Saturday, February 18, 2006

My Scarf arrived from AUSTRALIA!

OMG! Jo! It is beautiful! Jo spun the wool and dyed it and then knit a lovely pattern. The colors in the picture aren't true there is no green in it. Rather, it is beautiful shades of purple, magenta, blue (she knew my favorite color is purple!) I simply love it and can't wait to wear it. (Please forgive the hideous sweatshirt I am wearing in the photo - I'm having a party tonight and I'm in the middle of cleaning my house!)

I couldn't be happier with my scarf. And Jo also sent some adorable souvenirs from Australia. They will go right next to my computer!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jo. And thanks again to the organizers of this exchange. I really enjoyed it.


Itsy Bitsy Late

This seems to be the story of my life ;) Unfortunately due to some personal/family/school related things I couldn't make the deadline. I was well on my way until a bunch of stuff all happened at the same time and between obligations and sleep I had no time for fun stuff. All that is over now though and I'm diligently working on the exchange and will have it completely shortly - with pics and all! :)

I'm hoping by the end of the month to be done and have informed the proper authorities and people about this ;). It's a bit hard to be secretive at this point but I'm hoping my person might still have a surprise! Maybe I won't post pictures until they get it, so at least that remains a mystery.

I also apologize for not posting sooner - again, the outside the knitting/blog world stuff really usurped ALL my time and it was finally as of this weekend, like, yesterday, that I was able to sit down and do some just for me stuff. It's been about a month of chaos otherwise.

I hope all are doing well in blog land! Oh and I did get my exchange and it was beautiful and I made sure to contact my person immediately to let her know I had it and loved it :)


Hooray! I finished the scarf a few minutes ago. It is blocking right now and will go in the mail this week. I sure do hope my pal likes it (in spite of it being late!)

It turned out to be fairly large - 9" x 66" including the beaded edge trim.

This was a fun exchange. I haven't received mine yet but I think it's on the way. Can't wait to receive it!




I've send my scarf and gotten mine, and it's been fun!

I've posted them on my blog so...

To see the one that I knit (including a section of my feline love modeling it), click here

To see the one that I got, (including a review), click here.

Ok so when do we start again? :)

Friday, February 17, 2006

Checking In

I have not been able to post for quite awhile due to professional obligations for my volunteer job. Basically every weekend since the first of the year has had me busy.

I have had my mittens done for quite awhile now. It is the scarf that has been vexing me. I have knit at least 2 different patterns and not been happy with them. I finally found a yarn that I really liked and the pattern came to me as soon as I saw the yarn. The pattern is actually very simple but I have had to frog it back a few feet to correct a mistake. I have emailed my person to let her know that the scarf is being slightly delayed. I am planning on finishing the scarf off this weekend and mail it out early next week. I really hope that she will like it.

Scarf Received!

I received my scarf and mittens last night when I met with Cynthia. I had no idea she was my exchange pal and I love my scarf set. I have worn them to work today and will probably wear it non stop until it warms up! I will post a picture when I get my camera back. It is currently in Philadelphia with the boyfriend.

Thanks again sneaky Cynthia!!

ISE 2: now closed!!!

Hi everyone,
I hope that you all have enjoyed the second round of the int'l scarf exchange as much as Celia and I have!! This round is officially closed, and hopefully most of you have sent and received your scarves. If you haven't gotten a scarf, and you haven't heard from your pal, please email us

here and let us know.

If you are still working on your scarf or scarf set, and haven't let your pal know that it'll be a bit late, please let them know ASAP.

last... if you HAVE received your scarf/scarf set and haven't posted, PLEASE DO IMMEDIATELY. None of us like to be left hanging about whether our hard work has been lost in the mail or if it's being enjoyed by its new owner.


Thursday, February 16, 2006

...And Recieved!

I recieved my beautiful scarf and hat set in the mail just yesterday. Perfect timing too, since our beautiful weather disappeared last night!

Thank you so much Guin!! I love the colours, and the hat fits perfectly!

My picture doesn't do it justice... look here (the blog of the creatorix) for better pictures.

Thanks again Guin!!

I've Sent...

I've finally finished the scarf for my pal, and it's been mailed. And it seems she found me out, but I'll post pictures anyhow. I'm so sorry it's late Stariel, I had good intentions!
The scarf:Annnd the hat:

Projects Specs:
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Glitter Alpaca in Moody Blues
Peruvian Collection Baby Cashmere in Pewter
Pattern: The scarf is an original lace design. I had this idea to do lacey stars and had a h*ll of a time finding a lace star pattern... so I made it up. And added some nifty zigzags up the sides.
There is a boring second side to the scarf. It's just plain pewter done in knit 1 slip 1 stockinette. It doubled the warmth of the scarf, and sets off the Moody Blues nicely.
The hat is just a simple pixie hat with a roll brim. You can barely make it out in the picture, but there are two tiny embroidered stars.

You should definitely be recieving the package sometime next week. I hope you like it!

Oh, and beautiful job on all of the scarfs everyone! I'm not normally a big scarf knitter, but I've collected tons of patterns and ideas.

So I was snooping around on someone's blog...

And I found my ISE scarf! It's still in progress, but it's so awesome I don't mind waiting a bit longer. :)

Looking and Stocking the Mail Man

I have been assured by my ISE knitter that it is coming. I have had a great time with the exchange! Our hostesses have been wonderful and well organized. The next time that I post I will have pictures of my new scarf and hat! Can't wait.

Status Post Feb. 15

The Scarf Exchange deadline has past and I had sent my scarf a week ago, hoping it would make it to my pal before Feb. 15. Still no word yet from my pal. I hope it has made it there!

As for my own scarf... well, I think the Post Office ate it. My pal just told me she had sent my scarf over a month ago and it still hasn't arrived. And we're both in the domestic U.S.


Thanks for the wonderful exchange though. It's touching to see so much generosity flying across land and water.

I love my scarf soooooooo much

I just received a parcel from doorman, but it didn't come to mind that's from my ISE pal. I was so suprised when opening the excellent packed scarf with nice smelling, especially it came from the far-far-away America(since it takes 2weeks to come Asia), and in case of the scarf were short for me, my pal were so sweet to give me another ball of yarn. I love the color and rib she chose. Thankyou so much Katherine.

Lament for February 15th

I really tried to make the date
With hopes your scarf would not be late
I'd intended you've have it by today
Even when logic told me, "no way!"

You deserve better, my ISE friend
Than mere apologies I have here to send.
I set my sights a bit too high
To grow, to learn, to dream and try.

I've loved the journey from stitch #1,
Though I'm still quite a ways from done.
I challenged myself but time was unkind,
When every 10 rows meant I had to frog 9.

I won't put it down until it's complete,
It's on the front burner turned on to high heat.
Crushed I'm late, so sorry and sad,
My regrets are real and I hope you aren't mad.

I'm honored to have you as my ISE pal,
You're my inspiration and an amazing gal.
Your knitting's so awesome, I constantly strive
To make my scarf worthy when it finally arrives.

During this project my skills have grown
I've reached new heights, stretched my zone
I owe it to you, for raising the bar
I'm becoming a better knitter by far.

Thanks for your patience, your kindness and care.
I promise your scarf will soon be there.
It's made with love, with cheer and smiles,
And soon will be flying across the miles.

The scarf is here!!

I received my scarf today from Reina, who gifted me with a beautiful Irish Hiking Scarf in alpaca. Thanks again Reina! You rock!

Did it arrive?

I mailed off my scarf last week, from one coast to the other. But I haven't heard if my scarf pal has received it yet. Yes/no?

Here it is all blocked and lovely. This was a tough scarf to let go of and mail.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

contract fulfilled

no peeking

I've done it! I've mailed off my pal's scarf! Nearly two skeins of Malabrigo in the Tuareg colourway. I had a bit of a battle with the cast-off edge and its fringe but I won and put the scarf in the mail today. I decided to buy it an airline ticket since I'm a little late so someone south of here should be getting a little box in the mail soon.

Another picture (of the scarf itself) on my blog.

I had fun with this exchange though I really should know by now not to take on more than one exchange/pal at a time as I seem to end up short of time and stressing as the end approaches. I'd do it again though. Pal, I know you'll enjoy your scarf.

belated praise for timely delivery....

I did indeed receive a lovely scarf from my secret pal in New Jersey. For some odd reason my post never made it through, and for that I am truly sorry. I got a beautiful alpaca scarf knit in garter stitch on the diagonal with warm amber colored beads on the unspun fringe. I was also gifted with Broadway showtunes and assorted "beadery" from my very thoughtful secret pal. I hope everyone enjoyed their participation. su

I got my scarf!


My scarf arrived two days ago and shame on me for not posting it yet! It is beautiful. The color is such a rich bluish teal. Absolutely gorgeous. It is also so soft and has the perfect drape.

Thank you Martha for such a beautiful scarf. It is perfect for me. Posted by Picasa

Scarf and mittens heading for the heartland

I just shipped the scarf and mittens tonight. I finished the mittens Saturday, but they took forever to dry because they're bulky. Classic Elite Marl LA is actually just 4 worsteds held together--crazy! Anyway, after a day on my heating vent they finally dried out and have been mailed with accompanying scarf to my pal in the center of the country. I hope she likes them as much as I enjoyed making them!

My scarf came!

I sent my 5 year old daughter out this morning to check the mail, and when she came back in to tell me there was a package in there, and she couldn't get it out, I was so excited I threw on my coat and went out to collect it in my pj's (I had a slow morning... so shoot me).

When I told her that it was from England, which is all the way across the ocean. The she turned to me and exclaimed "England is far away... it's almost to Texas!"

My scarf was knitted for me by Marie-France. It is soft and squishy and very warm (what is it made out of, Marie?) and such a lovely shade of rosy lavendar.

And here's a modelled shot:

The way I'm wearing it doesn't show the stitch pattern at all, though, so here's Marie's picture from her post a little bit ago...

And here's a picture of the lovely stitch markers she included:

She also included a kit to knit flowers with some beautiful silk yarn. Thank you so much, Marie.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A big yellow box...

has been mailed today and will land sometime next week or the week after somewhere across some waterbodies.

Okay, does that make sense to y'all LOL???

Cheers Eva

Happy Valentine's Day

I'm not going to make the deadline though,.. but I have informed my pal she will get her hat and scarf very soon. It is coming out beautiful and I will post pictures before I send it .

Any Suggestions?

Hello ladies - I was hoping for a little help. I've enjoyed this exchange so much and have really been amazed at all the different scarves and yarn. The talent out there is incredible. Now I need some suggestions. I bought this yarn even though I made a resolution to no longer buy any yarn unless I had a specific project in mind. Well I've been eyeing this at my LYS and finally broke down when she had a half of sale during half time on Superbowl Sunday. So it is Thaki Yarns, Baby print 100% merino. It is thick and I have 3 skeins with 60 yards each. Does anyone have any ideas of what this yarn wants to be? It is so pretty and soft. I'd appreciate any advice you guys have. Thanks!

P.S. To my secret pal - I just wanted you to know that I'll be out of town next week so if my scarf arrives then and you don't see a post right away that is why. I don't want you to think I don't like it. I can't wait to see it!


As of today I sent my scarf off to my pal a MONTH ago.

And so far I have heard NOTHING.


Monday, February 13, 2006

The Picture!

Here's the pic of the hat and scarf I made for my pal. I used Brown Sheep wool in a peacock blue/turquoise color. Hope my pal likes it!

Scarf on the way to....?

My scarf was sent this morning and my secret pal should be getting it in a few days. So, if you live on the east coast, be on the look out for a package. I hope that you like the scarf!

More pics on my blog.

Scarf is in the mail

HI everyone,

I am sending my scarf and mittens in the mail today. It will be traveling east from Colorado. I am going to ship it so that my pal will receive it by Friday (hopefully).

I will post a picture later as I am at work without the camera.

Happy Knitting!

98% complete

My scarf just needs the fringe added and two tails woven in and it'll be ready to go! Apologies again (they're constant) for the eleventh-hour finish; I obviously didn't plan very well. I decided not to block the scarf because I was afraid of ruining the cushy-ness of the ribs. Malabrigo has a faint vinegar smell to it but it's already wearing off and hopefully I can get most of the last of it out before sending it off. It's not offensive at all and, honestly, I have to bury my nose in the scarf to detect it.

I have about half of the fringe cut and ready to tie. I'll post a picture once it's done and ready to go.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Kate Rocks!

I know everyone keeps saying this, but my scarf is perfect! This week we finally got a bit of winter here in Buffalo, NY and just as the heaviest snows were falling, I got my scarf in the mail from Kate. It's the greatest mix of browns and goes with everything. I've worn it every day since Wednesday and I have to say that it has been put through the blustery cold weather test and proven itself warm and toasty.

I think you'll appreciate my conversation with one of my knitting friends:
Me: I just got my scarf! It's great! It's possum!
Doubtful Knitter: Possum? As in scary hillbilly stew possum?
Me: Yeah, well, and merino, but possum... it's amazing.
Doubtful Knitter: Wow, this is really soft and pretty. I'll never look at roadkill the same way again.

Not that I think Kate's yarn came from roadkill possum, but if you see possum in the "ingredients" list, give it a try. Anyone know of any U.S. yarn suppliers that use possum?

Scarf in the Mail!

It's so tough to make it to the damn post office these days! I've been done for a week, but between work and being sick, I haven't been able to get there. The Irish Hiking Scarf will ship tomorrow however. My pal lives relatively close to me, so it should get there promptly. Now to sit and wait for mine!

Snow and Wave

It's snowing like crazy along the U.S. Eastern seaboard, but before everything shut down, I scooted to the Post Office to send this to my pal. Despite my best efforts, my digicam will show it as a faded blue, but it's actually green and a much more saturated color than this.

Print O' the Wave scarf

The center of the scarf is the traditional Shetland lace pattern, Print O' the Wave, and the edgings are the suggested accompaniments from the magnificent book, Heirloom Knitting. The yarn is JaggerSpun Zephyr (50% wool, 50% silk) in peacock. The silk content is a delight to hand and eye, but its singular luster plays all kinds of tricks on my digicam.

I'll have more pix and commentary on my blog tomorrow after I shovel snow. In the meantime, many thanks to Celia and Cynthia for organizing this exchange!

- Ina in New Jersey

I Got My Scarf

Yeah!!!! - Thank you so much Leisel for the beautiful scarf. I love it. It's the perfect pattern and colors. I love all of these colors so much and it goes perfect with my coat. I've already had it out and about town tonight and didn't even take it off at dinner. It's so soft and just wonderful. I really love this scarf. Thank you so much. Leisel also included the most beautiful stitch markers. I have to cast on a project to use those just as soon as possible.

Thank you so much Leisel!!!

Now don't laugh (too much) at my photo. I take terrible photos and this was the best one where I didn't look too out of it. Head down to Leisel's post for a full scarf view.


I received my scarf today--all the way from Australia.

Wow! Thanks, Taryn! I love it so much! The cables are wonderful and the yarn is so soft. It is absolutely perfect for me--in color, length and style. Thanks again! This was my first exchange and it was a lot of fun. I hope there will be more.