Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My Two Cents

I have not yet received my scarf and I haven't heard from my knitter in many days. While I am still excited and eager to receive it, this exchange has nonetheless been a true joy for me. It is the first knitting exchange I have been involved in and it as been so much fun to watch everyone's progress. The talent and the kindness and the generosity represented here are amazing. I was blessed to be able to knit a scarf for Kim and even more blessed to have had the opportunity to build a friendship with her. Thank you so much to the hostesses - I'm sure it has been quite a task keeping all of us in line and on track! I will definitely sign up for another exchange!

For now, I will be over here waiting patiently and quietly for my scarf to arrive.


Blogger Kniterella said...

Kristy, what a great post! This truly must be a lovefest for I feel the same way about you. Who knows, maybe a scarf is headed your way yet (I hope). Until then, do you want visitation with my 'So Am I' scarf that you lovingly knit for me?


9:25 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Wow, what a beautiful scarf! Could I be cheeky and ask where the pattern is from? I love knitting scarves and can't believe I've missed out on this wonderful exchange opportunity! Let's hope the next one isn't too far away...

Many thanks]

11:53 PM  

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