Saturday, October 21, 2006

From My Neck of the Woods

I saw the mail carrier put something by my front door this morning. Could it be? I rushed outside. I ran back in announcing to my family..."MY SCARF IS HERE! MY SCARF IS HERE!". Imagine my surprise when it was from Chris in Stillwater. STILLWATER? OKLAHOMA? Okay, I'm a Sooner not a Cowboy, but an Okie is an Okie and I was excited to open the package. She gave me a little hint in her first email that she was from a town where most people where orange. I live in Nebraska now where EVERYONE wears red on game days. Especially today--Nebraska/Texas. I don't hold out too much hope for a win but it should be a great game! Oh yeah, back to the scarf! As soon as I opened it I saw the scarf ring. I saw the colors. I shouted gleefully (is that a word?). I LOVE IT! Uh, hello? Noro. Totally love it. Not to mention Chris sent me a lovely note and some other goodies that I got in the picture before I whisked them away to their new homes.

This has been such a great exchange. It ran so smoothly and it was great fun. Thanks, hostesses!


Blogger craftybernie said...

Lovely! What a nice surprise.

12:35 PM  

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