Friday, October 27, 2006

My Scarf from Dee!

Thank you so much Dee for your lovely scarf all the way from California. Such a coincidence that both my exchange pals (ITE and ISE) are from California!

Dee was so kind to send some other special one-of-a-kind gifts. First, let me tell you about the scarf. Dee knitted it in a lovely cabled motif using that very famous malabrigio yarn. The colorway is so complimentary to my coloring and it is thick, soft and warm. If that wasn't enough, she also included a candle, homemade chocolates, lovely crafted stitch markers and handstamped matching cards!

The weather in New Jersey has taken a turn for the worse. As a matter of fact, this morning we awakened to a 30 degree morning! We could get snow on top of all of the beautiful autumn leaves before they've had a chance to fall. So my dear Dee, your scarf will have a long season of wearing!

The exchange is over for me, my scarf pal Barb has received my scarf and now, with Dee's beautiful gift, I'm done :(

This blog was a wonderful visit each day, checking out everyone's creations and watching each one come to life. The anticipation, the guessing made this 47 year old a little girl again! Thank you!


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