Sunday, November 05, 2006

Mission: Accomplished

...for me and both my pals!

I came home this afternoon to find this at my mailbox:

Which, of course, contained a knitted object:

Hooray my scarf is here! My pal Courtney made me a lovely soft purple cabled scarf. Love the cables. It's just in time too, because it may get down below freezing tonight here in the city. Brrr!

But that's not all. She also a load other fun and useful things:

The final tally of all the loot (in addition to the lovely scarf): 2 vials of soothing bath confetti, a cute sheep pin, a cute heart magnet, some little rubber band stitch markers (which I have already broken out!), a stitch counter (always useful in my book!), some lovely VS lotion (to sooth my knit weary hands), and my favorite of the bunch, a Lantern Moon tape measure. A super cute bee Lantern Moon tape measure. I have been wanting one of these animal tape measures for such a long time, and now I have one!

Thank you Courtney!

And in addition, my other pal, Dee, has reported back to me that she received my package to her. Success all around.


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