Thursday, November 02, 2006

My scarf...scarves...arrived!!

Hi all,

My doorbell rang today and on my porch was a wonderful box from my scarf exchange pal, Victoria Smith.

I got not just one scarf but two or is it three? Let me explain. First, there's the wonderful white alpaca scarf with darling ruffled edges. Second, there's the purple and black skinny, long scarf with fringed edges using alpaca, silk and angora yarns. Third, there's the white scarf sweater...yes a sweater for my scarf just in case I happen to be wearing a scarf that's not warm enough, I can slip it into the scarf sweater and be fashionable and warm! And if that's not all...wait there's more. I also received two darling knitted scarf holders to keep my scarf from blowing off in the wind, a beautiful blue flower painted bead, and a tin of 'heavenly cocoa'.

There's a photo of all my goodies including the pretty tissue wrappers which I have saved for use by my art students!

Thank you so much, Victoria. I wore the white scarf earlier today and am now wearing the purple and black one. They are so cozy!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you,
Susan Gallacher-Turner
Susan GT/susancrochets


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