Monday, December 19, 2005

Progress report and a reminder

Have I mentioned that I have decided to make Ene's scarf from Scarf Style? It's in lace weight Misti Alpaca in a dark chocolate colour. Currently I am only up to row 15 but hey, the rows get shorter as you progress! I plan on taking it away with me when I go for my 3 week holiday after Christmas.

I'd like to remind everyone to post if you haven't yet. You should have all posted at least once by now. You now have to post again between 16th December and 16th January. Please check your mailbox to see whether you have received a reminder from me or Cynthia. If you have posted, just let us know. I checked through the posts twice, but it's still possible I missed your post. Thank you!

To those who celebrate Christmas, merry Christmas, and Happy Hanukah to our Jewish friends, and happy holidays to everyone else.


Blogger rmj318 said...

Hi Celia....I'm posting this way as I can't figure out how to post directly. I have finished my scarf and will be blocking it after Christmas. I really enjoyed making it and hope that my exchange recipient will like it. I hadn't done bobbles in ages but this pattern was so much fun....lots of cables with bobble borders. I am such a Rowan pattern fan!


5:42 AM  
Blogger Reina said...

I very much LOVE that scarf.

7:57 PM  

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