Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Marachino has arrived!!!

I had my 10 year old daughter check the mail this afternoon and she came in with a box that I knew had to be my Scarf Exchange package. I set it aside to help her get started on her homework, sort the mail, and get everyone afterschool snacks. Finally, after everyone was settled, I could retreat to my bedroom and open my package.

Three wrapped packages were inside the bigger box that were opened to reveal four beautiful silver stitch markers with pink enameled beads that will be so useful. I've never had such pretty stitch markers before. Next, a skein of Sunshine Yarns Handpainted by Dani sock yarn in the Neapolitan colorway. This colorway is a nice blend of pinks, from light to a dark maroon color. Gorgeous!

Last but certainly not least as I saved the best for last, was my wonderful scarf. Leisel, my partner, has obviously worked so hard on this beautiful cabled scarf that's been named Marachino as it reminds me of the color of Marachino Cherries.

Leisel designed this scarf herself by working with a stitch design from Stitchionary 2. It's gorgeous and intricate with cabling on every right side row. Absolutely perfect!!! Check it out on Leisel's blog.

Thank you Leisel for all your hard work. The scarf will be treasured and my neck will be both toasty and fashionable this winter.



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