Friday, January 13, 2006

You're not the last to cast on, I am!

I'll be ordering the yarn this weekend. After a lot of agonizing, I've decided to make the Super Mittens from Weekend Knitting with Classic Elite's Marl La and a scarf out of Classic Elite Inca Alpaca in a coordinating solid. This is after coming close to buying but then rejecting Cherry Trill Hill Supersock Glitz (or whatever they call it). I heard really bad things about CTH colors fading and sucky customer service, so I'm going to be safe and go with what I know.

Now, I can't say what colors, because there are so few of us doing scarf & mittens that I think it would give the game away. I'm not 100% on the scarf pattern, but I'm probably going to use the Braided Cable Scarf by Miriam Felton.

Don't feel bad, I am a much bigger procrastinator than you - but I like to force myself to work under pressure. It's good for my soul or something. :-b


Blogger Stariel said...

Oh, I love the CTH supersock glitz! I'm wondering about that whole fading and horrible service thing, since there are so many people out there that have had positive experiences, but oh well.

I'm sure your set will turn out beautifully!

3:45 PM  

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