Saturday, February 25, 2006

I got my scarf!

Thanks so much Dani! I love the scarf and hat - so cute. I'm extremely busy this weekend (recruiting potential students for my PhD program) and I just got home and one of the students is staying with me.

I'll get pictures and post them after things calm down a bit, but I just wanted to let you all know that I got my scarf and hat, and they're great. :)

Friday, February 24, 2006

I got my scarf!!!

I received my package...all the way from Luxemburg!! Wow! It's exactly what I wanted. Thank you, thank you Eva! Here are some pictures of my scarf:

My niece had to try it on too...and I think that she likes it!! I've written about it in more detail on my blog. Thanks Celia and Cynthia for putting this all together! I've had lots of fun!

Got It!

And it is sooo lovely. Here's one picture. I've posted more on my blog. Thank you!!!

It's on its way

In the mail and I hope my pal will be pleased. She's been extremely patient, and a good participant because she finished her hat and scarf sent it out ages ago to her pal. I got caught up with some personal stuff, and couldn't finish on time, then I had issues with the size (hat) frog a few times. I received the yarn in perfect time, no one to blame but myself :( , so I apologize for being late. Pictures of the hat and scarf are on my blog. I'll link later after she receives it.

Very late...

OK, I'm running out of excuses, but some time this weekend my scarf WILL BE POSTED. I took too long deciding on a couple of little surprises to include with it!

Boo hoo, I haven't received a scarf yet. I don't know who my pal is, but if you;ve sent me one and it hasn't turned up, do you want to out yourself so at least i know I haven't been forgotten? I won't snarl at you for lateness!! (That would indeed be calling the kettle not so much black, but as dark as the deepest infinities of space!)

Can't get enough of your love...

Who doesn't love Barry White?

Oh. Off topic. So... I've seen in some comments that some of you are anxious to start a third round of the int'l scarf exchange. Celia and I have been discussing when/if we're ready to host yet another scarf exchange. Here's what we've come up with so far:

1) If we host another, we're waiting until after Celia is done with her wedding craziness (in about 2 months.. add a third month for honeymoon and settling in).

2) If we host another, we'll probably need some volunteers to help us with organizing. We had about 35 people in the first exchange, and almost a hundred of you here in the second exchange!

3) We need to wait until this exchange is truly over. Meaning, everyone got what they bargained for, and we know who didn't end up holding up to their part of the exchange. Chasing up scarves can take up to 6 weeks after the close of the exchange.

4) we may decide that we both need a rest from hosting the exchange... in which case we would open up the hostessing spot to whomever has the time and interest to host the next round!

Please be patient with us as Celia and I finish up dealing with this round. We will keep you all informed via this blog of any happenings!


Happy Happy Happy

Here is a huge belated thanks to Jae for my wonderful ISE scarf. As you can see it's knitted from a georgeous pink, magenta and charcoal Noro 'Silk Garden'. I love silk garden so its really great to own another of their fab colourways. Jae made up the pattern for her (now my) scarf and its a very clever multi directional short rowed design. I'm really impressed!! Thanks a lot Jae it will get heaps of wear when it gets cold again around here and I'm sorry its taken me so long to post a proper thanks!! I did post this on my blog a few weeks ago and just realised that I hadn't posted it here so you all can see how clever she is and how happy I am!!!

I've really enjoyed the scarf exchange. All the scarves are brilliant! I've loved catching up with this blog. My scarf pal really loved the scarf I made her too so it was a really fun exchange to participate in. Thanks heaps to Celia and Cynthia for organising it. Cheers Stripey

Thursday, February 23, 2006

It's here!

Thanks so much Dana (April Fairy).

She sent me the Ruffles scarf in a gorgeous, soft yarn and she included the extra yarn too! She sent candies and a soft little teddy bear and jasmine tea and candles (my room smells sooo good right now!) and her daughter put in a couple of toys for my son.

A gorgeous scarf, well worth waiting for.

Have you received it yet secret scarf pal?

I sent it airmail about 3 weeks or more ago so it should have got there by now. I am worried I have not heard from you ... please say you have it even if you didn't like it ... I used some really soft merinos.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I'm so thrilled

I just checked the blog and saw that Lynette received and loved her scarf and mitten set, and I'm relieved. I honestly was anxious that she wouldn't like them, or the colors weren't what she wanted, or... something. I've only been knitting a little over a year, and have never made anything for anyone outside of family and a few friends, so I feel validated that an outsider likes my knitting too!

I'm also proud of myself for inventing a scarf pattern when I couldn't find any patterns I liked. Turns out this exchange is really good for your ego as well as your skills. Thanks again, Celia and Cyn!

So Happy!

My secret scarf pal got my scarf and she likes it! She Really likes it! ;)

It's always great to hear feedback that is positive, especially for one's first knitting project. Now I feel encouraged to do more (as if I needed the encouragement to do more knitting!). So glad that you liked the scarf, Mandy!

I've got it!

Thank you Michaele!

I can't find my camera, so I am re-posting the picture Michaele posted. I love it! It's pink, and warm and soft, mm.. THANK YOU! I love the subtle colour variations in the fibres of the yarn when I look at it closely, and the more 'macro' colour variations when I look at it from a distance away. It truly is a great scarf. It's also very bouncy and stretchy - due to the ribbed pattern.

Michaele, can you send me care instructions pls? I don't want to wreck it the first time I wash it!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Received & Sent!

I feel bad because I completely flaked on posting when my scarf arrived. My pal is probably wondering if I ever got it. But I did Catherine, and I love it. The Silky Wool is just lovely. And after having to start my pals scarf over late in the game I finally finished it earlier this week. No pictures of it here. When I finished I couldn't find my camera - it was under my sofa cushions of all places - so I sent it off on the 14th since we were already at the deadline. I'm sure the recipient will take a picture when they receive it. What a fun exchange this has been!

From who?

I received this beautiful hat & scarf.
No name, or care instructions from the sender. I wonder if the person they assigned to me drop-out?
Oh well.. thank you mystery sender.

Just a reminder

Hi everyone. Thank you very much for participating in this exchange.

As Cyn posted, the exchange is now closed. With the exception of one or two, ALL scarves should be sent by now. If you have not sent your scarf or scarf set, please let the recipient know!

If you have not received a scarf nor heard from your scarf maker, PLEASE LET US KNOW by email here. In your email, please address it specifically to me (Celia) if you are in the scarf set (hat or mittens) group or Cyn if you are in the scarf only group.

A big thank you to all the angel volunteers. We haven't had to call on many of you, thank goodness, but your kind offer is very much appreciated. No doubt over the next week or two, we'll find out who has flaked out on us (if any), and I'm hoping the numbers are really low! We may yet be calling on you.

I hope all of you have enjoyed this as much as Cyn and I have. I don't think I am ready to host another scarf exchange for at least a few months. We'll keep you posted. :)

Received my beautiful scarf

Sorry about the late check-in.

I received my scarf weeks ago and I have been meaning to take a photo of me modelling it. The weather has been very hot in Australia and the thought of popping a scarf on is the last thing on my mind!!!

I've email Marji to let her know how much I love my scarf and how special I feel receiving a scarf that has had such trials and tribulations in it's construction. Love the colours and the yarn (Koigu), particularly since I can't get the yarn in Australia.

Bring on the cold weather so my scarf can grace my neck!

Thanks to Cynthia and Celia for organising the exchange - I really enjoyed it. Put me down for the next one!


Sunday, February 19, 2006

Wonderful Gift Received

I received my wonderful scarf/mitten set in the mail on Friday. I took pictures right away and have worn my set every day since. Thanks so much, Lisa from PA, for such a great set. The colors are fantastic. And you must have known the Chicago weather conditions would drop dramatically (-3 degrees yesterday), and your mittens were perfect.

I hope my recipient will love her set just as much.