Thursday, November 02, 2006

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

My scarves came! Yes scarves! Marie-France knit me two beautiful scarves and scarves for my two toddlers as well! They are all gorgeous. I don't think I can thank her enough for the thoughtfulness, the beautifully knit scarves & the extra goodies!

I had plans to make myself the My So Called Scarf (the blue one) one of these days, so its perfect! The colors rock, the blues and browns are gorgeous. I would have never picked out that pink yarn for myself but I tell ya, with the pattern and the lightness of it (it's thin) and the softness (I think it has some silk in it?), I just love it, bright pinks and all!

Marie-France also made scarves for my kids (A is 18 months and E is 2 1/2)! Wasn't that sweet?! The pink one is so freaking cute with the pom-poms! Sadly my flash washed out the colors and the kids weren't being very cooperative models.
There are a few more pictures up on my Flickr site-

I had awonderful time with this swap, I hope the next one is sooner rather than later! :D Thank you Hostesses!

~ Sarah


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