Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It is Here

On a grey, rainy day when a doctor's appointment I've waited 10 months for got postponed, I came home today to my parcel from my giftee. Inside was a lovely scarf, candies, postcards and a lovely letter telling me about herself. I am so delighted! Thank you so very much Angie.

In the picture, the colors aren't very true but it does show how well the scarf goes with the sweater I was wearing today.

The dark colors are exactly the same. (Funny how the grey of the sweater front is one color below the scarf and another above it!) More thanks and details on my blog.

Hope everyone else has enjoyed their experience and I look forward to next year.


Blogger fuzzy_giraffe said...

yay! scarf exchange has come full circle. I'm so glad you like the colors; it was a lot fun to knit for someone who shares the same interest!


11:51 PM  

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