Saturday, November 04, 2006


Oh, sorry... Was just enjoying this heavenly soft yummy warm gorgeous scarf from Pennie. Great huge sighs of bliss and relief!

I'll post a pic tomorrow when I'm more presentable, but I'll probably wear this thing all night long while I'm working at my bench for tomorrow's holiday bazaar, and I know I'll wear it to the bazaar. This is the first time I've been warm all day long.


And no less scrumptious, Pennie included a huge ball of gorgeous sunshiny hand-dyed laceweight yarn in cheery shades of tangerine and kumquat and apricot... 880 yards! Can't wait to work with it. Did you dye it, Pennie? It will brighten my day every time I look at it, no matter how dark it is here.

Plus some yummy brownie mix... Mmmmm.

Okay, back to hammering the silver. But I wanted everyone to know how happy I am, and actually, it couldn't have come at a better time, as I was just getting really tired and discouraged.

So glad you're my Pal, Pennie.


Blogger Pennie said...

I'm so glad you received the package okay. I was scared! That pattern of knit 2, purl 2 had 32 rows of different knit/purl. It took me a long time . . . yes I'm slow. But I liked the way it turned out. Yes, its hand-dyed and yes I hand-dyed it. Plus your scarf is handdyed and its 100% wool so, be careful washing it, hand wash and lie flat to dry. Pennie

3:37 PM  

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