Friday, November 03, 2006

Message to the ISE world

I'm sorry and repent mightily. I do not think I posted in October. I was going to on the 31st, to get it in under the wire, but I was knocked down and out by a migraine. Today is my first day of resurfacing.

Prior to that, every spare moment was spent working on the actual scarf. In fact, I barely scraped by on the deadline (but I did warn my partner in advance that it was going to be close). Somehow, though, I did manage to pull it off and get the scarf to Susan of I'm Knitting As Fast As I Can on time. You can see her scarf and goodies below. Susan says the absolute sweetest things about my work on the scarf. :)

I know that I still have some learning to do, but I'm mighty proud of how the scarf turned out (you can scroll down or click here to see it). I also had a lot of fun making the magnets and stitch markers so that she would get a nice little combo of handmade and storebought items.

Now I can't wait to see mine!


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