Friday, October 20, 2006

What lovely work!

It's so nice to see all the scarves that have been completed and received. Great work, everyone! Every time I seeone that's in a colour that I would wear I wonder whether it is mine.. but alas, I am still waiting. My knitter has been keeping in touch by sending me postcards. I have received two so far, and both show buildings at Yale University, so my guess is that she/he either lives near Yale, or attends Yale, or works at Yale, or is just sending me the cards to throw me off her scent! I am eagerly awaiting my scarf ... it's not winter here, and won't be for another 9 months, but don't keep me in suspense, for that long, okay?

Anyway... I also wanted to remind everyone to post for October. Some of you have been really good with yoru posts and I have been marking yoor names off. Please start posting for October if you have not posted yet. DON'T wait till the very last day of the month! We all want to know what you're up to and how your scarf is progressing. If you have received yoru scarf, posting on the groupblog is a really nice way of publicly thanking your knitter.


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