Friday, October 27, 2006

Only four days to go

G'day all!

20 days ago my pal sent me a blog comment saying my blue scarf was almost done. I still haven't gotten it. I'll have to go check my ~other email~ and see if the one I sent has arrived, though I put my usual email address in the parcel. I sent it sixteen days ago and it should have arrived by now. Nope, no new messages there....

Is it just me or is the post to/from Australia/USA and all around the USA being really slow? I sent a parcel to the UK on the 20th and it arrived six days later, yet US stuff has not arrived over two weeks after I posted it. Lots of people (presumably within the USA) are saying they sent their scarves and a week later they had not been received. Very odd. Is it the new snow or wet weather I read is happening at least in the north?

At least I am not the only one checking the front door step or the mail box every day, or twice a day ;-)



Blogger celia said...

I check my front door daily - sometimes a few times a day - hoping to see my scarf package too. Maybe Christmas started early for the post office this year

11:01 PM  

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