Monday, October 02, 2006

Back, back, back...

Sigh. The beautiful Apple Pie yarn and the beautiful Dewdrop Scarf pattern weren't a good match after all, in spite of what the swatch suggested. So I'm back to Old Shale, which seemed boring but works best with the color changes. I chose the yarn in the first place because it reminds me of clear winter days in Alaska, when the low slant of the light turns the snow amazing shades of pink, purple, teal and gold. The Old Shale pattern actually suggests the play of the Northern Lights, too. So I'm back to the beginning, but I think I've finally got it.

I think.

P.S. Can anybody who looked at the Dewdrop pattern please tell me why it's called that? I don't see dewdrops in the pattern or in my swatches, either.


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