Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Photos of the Finished Scarf

I was going to mail out my scarf yesterday but due to a few things, it didn't get out. It will finally be mailed out tomorrow. I was supposed to take it to my LYS where I purchased the yarn on Sunday but I never made it there. The owner wanted to see the finished scarf so I figured that I could do that. But I had a nasty headache on Sunday and never made it. Last night was beginning knit group at the local library. I first went because a friend wanted to go with her so that I could help her. And I have somehow ended up being one of the teachers. So I didn't get to the yarn store last night. I will be going over there this evening though. I want to get my scarf mailed out.

And I actually didn't knit a scarf, I knitted a shawl. Given where the receiptant lives, I figured that she would get more use out of it. I picked out a yarn from Mango Moon that I had never used before. I have used the Mango Moon silk but this was the first time that I had used their recycled wool yarn. Well I use it again? Yes. There is a nice bright tangerine colorway that I really like.

The photos that I am posting show the shawl soaking in the washer and spread out over my bed. (I only use the washer as a giant tub basin for washing larger items.) Okay, I would add the photos except that Blogger keeps gettting hung up with the photo upload. So I will try the photos tomorrow.

Edited to add - I was able to post photos over on Flickr so check out this addy to see a photo of the shawl -


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The recipient loves it!

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