Saturday, October 14, 2006

It's Off!

9,000 or so stitches
81 rows
Many joyful hours of stitching
3 skeins of yarn
2 trips to the LYS
1 scarf on its way to you!

This exchange was so much fun. Keep your eyes open, pal. In 4 to 6 business days your package should arrive.

Thanks, Lesley!

Lesley sent me a beautiful purple Branching Out scarf, knit with Kid Seta. It's my favorite color! She also sent me a nice postcard from Denver and a box of Chai tea, my favorite. Yummy! It's just cool enough here for tea, even if it's not chilly enough to wear a scarf yet.

I went to a UFO night at my LYS, and am now a lot closer to being done with my pal's scarf. I think I can finish and have it on its way next week, especially if I go to the local SnB tomorrow night.

ALL this -- for ME?

Believe me, this picture does not tell the whole story -- my pal has been so much more to me than a knitter of fine scarf. How lucky am I? I feel like the rest of you may have gotten left out by not getting her for yourselves. I am grateful, more so than words can express.

Let me add, I felt this way BEFORE the postman dropped off a surprise today - see? Cherry Tree Hill yarn! SILK yarn! in MY colors? how on earth did she know? and yes, those are addi turbos peeking out...and a candle...and a tiny piece of yummy yarn to hint of my scarf...and postcards (to throw me off the scent?) Guess what - I haven't even gotten my scarf yet! All of this and a scarf yet to come? God is smiling on me! I wish I knew who you are, Wonderful, Thoughtful You. Thank you for brightening my day.

See the bright spot in the picture? That would be the sun and I took the photo this way on purpose - both to show my illuminating gratitude, and because sun shining in Michigan these days is scarce.

On its way

Today I mailed off the scarf and goodies to my pal, who will receive them in about two weeks. Air mail even takes time from this part of the world. I just hope my pal likes everything, I worry too much about this stuff.


It's done! At this very moment is blocking in my living room where Cliona (my cat) has been banned for the night. I've even gone as far as to close the door to the living room when I'm not in it. Cliona's got this pitiful little look on her face since I practically never shut her out of a room. I hope my pal likes it. The scarf looks pretty good. Pics will be coming in a couple days. Need to locate the camera. I'll be sending it early next week before I go to my parents to houssit for a few days.

She's a Bad Swapper...

So I got a super fast start to the scarf exchange and would have been all set for an early finish if it wasn't for my Startitis... But I'm happily back on the bandwagon. I am about 60% and should be able to finish this weekend with any luck! I hope my partner likes the Backyard Leaves pattern I choose - she said she didn't prefer lace, but I view it as more of a texured pattern with a few yo's...

The color is much deeper in reality than in this flash-lit photo.

Friday, October 13, 2006

The Scarf That Would Not Grow

I've entered that special time/space warp where I knit and knit and no progress is ever made. I keep knitting and my scarf will not grow longer. I'm hoping that if I keep at it for a few more days it will miraculously be 66" (my goal). I'm running out of time and I have so much else to do.

What do you all suggest? More sun? Water? What do scarves like to grow? Cold weather?


I wanted to post a photo of the beautiful scarf I am doing for my pal, but the pictures came out so crappy. They don't show the rib and cable detail at all. (sad face)

I am using Muench Touch Me Yarn. NICE STUFF! It is so soft and will feel terrific around the neck. It is coming along nicely. I hope I can get a decent photo when it is done.
I work half a day on Friday so I finally found time to post since I have been remiss so far. I am working hard on my scarf and it is about 60 inches long. I am going to add another 12 inches or so and will be done. I have been knitting for about a year now which is why it takes me much longer to follow a pattern that changes every other row. But I am really pleased with the result. I might even try harder projects in the future like maybe even a sweater someday. I am inspired by everyone's creativity displayed in such a wide variety of beautiful scarves.

Scarf done!

Nana modeling the Melody shawl for my ISE pal

My scarf is finished and is being modeled by my beautiful Nana. This was a lot of fun and I hope that my pal enjoys her scarf. If not, she can send it back to me because my boyfriend seems very heartbroken that I am not keeping it! :)

Pattern: Melody Shawl from Morehouse Merino
Yarn: Knit Picks Gossemer in Blue Jeans
Time to knit: three weeks
Needles: Knit Picks Options US 10.5
Notes: This was a very easy pattern that was great for TV knitting. I am still amazed by the purled steeks and that I actually survived cutting my precious knitting. Whew!


I've finished my scarf and it is on his way to my pal. Hope she would like my gifts and the scarf.
I spun a warm and soft merino yarn and knit a small but pretty lace pattern. It was much fun.

Happy knitting to all of you.

Posting from the UK to the US

Is anybody or has anybody posted their scarf from the UK to the US? If so, I need some advice. But for obvious reasons I can't discuss it here. Perhaps you could e-mail me then we could talk about it.

Many thanks in advance....Bernie


So, I'm knitting merrily along on my scarf when I look down to see this:

I don't know how well you can tell from the picture, but somehow I really messed up the lace column a couple of inches down from the top. I really did not want to rip out that much work, so I crossed my fingers and dropped the problem stitches down:

AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH ! ! ! It is so freaky to see your work all mangled like that! Luckily, it really was an easy fix. I just knit the column of stitches back up using DPN's in a slightly smaller size. Now you can't even tell there was ever a mistake:

PHEW ! The only problem now... it did set me back a few days waiting to find the time and mindset to actually do the fix, so now I have to really push hard to catch up.

Keep on Truckin'

I have about 4 feet of scarf done, and my pal likes 6 to 7 foot long... so I will keep on truckin' till I get there. I am trying to hurry too - according to my pal's blog, they already got their first SNOW! I don't want my pal to be cold!

Scarf Knitting

This Malabrigo is so nice to work with! I hope my pal likes the scarf ;)

Halfway there!

Well I can actually say that I'm half done my pal's scarf. All of the experimenting and ripping out is finally behind me and progress is good.

I've posted more pictures on my blog. I hope my pal will like this scarf!

Goofball. Thats me!

Well I thought that I had to get my scarf IN the mail by the 1st. And I'm not going to be able to mail my finished scarf until Tuesday or Wednesday. I guess thank goodness for express mail!! And the fact I'll be mailing in the USA. Thats going to help too.

37 Degrees

I've been reading all your posts about the freezing weather - 37 degrees.

Well, it was 37 degrees here in Melbourne as well yesterday. 37 degrees centigrade. Sweltering weather. Not particularly good for wearing scarves.

time for a post

Okay - I haven't posted any pics of my ise3 scarf anywhere, but have now changed my mind. As you can see, it is happily blocking on the ironing board, and I will send it away first thing monday. Whoo-hoo... another swap down:) Posted by Picasa

Postcard from Africa

I got another postcard today from my wonderful, thoughtful pal! This one came from Mozambique. I can't wait to find out who my pal is and learn more about her adventures!


its cold here! my fingertips are frozen! I'm knitting away on my scarf for my pal . . . she lives in a very cold state (not telling). I'm having fun knitting this one. I have been communicating often to my pal and I sure hope she likes it once its done. Hope everyone is having a great time knitting their scarves. They all are super beautiful :) Happy knitting

Almost There

I am almost there. The scarf that I'm knitting at the moment has just a wee bit more to go. Probably 5-10 grams of yarns left? Not too sure as I don't have a weighing scale with me.

Anyway, as I have just recently moved to my new house, I won't be able to update much as I do not have internet connection at the moment. So please bear with me. I'm hoping to finish knitting the scarf by this weekend and off I go to get more goodies for my pal. Till then, hope you all have a good weekend.


What Fun!!

I am happy to report that I have sent my scarf and a few interesting bits to my scarf buddy.

I have been wearing my scarf since I have gotten it. It is comfortable and the perfect colours!! Thanks again to my scarf pal....

Now .... when is the next exchange going to start??

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Long Lost Scarf SHOWES Up!

And its BEAUTIFUL...
it sure helped brigthen up my bad week. I'll feeling a little better, but of course I'm scared about the finances. We will just have to wait and see how things go.

Now back to the good part.... my scarf by the wonderful Grace (needles 54) in Elann's Devon. Also send 4 skeins of Elann's Camel yarn and a cranberry soapbar.

Thank you !!!!!

Sure is scarf weather !

I've been enjoying the blog - so much to read, so many wonderful scarves that have sprung to life from such a talented group. I want to say thanks again to the organizers - you do a splendid job.

I am having trouble getting to a post office - the scarf is ready, and I want to include a few little "tidbits" - but I am aiming for tomorrow. So my Pal - I hope it arrives before you have snow !

I'll take some pictures and post them when I'm sure my package has been received.

Be warm - it's cold out there !

Heart Break

OH my heart is breaking. I was less than 2 feet away from being done last night. Today is my day off and I had planned to finish and block it out. I came home from work last night and my daughters cat had gotten into my room and decided to play with the scarf which I thought I had completely locked up. Now that I have calmed down enough to not try and strangle the cat I am going to sit down and start over again. I have to work only a half day tomorrow and then have Saturday and Sunday to knock out the scarf. Right now it is snowing, luckily only a little bit of flurries and so cuddling up under my blankie with my knitting will be the makings of a great afternoon. Never fear pal I do plan on getting this all done and out to you within the next few days. Happy knitting everyone.

Finally Decided!

It took me a very long time to decide what scarf to make. I finally settled on the Branching Out scarf pattern from Knitty. I went to a yarn store that just recently opened in my neighborhood...I'm thrilled that I can walk to a yarn store :) ...and got some Cascade Cloud 9. This must be a new yarn, right? It is light and fluffy and pretty soft. I'm making 2 halves and grafting them together so the leaves fall down on both ends of the scarf. (I can't remember where I read that tip.) I'm further along than what is pictured here, so don't worry, it'll be in the post by the deadline.

Here is the pattern

As promised, here is the patern I promised to post
Hope you all like it

12-13sts*16 rows=10cm*10cm

Chain selveage:at beg of RS row hold yarn at front and slip edge st. purlwise;
before last st. bring yarn to front and slip last st. purlwise;
on WS rows k1st st. tbl, k last st.

cast 31 sts loosly and P1 WS row,
Chain selvedge, k1, *k2tog, yo, rep from *, k2, chain selvedge.
P all sts. and yos
Chain selvedge, 1 slip dec=(slip 1 knitwise, k1, pass slipped st. over), yo, *k2tog, yo, rep from *, k1, chain selvedge.
P all sts. and yos

Rep row1-4

scarf sent

up up and awaaay. the scarf is off winging its way to san jose. hey that rhymes ;) its probably not flying post seems to go by ground but it whould be there any day now :) have YOU received it yet?

Better late than never?

I've been a bad KAL'er, having missed the posting in September. But nonetheless, after some fits and false starts, my swap scarf is on needles and growing daily. It was a very difficult decision, pattern-wise, as my swap-ee is not particularly fond of lace...................and, I am particularly fond of lace knitting. So, I dug out pattern books, dove through my non-laceweight stash and got busy.

It is now 37 degrees Farenheit in Chicago, and I may be wearing the scarf as I knit it.............

Stay warm, and keep those needles clicking.................
My scarf is nearly done and will be on it's way next week. I hope that will be enough time to get there before the snow files out her way.

I didn't get it done before the snow flew out here. Hello old man winter.


It's 38 degrees F here in KY!! That is wayyyy too cold for this time of year. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

The scarf is done

Last night I finally finished the scarf! It just needs to be blocked a little to get the curl out of it before I wrap it up nicely and send it off. I want to get something small to go along with it too so I'll have to see how that goes. Hopefully I'll have it in the mail by the beginning of next week.

It's not as bright as the photo shows. It's done blocking and now I've got to package it up with the other goodies and send it off.

Done + Dusted

Here is my finished Scarf!! It's crochet! So if you didnt want a crochet scarf its not for you.

I really enjoyed making this it was kind of a free form artwork. It took 3 balls of Noro Silk Garden and I'm really pleased with ho wtha Noro colour changes worked with the crochet structure. I'm a novice crocheter so I did not realise that it actually eats up the yarn more than knitting....

Now I just have to get it blocked and wrapped and its on its way..... To you ?? or you?? Or you??? :-) Stripey aka Sharon

I am a TRENDsetter!

This is just a quick post to let you all know that I received a scarf from Kelli Pendleton that is so beautiful. It is knitted in a drop stitch pattern out of Trendsetter Yarns, Yosemite from Italy. I love it. I came home at the end of a long day and there was my package. It was so wonderful to get it. I opened the package and put my new scarf on and spent the evening wearing it. I wore it to work the next day, and I wore it at an arts festival that I was doing. Thank you Kelli. It is getting cold here, and the water outside was frozen this morning. This is the perfect day to be wearing my new scarf. THANK YOU KELLI. We have a lot in common and I am pleased to meet you. Let's keep in touch!

For my patient UPSTREAM pal - Be patient just a little longer, as it is coming soon. I got the scarf wrapped nicely last night along with some other goodies that I think you will love. I can't wait for you to see it and to have it. It is in Lavender-Pink - colors you said you love.


Oh Scarf Pal of mine! I just had the dog outside, and the wind was so cold! Winter is coming soon, and I know the scarf you are knitting for me will be here in time to keep me warm before the snow comes!
It made me smile thinking that, so I wanted to say Thank You!!!

Picture, finally!

I am finally posting a picture of the scarf I knit for my pal. I can't wait to hear from my pal when she receives it!

More pictures and details on my blog, knittingforsanity.

International Scarf Exchange

I have started thinking about panicking about my International Scarf Exchange scarf, which is due shortly. I've had a tough few weeks as I'm sure none of you knows given that I keep pretty quiet about such unpleasant stuff, but suffice it to say that I've had a hard time giving extra out when nothing is coming in to me emotionally, ya know? Anyway, today I got my new toys in action (ball winder and skein holder!!)

and wound up some yummy KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud in Tide Pool into this:

to make a knotted openwork scarf from. I'll start today once I've done some more of a shawl and job hunted and not wilted too much in the heat.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I got my scarf...

Folks, I got my scarf on Monday. I haven't had the time to take a pic yet, but I did thank Jill :) I'm on restricted internet access and although I can download my pics to the computer here, somehow I can't get them uploaded to my picture storage online. I will put up a picture (or 2, 3, 4) when I'm back home!!!

Cheers y'all, Eva - PS: I finished my scarf too YAY!!!! Just need to find a (catless) spot to block it :)

I got my scarf!!

I received it yesterday...and it snowed TODAY - how's that for timing? It's very lofty and warm - perfect for the upcoming Wisconsin winter! I had to post a picture of myself wearing it to really show how long it is - it will be great for a few wraps around the neck or even over the head - it will be named my official "walking" scarf to keep me warm during my lunchtime walks! Won't my walking friend be jealous??:) One more thing - my 6 year-old is also quite smitten with it - so I may have to tackle her to get it! Thank you to Knit-On Sunny and to the hostesses for the opportuniy to participate in the exchange. I just happened to mail my pal's package off yesterday - so I'm anxious to hear about that as well! Happy knitting!

Catch-up Post

Hello all, and especially you, Bee! As Celia has kindly reminded me I have been derelict in my posting duties, but happily not in my knitting duties. I am pleased to report that my scarf is finished, and has been coveted by many at work and home. But I won't post any pictures because I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise, at least not without Bee's okay. It should get mailed out this weekend.

New hostesses for some of you

Folks in Iris' group, you would probably have seen Iris' post about some bad news last week. She has had to withdraw from her hostessing duties, but not to worry, Cynthia and I have taken over and you are now split between the two of us. If you were in Iris' group, you should have received an email from one of us by now and you'll know whether you are in Cynthia's group or mine.

I am catching up with checking your posts for September. If you receive an email from me saying I can't find your post, don't stress about it. Just let me know when you posted, and I'll go check and mark it off my list. If you missed posting in September, you will need to post at least twice in October. So, if you received one of my "I can't find your post" emails, just reply letting me know whether you posted and when, and under what name. Sometimes it's a bit hard to trace who goes by what name as your blogger names may differ from the name you used to sign up.

Iris, we wish you all the best. I am sure you're in our thoughts and many of us will be praying for you and your family.

Just Finished My Scarf

Wahoo! I just finished the scarf for my pal. I am going to go weave in my ends now, and will block it tomorrow. I love how it turned out, and will share a picture once it's dry/done blocking. I will be so happy to mail the package at the beginning of next week. :)
Scarf is on it's way.

Yes, the scarf I made for my scarf exchangee on it's way to San Francisco. I came up with my own design, so I hope she likes it! spite of the puppy

To infinity and beyond!

Well, I'm finally at the last stage, blocking. I've gone from thinking about the scarf, thinking about the color, trying various designs, frogging various problems to finally saying I'm done - and early! Tomorrow, barring no impending disasters - sons spilling soda or such, she should be packed and off to my secret pal!

Next up, ITEII!


THANKS : ) everyone for all your support. I know its going to be hard. I'm an illustrator... and the market here is nil. After 20 years I'm at a lost. My husband and I have no family that can help. I'm just scared and I'm a worrywart. I worked with most of my friends.... and I know what they were told... no contact with me or their job would be on the line. Its a "Core Value" thing to them. You have your job as long as we own you..... and once you are honest... you are considered being negative. And because we don't have to have a reason to let you go.... atune to our core values or you will be gone too.

On the brighter side.... (pray that we can make ends meet, now no money guess we can loose weight) If anyone knows of anyone needing an illustrator let me know. I worked for an educational supplemental publisher for teachers. My art is cute and young looking for the preschool and early grade school area. I have an BFA in design and an expert in Creative Suite, Freehand, Pagemaker, Photoshop, Mac and Pc..... and was the Internet web page designer.

Thanks again for being my outlet. I guess now I have no friends and will have to make new and I know I have all my online knitting friends.

Oh yes, I guess I'll be selling my Barbie Doll collection and Tom Clark Gnomes.... if anyone is interested in what I have you can email me: knitsong at operamail dot com

thanks again for letting me chat. My husband is at work.... and the doggies only listen to so much.

Package is ALMOST ready

I've spun the yarn and done up the scarf. Now I just need to get those few bits and pieces to add to the package for my pal and it will be off! I am SO excited. I loved the way that it turned out. I will take pictures before I send it just in case my pal doesn't. It looks like leaves on an autum tree!!

I need to cry....

I don't have my own blog.... but I need to cry to someone. I just lost my job today of 20 years. No reason... being North Carolina and employer doesn't need to have a reason to let you go. Now I'm scared, depressed, and crying as I write. It wouldn't be that bad if we hadn't of used all our savings when my husband fell and had to have an entire elbow replacement 6 months ago. He had no insurance at his job and to put him on mine would have been to costly. We had to max out the credit cards and have been living hand to mouth since. Please pray that I can find work soon. I don't want to loose our condo... we've only had it 5 years....

Thanks to everyone for letting me vent...... I'm so sad.............

finished again!!

Jennifer now knows I am her ISE pal. The original scarf is lost in the mail and I am hoping will still make it to her home, I have learned there was a problem with the zip code so it has made a detour to Anapolis MD, whether she gets it or some one in MD is wearing a LovinComfort original I don't know. Tomorrow I will try again by sending out a Christmasy version of a scarf that appeared 2 winters ago in Creative Knitting. I hope you enjoy it Jennifer. Grace

What a pleasant surprise!

I just received a beautiful postcard from my secret pal. She is from Australia and the postcard has beautiful native flowers on it. Most of them I have never seen before. My two girls, aged 2 and 4, thought that it was cool to get a postcard from the other side of the world. Their mom thinks so too. Thanks for the lovely treat secret pal!


Scarf has been mailed

and I must admit, it was really hard to see it go. I like it so much, I think I'm going to have to cast on the identical scarf for myself. I added a few extra fun little goodies in the package (but not the sunflowers!)

I hope my pal loves it as much as I do!

done and almost ready to send it out

i've finished my scarf (or rather, my pal's scarf), but am so impressed by everyone else's scarves that i feel a little embarrassed posting mine up *blush*. it doesn't help that my picture taking skills are rather...non-existent. it is:

and a close-up of the pattern:

i'm getting my candy and stuff ready so that the package can be posted soon, maybe on friday. it has a long journey to go...wish i can go along with it!

Fishtail is Ready to Swim Away ...

The Fishtail Lace Scarf is done! I hope (as all gifters do), that my pal likes it. It is made from Australian hand dyed merino wool. The colors are dusty wines and mossy greens. It was my first lace project and I'm ready to do more.
-Stephanie Y.

I am so impressed!!!

The amount of creativity that is being shown in the creation of all beautiful scarfs for this exchange is amazing!--I have been wondering if any of them could be mine and I would love any of them--I am STILL knitting my pal's scarf, but I have been collecting other little goodies to include in the package--I hope I finish in time!--I feel like a snail compared to all of you!!! But I needed to tell everyone how truly impressed I am!

Scarf Received!!!!

I just got home, and wanted to post that I have received my scarf!! Thanks Charity, I love it. I definitely will get pics of my wearing it posted tomorrow night (I'm a wee bit tired), but it's simply gorgeous. Charity did an outstanding job!

In my scarf knitting news -- I will be mailing my scarf off tomorrow. It will leave my hands and travel far to its new home!! I'll post all pics tomorrow. Promise!

Thanks again Charity!!!!!!!!!

Winging it's way......

To the USA. My scarf was sent on Tuesday. I am not sure how long it will take to get there but we will see. Hopefully my pal will post on here that she has received it and what she thinks of it. When (if) she does that I will post a picture for you all.

This was so much fun to do. Thanks to the hostesses!

C'est Fini!

I'm happy to report that my ISE scarf is completed and will hopefully be in the mail by the weekend! It turned out very nice after blocking. Here's some photos of the blocking process. I hope she likes it :)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Finished with both!

So I took several scarf loving peoples advice and didn't overdye my first scarf. What I did do was make another, just incase it was too artys for my pal. The new scarf is made from Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. It's my own pattern of garter ridges, stockingknit, a few yo/k2tog rows and a seed stitch variation. I love it and the yarn so much that I'll be making another soon! The package with these two lovely scarves plus goodies will be shipped Saturday the 14th!

Another finished scarf!

Hooray! I am done with my pal's scarf! I hope she likes it, though I know she won't be wearing too soon. We're in the same part of the same state and it's pretty warm today.

ise3 scarf1

ise3 scarf2

I used a herribone stitch pattern on big needles. The yarn is similar to Malabrigo, single ply wool with lots of loft! I got it from a Uruguayan vendor on Ebay. It's sooo soft, I want a blanket out of this yarn!

Almost Ready!

I finally screwed up the courage to block this lovely. The first half is done and the second is drying as I type. I'm really pleased with the result and hope my pal loves it as much as I do! With luck, it will hit the mail by the end of the week as it must travel across the continent AND to another country! I am so excited to get my scarf; I'm sure my pal is too.

Gone, going, gone

Gone, flying away on the Alaskan autum breeze...

Hope it makes my pal happy! (and warm!)

All Done!

My Irish Hiking Scarf is all finished and on its way to a new home.

I used KnitPicks Andean Silk, which is super soft and lovely.

Close up of the cables. Sorry for the poor photography, apparently, taking pictures right after waking up isn't such a stellar idea.

I can't decide..... Which scarf should I send?

Hi Everyone,

I made a scarf for my ISE pal in one of her favorite colors. I think it came out great. I used the Lace Leaf Scarf pattern by Loop-d-loop. I knitted in the softest red merino. The only thing is that its not what you would call a traditional scarf. Its more like a mini scarf or a decrative neck piece.

Here is a picture of the Loop-d-Loop pattern and what it might look like around my pals neck:

As you can see its shorter and thinner than your traditional scarf... this is why I am not sure whether or not my pal would like it. As a result, I started another scarf using to different colors of Malabrigo. This is also being knitted in a lace pattern but it fits the traditional scarf criteria.

Here they are side by side...

What say you? Should I send her the red one, or the blue one? or both?

It's Done!

I just finished blocking the Japanese Feather Scarf. For my first lace project, I'm rather pleased. I hope my pal likes it. I hope to get it in the mail in the next couple of days -- off to the other side of the world.

Qusetion ?

So happy that people are likeing the pattern !
I promise I will share it as soon as I have the internet set up at home ! Maybe in two days...
Oh, my scarf is done but I can't find mmy pal's address!!!
Can someone tell me where to look for ?
Thank you so much !

Scarf is finished....

i'm finished with my pal's scarf! i'm just hoping and hoping that my pal likes it as much as I do. :) I still need to wash the scarf and mail it out. I'll do that in the next few days. :) until is a photo. Sorry it's a bit blurry....too much sunlight in the room.

thanks for reading!

Pretty in Pink

The pretty pink scarf is finished, blocked, beaded and ready to go! Its Swarovski crystal beads and shells were put on last night and the blocking has shown off the gazebo lace pattern to full advantage.

I hope it is up to scratch - there are a few little glitches here and there (please don't look too close at the grafting) but it drapes beautifully and feels soft and smooth against the skin

Soon it will be off across the Pacific Ocean to someone's Winter. I hope it brings them joy and delight.

Finished and Smarter

Well, after much help from our coordinators, I finally figured out to post to the blog. It took me so long to figure it out that I started and finished the scarf. I did a new stitch for me-cables-which was fun, but I wish I had done it first in a solid color first so I could see the cable better as it developed. This is not a great picture, but the cable shows much better in real life. Oh, well.

I will get the scarf off to my pal here in the next few days.

Thanks for all the help .

Ready to go in the mail

Well, it would have been mailed today - but whoops, it's a Federal holiday! I have my scarf and a few chosen goodies to get off to my pal tomorrow - can't wait to get it to her and get my scarf from my pal. Because now that I am done with mine, I'll just be looking in the mailbox, waiting!! ha ha!

Almost Done!!

I'm so excited---I am so close to finishing. I have been in super fast mode since I ran out of yarn for one of the colors that I am using and had to frog the ENTIRE scarf on Saturday and start all over. Well, I'll be finished by tomorrow then I have to block it and I'll post pics on Thursday before I mail it...It has to go a long way and I hope it makes it there in time.

Circles of Fall

After seeming to run around in circles
deciding on my yarn and pattern,
I thought "why not circles?"

So here's what I am coming up with.

Looking forward to finishing it up and
sending it out to you, pal.