Monday, October 16, 2006

It can't be over, can it?

My scarf is incredible! There was a package waiting for me on my doorstep today - and I had mixed feelings. Excitement to find out the true identity of my pal and finally see my scarf, but with a tinge of disappointment that the scarf exchange would be over.

Ok, my excitement won out and I opened the box (quickly).


Thank you so incredibly much - first for being a wonderful friend and also for all of the goodies. My scarf is incredible - The yarn: Misti Alpaca Pima Cotton Silk is heavenly soft around my neck (yes, I've tried it on) and the Cables in Relief pattern you chose are perfect for the yarn. The colors? PERFECT!

Kristy also sent special music chosen just for me (note the yarn-ball insert), a wonderful box of goodies - lotion, cable needle, stitch markers, post-its, point protectors, and tape measure - but that wasn't all...a bottle of local wine - Merlot? my favorite! Kristy had been thoughtful enough to know that my scarf would enjoy a glass to help it adjust to it's new home! BTW, my new CD is playing now.

Many thanks to Kristy who has been so much more than just my scarf knitter - I look forward to joining you in your afghan project - in case anyone else is interested. Also, to joining you in blogland when you are ready to knit your first pair of socks.

My favorite scarf will be put to use right away - in SNOWED last week - brrrrrrr.

Ok, one last pic because it better shows Kristy's fine craftsmanship - keep in mind that I am less than a month out of jaw surgery - I'm still wired and swollen - truly, I am smiling on the inside!


Blogger Kristy said...

HURRAY! I am so glad it arrived safely - with the wine intact! I must know, did I completely give myself away when I forgot to comment anonymously on your blog last week?

I am glad you like the colors and the yarn.

9:07 PM  
Blogger Kniterella said...

You did not give yourself away - I didn't have time to think about it this weekend or I may have went snooping...

Mitzi loved the scarf, too. It traveled to KnitNite with me.

1:38 AM  

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