Saturday, October 28, 2006

The cat's me-ow

Yesterday afternoon I dropped by the post office to pick up my package and discovered within this amazing cashmere scarf compliments of the fabulous Ingrid. I absolutely adore it as well as all the other excellent goodies she included. Please check out my blog post for more details. I'm so glad it's turned chilly enough that I can wear it in the morning! (I might have worn it today but there was torrential rain and I wasn't risking my precious out in that nasty weather!) Thanks so much Ingrid for all your thoughtfulness and what must have been an incredible amount of work.

Rockin' scarf

I received this beautiful scarf from Paula of You don't know how much I love this scarf...and those colours are to die for. She got them spot on.

Rockin' scarf

Aside from the lovely scarf, Paula also sent some lovely jewelry, a lady bug pin and some purpley earrings, a beaded necklace and wooly gorgeous roving.

ISE stash
Check out my blog: for more pics, more fawning over the loot and details. I really enjoyed this exchange. I had a lovely spoilee (Sandra) who I knitted a Liesel scarf for and an amazing spoiler (Paula). Thanks to all the hostesses again. :)
Marti received the scarf I sent her (pictured here), and left a very nice comment on my blog, thank you Marti, and I'm glad you got and enjoyed the package.

I can't wait to see the scarf my pal is sending, I'm excited. Everyone has knit such beautiful scarves for this exchange. This is a very talented group of knitters/crocheters/fiber artists.

Don't know which is harder...

I don't know which is harder...waiting and wondering if my pal rec'd the scarf I sent (two weeks ago mind you, from US to Canada) OR checking my mail everyday to see if mine got here. My dear pal has assured me that the scarf she knit me is on its way and I know I just have to be a little more patient. Oh other pal of mine, can't you tell us whether you got the scarf. Is it sitting with the other "unopened" packages that your move has caused you to ignore? How can you NOT open a package when it could be a very special scarf knitted just for you? Come on, put the boxes aside for one small moment and see what I created to put a smile on your face. Trust me, it beats the heck out of unpacking the dishes!

could have sworn i posted

i could have sworn i posted, but evidentally just thought i did. anyway, my scarf is packed up and about to be sent off, plus i received the nicest package from lisa with the beautiful scarf that she sent me. she did a wonderful job! thanks lisa for all the thoughtful things that you sent with it.


I got my wonderful purple scarf from Christy along with lots of other goodies. Check it all out on my blog. She used this really neat stitch from Barbara Walker's second treasury. It's full of wonderful purply goodness and I absolutely love it. Thank you Christy and thanks to the hostesses for another wonderful exchange.

It's karma

I can't believe what happened. I don't post many comments but some time ago when a pal was asking which scarf everyone liked I couldn't help but give an opinion because I thought that one was so very special. I even told her I wasn't her pal. I figured the probabilities were slim to none with all the people out there madly knitting scarves for the exchange and guess what.....ITS MINE. It came all the way from England and the package was chock full of goodies. I now I must have one of the best pals out there. This is the best way I can think of to start a cold and windy afternoon. Dawn, I hope you got my email but thanks again. You are a lovely person and a beautiful knitter.

My scarf has been received...

I got a note earlier today from Blogless Linda that she received the scarf I made for her :) So I received and my scarf has been received. I didn't make a pic of the scarf that I made and still need to make one of the one I received. Do not despair... I will try and make one tomorrow :)

Cheers Eva

Knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting!

Hello Pal ;-) I am working diligently on your scarf - I promise I am! I have 4' knit and I have 2' more to go (maybe 3' if I don't think it is long enough!) I had a hiccup in my week at work - and I did not have much knitting time! I am making up for it this weekend though - I will have your scarf done and in the mail winging it's way to you on Monday or Tuesday.

Here, There and Everywhere

Here I have received my scarf! It's a beautiful lace pattern in a divine deep purple. It's oh so soft and just lovely! I also received a couple chocolate bars from Finland and a beautiful set of stitch markers. Which, oddly enough, I was going to buy anyway so they came just in the nick of time!

There, being Australia, is where I sent my scarf! I am hoping my pal loves it, of course. I was in such a hurry to get it packed and mailed off that I forgot to take a picture of it, silly me.


well anyway... it is a rainy and windy day here in western Pennsylvania. My pal's scarf is off to her PRIORITY MAIL. So if things go the way they usually do, she should have it MONDAY!!

All exchanged

Everyone from this corner of the exchange is happy and well-scarved. I absolutely love my scarf that I received from Kate, and my pal, Marisol, seemed to really like her scarf. Hooray! Thanks to all the organizers for coordinating such a great swap.

Every day

Every day I rush to my mailbox, hoping to find a squishy package from a far away place. Empty! Oh scarf pal, I hope you are just a slow knitter and haven't given up. Maybe one of the beautiful scarves posted as finished is wending its way to me. Who knows, maybe today!
Having a Knit Fitt

My scarf arrived!

There was a package waiting for me Thursday night when I came home from work - It was from Victoria in Glasgow and in it was the most wonderful scarf and fingerless mitts!! Plus chocolate and a ball of very pretty Louisa Harding yarn. Blogger is giving me trouble this morning - I can't seem to get this to post - maybe if I take out the pictures? Check out the pictures on my blog. ( )

My scarf is blocking and will be mailed off downunder on Monday. I will take pictures later and post them on my blog.

Thank you Victoria - I love the set and now that is has gotten really cold here in NY, I have worn it everyday.


Waiting, waiting, waiting for my match to let me know she had received her scarf. . . From Athens, Georgia to Australia is a long way, you know, with all kinds of possibilities for interruptions.

But, Amy J. has sent me an e-mail saying that, not only has the scarf arrived, it has been worn! (An apparently unusual Aussie cold snap!)

Thank you, ISE, for the chance to participate in this swap. Amy is a terrific person, and you have given me the opportunity to make a new friend.

I'm so lucky!

Well, this is a double post - firstly, thank you so much to Kim for my wonderful curly scarf. Not to mention the doggy book, candy, key ring, yarn...all beautifully wrapped just for me.

Secondly, I send my scarf a little over a week ago and it should just about be there. (I posted it the same day as my sister posted her scarf adn I have already seen hers has been received.) Pics of my scarf are shown.

This exchange has been so much fun - I'm sad its over. But at least can stay in contact with the lovely Kim!

Thanks hostesses!

Is this YOUR scarf?!

(Unblocked lace = Ramen noodles)
But don't worry - I blocked it!

More details on my blog.
The scarf went in the mail today!
Thanks to all of the organizers for a fun exchange!

Scarves come and go in my life but none have I loved more than these...

This is my International Scarf Exchange scarf, ready to go to my pal on Monday (which makes it late for which I am very sorry!). I have laboured to find the right thing to make for my pal, who has a fascinating place in the world right now and can't wear wool (not too much detail or it'll give it away!!!). The yarn is Tide Pool from Knitpicks as previously shown here, but in the end I didn't use the open knot work pattern as it wasn't suiting the yarn! I did random decreases and increases to make it look like seaweed to suit the colour/name, and then wove beads into the end as I was knitting a ruffle on the end.

I love it. It's going to be hard to send away to someone else! I was a bit worried about making a lacey light scarf when lots of the other scarves are very heavy wool ones but I think this'll suit her perfectly. I'm going to find some chocolates to send as well, and some stitch markers!

I blogged that I'd received mine - thanks to the lovely Morgan of Fiber Addict fame! I love this scarf and have worn it lots so far - and must try entrelac sometime!

ISE scarf


I almost completely forgot to post for October!
Not that I haven't been working really hard on my scarf.
Because, I really have. So much, that I've actually worn the skin off of one of my fingers.
(Made sure not to bleed on the scarf)
I'm just about done too!
My only concern is, it's a little bit on the dense side.
Personally, I love thick scarves. Really thick, really dense, I think they're wonderful.
But what do you guys think?
Is thick a bad thing? Is it uncomfortable?
I'm really gonna work my butt of this weekend to finish my scarf and ship it to my pal!
Oh, and I got an email saying that mine's in the mail. I can't wait!

Getting Worried

I sent my pal her package back around the 16th. The post office said it should take 3 days to get there. I haven't heard from her or seen a post. Did my pal get it? Did the postal service eat it? What happened to the scarf?


Well I got my second package from my scarf partner, I got really cute stitch markers, I will take picture and post it when I get my scarf so I can kill two birds with one stone. :-) They are REALLY cute though :-) Thank you soooooooo much to my wonderful partner. :-)

Friday, October 27, 2006

Only four days to go

G'day all!

20 days ago my pal sent me a blog comment saying my blue scarf was almost done. I still haven't gotten it. I'll have to go check my ~other email~ and see if the one I sent has arrived, though I put my usual email address in the parcel. I sent it sixteen days ago and it should have arrived by now. Nope, no new messages there....

Is it just me or is the post to/from Australia/USA and all around the USA being really slow? I sent a parcel to the UK on the 20th and it arrived six days later, yet US stuff has not arrived over two weeks after I posted it. Lots of people (presumably within the USA) are saying they sent their scarves and a week later they had not been received. Very odd. Is it the new snow or wet weather I read is happening at least in the north?

At least I am not the only one checking the front door step or the mail box every day, or twice a day ;-)



Do you know what is really scarey? Putting $32 worth of yarn that has been knit into a lovely scarf for your scarf pal into HOT WATER and watching it turn into a pile of matted stuff that looks like carpeting.
Then, wringing it out and putting it into a HOT DRYER!!!

The result is lovely -- it feels like antique velvet!!

It is made from MUENSCH TOUCH ME YARN! And I love it!! I hope my scarf pal loves it too!!

It's here!

My gorgeous scarf from Meg came--all the way from Australia! The scarf is made of two different luscious Merino yarns: one is shaded blues and browns, with the center part of a matching blue. It will look wonderful with my blue winter fact with just about anything. It is SO soft and a beautiful lace design. Meg, you're absolutely wonderful! The package also had a couple of cute key holders: one with replicas of Australia's currency, and the other is a little camera..look in the viewfinder, click, and you have a tour of Australia! Even the mailer was pretty, with pictures...why do we get plain yellow envelopes at our PO? My thanks to the hostesses for doing all of's been a lot of fun. As to Meg..thankyouthankyouthankyou!!


Yipee! Wahooooo! I got the LOVELIEST scarf from Erin! Thank you so much. See the entire package of goodies and more pics on my blog. Also, my pal received the scarf I crocheted. I'm so glad she likes it! Wear it in good health. :-D

I'm going to miss this Exchange now that it is done. I so enjoyed every step of this adventure including admiring the work of so many talented hands. Happy stitching one and all!

Where oh where has that scarf gone!

Hi everyone,
I'm hoping my pal has her scarf as I sent it Sat. It was supposed to be there Sunday! EEK!

On my scarf front - I did hear from my pal who said my scarf was coming! I can't wait...

Happy knitting,

Waiting and Waiting...

Oh, the waiting game is so much fun.......... I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my scarf. I think my pal said that it has been sent - about 10 days ago but I think it's travelling from east to west and across the border.

I'm also waiting to her from my pal or see a post on this blog to hear that my package has been received. It has almost been 2 weeks since I sent it and with past experience sending from our house to my pal's neck of the woods doesn't usually take 2 weeks. I have family in that area so I mail stuff all the time. Needless to say, I'm a little worried. Maybe customs is just being pokey....

This KAL has been fun, with some ups and downs along the way. I always enjoy meeting new people in these KALs and maybe even making some new friends. I've certainly not stopped knitting scarves yet. I used to poo-poo the scarf knitting craze...... that is the novelty yarn scarf knitting craze although I did a few novelty scarves myself. But scarf knitting in itself, done with beautiful yarns and exquisite stitch patterns is an art all in itself and I'm proving that with a variety of scarves that will become Christmas presents. I showed the start of a few of them on my blog just the other day. Now by the end of Christmas knitting season, I might not want to see another scarf for a while but for now, it keeps me interested and occupied.

Have a wonderful fall weekend. Hopefully perfect for knitting. I'm starting to head for some craft shows as well. I always love looking at what other crafty people come up with.

I'm Cold!

It's been chilly in New England and I could use a nice snuggly scarf to keep me warm. I keep seeing all these gorgeous scarves and wondering which one will end up at my door.

The scarf I made has been received by Susan in PA.

Completed Diamond Lace

I'm sending my scarf out to my ISE pal today, and wanted to post a picture before sending it off. I sure had fun making this scarf, and hope my pal enjoys wearing it as much as I enjoyed making it for her.

The stats:
Pattern: Zigzag Lace
Yarn: Artyarns Supermerino DK
Color: Shades of Red
Length/Width: 72 inches long X 10 inches wide

Also included in package:
Pal's favorite bath soaps
2 Knitting books from pal's Amazon Wish List
Knitted Lace Bookmark (Diamond Lace, Sivia Harding's pattern)
Yummy chocolate candy
Knitting needle point covers
Tape measure
2 skeins Noro Transitions yarn
2 skeins Manos del Uruguay
Tons of hugs and smiles

Bye Bye Pretty Scarf

I have finished my scarf and I love it! I will be sending it off today. I've made it on the shorter side, as you can see, because it turned out to be a somewhat dense scarf, due to the stitch pattern. I hope my pal likes it, I sure do!

My Scarf from Dee!

Thank you so much Dee for your lovely scarf all the way from California. Such a coincidence that both my exchange pals (ITE and ISE) are from California!

Dee was so kind to send some other special one-of-a-kind gifts. First, let me tell you about the scarf. Dee knitted it in a lovely cabled motif using that very famous malabrigio yarn. The colorway is so complimentary to my coloring and it is thick, soft and warm. If that wasn't enough, she also included a candle, homemade chocolates, lovely crafted stitch markers and handstamped matching cards!

The weather in New Jersey has taken a turn for the worse. As a matter of fact, this morning we awakened to a 30 degree morning! We could get snow on top of all of the beautiful autumn leaves before they've had a chance to fall. So my dear Dee, your scarf will have a long season of wearing!

The exchange is over for me, my scarf pal Barb has received my scarf and now, with Dee's beautiful gift, I'm done :(

This blog was a wonderful visit each day, checking out everyone's creations and watching each one come to life. The anticipation, the guessing made this 47 year old a little girl again! Thank you!

It's here!

Actually, I've had it for over a week or so now (see, that's how long ago it was, I can't remember when I got it!) but I think I forgot to post about it.

The goods: a lovely cabled scarf and fingerless gloves; 2 skeins of Wildfoote Luxury Sock Yarn (spun by Brown Sheep Company) in color ELDERBERRY; a lovely postcard from Alaska; and some lovely mango body butter. I've actually never tried this kind of product before so I'm looking forward to it. Of course, I'm going to walk around smelling like a giant piece of fruit, but I love the mango scent!

My scarf is here!!

I received my scarf from dear secret pal Becky this morning! There's a textured (moss stitch variation pattern) blue/purple/gray colorway scarf in wool/soy, a tub of white chocolate scented body butter and a lovely little card with an image which looks a little like myself now: pontytail wearing a scarf knitting!

Close up of the moss stitch variation pattern and the varying of color of the warm and soft 70% wool/30% soy Patons SWS Natural Denim. Love the softness and sheen of the soy and the halo of the wool!

The yummy white chocolate scented body cream smells so good that I really would like to eat it! I'm sure my twins will love it, too! The body butter contains my two favorite ingredientes: coca butter AND shea butter!

Tomorrow I will take another picture of myself modelling the scarf in ponytail!

Thank you so much Becky! XOXO

scarf going out tomorrow

I'm so sorry to my pal! i'm going to send out your scarf tomorrow! sheesh..i had it done for like 2 weeks now and it sat here waiting to be sent out! but i kept forgetting to send it out!! i promise it goes out tomorrow! i hope you like it. i love it. :)

Scarf in the Mail

My scarf was mailed to my pal yesterday!! I have sent her an email letting her know to look out for it. There is still a chance it will be on time - I hope it won't be late!!

Deborah Downunder

The scarf is in the mail!

I mailed the scarf to my pal this week. I really, really hope she gets it today. I've had an incredible time with this exchange. It's been fun! Thanks, again to the organizers!

Pattern: Midwest Moonlight from Scarf Style
Yarn: 3 balls of Rowan Cashsoft

October coming to an end - dont forget to post!

Hi everyone

Just wanted to remind everyone to post if you have not posted in October yet.

Also, if you have received your scarf, please don't forget to post and let us know, and more important than that, don't forget to let your scarf knitter know! Most participants have put a lot of effort into knitting tehse scarves, and it would be really nice if everyone can let their scarf knitters know when they have received the scarf.


received my scarf ^^

i received my scarf a couple of days ago but work and other stuff has prevented me from blogging about it. because we had back-to-back holidays here, the post was a little slower than expected, and i think my neck grew a couple of inches waiting for the postman. then the other night i saw a flat little package on my laptop. (my dad's way of making sure i actually saw my mail ^^)

inside was the lovely scarf/shawl made by kate. i haven't been able to get pictures yet, but you can read about it here. i love the stitch markers that came with it...i've never had handmade markers before so these were the perfect gift for me...and they were so pink and so me!

thanks kate! i love this exchange and will definitely be back for the next!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Received this lovely - and, sorry still working...

I received this lovely scarf and a little mini for my moonbeam (if she ever arrives). Thank you so much Deborah, the scarf is gorgeous and you are so thoughtful to include a little one for my girl. I have to say the packaging was so beautiful, too. When I opened it, there was a great fragrance - lavander, I believe. There will eventually be more posted on my blog.

And now to my recipient...It will make it eventually. This is not a pattern I can do while doing anything else - too much counting. I really like the way it is turning out though and hope you will too. It may arrive a little past the deadline. Hopefully, you'll not be too upset with me!

Got my scarf!

I love my scarf. Lucia made me this lovely scarf from Inspirations Yarn Cream in 100% silk. It is rust, red, and gold variagated. It is wicked soft and very pretty. She also sent me two Organic chocolate bars. Yumm!!!

Thanks, Lucia!

Julie C from Maine

a new scarf for me

My International Scarf Exchange package arrived in the mail this morning, and I absolutely adore my new scarf!
It's a beautiful dark blue, and it looks great with my blue and grey coat. The yarn is Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk, and it is divinely soft. The stitch pattern is beautiful. My pal, Joan, did such an excellent job on this! I have already worn it, and my best friend noticed it right away when we met for lunch.
Joan included other goodies as well: Cast-On magazine, fancy chocolate-covered Oreos, some yummy-smelling Savannah Bee Company honey hand lotion, a neat flower lollipop, and a skein of some beautiful and unusual yarn.Mango Moon Bali Sky, in 3302 Dawn.
So gorgeous! I think it's made from recycled sarongs.
It deserves a very special project!
Joan carries this yarn in her online yarn shop, The Local Needle.
One more pic of my new scarf

On Its Way...

My scarf is on its way to the UK today. I dealt with my favorite crabby postman (he really does crack me up!) and I hear it will take "about a week." That means my pal's scarf may arrive a little late. Can I have just a small red mark next to my name? If it helps, here are some pics...I used misti cotton (cotton and silk)and the "cozy" pattern from (check the archives). Hope she enjoys it!

Yahoo!!! It is done!!!

My scarf for my pal is finished, but I have to say I will miss it--this was my first exchange and I can hardly wait until the next one--it was so enjoyable making something and gathering things for someone who will be totally surprised and hopefully happy with what you have created and chosen--here is a picture of the finished scarf and the goodies about to be mailed!

I'm late, I'm late.....for an very important.........

Okay, it finally made it to the post office. It has taken a ton of time, and finally two feet on dry land to get this done. But it's done (big sigh), and I hope that my wonderful recipient will love it. I will post pictures once I know it's arrived ! It's coming !!!!!!!! It really is.

Notified of Delivery

I just received an email from my Secret Pal, Mia. Her scarf has arrived! Now I can post the pictures I took. It was knit with Pure Alpaca from in Fiddlehead. The pattern is Lacy Kerchief Scarf from IK. My model daughter was sweet enough to pose/ham-it-up for my inexpert photography.

Got my Scarf!

My beautiful scarf crocheted by Gigi arrived yesterday. Blogger won't co-operate and let me upload a picture here, but there are lots over at my own Blog. Thanks Gigi, I love my scarf!

Scarf de Monet!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Allison!! Words cannot describe how happy I am to be so fortunate to have received this scarf. It is PERFECT! :):):) I love the colors, the pattern, the feel.....everything! I wore it all day today and I went to a craft fair and I had a crowd of women around me asking about my scarf. One woman liked it so much that she arranged to pay for a lesson from another knitter to learn how to make it!! I told them all about the pattern and why it was written. You really couldn't have chosen a more perfect pattern or yarn. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. :)

Allison has some much better pictures that does this scarf much better justice here. She used two strands of Koigu KPPPM in the most fantastic colorway. It reminds me of this Monet painting which happens to be one of my favorites. She generously included a delicious bar of chocolate, monogramed note cards with my initial :), a very cute coin purse made out of a baby sock, and a sweet note. I am one happy girl!

My ISE scarf has arrived!!

Finished at last

I can't believe how busy October has been - I guess that Sock Wars didn't help - but I'm hugely pleased that I've finished the scarf and it's ready to send off to my pal. So all that's left to do now is to get it to the post office and on its way. I don't know whether it's going to get from the UK to the US in six days but if I haven't heard from my pal by Tuesday, they'll get an e-mail of reassurance and apology that things really are happening.

It's been good fun: it's prompted me to set up a blog and brought me into contact with knitters from round the world. Along the way I've introduced my partner's mother to garterlac and have bought the yarn for a second one of these as a surprise Christmas gift. The person who's knitting for me has been really ill. Luckily it sounds as if she's on the mend, and so I also have the joy of anticipation, knowing that at some unknown future date, a scarf is going to arrive for me. Thank you to all of the hostesses for their work in putting the exchange together - I'm looking forward to next year's already.

Now there's no excuse to put off weaving in about a hundred ends from my Alice Starmore elephant cushion cover, which my partner has been on at me for weeks to finish. Curses!

From Indiana to... Canada!

So my scarf has been shipped off from Fort Wayne, Indiana to my pal in Canada! I finished the scarf over a month ago, but am just getting around to shipping it off- of course right before the deadline. Anyone else this much of a procrastinator??
I knit this scarf with Interlacements Toasty Toes in the colorway 206-Las Vegas Brights. I'm quite pleased with the result and just HOPE that my pal is too....
I included a few little treats for my pal to enjoy- tea and cocoa. I figure it gets pretty cold where she is and she might like a little something hot to sip on.

ITS OFF TO _ _ _ _ _ _

I finished my scarf and its on its way to its new home in _ _ _ _ _ _ . I used 100% wool, handdyed yarn. I like the pattern I used, it was a "Rainy Day Wavy Scarf" pattern. I also sent along a box of truffle fudge brownie mix and another skein of handdyed lace yarn. Hope my new friend likes the package :) I sent it priority mail . . . so it should arrive by Friday or Saturday . . . Happy Knitting

Scarf Finally On Its Way!

After not getting to UPS and not getting to UPS and STILL not getting to UPS my son generously took my package and mailed it. AND being the perceptive child that he is, He placed it for delivery in 3 days!!
He's such a good boy!
Just wanted to let you all know that I've been wearing my scarf for the past few days. It's been cold enough here. People that I've encountered (knitters and non-knitters) love it. A couple people have actually asked me to make them one. I just smiled. They know it means I'll think about it.

will you look at all this?

When I came home last night and saw I had a package from Australia, I ripped it open immediately. And I could barely believe my eyes when I saw all this:

Wowee! The scarf is in the lovely Liesel pattern, knit in bamboo yarn. Here’s a close up so you can see the colors better:

The colors are even richer than this photo can show. Blues and greens and coppery brown – like finding a deep pool in the forest. I totally love it, even if the cat isn’t excited.

And as if the scarf wasn’t sufficient, my pal also sent not one, but TWO skeins of yarn, a book on flowers, candy, and beautiful beaded stitch markers:

So who was it who gifted me with such bounty? None other than Celia! Yup, I was lucky enough to draw one of our lovely ISE hostesses as my secret pal.

Thank you sooooooo much Celia!