Saturday, October 21, 2006

A pretty for the mail.

It is finished and nearly packed up. There has been a slight delay in the mailing, but it will get there on time.

Mailed My Scarf

I mailed the scarf I knit to my pal the other day. I hope she receives it today.

Picture 281

Pattern: Wavy Feathers Wimple

Yarn: Rowanspun 4-ply (3 hanks)

I really enjoyed knitting this scarf. I hope my pal likes it!

Scarf on the way

I mailed my pal her scarf...PO said 7-10 days :)

On it's way...

I've mailed my scarf!!! Ahead of time too LOL. I'm normally one of those peeps who's always late. Total DUH moment though... I forgot to take a pic. It is pretty purple though :) It's going east from where I'm right now (which is not where I normally am LOL).
Jill, I still need to take a pick and post it of the one you made me. The kitties here are not into modeling, and even less in having their pics taken. And the puter won't let me upload my pics to my website. So my jetlagged self will model the scarf next week and post about it :)

Cheers y'all, Eva

From My Neck of the Woods

I saw the mail carrier put something by my front door this morning. Could it be? I rushed outside. I ran back in announcing to my family..."MY SCARF IS HERE! MY SCARF IS HERE!". Imagine my surprise when it was from Chris in Stillwater. STILLWATER? OKLAHOMA? Okay, I'm a Sooner not a Cowboy, but an Okie is an Okie and I was excited to open the package. She gave me a little hint in her first email that she was from a town where most people where orange. I live in Nebraska now where EVERYONE wears red on game days. Especially today--Nebraska/Texas. I don't hold out too much hope for a win but it should be a great game! Oh yeah, back to the scarf! As soon as I opened it I saw the scarf ring. I saw the colors. I shouted gleefully (is that a word?). I LOVE IT! Uh, hello? Noro. Totally love it. Not to mention Chris sent me a lovely note and some other goodies that I got in the picture before I whisked them away to their new homes.

This has been such a great exchange. It ran so smoothly and it was great fun. Thanks, hostesses!

Scarf is on its way!

Well, I finally finished my scarf and am sooo pleased with it. I have just taken my three kids to the post office, despite the rain!, to send it off to my pal - I couldn't wait until Monday!. I am now waiting with huge excitement to see whether my pal likes it! Here's hoping!

The Yarn that would be Scarf

So far, I have only done six repeats of my scarf pattern. AT first, I wasn't too sure about the pattern since it seemed the yarn was too drapey for it. But as I progressed, I looked at it and figured, it's not too bad. It's too late to change at this point.

I've chosen a very pretty nylon yarn with gold metallic thread plied through it. I would say it's not really that warm of a scarf, but I think it would add some nice sparkle to an already dark wool overcoat or evening out. The final product should be something fun and elegant. (I hope).

I have 19 more repeats to go! *sigh*

I got my scarf from my pal on Wednesday!!!! Oh my goodness she is great!!!! I love the scarf, the pattern is beautiful, & made out of alpaca so it is really really soft too. Not only that but she also sent me some candy, a light up pen, 3 postcards, and 3 SKEINS OF YARN (Devon from Elann). I think that I am going to use that yarn to make myself a lacey scarf sometime later. Once again, thank you Wanda in Arkansas; YOU ROCK!

Mr beautiful scarf has arrived!

Thanks to the very generous and wonderful Julie, I received my scarf before I went into hospital. It is just LOVELY> This picture doesn't do it justice - it's stretched out along the piano stool but you can't see the sweet beads in different shades of blue that are knitted into the pretty lace pattern. It is soft and pattable and I felt so spoilt!! Posted by Picasa

Mr scarf is done!

My scarf is all complete, washed and is blocking on my bed. This is a bit of a dodgy shot but I wanted to try out the new Stitch function on my new camera, so this is actually three pictures 'stitched' together to show the length of the scarf. It is knitted from a nice mixture of wool and alpaca and feels lovely and soft now it has been washed. It is is subduded shades of brown and grey that will look equally good with dark colours of the brightest of shades, I hope! It is going somewhere where warm scarves are needed, so I hope it fits the bill. I will post it in the next few days. Posted by Picasa

Look what I got!!

I've already thanked her privately, but now (finally!) here is public thanks and praise to Julie! I LOVE my scarf! This is heathery Cascade 220, and the effect of the color is sort of like chocoloate-raspberry. Julie also sent some great charcoal grey sock yarn, which I know I'll be able to put to good use. Thanks so much for a wonderful swap, Julie!

I'm chugging away on my scarf for my pal. I should finish shortly - pics when it's done!

ETA: I'm Michelle M.D., by the way - just so we can keep track of all of the Michelles!

I'm so happy!

I am the recipient of Deb's gorgeous Swallowtail Scarf in a yummy Silky Wool purple. You can read more about this luxurious gift here. Thank you, Deb! I love it!

I have a confession

I actually finished knitting my scarf three weeks ago. Then it sat on my lounge room couch for a week while I found something special for my secret pal's daughter and took some pictures. (That's actually a better excuse than it sounds because taking pictures indoors made the gorgeous deep purple colours in the scarf look blue. And it's dark when I get home from work so I had to wait for the weekend. That's my excuse anyway, and I'm sticking to it.)

So I finally posted off the scarf two weeks ago and it arrived at my secret pal's in the middle of last week - it had a long way to travel. But I didn't post a picture of the scarf because I'd let the cat out of the bag very early in the challenge and signed my name on an email I sent. I didn't say a word about having finished the scarf or having posted it. I just let her assume that I was still working on it. So here it is before it began it's long journey.

I forgot to measure it before I sent it - it's actually quite long - my pal tells me it comes down to her knees. It's made of pure wool - two balls - one variegated and one plain - I posted pictures of them below.

It seems that my secret pal likes it. I'm so pleased, it's been the most wonderful experience getting to know her. I can't believe how much we have in common. How on earth did they match us.

I'd like to add my thanks to the organizers - I've had a wonderful time being involved in the exchange, met amazing people, thoroughly enjoyed lusting after all the yarn and imagining myself wearing the beautiful scarves posted. (Oh to have all that wonderful yarn in a LYS in Australia).

Thanks everyone,

Friday, October 20, 2006

To Ottawa from Ottawa

How cool is this . . . I received a BOX OF CEREAL?

JUST KIDDEN! . . . . . . . . . it was shipped in one :)

My scarf came from Ottawa, Canada and I live in Ottawa, Illinois USA.

Isn't that just cool! what a wonderful hostest we have . . .

Not only did I get this wonderful scarf, but I got a lovely set of mittens :) I'm happy about both cause I work in an open area with lots wind and COLD! Oh, plus I received a few trinkets too, candle, candy and needle point protectors.

Check out the detail of the scarf . . . ILOVE IT :) Thank you so much "Thistle" aka Laura, I love it all.

Thank you Angela

I'm so excited! Look what the mailman brought me today! It's the shawl that Angela made and she's naming it for me.

Dark german chocolate and a postcard of her town were also included. Thanks Angela. I'll send you a private email but I was just too excited not to share with everyone

i got my scarf

here is a picture of the scarf i received and some extra goodies:

The suspense is killing me!

No scarf yet, and everyday as I enter my building I rush to the mailbox, and the packages area. But no, not yet... where oh where can my scarf be now? oh where can my scarf be??

Hooray! It's a Scarf!

(and other treats as well.) It arrived last weekend, and it's blue to match my coat, and soft and cable-y and lovely. I wore it out the day it arrived and I got heaps of compliments! Thank you so much, Brenda!

Slow but Sure!

I finally have time to focus on my scarf. It's a cable pattern with 8 sets of cables every 3 rows so it is taking me a long time but I have the entire weekend to work on it and hope to finish it up. I have about 20" done now so I have a long way to go but I'll get there.

If I would quit popping into this blog and drooling over the scarves that have been finished, I would probably have more time to knit!!

My constant companion

ISE Scarf front
Originally uploaded by jennybunny.
My swap recipient doesn't live far from me, so I don't feel too under-the-gun. Nevertheless, I am conscious of deadlines! I've been taking this baby with me everywhere and am nearly done. It's over 60 inches now and I'm on the last ball of alpaca. It should be mailed early next week.

And here's a pic of the wrong side:

Coming Soon

This is just a very quick post as I am rushing about getting ready to drive down to Rhinebeck. I'm taking my pal's package with me and will pop it in the post there. I think it has the best chance of getting to her on time that way. If any of you will be at Rhinebeck, look for me at the Saturday meet-up! Gotta go. It's a long drive.

Waiting, waiting waiting....

The scarf has been sent two weeks ago (Oct. 4) across the Pacific Ocean to the Windy City by airmail, also a note by email to my pal saying that her scarf on the way, but so far I haven't heard from my pal or seen a post about her receiving it yet :(

I trust the mail system of both my country and the USA, hopefully it's not lost...

I'm waiting for my scarf too. Everytime now that I see a finished scarf I can't help myself thinking if it's for me. Envy those who already got their scarves! Guess I will just have to go on waiting...

Scarf received!

Hello again, two posts in one week!

A lovely package arrived this morning from Eve. Inside was a wonderful scarf and loads of sweets!Sweets, biscuits, a nifty Hallowe'en box of sweets, calender, candles and a scarf!

Here's an outdoors shot of the scarf - it's knitted in Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk, a lovely long cabled scarf with ribbed neck area - it's fantastic Eve, thank you so much!

This has been a wonderful exchange again, and I'd like to thank the hosts Celia and CynCyn and the other helpers, especially Sharon whose group I was in (I'm not sure how many other groups there were).


What lovely work!

It's so nice to see all the scarves that have been completed and received. Great work, everyone! Every time I seeone that's in a colour that I would wear I wonder whether it is mine.. but alas, I am still waiting. My knitter has been keeping in touch by sending me postcards. I have received two so far, and both show buildings at Yale University, so my guess is that she/he either lives near Yale, or attends Yale, or works at Yale, or is just sending me the cards to throw me off her scent! I am eagerly awaiting my scarf ... it's not winter here, and won't be for another 9 months, but don't keep me in suspense, for that long, okay?

Anyway... I also wanted to remind everyone to post for October. Some of you have been really good with yoru posts and I have been marking yoor names off. Please start posting for October if you have not posted yet. DON'T wait till the very last day of the month! We all want to know what you're up to and how your scarf is progressing. If you have received yoru scarf, posting on the groupblog is a really nice way of publicly thanking your knitter.

No scarf yet...

...but yesterday I got another great postcard from Africa! This one has a beautiful picture of a lion on it.

The Pink Scarf is on its way

I am very pleased to announce that the Pink alpaca/silk scarf with beads is now, courtesy of Australia Post, heading across the Pacific to a city on the West Coast of North America. I was assured it should get there within 7 - 10 days so I am crossing my fingers that the lucky lady will have it by November the First.

It's been a challenge, it's been fun and I would gladly do it again.

Thank you to Cyn and Celia for pulling it all together once again.

It's Beautiful and It's Blue!

Thank you, Suzie, for the beautiful blue herringbone scarf. It arrived just in time for the first cool fall morning!
Best -stephanie y

My package is practically in the mail

I'm mailing the scarf off to my secret pal tomorrow morning. The chill is already in the air where she lives and I wanted to get the scarf in the mail so it can keep her nice and toasty. I didn't want the scarf to be lonely during the long trip (outside of the continental United States) so I picked up some other goodies.

I almost forgot. Here are the scarf details:
  • Pattern: Farrow Rib Scarf from the little box of Scarves
  • Yarn: Cascade 220 Quatro in colorway 9432, 100% Peruvian highland wool
  • size 9 needles (I think)
  • 4 skeins including the fringe, which I included in the package as an option
  • Measurements: approx 7.5" x 102" (she did request LOOOONG)

Fast Cabled (Twisted) Fringe

There's nothing I like more than finishing a great scarf with cabled fringe--it gives the scarf a very finished look, I think, far different from plain fringe.

I made about a half dozen scarves with cabled fringe this summer, painstakingly twisting each fringe by hand until it doubled over and twisted into itself. My hands were numb and stinging by the time it was finished, and it took forever. I normally use up about 120 yards for two fringed scarf ends.

I kept meaning to order a yarn twister online, but somehow forgot each time I got lost in lust shopping for yarn, far more interesting to look at! And each time I had to twist fringe, I'd dope slap myself for forgetting to order an inexpensive fringe twister online.

I'm finishing up a scarf today, which will be going out in the mail this weekend, and all that's left is blocking and putting on the fringe. Of course, I still don't have a yarn twister, so I tried improvising in order to save the hours and hours of hand-twisting each fringe.

I stuck an end of my doubled over 30 inch piece of yarn onto my yarn winder, taped down the end to the winder head, since I didn't want to wind the yarn into a ball. I then started cranking, and held the other end of the yarn up so it wouldn't automatically wind into a ball.

VIOLA! 30 seconds later, I had a perfectly twisted fringe, 7 inches long! I quickly made a dozen more fringes the same way, and it worked splendidly.

Just wanted to share that little discovery/tip for those who would love to do cabled fringe, but don't have a fringe twister (looks like a roach clip from the 60's!) and don't have the time or patience to twist by hand. If you have a ball winder--any brand will work--then you also have a double duty piece of equipment on which you can wind perfect cable fringes in a hotflash!

Package # 1 arrived today

I got 1 of 3 Packages today :-) I am soo excited I think I am going to have to make coffee now. It is a BIG coffee mug with Mona herself holding some knitting. It is perfect for me since I live on coffee.....Thank you so much Brittni I love it :-)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ready to go...

The scarf I am knitting is done, ready to go, but I thought it would be fun to have it travel with me this weekend and send it from there, from a big knitterly thing going on this weeknd. I am gooofy but hey, so be it. I really like how the scarf turned out, I can't wait to make one for myself. Soon, soon. Pal, I sure hope you enjoy!!!

package arrived yesterday

And I love, love, LOVE my scarf from Megan/Knitbrarian! It's a gorgeous My So called Scarf in Noro Silk Garden. Megan even slipped in a few extra little surprises...

(click for my blog post)
Megan, thank you so much for your gift of my very first hand knit scarf! We've already had some snow here in MI and more is in the forecast for next week. I can't wait to show this off while keeping my neck toasty warm for years to come.


So I woke up this morning to cold and rainy weather... made my usual call to my twin sister and i said to her.."my pal sent the scarf last week, maybe I will get it today, its the perfect day for it" Of course I thought it was wishful thinking... So I go check the mail (this is usually reserved for my daughter when she gets home from school cuz I'm too lazy lol) and theres a package SHOVED into my box lol... I was sooo excited and couldn't open it until I got my twin on the phone. Of course, me being one who NEVER payed attention in geogrophy class.. asked her without saying hello "where is singapore" LMAO she didnt know either lol... anyways Out I pulled a sheet of smiley stickers (LOVE THEM) and a ziploc of candy for the kids!! ( I think they are as excited as I am) and then the scarf!!!! it is absolutley BEAUTIFUL!! Deep red (fav color) the rib cable thingy she did is sooooo coool... I love it I love it I love it!!

Thank you soo much for for the most wonderful scarf and goodies you just made my day Karyn!!!!

here is a pic of the loot, had to get my candy corn nails in the pic just for halloweens sake lol

Package Sent!

I finished my scarf and mailed it to my pal. She received it and seems to like it! I searched high and low on the internets, through pattern books, but couldn't settle on a pattern. I already knew what yarn to use since my pal liked autumnal colors, I had Plain and Fancy Sheep & Wool (one of the best yarns known to wo-man) in the colors my pal was requesting. But as it is a variegated, I kept debating between patterned stitches, cables or lace and nothing just really struck me.

After much debate and I was just going to use a semi-lacy pattern, I found a pattern on Interweave for a Wild Cherry Triangular Scarf Pattern (careful, this link is a .pdf!)that sounded just up my alley. As the yarn used in the original pattern was a boucle yarn that the pattern shows off in the yarn to best advantage in stockinette, so too did I think that the triangular scarf would look nice in stockinette. Also my pal stated that she didn't think it got very cold in DC to her, as she's originally from Maine. My thought was that perhaps a triangular scarf would be nice to wrap around her neck inside or outside of her coat as an extra layer of warmth.

Here's a pic of it right off of the needles, but do see Suzanne's post for a better pic and of the package.

This was a lot of fun. Many thanks to the hostesses!

Project specs:
Pattern: Wild Cherry Triangular Scarf
Yarn used: 1 skein of Plain & Fancy Sheep & Wool (the pattern uses 1 hank of yarn that 1,440 yds, but only used 1/5 of that amount, roughly 288 yds. P&F comes in 400 yd. hanks, so I knew I'd have plenty)
Needle size: US 7 (4.5mm)
Time to knit: 1 week (incl. wash & block)
Mods: just made the scarf longer than called for in the pattern by about 20 or so rows, but stopped before it got too long

My pal received it and says that she liked it. I sure hope so.

thank you!

I received the most beautiful scarf today from Carol H. in Virginia. It matches my winter coat perfectly and I love it! Carol, you are the best; everytime I wear it, I'll be thinking of you.

My Scarf has arrived at Whitney's

I am so excited to hear that Whitney loved the scarf I made for her. I realized that I hadn't posted a picture and was going to do that but the pictures didn't turn out on the camera. So Whitney, if you can post a picture I would appreciate it. Thanks, Wanda

Scarf is winging its way NORTH

I mailed my completed scarf on Saturday to point North of me. I am so anxious for my pal to get it and to see if she loves it. I keep checking here and on her blog to see if she has gotten it yet. The post office said 4-6 days...Oh, the waiting is killing me! and Mailed!!!

Well I am a little behind in posting. I mailed the scarf last Thursday, so a week too late. It should be getting there this next week. I hope she likes it. Its 58" long and its alternating dark and light purple. Right now entrelac is my current obesession. And its Nature's Wool. I can't wait to recieve mine. And I hope that I'm not in NC when it gets here. and Mailed!!!

I am delighted......

My lovely Secret Pal Dyann sent me a wonderful package full of goodies.....

Firstly the scarf. Schaefer Anne, a lovely colorway of blues and green and a lace pattern!!! It is absolutely perfect for me, my wardrobe and the local climate. I could not have been more delighted and I have to say if this is a first time lace project, I cannot wait to see what else you will come up with Dyann.

Along with the scarf came: A mug made by Dyann herself (she is a professional studio potter), tea to fill it with, a gorgeous hank of laceweight yarn in a lovely lavender color (EneĀ“s Scarf, here I come!), a bar of soap and a lovely card.

I am overwhelmed by Dyann's generosity and artistry.

My scarf will be on it's way to his recipient on Saturday, together with some other goodies.

Almost done!!!

I am almost done with my scarf...just a couple more inches. I'll post a pic right before I send it....or tomorrow if I can find my freakin' camera. I swear my hubby hides it from me!!!


I heard from both my pals! The scarf that I had made her made it all the way to Canada!! And the good news is that she loves it! WooHoo!!! And the today I got a little note saying that my scarf will be mailed out on Friday!! I am so very excited I can't wait!! I love seeing everyone's scarf's they are beautiful!! Happy knitting!!

here she goes.......

My scarf is finished and ready to leave tomorrow on her journey north. Once again, this was so much fun. Knitting for other knitters is such a joy; I hope that my "giftee" likes it as much as I do. My photographer daughter captured it before it's trip.

get a scarf, give a scarf

Ooh! Look what I got!

what my pal sent

Here's a deliciously blurry photo of the scarf that my scarf pal sent me. I'd like to blame the blurriness on the fact that I found the scarf package on my doorstep when I got home from the beerfest. What can I say? Things happen.

scarf pal scarf closeup

A closeup of the lace pattern for you. The yarn is Shaeffer Yarn's Anne, which is warm and lightweight, and full of pretty light-catching colors. My pal, the esteemed Kniterella, has more (and better) pictures of the scarf on her blog. In the package she included some candies, cute knitting-themed pencils, and a "whirly pop" like the kind I used to beg my mom to buy me at the McCrory's when I was a kid. Additionally, she wrote a very touching letter about herself and the knitting of the scarf which is now mine!

Thank you, Kniterella!

Now, I just need to wait for my pal to receive her package, which I shipped off yesterday, full of yummy treats like chocolate and cookies and coffee and, oh yeah, a scarf.

ISE scarf

Scarf expertly modeled.

ISE scarf

Scarf less-expertly modeled.

This is also a Shaeffer yarn, the heavier weight wool called Lola. I think it's funny that I traded a Shaeffer for a different Shaeffer.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I finished the Branching Out scarf, it's about 60 inches long. Here is Sweet Georgia Brown modeling it for me.

I used 2 skeins of Cascade Cloud 9...It's 50% Merino and 50% Angora. I hope my partner enjoys it!

So Called Scarf~

I finished my pal's scarf, and just mailed it off! I sure hope she likes it!

Scarf Complete

Scarf Complete

All Rolled Up

All the details on this luscious scarf are over on LollyKnitting Around!

...and off she goes

I'm mailing my scarf today. I hope that my pal likes it! To our ISE hostesses, thank you for all the fun and to all my fellow swapettes, your creations are a daily dazzle to behold!

Looky, looky..... Look what I got!

The mail lady knocked on my door to drop off a very special delivery for me. It is from my International Scarf Exchange Pal, Cathy. Cathy hails from Aurora, Colorado. She did the most fabulous job putting together a very exquisite package. And it's mine, all mine.....

First, the scarf. The picture does NOT do it any justice and for that I apologize. Cathy painstakingly labored on a beautiful rendition of Ivy Bigelow's Midwest Moonlight. She used Elesbeth Lavold's Silky Tweed in a very deep, rich chocolate brown. It has the most faint flecks of rusts, golds and tans. Silky Tweed is a luscious blend of silk, cotton, and merino to make this a scrumptiously soft scarf. Let the snow begin.

Then, there was this wonderful little brown shopping bag that was just chockful of some glorious finds. There is a book "Girlfriends". I haven't read it yet, but with a few trips on the horizon, I'm sure it will be great plane reading. Then, the most adorable handcrafted knitting needles by Serendipity Designs. Oh, my. I can see the start of a collection beginning to take shape. And the cutest Lantern Moon Sheepie tape measure and a fabulously creative key chain in the shape of a miniature sweater. Hmmm, I wonder if Cathy made it herself. It is just too creative.

Then, the comfort stuff: There are chocolate covered raisins, umm umm good. And while I am sitting eating the raisins, I will be basking in a warm bath filled with Bath&Body Works warm vanilla bubble bath and sipping on some Bigelow (ah... same name as the designer of the scarf... was Cathy thinking or what?) apple cider herb tea. And finally, there is the cutest tin containing HT Harney & Sons fine teas. It is a Chinese Flower Green Tea, which is described as a beautiful blend do green tea and three types of flowers accented with citrus flavors. A treasure for the eye and palette. Now, if that doesn't sound fabulous, what does?

Cathy, you have outdone yourself and you have spoiled me rotten. Thanks for one of the best packages that I have ever received. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Advance notice! A travelling scarf!

Hello everyone
My scarf's knitted, washed and blocked. Photos have been taken, goods gathered and tomorrow it will be setting off on its journey, from London UK to ... somewhere in North America!

Pattern: Maple Leaves, by Heartstrings Fiberarts
Yarn: Seasilk in Wildflower.

It's wonderful to knit with!