Monday, October 16, 2006

So many beautiful scarves

Wow, I am really impressed by all the beautiful scarves I see. I haven't received mine yet and am always wondering if the next picture that comes on could be mine. They are all so great that there is no way I could pick a favorite. It has been so much fun seeing what everyone has come up with. Knitters unite. We are a creative group of people. After all the struggle of what to make I am already waiting for the next exchange.


Blogger Pennie said...

I feel the same way . . . waiting :) can't wait actually. This was fun, I'm working a wavy pattern, this is the first time for me to venture out to a pattern with steps, I'm loving it but it is taking me alittle longer then I thought, I will also have mine off by the end of this week. Happy Knitting

11:38 AM  

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