Monday, October 30, 2006

In the Caboose

I'm chugging along and should have my pal's scarf in the mail on Tuesday... Dang it, I'm late, I know, but I will send it Express and it doesn't have that far to go (relatively).

I have done nothing but knit today (Sunday) and soak in the House marathon on USA, and I'm two thirds of the way through. This is after knitting half of a Japanese feather pattern scarf and then deciding I hated it... yesterday. So I went back to my original plan, the Dewdrop scarf, with one small change that made it EXACTLY what I've been trying to get. I just added a strand of solid purple Zephyr to the handpainted yarn I was using, and it made all the difference in the world. Why didn't I try that in the first place?

I know I'm crazy for changing patterns yet again (the fifth time? sixth?) this late, but I couldn't help myself. Dear Pal, I hope you will forgive me when you receive the scarf, as I am falling in love with it. Will knit a couple more hours tonight and then pick it up again tomorrow and keep at it until I'm finished, block it overnight and post it on Tuesday. I will post pix here before it gets shipped off to ___________.

Am I the last one? Oh, I hope I'm not the last one...

P.S. This has been too much fun. Thank you, intrepid hostesses, for putting together this amazing display of the perfect combo of knitting prowess and thoughtfulness.


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