Saturday, October 14, 2006

ALL this -- for ME?

Believe me, this picture does not tell the whole story -- my pal has been so much more to me than a knitter of fine scarf. How lucky am I? I feel like the rest of you may have gotten left out by not getting her for yourselves. I am grateful, more so than words can express.

Let me add, I felt this way BEFORE the postman dropped off a surprise today - see? Cherry Tree Hill yarn! SILK yarn! in MY colors? how on earth did she know? and yes, those are addi turbos peeking out...and a candle...and a tiny piece of yummy yarn to hint of my scarf...and postcards (to throw me off the scent?) Guess what - I haven't even gotten my scarf yet! All of this and a scarf yet to come? God is smiling on me! I wish I knew who you are, Wonderful, Thoughtful You. Thank you for brightening my day.

See the bright spot in the picture? That would be the sun and I took the photo this way on purpose - both to show my illuminating gratitude, and because sun shining in Michigan these days is scarce.


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