Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I love my secret pal, Kelli!

I got my scarf on Saturday! Woohoo! I absolutely love it. The color and the pattern is perfect. I love how the cable pattern is on both sides. The yarn is so soft and luxurious. It's Baby Alapaca Grande and the pattern is Vintage Velvet from Scarf Style. I wore it out last night with my new tweed purple coat and it looked great. My birthday is tomorrow, so it was nice to receive this early surprise present. Isn't the packaging great?

Thank you so much, Kelli! I can't tell you how special you made me feel by knitting me this grogeous scarf. Kelli (aka Kellyn) doesn't have a blog yet, so I can't link to her.

Fear not, my secret pal, I am still knitting your scarf. I have not contacted you via e-mail, but that does not mean I haven't been thinking of you. I have been reading your blog, hoping that the yarn color and pattern I chose will suit you. I won't show the work-in-progress scarf yet, but I will show you the yarn I am using. Just a hint: My secret pal lives in the east coast (USA).

-Angela (aka Oiyi) (


Blogger Two-Socks said...

The Artyarns is awesome to knit with and I love the color blue. Your East Coast pal is very lucky! We still have a few more weeks left in the exchange though, so in my opinion, no rush! Hurrah for procrastination. :)

8:09 PM  
Blogger Oiyi said...

Thanks for encouragement, two-socks!:-)

I have never knit with ArtYarns before. The handpainted colors are beautiful.

My secret will receive it by the deadline. I should be done with it by next week. When my camera's batteries are charged up, I will take a pic of the scarf-in-progress.

8:26 PM  

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