Thursday, October 13, 2005

First Post

The first scarf exchange has come to an end and it looks like most (all?) participants ejoyed it. I know I sure did. If youw ere in the last scarf exchange and you have not posted your scarf, do it! someone out there is waiting for his/her scarf!

Cynthia and I decided to start this blog because we were receiving emails from some of you asking us to pass messages to your scarf partner. Uhm, we're not very efficient.. sometimes the emails sit in the mailbox for ages! Anyway, for the next scarf exchange, if you want to communicate with your scarf partner, you can set up a free email adress for that at htmail, gmail or yahoo, or any of the other free email providers. I also realised I am not very good at all at keeping up with everyone's progress. Sure, I tried, but we all know I was gettign further and further behind. Guess what! You can post your progress here. You can even post pictures!

If you want join the next scarf exchange (probably start in November and end in February), and want to be a part of this blog, email me. I will add you.. I guess I will first have to work out how to do that. No matter. It will be done!