Monday, October 09, 2006

Halfway done....

Well, the scarf for my pal is half way done. Since it has a center seam, I can even block that half already while knitting the other half. So, progress is definitely being made.

Seeing that some of you are actually sending two scarves is amazing. So it got me thinking that there is this lovely faroese shawl I made just before signing up for the ISE, more as an exercise than as an actual garment and with the view that I always need a present here or there for someone and it might find a good home one of these days. So, I am seriously thinking about washing and blocking it to see how the laceweight 100% lambswool works out. If it will be as good as I think it is, I may just add it to the package...... who knows!

In the meantime, I am still in awe of the wonderful work everyone is doing. I'm just sorry I can't share pictures or even closer details of my scarf, since my pal may know my name and therefore would know immediately what she is getting.

But I promise I'll take pictures before sending it off and will post them once my pal has received her package.


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