Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The scarf is in the mail, the scarf is in the mail!

Well, finally (!!), I have gotten the scarf finished, blocked, dried (why am I never prepared for how long that takes?!?), and in the mail. As in actually mailed. Not just carried around in my car for a week at a time, but actually put into the handy mailer that the post office sells you (along with a few other knitterly goodies) and delivered into the hands of the friendly neighborhood postal employees themselves. Actually, well and truly mailed!

You can't see it, but I'm sighing heavily with relief right now, though not as much relief as when I hear from my pal across the great, wide sea (and at least one great, wide continent) that she has received the package safe and sound.

So if you are a pal not in the US (where I am) and you are still missing your scarf, you may find a package in your mailbox next week (the estimate from the aforementioned friendly neighborhood postal employees).

I did take pics, and I'm hoping to get them posted tomorrow.


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