to the move AND my puter crashed), but I'm back for now. A couple new developments...

As Celia has told you, I've been handling sending out all the blogger invites. I know some of you have been waiting patiently for me to issue your invites... and I'll get to all of you by the end of the weekend.

Also, we've decided that though our original deadline for registration was Aug 31st, we can't handle too many more participants, despite the awesome number of people who have volunteered as hostesses.

225. That's our cap. There are plenty of spots left (around 40 spots) but they'll fill up fast... so if you've been waiting to register, now would be the time. If you have friends that haven't joined yet, but want to, please pass along this info to them.

That's it for now... as always, if you have any questions, just email us!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I signed up the other day. I got the link from the KR. Just wanted to say hi and that I'm looking foward to this.


Monday, August 21, 2006

One more time....

I had such a blast during the last International Scarf Exchange. My experience was the highlight of my knitting life, having been given the opportunity to meet some fabulous people, especially Debi, who spoiled me beyond words. I have been waiting for the start of this one with great anticipation. Let the games begin...


It's great to be part of a knitting community with all you great gals (and guys too, I hope!). I'm so glad I didn't miss the registration date this time. I've heard lots of great stuff about this exchange, and just can't wait to get started!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I'm new

Hi, knitters,
I'm very excited cause this is my first international exchange and I'm very proud to be part of this wonderful idea.
I'm looking through my books to get ideas und went through my wool-shops to find the right yarn.
Can't wait to start.

Kristin from Germany

Admin Anouncement

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to inform all of you that I am registering new users as the questionaires comein. Please send us your questionnaire if you have not done so yet.

Cynthia, who normally sends out the blogger invitations, is currently in the process of moving. She has also had some computer troubles. As such, if you have not received your blogger invitation yet, don't panic. You will get one when she is able to send them out again.

Thank you to all the volunteer hostesses and angels. We have not yet decided what to do about splitting the duties. Cynthia and I will discuss it when she's back online and we'll let you know if we need your help.