Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Yay, Kate got her scarf AND I finally have pictures

I'm so glad that Kate got the scarf and that she (and Bou!) liked it.

I finally got the pictures downloaded from my camera, so I can also show off the great scarves that Deborah sent to me. Here they are showing off their beatiful colors and patterning, and here is where my Bear decided that they both coordinated beautifully with his fur and should be modeled!
And finally, here is the great skein of gorgeous blue and purlple hand-spun yarn that Deborah included! The picture doesn't do it justice, nor does it really show how soft and lustrous it is! Thanks again, Deborah! What a fabulous package! And finally, thanks again to our scarf hostesses for all their hard work putting this together!


Blogger Deborah Downunder said...

Hi Kim
I'm so glad you liked them. Sorry, again, for not being able to spin the yarn and knit your scarf from it.... I could only manage the spinning in the time I had. So, went back to my ever faithful KidSilk Haze (I just love that stuff). Victorian Lace arrived today and the patterns are to die for! I think I will definitely be extending my lace skills with this book!

1:58 AM  
Blogger Kim in NJ said...

Hi Deb,

Yes, very much, and please don't feel at all bad about not knitting the scarf from the handspun---you were so generous to include the skein in with the 2(!) scarves. It's really gorgeous, though I must say that I'm feeling a little pressure to knit something totally wonderful with it (and I'm not always sure of my ability to manage totally wonderful, even when starting with great yarn!)

5:23 PM  

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