Friday, November 17, 2006


I hope that everyone participating in the exchange has had fun. Celia and I want to thank those of you who posted on time, sent scarves out on time, and those who have kept in contact with us if the first two weren't possible. :) We do understand that life gets in the way sometimes.

However, we do need to finish up this exchange and tidy up loose ends. If you have not gotten a scarf, or haven't gotten a scarf AND haven't heard from your pal that it would be late, then you need to NOTIFY YOUR HOSTESS NOW. I have contacted my tribe, and I know Celia has as well, but we just simply can not chase down scarves forever. If we do not know that you have not recieved a scarf or that you haven't heard from your pal... how are we supposed to intercede on your behalf? If we do not hear from you by the date specified in our emails (Nov 22nd for my tribe, Nov 19th for Celia's tribe) then we may not be able to help you chase down your scarf.

Celia and I never dreamed that the ISE would become such a huge success... with so much interest. In the first exchange, we had just around 30 participants. Then, in the second exchange, around 100. This time? Over 225 people! We have had a blast during each exchange, but our lives have simply become too complicated/overwhelming for us to devote the time and care that is involved in running an exchange of this magnitude (even with excellent help from people like Iris and Sharon!).

So. We are asking those of you that are interested in hosting the exchange to email the hostess account HERE and let us know. We'll draw names from a hat and pass the baton on to you. What you do with the future rounds of ISE will be up to you! (and whomever you decide to recruit to help)


Blogger Dorene said...

Yikes! You guys do such an outstanding job, I don't think anyone will ever be capable of filling your shoes.
We really appreciate the time and effort that you put forth.
This exchange is the best.

4:10 AM  
Blogger Diamonznpurlz said...

Hi, I didn't participate as I am a fairly new knitter and felt inadequate to participate this time but I have enjoyed looking at the beautiful scarves and I even tried out two (soon one more) patterns which have come out well. I want to participate next time so I hope whoever becomes the next hostess(es)advises us on this site. Anyhow, thanks for all of your hard work. I can see how it can be quite overwhelming. But,the results overall have been great. You both deserve alot of credit. Thanks!

4:17 PM  

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