Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Diane B - Questionnaire

1. Name & blogger handle Diane B.
3. Blog URL -
4. Country - USA
6. Colours you like - Almost anything but for a scarf I would prefer some neutrals with a touch of drama (meaning a bright contrast) if color is going to be used.
7. Colours you hate - See above.
8. Fibres you like - wool, silk, bamboo, hemp, all the natural products and the new micro-fibers
9 . Fibres you hate/allergies - They all have their place
10. Preferred scarf length - 38 inches and up so it is nice and long but if the pattern is one of the new ruffled ones that is shorter that is OK too.
11. Solid or variegated? Anything but just stripes all over.
12. Cables or lace or texture? - I like both but would prefer lace
13. Miscellaneous info (including if you would like the chance to have a crocheted/woven scarf) - I do lots of crocheting but would love a woven scarf. This is my first exchange and I am excited about it. Can hardly wait to hear what fibres and styles my secret pal will prefer


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