Sunday, January 15, 2006

Yes!! I am not the last one!!

So - I started a scarf right when Celia announced the next exchange. I was so excited about it - I'd run out and bought the yarn right after I read my person's questionaire...I had the best intentions! Then, I started thinking about some knit-picky (no pun intended ;) ) things that I know I'D want in my scarf and sent a few questions on to my person. Well, after reading the responses I started to rethink the yarn/color/everything. And by then it was finals in my first semester of law school - and I swear I didn't do anything but eat, sleep, and study. When finals were over I took a brief weekend trip to visit some friends, then spent a good 2-3 weeks visiting family. Suffice it to say I had no time for knitting, internet, anything! Now that I'm back at my apartment and settled (and done with all my reading for Tuesday when classes start) I am FINALLY going to cast on with the new yarn I picked up in a color I think my person will really enjoy. Luckily the pattern I picked, from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, was turning out great in the other yarn (and I'll finish it and keep it :) ) so I'm just going to stick with the same pattern since I really liked how it looked. Its nothing complicated but it has a chunky texture I think is perfect for winter wear but the yarn would be good for spring too. Of course...I have yet to think about mittens (and yes, I'm in that group - eek!) but I know there is a pattern I enjoy in Last Minute Knitted Gifts and my LYS has PLENTY of stock, so I'm hoping to get the scarf done with my free time the next two weeks, pick up the mitten yarn and get those done quickly :). We'll see! What an adventure! I was REALLY trying to be extra prepared this exchange but life got in the way. Oops! The thrill of the deadline always spurs me on though.

And I'm happy to see I'm not the ONLY one re-starting/casting on today lol.



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