Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Leisel C (sagebrush)

1. Name: Leisel C Blogger handle: - Leisel

3. blog URL

4. Country: USA

6. Colours you like; 7. colours you hate

It's all about shades for me. Lavendar and sage are two of my favorites, but rose, rust, peach, a lot of blues and greens (esp. blue-greens), tan, chocolate, burgundy... the stash photo album on my blog might give you some more ideas.
I don't really like much in the yellow family, or primary orange... and hot pink is not my color. I prefer greens and reds that lean towards the blue side of the spectrum rather than those that lean to the yellow/orange side.
I like smokey colors, but not muddy colors.

8. fibres you like

I'm pretty easy... I don't disdain any particular fiber, although I do like something soft, not scratchy.

9 . fibres you hate/allergies

I am allergic to rabbits... I get a reaction when I knit or crochet with angora, BUT I don't have much of a problem wearing it or handling it a bit (and ohhhh... it's so soft!). I think the process of knitting/crocheting with it must rub a lot of the dander off onto my hands and get it into the air too much.

10. prefered scarf length

I've never really measured. I'm not into the REALLY long ones, but I don't know a specific length.

11. solid or variegated?
it's all good, although some variegated yarns don't cooperate with some patterns.

12. cables or lace?
I like both.

13. miscellaneous info (including if you would like the chance to have a crocheted/woven scarf) Woven would be great. I'm not as interested in receiving a crocheted scarf this time around.


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