Saturday, February 11, 2006

I'm Done!

Scarf and hat are finished and will be in the mail by Tuesday...Nothing like taking it to the wire! I would have been done much sooner, but the hat had to visit the frog pond twice....I wish I could get a handle on my perfectionist tendencies. Anyway pics will follow ASAP!

headed to a post office near you

I finished it! That's the Short Row Rib scarf from Mag Knits in Dive Teseo. ISE pal, wherever you are, I hope you like it when this arrives in your mailbox!!! I had a lot fo fun making it, despite the big rush at the end - and I'm sorry it is getting mailed a day late!


Making Progress

Here is a closeup of the scarf I've been working on. It's the Butterfly Scarf from the Knitting 1-2-3 booklet found in the grocery stores back in November. The booklet appears to be available here for $3.99.

The picture does not show the color of the yarn very well. It is actually a lovely sea foam green. The yarn is an alpaca blend and is very soft. This is my first time knitting with beads and I love the effect. The scarf is about 2/3 done and I'm hoping to finish it up next week on a business trip so I can get it in the mail on February 18th.


Friday, February 10, 2006

Shipping Off

Hi, I apologize for not posting last month. However, I've been knitting away on my exchange and ran out of yarn. I tried ordering it online but they had it on back-order. I called around several shops until I found it. So I picked it up, and I finished the second mitten. I'll have it in the mail tomorrow. Here's a preview of what the yarn looks like. I really hope my pal likes what I've selected for her.

I've enjoyed watching everyone's progress and all the gifts look lovely. Thanks to Celia and CynCyn for hosting a great swap.

Getting There!

My scarf pal knows I'm a bit behind in finishing her scarf, but I did want to post an update. I'm working hard on the scarf, but still have a few feet to go. Trying to make it by the deadline, but if I don't quite make it, I'll have it done shortly after.

I work on it every day, but it's still slow going for me! I'm not sure the color will show up in this picture right--it looks pretty orange to me in the picture, but in reality, it's a deep, rich copper color. This picture is before blocking, so it looks a bit scrunched up and the pattern hasn't really opened up yet. I'm having fun, just the same!


I have sent out my scarf and am waiting for mine. I am excited looking at all of the pretty scarves wondering which one is mine :) Everyone is doing such a wonderful job I am glad that I was a part of this! Thank CynCyn and Celia for putting this together!!!

i swear it's coming

ok - I have decided to take the day off to knit - I'll work through the weekend. It's about 2/3 done now. I promise you, it will be done! And in the mail today or tomorrow.

A Little Behind, But Still On The Job

I haven't quite finished my scarf yet but will be putting the finishing touches to it over the weekend and hopefully get it out in the post by the following weekend (only a few days late!).

I haven't received my scarf yet but every time I see a pic posted on the blog I hope it is for me! But not so far. There are some I REALLY REALLY want.

I have enjoyed both these exchanges and really hope there is another one soon!

Finally mailed...

Hi - after much messing around I have finally sent my scarf. I'm so sorry for it being late. It's been ready for ages. I kept looking at it saying "yep, I'll post it tomorrow". And kept putting it off. I think I liked it too much and had to keep it for a while longer!! I dyed my fleece first, then spun it (blends of Alpaca, Silk, Wool and Mohair).

My 3 year model - Liam - "oooh mummies special scarf, oooooh

don't touch" is all he could say as he was modelling!

I still haven't recieved mine but I think it's on the way. I still have no idea who I will be getting mine off. The original email had a very obscure email address and I have no idea. I religiously check all the blogs and if nothing else have enjoyed all the work of the talented people in this exchange. So much talent.

Thank-you so much Celia and CynCyn - you are great also. This is the second Exchange I have joined and have really enjoyed doing them as I don't normally knit scarves and have foind them a great was to relax and use up all those odd bits and pieces.

Thanks again JO in Oz

Have you received your scarf?

Hey everyone!

It's so nice to get to see all the lovely scarves that have been sent and received. Everytime I see someone post a finished scarf, I wonder, "Is that one for me?"

If you have received your scarf and haven't posted about it, please do so. Please don't leave your scarf maker wondering whether you have received it. We (as in Cyn and I) need to know too, so that we can mark your scarf knitter off the list as having fulfilled his/her part.

Some of you have not posted - you know who you are - and reminder notices have been sent. If you have posted in the past month and I have made an oopsy, please let me know and I will mark your name off the list.

Oh, and while I am posting, I may as well give an update on my scarf - it's been sent! Pal, you should be getting it some time next week, if whatthe post office says is true.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thanks, MICHELLE - I got my parcel!

So here's the thing -- I live on a boat. It's a wonderful life, very unique and interesting. But there are times.... like when I get a parcel in the mail. We have a mailbox here in the marina, but it's just a little one, so they won't leave parcels. SO. Day before yesterday, I got a card in the mail telling me that I needed to pick up my parcel at a nearby postal outlet. I knew it had to be from my secret pal, so I was very excited! So I went there. They said it wasn't there, and that, according to the computer, the parcel had been 'returned' to the 'warehouse,' and that I should call again 'tomorrow', being yesterday. So yesterday I went again -- and you have no idea what a fiasco this is! It's right downtown, major traffic snarls, no parking anywhere, blah, blah, blah.... but I went, because, you know,I'd get my SCARF!

They said it still wasn't there. But the computer said it was 'on its way' and that I should check again today.

So I checked again today .... and I finally got it!!! Michelle, it's beautiful, AND it's perfect for me, thanks so much! Folks, I've included a close-up photo of the scarf so you can see the amazing cable detail in this piece, it's amazing...

I guess I'm done now -- I've sent my scarf and it's been received, and I've received mine, now. Thanks so much to the organizers, it was a blast!

Am I yours?

I'm finished. Actually, I've been finished for almost 2 weeks now, but I had a hard time finding my way to the post office. I finally made it there today, though:

BTW... there's a clue in the photos as to who will be getting me. I'm coming Priority Mail, so you won't have to wait long!

Scarf and hat are off....

winging their way westward. I took pictures while they were being blocked, but I'm still working out the camera (I know, I know, but it scares me---I'm afraid of either crashing my computer or losing all my pics!).

I really enjoyed doing this, and I hope that my scarf pal likes them. My one regret is that I didn't get a picture of me in the hat---I knit the kind of hat that I believe my pal would like, but on my larger and (I think, probably) older head, it was something of a hoot. Fingers crossed, though, that she will think it's perfect for her!

Best regards,
Kim in NJ

scarfing along

i've just been taken to task by Celia about my lack of posts. I've been busy
KNITTING on a deadline. I've finished knitting the scarf, and am weaving in the ends. I'm planning on mailing it out by this weekend, so check your mail next week!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Finito, Finit, Fertig, Af, FINISHED...

yes me's done it!!! I've finished my scarf. After one gazillion of starts and restarts I'm done. I've used a pretty thick yarn. It is by Lana Grossa. It is a microfiber tube with mohair sticking out of it LOL. It sounds weird, but it is gorgeous. There was only one tiny problem... I'm allergic to mohair. I was fine with it lying around my place, but as soon as I started knitting I would feel my throat starting to close. So dear pal, please thank Tylenol Sever Allergy for the scarf hahahaha. I hope it is long enough.

Here is a pic. I took it using the Sepia Effect on my camera. If my pal would see the color she'd guess it is for her and I want it to be a surprise :) Once she's received it I'll post a color pic.

Oh, one more little thing, dear pal, I won't be able to mail it before monday. I hope that is okay with you...

The pattern is the old favorite Feather and Fan...

Scarf finished!

My pal's scarf is finished and being sent out as we speak. It has been finished for a while but life has gotten in the way of knitting. The nerve! It is made from a Berrocco pattern that they no longer have up on their website. It is landscape prints from Lion Brand and is nearly five feet long. I hope she enjoys it as much as I have enjoyed making it. Thanks for letting me be part of the swap.
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So Very Sorry to be Late Updating

It's been so hectic both at work and home since New Year.
Anyway, I won't bored you with the details.
Just want to update that my scarf had been mailed out and received by my pal.

Looking forward to receiving mine, and the next exchange.

Thank you so very much to Cynthia & Celia for organizing another tremendously successful exchange.

It's Here!!!!!!!!!

I got this in the mail today. A beautiful, variegated green, soft yarn scarf. Thank you Janis from N.J.
I noticed that it was posted on the 3rd and it reached Sydney by the 8th. Now that's speedy!
I was so keen I opened it in the Post Office where it received many admiring looks and comments.
Thank you also for the colourful sock yarn.

I hope the scarf you receive provides you with as much pleasure as this has to me.
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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I received my scarf and hat!

They arrived on Saturday afternoon and I'm thrilled with them! The scarf is wonderfully long and will make a great scarf for the spring. The hat is fun and funky and my two year old has claimed it as his own!!! Of course, the hat is much to big for my little guy, but he loves it just the same.

Krystofer at Impossible Princess was my gifter. Thank you, Krys! My Mom and I would both love to know what pattern and yarn you used for the scarf? Mom wants the yarn information for a shell she wants to make and I want the pattern information because I want to make one to make as a Christmas gift for Mom. (Sssh. Don't tell her.)

Thanks again, Krys! *HUGS*

Scarf received!

Many thanks to Jenn for this beautiful package, which arrived today.

Look at the extras - some chocolate and biscuits, gorgeous heart shaped stitch markers, knitting notelets, sock yarn and my scarf! It's knitted in Alpaca Silk DK weight, and is just so lovely. It'll be going home with me tonight, my current scarf is being abandoned here at work! More pics on the blog.

This has been a brilliant scarf exchange - some wicked scarves have been posted. I would have been pleased with all of them!

I'm getting a bit anxious about my gift that's winging its way across the pond, as I posted it nearly two weeks ago! I just hope it's because my pal hasn't gotten around to posting a comment, rather than the postman has lost it!


Monday, February 06, 2006

Worry worry

So I mailed off my scarf *weeks* ago now and never heard a peep. There's been no post on the recipient's blog in even longer and I've tried e-mailing her as well. How sad :/

Absolutely thrilled; thank you Su!

To say that I was overwhelmed today was an understatement. Su set me the most beautiful scarf. She used some of the most exquisite handspun silk yarn to make me a Branching Out Scarf. The colorway is gorgeous and I'm in absolute awe of her talents. Thank you, thank you! When the mailman left the package, I was at a loss for who I knew in Rhode Island. What fun when I realized what the box contained. And even the postman seemed to sense the importance of the box, instead of throwing on the garage floor (as he usually does), he had placed it safely on my car's windshield.

This has been the most fun that I've had, participating in this exchange. Thank you to everyone who participated in it and the moderators, especially. Knitters are such wonderful people.
I'm finally finished and ready to mail! I had such a hard time with this exchange, trying to pick the perfect pattern and yarn for my pal was horrible. I wanted it to be just perfect and the pressure of knitting for someone who would be able to see mistakes in my knitting was a bit stressful but once I finally settled on a pattern and the perfect yarn for that pattern the scarf knit up really quickly. I think I spent ten times as much time swatching other pattern/yarn combos than I eventually spent knitting the finished scarf! But I'm proud of the result and it will be on it's way to the United States today, I won't post a pic because I don't want to ruin the surprise.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

15,600 Stitches

Yes thats right 15,600 total stitches. No I didnt count them all, but yes thats how many are here. I have cast of the final stitch and all the doubt I had about the scarf looking nice is over. I love the way the yarn feels and how it all came out in the end. I had to take it to work to show another knitter and she is determinted to make one for herself now.
The scarf is packed up and ready to be mailed out. With any luck from the postal service this should arive (hopefully) before the deadline.
Look out Canada here it comes!